Political Hubris and the Price Cap on Russian Energy

The very competent political leaders of the European Union recently set a price cap on Russian gas. Their idea is simple, yet ingenous. In essence, those geniuses figured out that if energy prices are too high, they just will not pay more than a certain amount. I mean, what could go wrong? Quite frankly, it would be better to ask what could not go wrong. Clearly, our political apparatchiks live in a complete fantasy world. Everything they want, they get: private jets, hookers, coke, fancy dinners, adrenochrome – whatever it is, they get it easily, and all it takes is carrying out decisions that have been prepared by a few shadowy figures for them. Yet, unfortunately the IQ of our political elites seems to be in free fall.

Unlike what some coked up morons in the employ of the European Commissions may think, it is not the case that you can just create reality by putting world salad on paper. It does not work with their open borders and diversity bullshit, and neither does it work when dealing with Putin. Sure, you can force companies to hire more women, or tell them to fly pride flags. Yet, there is a noticeable drop of quality and productivity if you forego meritocratic principles. Reality is the final arbiters of truth.

Our elected and unelected leaders do not live in reality anymore, however. They are used to paying academics to produce studies that show the results they want, and they believe that this constitutes truth. All it takes for there to no longer be two sexes is to wave an academic paper around that says so, apparently. Do this long enough, while being constantly high on cocaine, and you too will probably end up believing that you are some kind of God who can shape reality.

The buck stops with Putin. Our incompetent leaders are so unbelievably stupid that they are convinced that they can just tell Putin for how much he has to sell them oil or gas, not taking into account that Putin can just say, “нет!”, and that will be it. I cannot even fathom that those coked-up politicians and their army of credentialed experts did not realize that they cannot unilaterally set a price. I wonder if this nonsense would not happen if our leaders had to shop for groceries themselves. On the plus side, idiotic decisions like that are one step towards the complete destruction of the legitimacy of the ruling class.

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