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48 thoughts on “Open Thread #157

    1. That bitch in the video boasting about Caesar Chavez’s granddaughter taking Ivankas old office is the most vile woman ever. She worked for Yeb Boosh promoting his Latino Strategy. The dumbest idea ever promoted by the Republican Party.

      I wonder if she even knows that Caesar Chavez was against illegal immigration……

    1. Didn’t this happen months ago already? I know that this subreddit got “quarantined” and because Google was in on it too, it was impossible to find in their search engine.

    2. They got quarantined a while ago, but I don’t think they got deleted until a couple of weeks ago.

  1. We are getting to the point where IT infrastructure will just collapse. For the second time in just about one week, I had to manually delete a “.maintenance” file on my WordPress server after an upgrade because some diversity coders apparently no longer test their crap. Within about five years, this did not even happen once, and now it happened twice in a week. We’ll see more and more of this in the future. Given that we live in peak clown world, however, it will be difficult to determine the root causes of problems. If a Boeing airplane falls from the sky, it could be due to Pajeet software engineering or the pilot and co-pilot getting a stroke thanks to the clotshot.

  2. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that ZOG is collapsing soon, maybe within the next one to two years. Here’s a fun Twitter thread to go through:
    Really, you can’t overstate that the Taliban got rid of 20 years of poz in a few days. They faced no resistance despite being clearly outnumbered. This shows you how incredibly fragile the mainstream narrative is. Despite what you may think if you guzzle the garbage the MSM peddle, there is no widespread support for race-mixing, open borders, rioting, looting, and cutting off the penises of little boys.

    The sight of desperate Afghan traitors who cling onto the wheels (!) of a US plane to get out of the country is quite something. Those people know that they will be judged for their actions, and they rather die falling from a plane than getting killed by the Taliban. Maybe this is a premonition of things to come in the West. I can’t quite put my finger on it, but there’s probably something significant in this image.

  3. This is a picture from inside one of the planes ZOG used to evacuate people from Kabul:
    Where are the masks? What about social distancing? Vaxx passports? Contact tracing? I’m actually not joking. If Covid was life-threatening, this evacuation would not have happened as you would kill more people than save.

  4. Any one here religious? Or at one point was?

    If you were what made you change your mind? I’m torn because I was raised catholic but I have my doubt which make me feel guilty etc.

  5. Lately I’ve been thinking. Imagine if your in the middle of the ocean trying to not drown, gasping for air. The amount of effort it takes to stay alive. Now this amount of effort is pushed into this whole vax campaign. They are trying so fucking hard to have everyone vaxxed. This alone really shows there is something else to the vax, something more nefarious. And these fags and sloots showing they got vaxxed like a badge of honour. Unreal.

    I wonder if blood work can verify if someone has been vaccinated.

    1. “They are trying so fucking hard to have everyone vaxxed. This alone really shows there is something else to the vax, something more nefarious.”

      Well, yeah. Or the genuinely believe it’s the best method to stop its spread. The fact that someone wants to do something isn’t evidence by itself that there’s something nefarious.

    2. Evidence of a mass censorship campaign, however, is. We have seen the establishment flip-flop so many times on Covid that I can’t fathom how anyone can take anything people like Fauci say seriously anymore. Do you even remember that the vaxx used to be bad when Trump talked about it?

    3. Do you even remember that the vaxx used to be bad when Trump talked about it?

      Indeed. Even I had forgotten that. The altstream should do more to remind people of things like these over and over so we do not forget.

      The mainstream was actually saying the vaxx will be a piece of shit because it’s being irresponsibly rushed by orange-man (just so he doesn’t get any credit for it).

      Now if you say that you’re vaccine hesitant because it was rushed through, you will be called a piece of shit by the exact same media.

    4. Do you even remember that the vaxx used to be bad when Trump talked about it?

      Actually, no, I don’t remember this. Who said that?

    5. This was the mainstream position back then.

      Heh, I found an example:

      It’s actually kinda funny when you look at stuff like this:
      “The president has been promising a vaccine will be ready for widespread distribution in the coming weeks, right around Election Day, and not by the middle of 2021 as the more optimistic experts say. Convenient!”

      Turns out Trump was closer to the right time than “the more optimistic experts.”

