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79 thoughts on “Open Thread #156

    1. Autism or Aspergers? A true autistic can’t be cured, but a lot of what gets called autism can be largely improved through meditation, a few sessions with Aaron, putting yourself out there, a bit of work, and i suppose maybe diet. never thought about diet or looked into it for social deficiencies.

    2. Interesting that this just came up because I’ve been looking into something called clinoptilolite zeolite lately. Specifically, a product called zeolite pure from It’s a company that purifies and refines the zeolite using some sort of wash and micronizing it. Zeolite is negatively charged and apparently has this cage-like structure that attracts positively charged substances such as metals and binds them tightly. Most of the zeolite is around 40 microns or so, but some bigger and some smaller. The smaller microns supposedly are able to get into the bloodstream and go where ever the water containing it can go, including the brain. No real side effects seem to be present usually except some associated with not drinking enough water, and it doesn’t appear to leech away vitamins and minerals. Sounds like a miracle product. You can get a year supply for around $50-60 so I may try it out.

    3. I’ve actually purchased zeolite and bentonite clay in order to pull out heavy metals. Not much info in the medical industry about this but I’m going to try it out. There’s no doubt that emfs cause health problems and my logic is the less heavy metals in the body the lesser the symptoms. I personally think the vaccines were injected with at a young age affect us in adulthood. I’ve also been raw meat and dairy for 90% of my food consumption which I feel has helped me emotionally lol. Sounds weird but I feel it in my body. Well see how it goes.

    4. Awesome, please update us on your subjective experiences with zeolite and other detox products. I’ll do the same, ordered some zeolite. What exactly do you mean by raw meat? I hope you don’t eat raw pork. I assume you mean searing steaks or something.

    5. Hey picknanny, I know it sounds weird but, Ive been experimenting with all different types of raw meat. Cow Beef, cow, lamb and chicken liver, heart, pork, lamb etc. All raw and not cooked with no seasoning.

      I haven’t gotten sick once and I’ve been doing this for 4-5 months now.

    6. Wow haha. I’d be too worried about parasites from pork. I’ve eaten plenty of raw eggs and medium rare to rare red meat before but that’s about it.

    7. @Deus, with this Flat Earth and raw meat fads, I think you’re pushing the envelope too much, and I say this with good intention.

      As I said before, you’re not challenging modern lobbyists/scientists on (((someone’s))) payroll, but basic scientific knowledge from Ancient Greece and… the Paleolithic. We evolved to eat cooked meat, that much is clear.

    8. Have to agree with Manuel S here. The round Earth and cooked food are clearly not conspiracies, based on their history.

      Watching fringe YouTube videos are all well and good, but are you familiar with even the basic science of the topic? If you were to pick up a fairly basic book on physics, would you understand all of it? If not, then no offense, but you’re not qualified to judge the merits of a flat Earth argument in a YouTube video.

      This is getting out of hand. It’s one thing to be open to new things, even conspiracies, but it’s quite another to become a flat Earther.

      Get some basic knowledge on the topic. There is so much proof for a spherical Earth that no knowledgeable person would ever doubt it. You can even Google it, there are websites that compile solid evidence for it, including the scientific theories and calculations behind it.

      I don’t say this to insult, I say it to hopefully help you avoid believing in ludicrous things that are demonstrably untrue.

    9. Hey Karl, I may not be eloquent in my writing but I’m definitely not stupid. I’m the highest performing PM in my company nation wide (over 100+ pms) and im not boasting and this is actually true but you may not believe it. I do my research for many weeks before starting something and ultimately I listen to how my body feels and what my intuition tells me.

      Everything I post here is to share because that’s how is stumble onto thing, by random people on the internet sharing.

      Appreciate your concerns, cheers.

    10. Deus,

      I don’t think you’re stupid. There are plenty of intelligent people who come to poor conclusions, though, whether by erroneous reasoning, simple mistakes, or many other reasons.

      You say you reach conclusions by “ultimately I listen to how my body feels and what my intuition tells me.”

