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51 thoughts on “Open Thread #153

  1. DeSantis hasn’t gotten the memo that Covid does not go near the 100k+ illegal immigrants per month that swamp the US. It only selectively attacks enemies of the regime:
    I can’t believe what a bigot this guy is.

    In related news, vaxx passports are a must, but you can still vote without an ID:

    Keep in mind that none of this is planned. It’s just a bunch of clueless politicians accidentally acting in unison, or something along those lines, according to a theory that has been developed by Ubermensch. There are no ulterior motives at all about any of this — and now better start getting used to needing government approval to leave you apartment because infinity lockdowns are being discussed already. The communists at SAGE in the UK want Covid measures to never end and Iceland turned “14 days to flatten the curve” into 15 years. This party is only getting started.

    1. Desantis is another ZOG retard who worships Israelis because the wealthy j-crew give him campaign contributions…..pretty sure he made it illegal to criticize Israel. He might be good on masks and covid fakery but he is a snake that will lead people to the slaughter just a whole lot slower than the rest of the ZOG crew.

  2. Have anyone read or known about a book called “In In Stahlgewittern”. The English title is Storm of Steel and in French it is Orages d’acier.

    I have bought an English and a French translation of this work to read them. The German 1922 version is available on Guttenberg Project. The prices of these translations are over 100 USD, because they are severely out of print.

    According to the greatwarforum, the 1929 English translation of Basil Creighton is very good as opposed to a newer version produced by Micheal Hofmann. The French translation that I bought was printed by Payot in 1930, translated by a WW1 veteran named Grenier. I confidently bought this French version because I believe that Grenier is a WW1 officers so his military knowledge could guide him through his translation.

    It is an influential book, known for its style and precision.

    1. I’ve heard about the book as well as the author, Ernst Juenger. He is anathema in the German high school literature canon, by the way. Thus, this should be considered a sign of quality.

  3. According to news from Israel, the Pfizer vaxx does not only lead to heart inflammation, but also eye inflammation:
    Of course, I have to remind you that this is Jewish research, so any criticism implies that you’re an anti-semite, regardless the validity of your arguments.

    Oh, and it’s surely fake news that the vaxx wrecks the placenta of pregnant people regardless of gender:“the-covid-vaccine-spike-proteins-damage-placenta-protein-in-vaccinated-women”.26221/

    1. Well, considering that only women can have a placenta (unless you subscribe to modern “you can pick your gender!”-bs, but I’m pretty confident nobody on this blog does, heh), I’d say it’s at least half fake news. 😉

    2. This was me taking a jab, no pun intended, at wokism according to which “men” can also give birth.

  4. Cardano creator, Charles Hoskinson, rants about how corrupt the US is after introducing new infrastructure bill to Senate which includes major attack on crypto:

    This has to be the worst administration in the history of the US. I will say, though, that unlike Trump at least they know how to get shit done and push their agenda through. It seems like things are accelerating quicker and quicker.

    1. Lay low, and let this bullshit run its course. This government ain’t sustainable. Hyperbitcoinization is all but inevitable at this point.

    2. The current government has the Deep State working for them, or maybe it is the other way around, which is the reason why there is little to no resistance.

    3. Also, I’ll add that it’s hard not to wonder if Satoshi had already considered Proof of Stake, and chose PoW for this very reason.

    4. I have seen you use this term Deep State numerous times. Is the wiki page sufficient to understand this term.

      Perhaps you could spell out what is Deep State because I think it is a very interesting concept.

    5. The Deep State is the collection of unelected permanent government officials.

    6. The wiki page is chock full of misinformation. I think I know what Deep State are. You can listen to Eisenhower’s speech. My US history teacher told me of it.

      I think the precursor of Deep State already existed as far back as the Founding Fathers. Large landowners were politicians. Then you have the Spoil System during Jackson’s presidency. Then when industrialization set in motion, you have huge industrial giants like Morgan Stanley controlled Senators. And now in these sorrowful years of our Lord, we still have giants, just more diverse like Techs, Bankings, Insurance, Military industrials, etc control not just the Senate, but even the President and the House of Representatives. And so 2 branches of the governments are already united under one control, the last branch Judiciary would just be a piece of cake to grip.

      Last scene of all ends this strange eventful History

      Is the final unity with past societies, and mere wanton

      Sans money, sans love, sans taste, sans everything

    7. I would say that the Judicial Branch is already controlled by corporatists. Corporate controlled presidents nominate them, and corporate controlled Congress affirms them after all. And that is seen in the way they rule. It’s been long established by the Court that corporations are individuals. And Citizens United put the final nail in the coffin affirming money is speech. Bribing politicians is free speech according to the Supreme Court.