  6. I recently discovered Wilhelm Reich. He coined the term orgone energy and believes the orgasm is the driving force to everything in life. Video below is a nice recap and I guess he must’ve been into something If the US gov burned all of his books and threw him into jail ultimately leading to his death. Interesting stuff.

    1. Wilhelm Reich was a mentally disturbed man. His whole concept of “orgone energy” was silly. He believed it was some sort of energy of libido, yet there is no measurements of it, or any other proof of it ever having existed.

      The guy believed it gave color to the northern lights, and according Wikipedia, also to “St Elmo’s Fire, and the blue of sexually excited frogs.”

      The guy was a right lunatic.

    2. I don’t disagree with in this particular instance, but quite often it seems that we first have a hypothesis and then we try to confirm it. Otherwise, how would you even have the incentive to measure something? Germ Theory, for instance, was complete lunacy to the medical establishment when it was first proposed.

    3. Note to Deus: just beacause so much of the mainstream is wrong or stupid, does not mean you must give credibility to whatever whackjob goes against the current.

      A lot of smart and/or brave people go against established nonsense, but so do many tinfoil hat lunatics as well. Work on developing your critical thinking skills in order to be able to distinguish between them, and be ready to accept that reality is messy, it comes with a great deal of randomness, and there is too much that we simply dont know and wont ever know.

    4. Hey Guys, ya I agree. As I said I just discovered it and I am
      only sharing. I find stuff like this interesting and I’m
      not saying I believe it yet.

  7. I think it was Yarara that told us we were delusional for thinking the Biden admin was pulling out of Afghanistan and was going to be focusing more on domestic issues, namely squashing dissidence and enforcing vaccinations. In general, instead of policing the world, switch to policing the country. Well, as it turns out there are many thousands of Americans being abandoned in Afghanistan as Biden’s top priority is combating coronavirus now:

    I’m sure there is some rational explanation that doesn’t involve a government being hostile towards its citizens, guys.

    1. Biden cares about American citizens. That’s why he abandoned US citizens in Afghanistan while allowing untold amounts of military equipment that can be used against those same Americans to fall into enemy hands. Do no fear, however, because Biden is somehow federally mandating vaccine requirements for medical staff working in nursing homes because of muh medicare, I mean because he really cares about saving lives:

    2. I also want to remark that I’ve seen the conditions inside the average nursing home. The staff are miserable and lacking in proper staffing, and many of the residents are several times as miserable. The standard procedure for bathing these ppl is to strip them down and hose them off after an assembly style lather. Since these places are understaffed, many of the residents will fall and not be found for several minutes or longer, or even be left stewing in their own filth for several hours. Not to mention that the immobile ones lay flat on their tail bones for hours or days even before being turned, leading to grotesque bed sores that then get doused in human waste. It’s my personal opinion that these people are being used as scapegoats to vaccinate and potentially harm normal healthy people, at the very least for profitable gain. It’s also my opinion that given the poor quality of life that many of these old folks must endure that the truly humane thing to do would be to grant them a quick, painless and honorable death.

    3. I think Karl champions the hypothesis that the troops in Afghanistan are a mere drop in the ocean compared to the 1m+ soldiers in the country, or something along those lines.

      Also, on a very serious note, the US are now in dire need of distracting from their total failure in Afghanistan. I’d say that chances of a false flag operation happening within the next month or so are above 50%.

    4. Thanks for the insight. I’m interested to see if you’re correct, though not excited.

      Did you happen to see where the Taliban was trolling the Biden administration in regards to freedom of expression? It’s funny that the Taliban is active on facebook even though they literally throw homosexuals off of buildings, yet orange man bad and can’t have a twitter.

    5. I think the Taliban have fantastic optics, so it’s no surprise that people just love them. Them bashing Facebook and the censorious Western states was fantastic. There is another video that has been making the rounds where a female Western journalist asks them if they would be open to setting up a democracy and having female MPs. In response they just laugh at her, telling her to turn off the camera. In another they state that they welcome female MPs, “in accordance to Sharia law”. Quite frankly, I’d prefer Sharia law over Western degeneracy. This doesn’t mean that we’d live like people in Afghanistan, though. Houellebecq wrote a book about a modern France under the Sharia, Submission. It is a pretty good ad for this idea. He highlights that men get, once again, respect for their contributions to society.