      That sounds like a recipe for reaching erroneous conclusions. The feelings or your body or your intuition cannot tell you the shape of the Earth. But cold, hard facts and scientific evaluation can. 🙂

      In another thread you wrote about Wilhelm Reich that “he must’ve been into something If the US gov burned all of his books and threw him into jail ultimately leading to his death.” But that doesn’t say anything about the quality of his works. In fact the man was mentally disturbed, and put a lot of bs ideas out there. Now I’m not sure why the U.S. government destroyed some books of his or put him in jail, but I’m pretty confident it wasn’t in an attempt to suppress effective psychiatric treatments…

      It’s really necessary to look at the evidence, and not just make assumptions that really have no evidence to support them.

    1. As recently as three or four years ago, people would have thought that this is a parody. It’s quite shocking how far society has been degraded. The last one to two years, it seems that there has been exponential corruption, considering that the law seems to only apply for one particular group of people whereas everybody else can act with impunity. We have also witnessed corruption at the highest levels, and probably there is no better symbol than Joe Biden who is essentially a senile sock puppet of the men behind the curtain. The biggest push, next to Covid, is telling your kids that they were born with the wrong set of sexual organs. Sometimes I wonder if I should start praying to the God of the Old Testament to wash away the corruption of the world. I’d certainly like to see millions of poisonous rats flooding into Capitol Hill and all other centers of government in the West.

    2. Does the third person in this video have a problem with simultaneously swinging the flag and talking? It seems she is both mentally and physically unable to do so.

    3. I noticed that too. It reminds me of how difficult it was to play guitar and sing at first. She just needs time to assimilate, Aaron. Just give it a couple hundred more generations or so and try not to be so harsh next time.

    4. Noted! I shall instead applaud her for her valiant effort and flawless performance. After all, being able to talk and wave a flag is an expression of white supremacy and surely we cannot expect her to assimilate to that.

    5. As much as I appreciate your attempts at correcting your incredibly erroneous assumptions about the downtrodden, I’m afraid that your issues lie beyond mere behavioral changes. For you see, your whiteness is inherently evil and no amount of assimilation is going to change your core beliefs and values. I would strongly recommend doing the right thing and marching straight into the gulag. If one doesn’t exist yet it’s because the compassion of the non-whites has decided to spare us such a cruel fate and has not an ounce to do with their inability to construct such an encampment. Therefore, the next best thing would be to sign up for military service and serve the great and holy chosen ones.

    6. Regarding fighting wars for ZOG: I recently looked into the US withdrawal from Afghanistan. From what I gather, the US installed a puppet regime and wanted to pull out the last troops this coming 9-11, in order to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the bombing of, er, airplane attack on the World Trade Center. From then on, some delusions existed that Afghanistan would be yet another US satellite state. It’s quite something that 20 years of effort, trillions of dollars, and thousands of soldiers were sacrificed for absolutely nothing, seeing that the Taliban are reconquering the country at a rapid clip. So much for feminism, homosexuality, and forced vaccinations! Somehow it doesn’t seem to be a winning formula. Of course, absolutely nobody could have predicted any of this.

    7. That is so fucking shameful and dishonest. I saw my younger brother just last night for the first time in a good while. He’s been delivering food and told me about an encounter he recently had where a black fellow answered the door in the nude literally stroking his semi-erect penis, grabbed the food, didn’t tip and closed the door back. My guess is that this guy was hoping for a female deliverer and was upset that my brother was oppressing him by breathing in his direction. Apparently this guy has been blacklisted several times and just keeps changing his number. I heard several of these enrichment stories last night btw, but sure, we’re the oppressors.

      On another note, I finally got around to watching Krogan’s Bioshock review. Have you by chance seen his video response to Peterson’s explanation on the JQ? Good shit.

    8. I’ve watched all of American Krogan’s content, and found it uniformly excellent. It is not surprising that he got kicked off YouTube.

      Regarding enrichment stories, apparently in South Africa black cops sometimes rape white women. The stories of your brother are bad, but we’ve seen nothing yet.

