Not Nagging is a Female Super Power

In one corner in my apartment, some clutter has been accumulating for months. Even worse, it’s not just a corner you never look at but one of the window sills, so it’s highly visible. It’s a bunch of books, PS3 games, DVDs and Blu-rays I’m not sure if I should throw them away, try to sell them, or give them away. Mainly, I have too much to do that is more important to take care of it. My wife is slightly more bothered by this than I am, though, and reminded me two or three times to take care of the clutter. Note that a less understanding woman would just throw out anything she does not like when you’re not looking.

I’ve now taken care of the clutter, but the last time she asked about it, she said, with a smile, “Am I not good at not nagging?” This made me laugh, but then I realized that it is exceedingly rare that women does not nag you. There is a good chance that your mother nagged you to no end about cleaning up your room, possibly based on some bizarre idea like arranging books by size or color instead of author names so that the shelf looks nice (I’m not making this up). Some women have no ability to delay gratification. Your girlfriend may see a picture of her supposed best friend out at a restaurant or, in the times of the Covid scamdemic, a fancy home-delivered meal, and she will want the same like right fucking now and throw a tantrum if she does not get it. This is not an exaggeration. Go enter a relationship with a chick you banged within an hour and you’ll notice that she runs her entire life like this.

Because a sizable number of women think they can nag and nag and nag without any consequences, they just keep naggin. This is, of course, a sign of a serious personality defect. I don’t think there is a solution either because such women tend to lack the ability of introspection. Whenever she gets dumped because she’s such a horrible human being, she projects her nasty personality traits on her ex-boyfriend and thinks that only he is to blame.

It is quite baffling how low the bar for women is. We have talked about how women only not need to something stupid, and they’d be in the top 10% already, e.g.
– don’t overeat
– don’t get tattoos
– don’t study some stupid bullshit subject at university and get in debt
– don’t have sex with random dudes

All of this boils down to poor impulse control as well. Nagging should be added to this list as well. Now, let it sink in that a woman who is not fat, not tattooed, not in debt, a virgin, and not a nagging shrew is already a unicorn! They don’t have to actively do anything, and they would eclipse 95% of women out there in terms of desirability. (Article continues below.)

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As I took a brief break from writing this article, I noticed a fat slut in her 20s walk past my building. Sure, finding a husband is probably the last thing on her mind, but there will be a day where she will regret her actions, i.e. during the short window between a nervous breakdown and her getting put on SSRIs. Life could be incredibly easy for women but even this is too much. They just throw it all away.

The blame in the decline in marriage rates is put on men because we no longer want to “man up” or can’t “measure up” to all those highly educated women who are having fantastic careers as diversity councelors in academia or in any of a myriad of bullshit jobs in government. Yet, I’d say it’s much more likely that the kind of man those women want to marry have some standards. They are probably still not particularly high.

Let me go out on a limb and state that there are probably men out there who would be very happy with a lot of women, provided they don’t nag. After all, most tattoos are a lot easier to ignore than a woman’s constant nagging. In fact, it seems one of the major reasons for men of dumping a chick is that they just can’t stop nagging; incessant yapping is probably a close second, but this seems to drive guys into alcoholism more than it makes them get out of a relationship as it is, apparently, less off-putting in the beginning of a relationship unlike nagging, which sometimes becomes apparent right after you’ve banged some chick.

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2 thoughts on “Not Nagging is a Female Super Power

  1. Incessant yapping may have been what drove my dad to be a drunk. My mom’s response to that was incessant nagging. You can guess how well that turned out……..

  2. I think it depends on the nature of nagging. If it is all about how useless you are as a husband because you don’t earn enough, just look at your neighbour… Those naggings are very nasty. It does remind you that you are very unlucky and disadvantageous, and it is a cycle of negative self-reference.

    This is just a reference to my own old country, because in the West, low income males may not even have a wife.

    And if you are so downtrodden and lucky, both due to Nature or societal circumstances, you should better be alone.

    “already a unicorn”

    And yet you’ve snatched her, Adonis

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