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56 thoughts on “Open Thread #111

  1. So I finished reading the book “Islam: An Evolutionary Perspective” by Edward Dutton.

    TLDR: the situation for Europe / the West is very dire.

    The main thesis of the book is that once a civilization reaches a certain stage of intelligence/development, it loses ingroup bias
    (high IQ people are mostly atheists, and you need religion for a strong ingroup bias)

    And high IQ people are reproducing less than low IQ people. This effect is very strong on women, feminist high IQ women are often childless.

    So basically, intelligence becomes maladaptive at a certain point.

    The civilization then gets invaded by low IQ groups who are very religious and have strong ingroup bias.

    He points out parts that are specific to Islam which lower IQ. One example is the praying 5x per day, which leads to sleep interruption, which has a measurable effect on IQ.
    Or the fasting for one-month per year (Ramadan), which leads to nutrition deficiency in fetuses when a pregnant women does it.
    But they also lead to a strong community and ingroup bias, as they weed out free riders (people who just “pretend” to be devout Muslims)

    1. The author also seems to have a lot of other interesting books which I’m planning to read. I wonder how they are not banned on amazon.
      Or this book “Race Differences in Intelligence” by Richard Lynn.
      But I guess the leftists don’t give a fuck about those as the normies are not reading books anyways, so it’s not worth to even remove them.

    2. I disagree with the author. I don’t think the problem is high IQ necessarily and diminishing ingroup bias. I think the problem is demoralization of whites in the West, propaganda telling women to party up and not settle down etc. as well as deliberate economic hardships. Regardless of the economy, the welfare state has catered to and incentivized lower class whites and non-whites (low IQ couples) to procreate, this negative feedback loop has created an artificial dysgenic state of man in the West.

      Just look at China, they’re going to potentially solve their reproduction issues via genetic engineering and artificial wombs, and if anything their ingroup bias has become stronger as they’ve grown in power. There is a specific reason why whites have lost their ingroup preference, and it isn’t exactly due to their intelligence. If anything, whites have overall become less intelligent as white aristocracy was effectively destroyed over the last couple centuries, as well as manipulated through artificial selection as outlined above. I can imagine many high IQ white women today might be more open to having more children provided they didn’t have to physically carry all those children to term and give birth to them. Combine that with a stable economy, a high trust society and certain incentives for middle and upper class citizens to breed and there shouldn’t be a problem.

    3. “propaganda telling women to party up and not settle down etc.”

      but you have to realize, this is related to religion and IQ.

      high IQ makes people less religious, and this makes it easier for them to fall for the propaganda of feminists.

      you have to think about, why some religions like Christianity were more successful than other ones.
      Religion basically codifies behaviors which have positive survival value for civilization. (e.g. don’t murder, don’t steal, don’t fuck your neighbors wife, and so on)
      So when people deviate from this, the new behavior most of the time will have negative survival value.

    4. I thought about the issue of religion a bit recently and think that it does not hold much water to say that due to “muh IQ” we are no longer religious. Do you think we were across the board dumber back in the days when we were religious? I think we could no longer build something like Notre Dame the way it was originally built, i.e. with relatively simple tools. Those cathedrals were an expression of religiosity. However, just because the mainstream has kicked aside Christianity does not mean that there is no longer any religion. I would argue that there is now a gap where religion used to be. It is filled with sportsball, celebrities or, for the supposedly high-IQ crowd, Marxist dogma.

    5. and an even easier argument is contraception.

      High IQ people know how to use birth control, so as a result they don’t make as much babies as the low IQ retards.

      So this makes high IQ now a negative trait basically, at least in the current social environment.

    6. Okay, but China has one of the highest average IQs in the world and they’re highly nationalistic and have high ingroup bias. Why are they outliers? It seems their high IQ is helping them to thrive. Did Nazi Germany have high ingroup preference because they were low IQ and super religious? I just think the author of this book is dancing around the JQ. Just name them and be done with it.

    7. You have to consider China reached its current level of developmemt only very recently. The future will show if they can keep their current level of national coherence, or of they will get the same fate as the west.
      I agree with you though that the theory is not perfect, and of course there are different forces which attempt to socially engineer. Unfortunately we cannot run expirements, so this can never be truly scientific

    8. Sleep interruption and their “fasting” are arguably the least of the problems of Muslim countries. Much worse is that cousin marriage is very common, which has a much stronger negative effect on IQ.