    9. I read an article on Zero Hedge yesterday explaining that the Taliban was marching on the Capitol and how the US was pleading that they spare the embassy. I hope they crush it into to dust. Surely once they’ve established full control over the entire region they can go on to support their greatest ally, the Rose of the Desert. What is the possibility that the US will re-engage them in combat? I’m not entirely against wasting trillions more if it means the speeding up of the collapse of things. The rise of ‘right wing extremism’ is honestly probably more of a concern at this point.

      Here is a really good analysis on the recent debacle in South Africa, by the way:

    10. How can the Taliban not livestream the destruction of the US embassy? Imagine the chutzpah of invading a foreign country on completely drummed up charges, i.e. claiming that our dude Osama remote-controlled two commercial airplanes into the twin towers, ignoring the links to Israel and Saudi Arabia altogether because that doesn’t fit the narrative. Oh, and of course on the way to Afghanistan Saddam Hussein had to go because he was also somehow involved in 9/11, or something along those lines. Then they killed a random guy with a beard in Afghanistan, claimed it was Osama Bin Laden, and instead of leaving, they pushed homosexuality, feminism, democracy, and other Western “values” onto the country while taking over the drug trade, Iran-Contra style. I mean, if you invade a country ZOG style, terrorize the people for two decades, and eventually leave with your tail between your legs, how can you not expect that your embassy will be turned into a sacred site for all the good you have done?

      The best to come out of this would be the demise of ZOG. Afghanistan has been called the graveyard of empires. Here’s to adding another one to the list! That day can’t come soon enough.

    11. Thanks for sharing that source! I’m listening to it right now and think it’s pretty good. I like the many details on the intra-racial racism among the blacks in Africa. I know that blacks don’t like other blacks, even though “they” present them as a unified block in government media. The summary of the history of the ANC is also quite insightful as I only knew about the big picture.

    12. I disagree Pickernanny. We need to double our efforts. The problem all this time has been this:

      The United States needs MORE faggots, women, and tranny combatants.

      We also need to get some Taliban children to the military bases, fly some freaks from the USA over, and conduct a Drag Queen Story Hour.

      Only then, can the military be restored to its former greatness, and the lives of the Afghani people be truly enriched.

    13. Dude, this blog is my safe space and I will not tolerate such hateful rhetoric. You’re literally exhibiting terrorism right now and I’m gonna need some chicky nuggies and a capri sun to recover from this malicious attack.

    14. Afghanistan was successfully conquered by the Mongols (and partially by the Arabs). It is perhaps a myth to call that country a “graveyard of empires”. Nevertheless, it is not an exaggeration to use this term when referencing to the defeat of the Soviet and the USA.

      I listened to the RFI recently, and it mentioned that Sergey Lavrov condemned the American failure to contain and exterminate the Tailibans. Many Muslim freedom fighters crossed the border of that country and Russia, as well as China, and became a threat to their national security. I wonder if this is the unintended consequence of the withdrawal of US troops. The US supreme commands and intelligence services might have already known of this chain of reaction, and smile when they knew that such a move could add troubles to their main adversaries (Russia and China).

      In contrast to the failure of the US to establish a stable and democratic regime in Afghanistan, the Russian intervention in Chechnya and the final installment of Ramzan Kadyrov as the figurehead of that unruly country have proved to be successful. It is partially responsible for elevating Putin to his current position of power.

      Chechnya should not be a place where modern cultural norms and values prevail. I think the Russians have been very practical when it comes to dealing with that region. They knew that Chechnya was a savage place, so they decided to install a savage person to rule over the savages. Kadyrov might not be, after all, savage in the eyes of his people. They probably have learned the lesson in Afghanistan, where they were all focusing on establishing a Soviet-like government.

      Accepting the place for its unpleasant culture seems to be hard for the US to accept.

    15. Aaron, I honestly wasn’t aware that the US had brought LGBT and other similar nonsense into Afghanistan. I recently read that China is ready to officially recognize the Taliban if and when they take the Capitol and a commenter noted that with the Middle East mostly secured, Russia could handle diplomacy while China can focus on banking and expansion. Not sure what’s really going on but I’d like to learn more about this situation and just keep an eye on things.