    8. Big Tech censorship is protected by the first amendment whereas you are not, i.e. the rights of a “legal person” (a corporation) trump your rights. This is indeed an utter perversion of the legal system.

    9. Yeah, I actually had hesitation when I wrote “would be”. I don’t know much about this branch of the US government.

      “And Citizens United put the final nail in the coffin affirming money is speech. Bribing politicians is free speech according to the Supreme Court.”

      Ohh man, that’s even more interesting. You have aptly summed up their complicated terms. But I still don’t understand why initially it was just about a film, and later turned into a lift of restriction on campaign donation.

      Well, they are perverts, perverting the use of language, to say the least.

    10. Yep. Perverting language is what lawyers do. The majority of the Senate were lawyers. 40 percent of Congress and (obviously) 100 percent of the Supreme Court.

      Bill Clinton was actually telling the truth when he said he “did not have sexual relations with that woman.” In Legalise at least.

    11. Yes sir, I agree. Another interesting thing that happens is how these Senate dirt bags rail on, belittle, and drag the through the mud these Supreme Court nominees when they are being confirmed……..then they vote Yes to confirm them.

      “It’s a big fucking club, and you’re not in it.”

      –Comedian George Carlin

      A writer who’s name escapes me at the moment compared it to professional wrestling. They pretend to fight, but they are all paid by the same people. Republican and Democratic senators back slap and have a beer after the sessions are over.

    12. It could just be that I am paranoid, but somehow I have a feeling that Sleazy sent you the latest email I sent to him.

      Whatever it is, it must be a rather bizarre email to him, anyway.

    13. It could just be that I am paranoid, but somehow I have a feeling that Sleazy sent you the latest email I sent to him.

      Whatever it is, it must be a rather bizarre email to him, anyway.

      Why would Aaron be passing your personal emails on to someone else, CQV? I don’t think he’d do that.

    14. @Herkerderker

      I don’t understand how this bill being passed would affect proof of stake but not proof of work, but I don’t see why they couldn’t just introduce more legislation later since BTC is the big one.

    15. I sincerely apologize Sleazy, for my paranoid. I didn’t sleep last night, and two nights before I slept only a few hours. I couldn’t get rid of thoughts that were racing in my head, perhaps due to studying Spanish for long hours.

      In the latest email I sent to you, I just pointed out that a reading passage taken from a SAT mock test, which was an extract from a novel called Ethan Frome of a female writer named Edith Wharton, which you could find it here:

      and her biography:

      was a horribly written novel because I couldn’t follow it through at all. Many sentences like this:

      “She had an eye to see and an ear to hear: he could show her things and tell her things, and [b]taste the bliss of feeling that all he imparted left long reverberations and echoes he could wake at will.[b]”

      The part that is between [b] is particularly difficult to understand. If you read on, you will find that is very hard to follow what she was writing.

      So I decided to try to rewrite it:

      “She could taste the bliss of feeling that he imparts and feel its long reverberations and echoes at the moment when he could wake it up at will.”

      This lady got a Pulitzer award for it, which I think was a total bollock. How could she win that prize?

      Somehow I got the feeling that you found it amusing because I was criticizing someone even though my English is not good enough.

      The following is a statement:

      “Cuong, you are obviously very smart, probably with an IQ in excess of 125, but you don’t seem able to make proper use of it.”

      you made on Open Post 146 . I would be honest, at first, I was elated to see that you could give such a high score to me. But after that, taking into account the fact that we were ferociously debating on the issue of sending US soldiers to a civilian house for the vaxx, I thought, and still think, that this is just a high sarcasm, which means I would not be that high. Not that I am disappointed because if I remember correctly, you posted somewhere that you had an IQ of 130. A score of 125 would be too close to an excellent student who had won different scholarships and got admitted to such a prestigious school, and performed very well on both Natural Sciences and Languages. That’s why I estimate my score to be just fittingly around 110-115, clearly because I don’t do well on Math and Natural Science.

      Then Alek Novy, called me autistic, on many occasions, together with Ubermensch.

      All these together make me think that perhaps you are just mocking me.

      And with the latest email I sent to you, I thought that perhaps you would share with GoodLookingSleazy so that he could mimic my autistic style of writing.

      I know it is a bit long but I thought perhaps I was being mocked all along.

      The recent revelation of Yarara did indeed make me doubt if I am autistic, because obviously now you have to be careful with psychiatrists, whose fields are far from being rigorous.

      Anyway, all this adding together just gives me an impression that I am a handicapped person, and this might affect my ability to become a language specialist in future.

      That’s what causes my depression, self-doubt and humiliation.

      I guess I have a huge problem of detecting sarcasm and irony, I guess it is because of culture and, my God, autism.

      Again, I apologize Sleazy and GoodLookingandSleazy for wrongfully accusing you guys.