    9. @Aaron: yes, he analzed this as well in the book. It lowers IQ, but it also increases ingroup preference because you have more genes in common with coseins and so on.

    10. Yes, Kevin MacDonald addresses this in his writings. It explains Jewish ethnocentrism as well. I have said for many years that individualism is the white man’s best and worst trait.

    11. There seems to be an optimal level of ethnocentrism.

      It has to be low enough so that a group can trade with other cultures and adopt new technologies (or they will get outcompeted when another group has better weapon technology), but it has to be high enough to not get invaded and destroyed by members of other groups.

      Right now the level of whites is too low.

    12. I had a discussion recently with a dude that echos what you refered to earlier. That American democracy would logically lead to current conditions. That it can trace back to the Magna Carta and even ancient Roman and Greek systems. Makes sense. But when you have betrayed your own tribe in favor of altruism I’m pretty sure that’s a bridge too far.

  2. I think I just alienated one of my best friends (Singaporean) when I told her that I think Covid is a hoax and therefore view the mass vaccination drive as nonsense. I don’t want to argue my point of view with her though. I’m not good at confrontation and I’ll probably end up coming across as even more of a cuckoo if I attempt to go down the rabbit hole with her. We’ve known each other for around 7 years and she’s aware of/accepts my non-normie leanings but even this was a tad too much for her. Back to camouflaging and self-censorship…

    1. Considering the speed of cultural decay and rising insanity, going ghost seems to be the only sane option.

    2. You’re friend has probably put in a lot of emotional investment into the covid scam, I would have probably backed off too. Most people have their minds made up anyways, I think. I recall some study (I don’t know how accurate this is) that claimed 75% of participants didn’t have an inner voice. I can’t even imagine what it’s like to go through life just reacting to stimulus, but apparently there are truly many people out there like this?

    3. I have not heard about this but I am not surprised. I recall Schopenhauer writing, 250 years ago, that most people end up being “automata” without any inner life on their own. When you observe how readily normies change their views, it is entirely plausible that they are just large stimulus-response mechanisms.

    4. @Aaron: this is actually quite horrifying, it really seems that most people are just zombie NPCs basically. That explains why they are so easily manipulated by the mass media.

      Also when I still had a TV, every time there was an advertisement, I was thinking “you have to be absolutely braindead for this ad to work on you”. But the people who make the ads know what they are doing. They work on the normies.

      With the BLM it was very clear this was just to manipulate the dumb normies to vote for Biden. And as expected, now since Biden has won, we don’t hear about black guys being killed by the police anymore. You have to be braindead not to see this blatant manipulation via selective reporting.

      Or when there was BLM, suddenly Corona disappeared for a few months.

    5. For a long time advertising did not make any sense to me. I did not understand why there are famous actors in them. Then, one day, I came across a video in which a black woman complained that she was overweight despite drinking so much Coca-Cola. Her reasoning was that because the woman in the ad was slim, Coca-Cola should help her lose weight. Suddenly, the world made a lot more sense to me.

    6. This is how propaganda could hypothetically be used for the good of civilization, however. The elites must understand this, thus they saw Hollywood and modern media as a tool for subversion and brainwashing the masses. I recently watched Devon Stack’s analysis of The Simpsons which is a good example of Jewish writers undermining Western values for decades, to the point where they’ve just stopped writing jokes and are just plain transparent about it in recent seasons:

  3. Guys, if you only briefly consider buying a sex doll or ponder whether you should rent one for an hour, you are clearly an utterly worthless human being without any redeeming qualities. On the other hand, when women buy (or even collect) life-like babies, it is not creepy at all:
    In fact, if you do not enthusiastically support this, you are “threatening”. Clearly, mostly childless women collecting creepy baby dolls is just another manifestation of the fact that we have reached peak human development. There is nothing deranged about it whatsoever.

    1. It’s probably better for the gene pool if those women get dolls instead of real babies, so we should fully support this.

    2. In the spirit of accelerationism I fully support this as well. In the best case, you manage to waste such a woman’s entire reproductive years. First she spends a few years on her back, trying to lock down Chad. Then, when she’d nearing 30 and starting to panic, you introduce them to those creepy dolls, telling them that it’s “good preparation” for motherhood, and a few years later their window will have closed.

    3. Not to mention, some women have a tendency to hoard dildos and other sex toys. God forbid you bought a synthetic pussy.