      I’m glad you enjoyed the link I sent you, it would appear that whites in South Africa are finally starting to put up a decent defense. With Indians in the mix it’s starting to sound like a free for all. I too wasn’t really aware of all the different factions like the Zulu people, for example.

      Btw, I’ve been playing Doom Eternal and it’s pretty much become my favorite single player FPS game ever. I’ve got a lot of positive things to say about it later. Krogan pretty much covers why it’s a based game, at the very least it’s an attempt at a pressure release valve. However, there’s a lot of good things to be said about the gameplay and other aspects of the game.

    16. After they had killed that random Osama look-alike, the US needed another reason to stay in Afghanistan they could sell to the public. Monopolizing the drug trade didn’t quite cut it, so they went for bringing democracy, radical feminism, and homosexuality to the country. In light of this, it is wonderful to see how fast the Taliban has been advancing. Twenty years of indoctrination have gone up in smoke in the course of effectively a few days. None of the locals, sans a few shills on the payroll of the State Department, wants Western degeneracy, so they welcome the Taliban as their liberators. I wonder what this does to the morale of the soldiers that were stationed in the country, at least to the non-diverse segment of it. It certainly can’t help them in fighting their next bullshit war.

      Whites shouldn’t be underestimated. For instance, the British ruled the Raj for 90 years with a trivial amount of soldiers and administrators and if the drunkard Winston Churchill hadn’t bankrupted Britain in order to defend Poland, they would probably still rule it.

      The last couple of weeks I didn’t have much time for gaming, but I’ll devote more time to Virtua Fighter 5 and Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen in the future. I recall American Krogan’s analysis of Doom Eternal (“there is always a Doom guy!”). It’s one of his best pieces. I don’t have sufficiently capable hardware to play it at the moment, so it will have to wait. I may pick up a cheap used PS4 in a year or so, though. Once the PS5 is widely available, I expect the price for used PS4s to drop like a rock. The other day I came across a video on Doom 64, with some random guy on YouTube making the claim that it is criminally underrated. It looks quite nice, so I may fire it up in an emulator at some point.

    17. So, what happened to the legitimate Bin Laden? I honestly thought he was killed. Although now that I think of it, wasn’t the official story that he was buried at sea or something like that? Kind of odd that they never presented his corpse. Even though it’s good that the US has pulled out of Afghanistan and I’m happy for them and all, I get the sense that the elites are more concerned about domestic issues here.

      Doom 64 is great. I got it for $2 on the Switch and it looks smoother and runs at 60 frames. I played the original when it came out as well. If you do end up emulating it, I’d recommend turning your brightness all the way up because the game is way too dark. You may even have to adjust your monitor settings. Doom 64 has a much more serious and sinister tone than the reboot, but the level designs are pretty nice and it has a puzzle aspect to it. It also doesn’t hold your hand at all. I was just finishing a boss fight on Eternal on ‘ultra violence’ mode (hard mode) and after a handful of deaths the game asked me if I wanted to use sentinel armor. You can also get an estimate as to where all the secrets are held by viewing your mini map.

      Get this, though. After I finished that level I teleported back to the hub world which is essentially a space station orbiting Earth. I was briefed on the next location being where the biggest demon invasion was taking place. Interestingly enough, the most demonic activity is happening in Central Europe.

    18. Look up pictures of Osama in 2001 and of the guy they killed, as well as the various Osamas in-between! I think the real Osama may just have cut his beard, going on to live happily ever after. Also, back in the days, the “sea burial” was a hot topic among conspiracy nuts as they claimed that this was done so that we couldn’t do an autopsy. The official story of the US was rather entertaining. If I recall correctly, it was done “out of reverence”. Obviously, if any government has a history of providing dignifying burials to rulers they dispose of, it’s the USA.