    6. I find it pretty ironic that the tolerance of the Western world that allowed migrants to flood into those countries ends up tolerating them to the point that they adopt their culture to the point of becoming intolerant. Of course, I don’t imagine that adopting Sharia law is good for whites in the long run. However, the new hosts don’t exactly seem to be to fond of the chosen so that’s encouraging. Is it fair to say that China, Russia, N. Korea, Afghanistan, Iran and Iraq all have a negative attitude towards Israel?

    7. I’d say that your hunch is correct. China is very nationalistic, yet seems to welcome global bankers. With regards to North Korea, I think they are primarily opposed to Western degeneracy, which implicates Jewish social engineering but I don’t think they are openly hostile towards Jews. In contrast, I think Iran hosted a revisionist conference on the holocaust a few years ago, which is a move that puts this country in a league of its own.

    8. Lol, some may say the hollycaust is a revision all on its own, but what do I know? Make Persia great again, I suppose.

    9. Lol just like watching “professional skeptics” tell us we are wrong about revisionism. Who are the skeptics now????

    10. I just finished the whole article after hastily posting the link here. Holy shit, dude. I think this is it. I think this will be the thing that could cement the idea of ‘white nationalist domestic terrorism’ in the US. This guy is so stereotypically southern white — redneck accent, drives a pickup truck, believes in muh free country. It’s almost too fucking perfect, like MK Ultra type shit. I think it may be on for real after this. Wow.

      Stephen Colbert literally just joked about this about a day ago. Watch this 1 min clip:

      This is just too perfect.

    11. In a saner time, the press would laugh the FBI out of the room and tell them to fuck off with their gay-ops. This is the most bizarre story I have come across in a long time. Also, apparently a video emerged where he said that he was “set up” by four other people. All of D.C. got evacuated, and Biden taken to Camp David well in advance, so, surely, nobody knew anything about this. It’s a total coincidence. Now the FBI is, of course, frustrated that the dude didn’t set off the bomb because this story won’t go very far, even though it will be kept alive for as long as possible in the media. Let’s wait for the next FBI move, featuring a bald white incel with “14/88” tattooed on his wrist!

    12. I’m not sure we should refer to this as a “joke”. It’s an insult worse than Hillary’s “basked of deplorables” as he is calling for the military to kill American citizens. This is way out of line.

    13. Damnit to hell, gentile, stop noticing things. Just forget all about the botched departure from Afghanistan and realize that Cleetus the Patriot is coming with a pickup truck full of propane and propane accessories to destroy untold numbers of innocents.

      Honestly though, what even is this guy’s motive? He lives in a free country so he thinks it’s justified to threaten explosives because Joe Biden? Apparently he is sick of the fiat fiasco as he was seen throwing USD out of his window presumably to gain the attention of passerby pedestrians — “Hey, look over there! That guy’s handing out free money…oh shit, he’s got a detonator!! Watch out everybody!”

    14. This is the most nonsensical false flag you could imagine. As you can see, the FBI clearly no longer has access to smart enough applicants. I wonder what the next gay-op will be like. How about putting massive speakers and a bunch of dancing hoes on a pickup truck, blasting one-dollar bills with a snow cannon down every street, and announcing the upcoming bomb detonation with a megaphone? You may hear, “Attention! Attention! Joe “Deplorable” Sixpack is going to detonate a bomb outside the Capitol in ten minutes!” Reality is approximating the plausibility of WWE wresting story arcs fast.

  8. I recently watched American Krogan’s video on bitchute on why men generally enjoy open world games more than women. The premise of the video is basically that it taps into man’s nature to go out into a dangerous world and gather resources for the tribe, or to support a pregnant or nursing woman and children.
    I honestly never thought about it in those terms before but I began drawing comparisons between that theory and the open world games I have personally finished. The only two true open world games I’ve played are The Legend of Zelda: BotW and MGSV:TPP.

    In BotW, you’re immediately thrown into the open world mounted on a plateau that you can’t escape until you run around and complete a series of tasks that grants you a paraglider. From there, you can use the paraglider to navigate the world easier and you’ll eventually unlock limited fast travel and horses to help you traverse more efficiently. You’ll also be collecting tons of weapons and shields to do battle with, and you’ll need a lot of them because they break quite often, so always be on the lookout for better gear. In addition to that, you need to gather, hunt and prepare food products to keep your health up, as well as slay monsters for the items and monster parts they drop to fashion armor and other gear to make the game easier. The entire point of all this resource gathering and facing tough foes in the open world is to eventually defeat Calamity Gannon and save Princess Zelda. You learn this at the very beginning of the game, that Zelda is in trouble and you need to figure out how to save her, so that is your sole motivation — to get that Zelda pussy.