    4. …or a sex doll. Now I don’t want to reveal too much, but I know of a large bank where a group of wahmen internally campaigned to have the accounts of companies who sell “child sex dolls” terminated. They celebrated this as a big win in a company-wide meeting in the context of “corporate social responsibility” or some crap like that. Those were just regular sex dolls, of course. I’m not sure if companies selling dildos and vibrators likewise tickled their corporate-social-responsibility bone.

    5. “In the spirit of accelerationism ”

      Well they’re all getting the jab, too I guess. Let’s see how this turns out for their fertility. stupid cunts.

    6. Well, sex with ‘child sex dolls’ is completely immoral for mere normies and must be dealt with, but actual pedodegeneracy is a complete a non sequitur and must be justified.

    1. We also need a remake of “Basic Instinct”, and replace Sharon Stone with a tranny.

      And then the big surprise will be, in the most famous scene when she sits on the chair during the interview with her legs crossed, if she is a post or pre op tranny 😀

    2. It would be a pre-op tranny. Chad Douglas would apologize for assuming her gender and have sex with xir regardless. I can’t even tell if I’m joking anymore because this is an entirely possible script for Hollywood or Netflix, considering garbage like that child-sex fake documentary that was released just a few months ago. We’ve reached Weimar Germany levels of degeneracy. Having an accompanying glimmer of hope surely would be nice. Catboy Kami sadly hasn’t started holding political rallies yet.

    3. I laughed pretty hard at this. I hope this actually happens, the critical drinker and other reviews would be entertaining enough.

    4. I hope this happens. On the one hand, Hollywood and Wall Street would lose a few hundred million dollars, and on the other, they would give us material for wonderful memes. The jokes would write itself.

  4. A thought I have been pondering for months now is why I keep living in big cities. Now with the fake pandemic going on and the mandate to work remotely, this is more bizarre than ever before. My day job can be done fully remotely but on the other hand it also cannot be easily outsourced to India (billionaire CEOs have surely tried that). The temptation of leaving behind all the degeneracy that I’m exposed to day in and day out is only getting more tempting by the day — on a side note, in Stockholm you can see taxpayer-fed Africans giving money to Gypsy beggars. Housing would also be a lot cheaper in a small town or a village. Singapore would still be interesting as an alternative, but the country seems to be slowly spirally out of control, given how slavishly the political elite is following US trends and allowing the same kind of, er, social engineers in to the country that have been wrecking the West. The country probably has a good 20 years left, but sadly there is no place to hide from government overreach, unlike the countryside in the West.

    I’ll probably write a bit more on this topic on my other blog once I have spent more time thinking about this.

    1. I’m dreaming everyday of just having a house in the mountains in Austria and going complete ghost on society.
      The good thing about the bug is this might become a realistic option now, they want to make it mandatory for companies to offer full working-from-home solutions to all employees.

      What keeps me in the city is access to escorts and whores, but maybe I replace this with sex tourism a few times a year, or I just don’t bother with it anymore.

    2. Hey Aaron,

      Long time lurker, long time reader. Thank you for your great writing. I’m in the medical field actually. What exactly is “fake” about this pandemic and what makes a pandemic “real” to you? I can understand how many governments may be using this as an excuse to get away with other things, but I can assure you that covid-19 is real. Half of the world was not going to die from this but I can assure you the amount of people losing their life to it would be 4x-5x higher than it is now if there weren’t various levels of lock downs. Some cities even had to make makeshift morgue freezer trucks for bodies. The problem is too that it puts a strain on medical facilities for people needing access to them for the plethora of reasons besides Covid. So the real question is how should we actually respond to various levels of pandemics?

      Anyway, thanks for making this blog possible! I was in Stockholm 3 years ago, cool place – but I feel like it’s gone down hill compared to what people were telling me it was like in the 90’s and early 00’s!

      – C

    3. Hey Clark,

      thanks for your kind words. The problem with Covid is that it is a complete non-issue. Sure, the virus may be real, but chances of dying of it are around 0.01% if you are below the age of 80 and don’t have serious preconditions. Those are now ballpark figures, but they are accurate enough for my argument, which simply boils down to the fact that Covid is about as lethal as the common cold. People don’t care about lockdowns and masks anymore. In Sweden, people don’t wear masks, in Germany they were masks only if they really have to and some are already flaunting the rules, in particular non-whites in service jobs.