    16. My IQ may be above 130. I would be very surprised if yours was significantly below 125. Your issue is that you take things too literally. This can make life for people on the autistic spectrum quite difficult. It’s also a primary reason why coding is a good field for autists because programming languages are not ambiguous but it’s surely only a matter of time until feminist programming languages catch on, like this one:
      (In light of your comment, I should probably add that the reference to “feminist” programming languages is a joke. They are an impossibility.)

    17. I have just posted a reply to Sleazy and GoodLookingSleazy, it is an apology.

      I guess I have been reading too much and thinking too much.

      My apology, again.

    18. PoS will be treated as taxable income as opposed to capital gains. You could never spend it, but still owe taxes. Then if you sell in order to pay taxes, that opens you up to capital gains as well. Not to mention, the inflationary setups for the credible PoS stake chains don’t reward you for compounding. Rather they punish you for not compounding, i.e., you have to restake your coins in order to keep your share of the pie; you don’t get bigger payouts for compounding. You get smaller payouts if you sell your payouts. The property tax will of course affect PoW. Ultimately, i think both will be ok. I think the direction BTC is heading is cool personally. PoW, and eventually, if you want some extra returns, it will be feasible to get payouts for providing liquidity on the lightning network.

      But yeah, if literally everybody needs to fill out a form for everything, than PoS is worse. If the government makes an example out of an entity staking on someone’s behalf, that will have a big time chilling effect. For PoW, this will just mean miners have to fill out forms on their OWN behalf. The PoS networks aren’t even close to being able to handle every token-holder staking individually.

    19. I suppose we might have our answer by tomorrow as to whether or not it passes. I thought PoS was supposed to be the more efficient and environmentally superior method. It seems to me that Cardano, for example, is on the verge of breaking through in a major way and they come out of nowhere with this new legislation as a way to suppress them. Also, I’m sure all those self-made millionaires that crypto helped produced in general was a major thorn in the sides of the elite. None of this attempt is overly surprising really. Can crypto companies based in the US just move their operations overseas? Of course, the way you detail the consequences of the bill it would be a major pain in the ass to hold crypto even on say a ledger nano because then you’re liable for property taxes.

    1. Hmmmm. A lot to unpack here. He’s right-wing, but he’s pro-Israel. HIs opponents include anti-semites. This has to be some kind of psyop.

      Thanks for the link btw.

    2. You’re welcome. That kinda confused me too. What’s up with Christian Jew worship? I guess that’s why anti-Semites oppose him. But Biden and the rest of the West does to, so he has that going for him. Seems like he is a good guy. A nationalist, a populist etc. Trump is a big Israel supporter as well.

    3. I always thought it was interesting how in formerly communist controlled Eastern European countries cultural Marxism never sunk in. Yet, in the “capitalist” West cultural Marxism and the Frankfurt Schools ideas flourished.

    4. Well due to internet influence from the west, we may see cultural marxism kick in. Women can vote in these countries. Once that door is open, all bets are off. Women can vote in China too, but my understanding is that their elections are almost completely arbitrary.

    5. Considering that there is only one party in China, it wouldn’t matter if they gave voting rights to apes and donkeys, too.

  5. Do we have any fans of From Software’s Demon’s Souls or Dark Souls games in here? Last weekend tried for the second or third time to get into Demon’s Souls (on PS3, not PS5), but this time I dropped it even faster than before. Note that I have absolutely no problem with difficult games. In fact, some of my favorite video games are brutally difficult arcade classics from Japan. There is even one pretty tough arcade game I played so much that I was able to clear it with one credit, a so-called 1CC. The problem with Demon’s Souls is that, yes, it is difficult, but there is a lot of jank. Sometimes, it’s better to just run past a group of enemies, for instance. Then there are mechanics that are really poorly explained like “world tendency”, so it seems you need a guide to play it. Also, there is artificial difficulty due to some areas being so dark that you have reduced visibility. I’ve seen people praise all of those issues, strangely enough. Common advice online is to play this game until it clicks, but that’s quite an ask.

  6. I have been looking around at chapter books for children in Spanish.
    A thought suddenly comes to mind, do you guys think they will insert all kinds of garbage indoctrination to these books. Maybe lesbian, homosexual and other cues.

    Gods know. If they can perverse languages at the level of supreme court, they could also spit on a language books with “suggestive” language.

    1. The reply button was also missing in the desktop site. WordPress disabled commenting, probably due to keywords like “Breivik” and “Tarrant”. I just manually restored the ability to comment. Thanks for pointing this out!

    2. WordPress clandestinely disabled commenting on this post. I just fixed this. Also, I’m amused by this happening as it illustrates one facet of the automated, global control grid that is currently being set up.

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