      You hint at something quite sinister. It could very well be that the US pulled out troops from Afghanistan in order to have more manpower available to squash anti-vaxxers at home. They’ll probably put them to good use right away by having them accompany your friendly government stooge who only asks you if you’ve gotten vaxxed already and if not, there is absolutely no reason to feel forced to because Tom back there who is wielding an assault rifle is only there to ensure that your constitutional rights are not being trampled upon. He’s not at all in the picture to intimidate you into getting the clotshot.

      I hadn’t heard of the nod to Europe in Doom Eternal. This is quite hilarious. Also, I think a lot of games are way too dark. In many PS3 games, there is a setup step where you can adjust brightness but if you go with the recommendations, many games are quite unplayable. This may be a remnant of a time when LCD screens couldn’t display proper blacks, though.

    19. “You hint at something quite sinister. It could very well be that the US pulled out troops from Afghanistan in order to have more manpower available to squash anti-vaxxers at home.”

      There’s that angle and I’m also wondering if the elites are getting worried about losing a large chunk of the US to balkanization or just concerned with the organization of some nationalist movement. Biden made that statement about how futile it is to uphold the second amendment because of muh nukes and fighter jets, but look what the Taliban was able to pull off. There was that press conference back in July where Biden now humiliating swore that there was a pretty slim chance of a Taliban takeover in Afghanistan, so he can go fuck off with his threats about how amazingly powerful and unstoppable the US military is.

    20. Good point! Also, Biden at first said that the Afghan government with their army of 300,000 could easily fight the 70,000 men of the Taliban. This later on changed to him saying that it would take 90 days for the Taliban to take over, but that alone is already an admission of defeat because their goal was to have an Afghan puppet state.

    21. I don’t think it has quite sunk in how extraordinary this moment is yet, it’s almost hard to believe the war is over and China already publicly accepts the Taliban’s sovereignty. It must be an amazing feeling for them to have come this far. Though I wonder how the elites are feeling right about now.

      I just started the level in Doom Eternal that takes place in Central Europe. There’s the hologram lady that randomly pops up throughout the level and says some satyrical lines that make it sound like the creators are pretty based. Here’s a couple I can basically remember: “Please refrain from referring to our guests as demons. Instead, refer to them as mortally challenged.” And, “Earth is the melting pot of the Universe…”

      Vega, a super powerful AI that briefs you on occasion, makes the remark that Central Europe is where the invasion began. I’ll talk more at length about the game later. It certainly has a lot going for it besides appealing to straight, white non-pozzed men.

    22. Hearing this, I’m surprised that there has not been a big media campaign against Doom Eternal. Could this have anything to do with Polygon embarrassing themselves with that infamous Doom (2016) video where one of their braindead journos uploaded a gameplay video that revealed “zir” inability to hit the direction keys and move the mouse at the same time? Also, I notice that the pozzed mainstream does not want to engage the more intellectual aspects of the white replacement conspiracy theory. Instead, they jump at visual markers (“Waaaah! Not enough non-whites!!1”). This probably also tells you something about them, namely that they do not want to engage intellectually with their opponents. This probably has nothing to do with their own arguments being dogshit and in complete contradiction to reality, in the style of Destiny and Vaush.

    23. Here’s a random virtual billboard I just came across. The game is littered with this kind of language. Instead of being told to outright submit, we hear things like be tolerant while simultaneously not being granted the same luxury:

    24. This is a lot more in your face than I had imagined. Id Software is pretty ballsy.

    25. You can’t engage in discussion with these people now, and you barely could before. The only thing that came from arguing with them before is that it exposed how dishonest they were so that you could draw a line in the sand, so to speak. Molyneux used to be all, “let’s talk things out and have a rational discussion about things” for years until finally conceding. He said the time for debate was over. I think he finally realized that his whole non-aggression principle was a fantasy. You can choose to live by that value personally but the world is probably not heading in that direction anytime soon. The only language that truly persuades people is force and whites used to be militaristically brilliant. How much of that warrior gene has managed to survive in us throughout the centuries I don’t know. There’s a lot of soylent going around now. The Taliban adapted to be cruel and brutal out of necessity, like you’ve mentioned to me before. Warrior whites largely were genocided or pacified/domesticated, but that doesn’t mean that they can’t adapt and become more brutal (yet sophisticatedly so) if things get ugly. Anyway, I’m just rambling.