      It’s a bit strange that I’m only ever reading about piles of dead bodies whereas I can see videos of nurses being so bored that they spend weeks choreographing titillating dance routines at their workplace and upload them to TikTok. Also, I know people who have had Covid. It’s about as debilitating as a mild flu, which means that it does not impair you at all.

      Stockholm is done. I have a few more posts on it in the pipeline for my other blog. I just have to find the time to write them down and publish them.

    4. I guess Eastern Europe is becoming more and more attractive.
      Imagine this: Moldavia, countryside. Or Serbia.
      Most of these countries have dysfunctional infrastructure, so that might be an issue (electricity/water) but internet is mostly fine. Heck Romania (OK they are totalitarian fucktards, but still) has one of the best internet speeds in Europe.
      Then there’s low taxes, even good gun laws here and there (Czech Republic has the best, Bulgaria has a shall/may issue for open and concealed carry, Serbia is awash in guns).

      I mean… I’ve been starting to think about the same topic, tbh… somewhere in the countryside. Leave me the fuck alone.

      Ah, damn it. The US would be such a nice place. But they just gotta go hard on immigration for the wrong people and that fucking capital gains tax they have are severely pissing me off, I tell you.
      Just imagine this, man… You buy a few acres of land in, say Montana and live off grid as best as you can. You can homeschool your kids, raise your own animals, grow your food. And if you have a job that can be done from a computer (most of us have)… wouldn’t that be neat?

      It’s unfuckingbelievable what kinda rat race we’re doing here in these big cities. I’m commuting a total of 80 minutes each day for what? In order to sit in front of two screens.
      This is so ridiculous…

    5. I’m envious of countries where there’s a countryside to retreat to. Europe’s big cities (at least the ones I’ve lived in) have nothing on Singapore’s population density and feel almost quaint to me.

      If you’re still keen on the family life, it’s worth considering raising your children near to your in-laws assuming you like them enough and your wife is on good terms with her parents. After having children your wife will probably need all the help she can get. You might be able to hire all the help that you need but nothing beats that help provided by a caring family member instead. There’re also the issues with settling in a country non-native to you or your wife. You have no natural community and inside knowledge of how things work. The kind of theorising you’re doing about what location is most amenable to your preferences is fit for a bachelor but I suspect parenthood may change some of your thoughts, if that is a direction you may intend to pursue at some point.

    6. @Sleazy’s Wife

      I know… these are all good points. In theory she is in favor of moving away from where we live, but I know it’s not that easy.
      Her in-laws are OK, I would see us occasionally trusting them with our children, but barely for longer periods than 24h at a time. They have their own set of “Leichen im Keller”. (ask Aron about that one^^).
      This whole natural community is a thing indeed. I can rebuild that, if it’s worth it, but not sure she can live without the one she has. She’s never started from scratch, I’ve done it twice. Plus, she’s not that much of a language talent like I am, so this suddenly becomes quite the package for her to carry on top of raising kids.
      Maybe the solution really is to stay here in CH. I guess the US is the only place where the trade-off for her is manageable, she can catch up on English and the two cultures are not too different. Plus, country-side people across the world are quite similar. They are usually reserved, yet nice folks, with a heavy dose of pragmatism and they lean conservative.
      Look, I don’t know. Somehow since this covid thing started, it feels like it is not the time to make big decisions. As if the universe wants us to wait, because we’d be making decisions based on parameters of an old world that will be overturned by something very different in a couple of years. However, since her (and also mine) clock is ticking, I must say, that I hate waiting. I’m not the most patient person to begin with and this man-made uncertainty is starting to grind my gears. It’s not too much ask for a hard set of rules, so people can plan their lives, no?

    7. @Neutral

      If you feel like you have to stay put for now, then why not commence the baby-making? 😉 The bun takes time to cook in the oven after all and you’re not going to travel much if at all with a baby. Having the perfect set-up (location, house, community, etc) before starting a family would of course be ideal but personal experience has taught me that you sometimes can’t plan too much. Or rather, things might not go according to your plan and it could be in a good way too. However the intention to have children is a constant.

      I think you certainly can build new networks for yourself when you move but they’re most probably not going to be as deep as the relationships you have, or can have, with a natural community. And ultimately, deep relationships with other people are one of the most important things we can have in life. How often do we meet the new friends we make, really? (Clearly I miss my family and old friends too much.)

    8. @Sleazy’s Wife:

      I once had a circle of 4-5 very good friends. I lost all of them in the span of ~5 years, they all left the country or got children (and so have no time anymore).