    Contrast this to MGSV and not much has changed. Instead of being thrown immediately into an open world, the game eases you in over the course of hours if you count the prologue mission (which I do). From there you wake up and fight your way out of hospital, make your way into 1980s Afghanistan during the Soviet invasion where you’re introduced to the open world (and later Central Africa) save your best buddy, and learn that you have a massive out-at-sea military outpost that you need to expand. You do this by farming soldiers of varying abilities — some have combat expertise and some are more suited for research and development, for example. Sometimes you need a unique person with a specialized skill for a specific tool or weapon. Besides that, you’ll need to gather processed and unprocessed materials for base and weapons upgrades and raw diamonds for currency (GMP), as well as to prep your sortie, utilize a chopper, call in support etc. You’ll also be utilizing your combat specialists to procure more GMP and materials for you via the online feature, as well as invading other players online and stealing their stock (this is easy pickings in 2021 on the PS3). If you have too much of one type of material you can swap it for more GMP to put towards higher grade weapons, to help you achieve your goal. It’s really a vicious cycle.

    Though there is no princess to save in MGSV, you save a chick during the prologue, watch your base be completely destroyed, then watch said chick explode in your face and put you into a nine year coma. Pretty fucked. It’s not unlike having an invading tribe come in to defeat you and pillage and rape what you have before burning it all down, so now you must spend the majority of the game rebuilding what you lost and getting revenge. Oh, and it’s kind of comical that you eventually acquire Quiet, a half naked and perfect titted woman who literally sits there and keeps her mouth shut (for reasons), who additionally helps you go around and gather more resources by being sniper support. You also get a dog to pet and sniff things out and a horse to ride. One other thing — you can spend time maxing out your bond with Quiet and she’ll stare at you lovingly during the aerial command sequence, as well as show off her tits and ass to you. In addition to that you can unlock cutscenes which show the two being semi-romantic together. Though I’m sure her interest in Snake has nothing to do with him being the biggest alpha of a multi-billion dollar military operation or anything.

    1. I wanted to expand upon this by pointing out how much of a sub-par experience life has become for many guys. If you can’t personally go out into the real world gather lots of resources because you’re too stupid, anxious or timid, or just plain not motivated because of the current social climate and everything that entails, then you might just settle for open world gaming and gaming in general. Lots of guys seem to and if they don’t, they could very well turn to drugs and alcohol like some other guys I know. Instead of wasting their free time gaming, they’ll instead get off from work and spend all that time drinking in a dimly lit room.

      For most guys it isn’t feasible to raise a family, or just seems like a real drag. You most definitely cannot raise a child today in good conscience without homeschooling and sheltering them, as well as securing a decent inheritance for them. That can be hard to pull off as the base requirements to participate in society are always changing and sometimes impossible to adhere to fully. For example, you are better suited for certain work environments if you’re non-white, LGBT, or female. Well, if all the fertile women are LGBT or working full time, that also makes things more difficult in terms of raising a well-adjusted family for a variety of reasons. Not to mention, (((they))) are currently pushing very hard to make societal participation impossible without routine vaccinations.

      What to do instead? Well, if you’re just getting by comfortably on your own, that can be fine for a while. If you’re not an incel or too socially retarded, you can simulate reproduction by having sterile sex with as many women as you’re able. Then, you can supplement the whole resource gathering and management side of things with gaming. If you can’t get laid or enter a dry spell, then you’d instead spank off to porn, game and repeat.

    2. What is the title of the American Krogan video you are referring to?

      Thanks for the great comment. I will turn it, and the follow-up, into a separate post.

    3. Oh, it must have gotten nuked with his youtube channel then. I did not follow him back then.

    1. I don’t think it’s a legal term, because Google gives almost no results for it. It just appears to be what the press used to describe it. Unfortunately I don’t know how to find U.K. court judgments, so I have no idea what the proper legal term is.

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