      Part of me wonders if ID Software is really actually that ballsy or just exploiting a demographic that happens to fork over a lot of cash and essentially also controlled opposition. “Yes, keep playing your alpha white male fantasy vidya, gentile.” There is a pretty decent chance that the next Doom installment could feature a female Slayer. It was revealed in a tweet that there were talks about it being the case for Eternal after it released, but it obviously never happened. Perhaps there will be enough backlash so that it doesn’t happen but that right there makes me skeptical of the franchise. May as well enjoy what we got while it lasts.

    26. Wait until we get Doom Guy, Doom Girl, and Doom Troon! In any case, it seems that there is not a single Western franchise that will manage to remain non-pozzed. In that regard, I think that GTA VI will be a big, big surprise to a lot of people. GTA V was crappy enough in this regard already, with the token female cybercriminal mastermind. In my gaming, I think I’m regressing. My interest in the PS5 is quite muted, and I’m more inclined to dive into the SNES or PSX library than buying a new console to play the umpteenth part of the never-ending Strong Wahmen series of games. For instance, I was incredibly put off by the ugly main characters in Control and Returnal, so much so that I felt disgust. It’s not clear to me why there are no hot-chick mods for the former, by the way seeing that it is on PC.

      There is a game on Steam that’s essentially a whore creator, and the second part is an insipid hack-and-slash:
      After picking up some steam in non-woke circles, Steam blocked it in a number of countries and hid it in search results. Long gone are the days were we thought that Gaben was based. Ultra-violent games are fine, but putting hot chicks into vidya really crosses the line, bigot!

    27. Pulling out troops from Afghanistan to have more power to enforce vaccinations at home??? Sorry guys, you are being ridiculous.

      Just a few seconds on google will tell you that the amount of troops left in Afghanistan are in the low thousands (plus some contractors). It wouldnt make a dent in the numbers needed, the redeployments are minuscule.

      Get back from fantasyland

    28. You can do a lot with a few thousand soldiers. Just look at the Taliban who toppled a hostile government in one region after another. Of course, the US left billions in military equipment in Afghanistan, which probably wasn’t planned.

    29. The U.S. has around 1.3M active-duty soldiers, another 800K reserves, and I don’t know how many National Guard soldiers. A few thousand is neither here nor there for them.

      The withdrawal from Afghanistan was obviously just a ploy for Biden to be able to say he was the one who ended the war and brought the boys and girls home.

      Too bad for him that it backfired so badly – even excessively left-wing CNN is holding him to task. 🙂

    30. I wouldn’t call CNN excessively left wing. But I don’t like any of these labels anyway. They are a part of the cabal, I know that much. And thus, support the military-industrial complex.

    31. I would, GLAS. CNN used to be one of the premier American news sources 15-20 years ago, but those days are long gone. During the Trump presidency they basically turned into the Newsmax of the left. Or perhaps it happened even earlier, I wouldn’t know.

      During the Trump presidency I used to go on there almost every day, just so I could message my best friend the funny, extremely biased headlines and articles that had appeared that day. 🙂

    32. I wouldn’t. Culturally Marxist? Sure. Nothing they report upon can be considered left wing on economics or foreign policy. Tucker Carlson is more “left” on those issues. Then again, that’s why I hate political labels and labels in general. They just confuse and divide people. Which fits the American media’s agenda well.

    33. @Pickernanny,

      Warrior whites still exist, but have been killed in wars, physically and/or maimed in wars, imprisoned, dropped out of society, fell victims to drugs and alcohol, and just generally marginalized by society. High T white males are like fish out of water in 21st century America.

  1. Apparently an “event” happened yesterday? I saw a post from the YouTube channel wheat waffles where he was “condemning the event”, and that is not tied to his channel.

    Wheat Waffles is that blackpill channel I linked to in open thread here a while back, where he analyzes facial features in depth.