      It is really depressing, after you turn 30, your friendsships just die off quite fast.
      And meeting new people is just not the same, you cannot replace lifelong friends you knew since childhood.

      That’s another thing which sucks about our modern society. In the past when humans lived in small tribes, you had lifelong friends and you struggled with them through hardship, which created very strong bonds.

      Today, no one seems to value this anymore. It is only about yourself. Hence the selfie generation.

      On the other hand, this made it very easy for me to go ghost. I only have one friend left, but other than that all my interactions are online now, aside from my family & coworkers.

      The good thing though is, that in this modern age there is so much stuff you can do on your own, that being a ghost is actually quite a free & peaceful existence.

      So overall, hard to say for me what is better. I’m very introverted so I guess the ghost lifestyle just fits me very well. Even as a kid I mostly played alone. But it is surely not for everyone.

    9. This reminds me of a WIP blog post for my other blog on my experiences with male friendships, in the context of the red-pill idea that you’ll have strong male friendship that last as you age. That’s for the very most part nonsense. Interestingly, I was able to maintain quite a few friendships from university or even high school easily into my 30s. As you also know, I did not chase economic success in my 20s. Yet, almost the moment I visibly turned my life around, a good number of them disappeared. In my 20s, a bunch of supposed friends disappeared when I got into a top school, in my 30s some more disappeared when I ended up with a decent job. Surely, you make people a lot less uncomfortable if they think that they have achieved more than you.

    10. Also because of the current cultural situation, even when I’m with people I feel alone anyways, most of the time. I constantly have to censor myself and have a hard time not seeing people as zombies who just repeat whatever memes the elite brainwashed into them.
      So yeah, gotta stay ghost for now.

    11. @Ubermensch

      Well said. It’s why I like this Kenny Rogers song ‘You Can’t Make Old Friends’. I’m definitely growing apart from my old friends but I’ll try to hold on to those friendships. It’s good enough for me if we can always pick up wherever we left off. New year’s is also a good pretext to reach out and rekindle things a little.

    12. @Sleazy’s Wife
      So, the baby making is a bit on hold, given she has to finish medical school as it would interfere with her diploma. 12 months to go. Might kickstart the process a bit earlier, of course.
      Then again, if I look at the world, I’m not sure if kids aren’t… how should I say this without coming across cold… a risk? A potential liability?
      How exactly do you protect your kid from the ever-growing madness? Say they mandate vaccines and have the infrastructure for it? Digital vax-ID and what not? See, it’s one thing for me to have a red line somewhere, where I decide that I rather get shot by a police force after I take down two or three of them. But, how do you defend a kid that goes to school? How do you defend a kid against government agencies, who decide that they take it away from you because you are unfit to be a parent. Think it can’t happen? The “re-education camp” narrative for kids of Trump supporters is an example for the sheer madness we live in. So then what? You shoot the folks who come knock at your door. Then what? They shoot you, best case. The kid still gets taken by the government.
      Am I painting a too dark picture? Maybe.

      What I’m saying is that it has become much harder to project into the future. And frankly, I’m starting to get tired of people having given up on planning because they can’t do it. Well, it’s not like the impossibility to plan fell from the sky. It’s the structure’s fault which gives certain elites too much power to introduce changes at any time, which completely fuck up your setup. Was it better in the past? I don’t know. I just have a feeling that a few years ago, the “get a house, have kids and raise them somewhere nice” contained much less unknowns than it does today. And everybody is like “well that’s just the way it is”. Fuck this, seriously.

  5. This is first time I across to the website on which you can purchase a virgin. It’s for seriously rich people. Auction that’s have been sold out are way over 1 million euro. They sent a doctor to check the woman’s virginity.

    Some of these virgings are also searching for a marriage. Even if it’s true it doesn’t mean she will be obedient and faithful wife.

    Check out for yourself:

    1. I recall reading that those auctions are fake and used as publicity stunts. That page in particular does not seem believable. Is the motivation to put up a bunch of 6s and garner interest by claiming that they are virgins? Even if those were 10s, it’s doubtful that there are people who are willing to pay six figures to pop some chick’s cherry. If anything, this is a last-ditch effort to raise the price of sex. Whores have gotten pretty affordable during the fake pandemic, so why would the price of a virgin whore skyrocket?

