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Beta-Buxxing and the Looks Threshold

Recently I had to attend a tech conference. As you can easily guess, the demographics at such events are quite predictable. You have over 90% of guys in the attendance, all of them in some tech field and therefore able to not only feed themselves and even an entire family on one income, if they so desire. You have a few diversity hires roaming the hallway, but that is about it.

When you go outside and take a good look at men and women, you notice that there are not a lot of good-looking ones around. It is rare enough that people even stay in shape, even though there are some pockets where this observation does not hold. For instance, at the local business faculty, it seems that the students spend more time on their looks than in the library. This is often mocked as an example of the shallowness of those people, but perhaps a better explanation is that they have a more realistic view on the world and know that they will be treated better than a fat and poorly dressed version of themselves.

Engineering is not known for the fashion sense of its students and you will also have a hard time spotting any hot chicks. Thus, what I observed at that conference was not in the least surprising. Yet, as I made my way through the masses, I could not help but think that any beta-buxxer could very easily stand out from the rest by just dressing a bit better and spending an hour or two at the gym every week.

Of course, the fate of the beta-buxxer is not enviable. He only gets used as a walking wallet and without his earning power, he would get nowhere at all. Yet, this does not mean that those men should largely ignore their looks. There were some who seemingly did not even bother to take a shower. It sounds like a horrible cliche, but it is, sadly, true. Well, put yourself in the shoes of some Stacy who has had more trains run through her than some remote train station: she needs a walking wallet, and surely it will be a lot easier for her to fake an orgasm if the dude does not look like a complete slob.

I do not advocate the beta-buxxer strategy, but if this the game you need to play, then I would argue that a relatively minimal investment of time and money can put you way above your competition. After all, you are no longer competing against Chads because the women who go after beta-buxxers are no longer on Chad’s radar.

10 thoughts on “Beta-Buxxing and the Looks Threshold

  1. This reminds me of the article you wrote in regards to the diminishing returns of the power of Money in the dating scene.

    The handsome multimillionaire will do better than an ugly billionaire. It makes sense. If you are the billionaire in this hypothetical scenario,your best bet (If you are insistent on “finding love” that is. If you just want casual sex,nothing beats regular high class escort use) is getting cosmetic surgery from the best surgeons on the planet. Ideally only once. I think horror stories when it comes to this topic tend to only happen to those who get repeated surgeries,and they tend to be insane fanatics trying to look like a specific celebrity (You should look up the girl who ruined herself trying to look like Britney Spears) instead of making the absolute best of what they have.

    I think AlekNovy has mentioned however that getting laid off status (rather than pure lust off looks) is not that different from beta-buxxing. Purely in terms of the sexual experience itself that is. Obviously,getting laid off status and not being expected to be monogamous (let alone being a walking wallet) is better in every way than betabuxxing. (Also the status guy is most certainly doing it with much higher quality chicks than the average betabuxxer,who might well just be doing it for a plain jane. I frankly can’t understand these folks..)

    1. Aaron,
      “I just came across a dude who wanted to look like Britney Spears.”

      I don’t understand the fascination faggots have for her!

    2. @Chris: IDuringher Disney Micky-Mouse-Club phase she definitely catered to the male “cute, yet secretely loose next-to-barely-legal teen girl” phantasy – at least as far it got pushed by ZOG & Co. (“Uuuh, do I rather want to bang her right away or rather just invite her to my teen childrens’ birthday party?”)
      Once she completely turned into “tull frontal whore” mode (at least as far as her mind controlling ZOG handlers forced her to do so), she initially (“Toxic” etc.) lost all “appeal” she previously might have possessed.
      Thanks goes to ZOG for wrecking the life of this young woman and her mind in particular….

    3. I concur. Britney Spears was heavily marketed as a fake-underage sex symbol. The titles of her early hits were extremely provocative (“Baby, one more time” and “Oops, I did it again!”), and so where the music videos. She was systematically destroyed by “the industry”. Vigilant Citizen published several articles on her over the years. This one is ten years old and still relevant:

    4. @ Sleazy: The Daily Mail has been well known to publish some strongly disturbing stuff, but honestly, this is so terrible that I couldn’t make it just looking at the pictures of this story for more than 5 secs. Absolutely terrible and downright disgusting…

    5. I think AlekNovy has mentioned however that getting laid off status (rather than pure lust off looks) is not that different from beta-buxxing

      I think when I was making those observations it was a better looking me with less status vs more status but fatter.

      I wouldnt say that it’s as bad or anything like betabuxxing. Instead I would just say that getting laid off of status isnt “as good” as with looks alone. But it’s still pretty nice.

    6. I wouldnt say that it’s as bad or anything like betabuxxing. Instead I would just say that getting laid off of status isnt “as good” as with looks alone. But it’s still pretty nice.

      Put another way, getting laid off of status feels nice and is quite a nice experience. Betabuxxing is just pathetic, and I can’t imagine it feels good, it’s the worst of both worlds.

      So you spend money AND you put in effort and puruse and invest emotionally and court AND also spend money. That literally makes no sense. Better to just get an escort.

      When you get laid off of status you’re investing in yourself, and chicks want to bang you. Just like they want to bang a dude for his looks. It’s not as visceral as their desire for a chad based on looks, but its still pretty nice.

  2. Betabuxxing is an inferior version of Whoremaxxing. If you consciously acknowledge that you’re betabuxxing you might as well skip all the bullshit and just pay for pussy.

    Beyond basic fitness and fashion sense, I do not care to pander to the fickle whims of the western whore. You might as well go for the professionals if you’re trying to buy your way in.

    1. Yup. I think the only caveat is the legality of it, but even with that. If you can’t afford the gasoline/plane ticket to go to vegas or elsewhere where it’s legal (or at least permitted, it’s illegal where I am but I’m aware of zero Johns that have ever been in trouble with the law), then you’ve got bigger fish to fry than getting laid.

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