    I’m guessing there was another “event” that the media will be linking to (or has already linked to) blackpill channels and lookism content.

  2. Wait, what? Now being introverted is considered to be “on the spectrum”?

    I dont know, I’ve always been socially awkward to some extent, but now it’s mostly limited to avoiding cold approaches with girls (if it’s at least mildly warm, my levels of approach anxiety don’t feel crippling at all, while it was much worse when I was a kid) and not jiving with the lumpen I sometimes have to supervise at work, but that has more to do with my somewhat sheltered upbringing than any actual symptom of autism.

    1. Wait, what? Now being introverted is considered to be “on the spectrum”?

      Not in isolation. You can take some autism tests to see how much it factors in. I think out of 25 questions, about 3-4 are like that (questions that also double for being introvert).

    2. I see. I’ll look into one of those tests later.

      In light of the recent argument with CQV and Ubermensch about how their sarcasm detector doesn’t work properly and that makes them autists, I’m suddenly reminded of my tendency to err on the side of “caution” when I’m being teased with sarcasm. Most of the time I know when I am being teased, but I tend to nevertheless modulate my response to that 1% chance the person is speaking literally. Does that make me suspect?

    3. I would say that this indicates that you are somewhere on the autism spectrum, but certainly nowhere near Ubermensch. A giveaway is also your high level of analysis. People not on the spectrum do not approach conversations like this at all.

    4. @Manuel
      I think this is pertaining to culture as well. In Vietnamese culture, it is rather quite rare to use sarcasm in daily conversation. To the elders, we don’t dare to use it because it would be viewed as passive aggressive and insolent. To our friends of the same age, the way we express sarcasm is startling different from what you hear in English. I can easily detect sarcasm in my own native language.

      So two levels, culture and language. Nevertheless, I think I am mildly autistic. I am highly introverted and have excessively narrow interests, interests that people of my own age rarely care about.

    5. When you’re not fully awake, you probably don’t respond well to humor either, but this is due to temporarily decreased mental acuity, and not a sign that you are on the spectrum.

    6. I mean it. I had a moment on the elevator at work once where someone said something sarcastic (can’t remember what), and I asked him a follow up question, which indicated to the the others in the elevator that I didn’t pick up on the sarcasms. One chick snickered. It was a little embarrassing.

    7. Now you all got me worried, LOL. On top of this, I recently had the great idea to try to date a bipolar chick, which has me second-guessing myself all the time.

      I know, I know, I should drop her like a hot potato. But the rational part of the brain is one thing…

    8. Make sure to get out before she slashes the tires of your car, shows up at your workplace and throw a fit, calls the cop to check up on you because she’s afraid you’ve killed yourself, or falsely accuses you of rape.

    9. Right now, the self-professed BPD manifests itself by her being cute and needing my attention one day, while flipping out and blocking me on WhatsApp if I show my interest the day after. It’s quite new and bizarre to me. What you mention is reserved for the latter stages of the relationship apparently.

    10. Yes, that’s indeed the case for later. I had a BPD ex who threatened the last three, and the first one I only got spared of because I didn’t own a car at that time. In your case, I think you’ll soon get a fit in which she shouts at you that she is “nothing but some sex slave” for you and that you are total trash. Does your chick apologize for her bullshit? Some BPD women buy you gifts after their tantrums to make up for it, and also because they are afraid that you’re going to leave them.

    11. Dont know much about autism & “the spectrum” but it sounds suspiciously like the concept creep that has been afflicting psychological diagnoses for decades (google Nick Haslam, concept creep, 2016).

      Look up the history of the DSM diagnostic manual and its growth in depth and scope over the years.

      Its almost like there is some perverse incentive to categorize more and more people as somehow in need of treatments… (sarc)

  3. I find it baffling how incredibly out-of-touch big companies are. Here is Microsoft with an 80s-style pop song advertising their subscription service Game Pass:
    This is one of the cringe-worthiest ads I have ever seen, and can’t fathom how this got green-lit. Maybe some intern made a joke and a coke-head marketing guy thought that it’s a winning idea. Sometimes jokes take on a life on their own.