    2. Aaron,
      “Whores have gotten pretty affordable during the fake pandemic…”

      I’m not sure if it has been discussed on your blog, but how much should a reasonably good-looking guy be paying for an escort vs an average guy if he wants to hook up and vice-versa? Of course, escorts are also women who want to hook up with Chad. I’m not sure if you have had clients who have discussed this topic with you. I’m guessing that pornstar would be more expensive than your typical escort.

    3. I know of guys who have gotten extras for free or an extra half an hour or so. Also, I’d be very careful here. It may very well be the case that those escorts deliberately do this to reel you in. Of more experienced whore-mongers I know a few who have a rule to never meet such a woman more than once to avoid catching feelings. In the end, they are still women, and it works the other way around as well. You can end up deluding yourself that she “really likes you” because you got 30 minutes extra or because she sucked you without a condom for a bit whereas this is simply part of her gameplan for men who seem to be more affluent.

      On a sidenote, there is a wonderful German word for men who fall in love with prostitutes: “Liebeskasper”. This translates to being a “fool for love” but the connotations are different as a “Kasper” is a jester, i.e. someone who entertains others with his behavior, deliberate or otherwise. This is not a commonly used word in German whereas a “fool” is simply an idiot, which has a much less specific meaning.

    4. @Chris, depends on where you are. in vietnam, I’ve had sex with attractive asians for the equivalent of 50usd. i’ve gotten a blow job for the equivalent of 20-25usd.

    5. @Chris
      “I’m not sure if it has been discussed on your blog, but how much should a reasonably good-looking guy be paying for an escort vs an average guy if he wants to hook up and vice-versa?”

      I’ve never heard that somebody paid less, because he is good-looking. If she likes you she may give you some additional services for free, but this is rare. Whores are doing their job, so while they may enjoy sex with some clientele more they will charge the same price no matter what.

      In Poland the prices really don’t went down that much. And the quality of whores here is average at best.

      Yes, this prices seemed atrocious to me. I’ve heard not once about some rich people doing some very stupid things with their money, so I thought this may be the case this time.

    6. As a regular customer of prostitutes/escorts, in my experience when a whore offers you something extra, 99% of the time it is as Aaron said, she thinks you are well off and an easy customer (you are not violent or something like that), so she wants to secure you as a regular customer.

      This happened to me a few times. In most cases it was just getting 90 minutes, when I only paid for 60.

      The good whores also target their show to the specific customers. A lot of whores for example called me intelligent. Now, I’m obviously more educated and have a higher IQ than their average customer. But I’m also not stupid. The whores probably figured out that I see myself like that, and so they wanted to stroke me ego, to book them again.
      And I have to say, a lot of the time it actually worked.
      Some other customer they probably tell how big is dick is, or whatever.

      One of the best escorts I had, in a 2 hour session, after I fucked her the first time, and we were lying in bed me playing with her tits (she had natural D tits, the best I ever touched) and talking about whatever, suddenly looked me int the eye with a super seductive and slutty look “I want to have your cum in my mouth!”. (like in a commanding voice)
      Now you can imagine how hard I was from that.
      But this escort got very good reviews from almost everyone, so I assume she was just a very good actress.

      But then they tell you, they only do this special service for customers they like, because they have “such good chemistry with you!” Yeah, sure :).

      And I have to admit, some of them are so good at acting, that even knowing they act, your limbical brain still believes it.

      But there is another thing to learn from this story:

      Almost all women have the skill to make a man feel good and great about himself.
      So this tells you, when the “normal” women are all stuck up bitches, that they just don’t give a fuck about you. It they wanted it, they could all be angels.

      Certainly my experiences with whores makes it very hard for me to stand 99.9% of western women.

    1. Yep, the media will sanctify it, or ignore it. Nothing to see here.

      To be fair. They did the same thing for Trump, when they lied about Assad gassing civilians. Right after neo-con John Bolton was hired. At any rate, Israel has their man again.

    2. Yea, the Syrian missile attack from Trump was about the only thing he did where the left was like ‘hell yea, this is okay.’ Makes you wonder if Trump’s mostly peaceful policy in the ME was why the media was utilized against him so much. Thanks for reminding me about that. I remember Assange coming out and denying the accusations of gassing children and I believed him. Meanwhile, massive supporters who had perpetual hard ons for Trump, like Bill Mitchell, were condemning those who had gotten off the ‘Trump Train.’ Funny how Trump either forgot to or was unable for whatever reasons to really follow through with any of his campaign promises, as with most every politician.

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