    1. The song is not too bad, I like the beat. Of course, the lyrics is cringe-worthy.

      It is a reminder that modern Pops are trashes and garbages.

    2. I thought you were exaggerating, but man, you weren’t. 🙁 That is some serious cringe.

      I also why the subtitles are so ghetto? It looks like something a beginning YouTuber put on with a free app. And around 1:52 he stops singing and just talking really quickly instead for a while because he just has so much to say hahaha he’s so wild and crazy and corny and cool!!!

      I don’t get why so many people are obsessed with doing corny stuff these days. Yeah, there’s a place for it, especially in humor. But so many people are overdoing it.

      Some people overdo it so much that it’s funny only because of how tragic it is… See these two videos:

      Ladies and gentlemen, the fathers raising the next generation of Americans!

    3. I see that we are busy raising the next generation of Warrior Whites. It only takes enough young men to denounce the pozzed and emasculating culture they are in after watching videos like the ones you posted.

  4. Anybody remember that account Weihan Zhang? Missing that guy today for some reason. Beware of nigro!!! Technology study work hard always!

    1. Just like many before him, he got purged off the Internet. Fun is a tool of the patriarchy, after all, and everything needs to be as anodyne and inoffensive as possible. Of course, it’s still find and dandy to make fun of whites.

  5. Is anyone here messing around with microcaps coins or NFTs? It’s risky business but I’ve seen some ridiculous pumps. I had a lot of success with Cardano and I’ve been holding some Vechain also. Not trying to tell anyone what to buy, just wondering what your all’s experience has been.

    1. Would you be possibly willing to share what you recommend to buy? I’ve dumped lots of money into physical silver bullion but I have some spare cash and was looking to buy some alt coins for fun.

    2. Eh I don’y really want to recommend anything tbh. All I can say is I made a pretty nice return on Cardano and still hold quite a bit of it and some VeChain, BTC. That’s not want I mean by micro cap coins, btw. I think if you’re looking for something nowadays that’s gonna give so crazy 10-20x return then micro caps and NFTs are the riskiest and highest reward thing I can think of but I haven’t gotten into any of that.

  6. What are your thoughts on the streamer Destiny? He struck me as a degenerate moralfag, but definitely a fairly skilled debater.

    I came across this video (haven’t watched it all the way through), and 2 things struck me:

    1) I don’t know if I could respond to someone saying the USA is “by the people for the people” as nonchalantly as he does at 2:30. I think I would immediately start reevaluating my heuristics regarding who I engage with. I’d think “what have I done wrong to wind up in a debate with someone who is saying this to me with a straight face?”

    2) How comfortable he is with violence against conservative voters. It didn’t jive with the other stuff I’d seen from him. I got the impression that he either branded himself or had been branded as someone who can “talk the extremists back to the center”.

    1. Yea, he’s a silver tongued faggot. I hope he get plenty of enrichment one day, but he probably lives in a nice area.

    2. Destiny is either dishonest or he lives in a complete fantasy world. By this I don’t necessarily mean, as Pickernanny wrote, that he lives in a nice neighborhood, even though this is probably the case. Instead, I think that he simply refuses to acknowledge reality for what it is people like him would tell you with utmost conviction that it is “righteous” that the Democrats unleashed BLM onto the public, causing billions in property damage. (Of course, he would tell you that it’s a genuine grassroot movement.) On top, I bet that he pushes the claim that Antifa does not really exist as it’s an “idea”, and that they are fighting against fascism, or some such nonsense.

      There is a similar streamer, Vaush, who is likewise touted as some kind of leftist intellectual powerhouse. Just like with Destiny, I can’t take their garbage. They are about as convincing and intellectually dishonest as my civics teachers were who claimed that we havea separation of powers between the executive, legislative, and judicative (lol) or that democracy is the best system ever, completely ignoring that already the Ancient Greeks demonstrated that democracy will inevatibly dissolve into tyranny.

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