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76 thoughts on “Open Thread #103

  1. Hello Aaron Sleazy.
    My question to you is that what classifies a man as a Chad/Tyrone?
    Also what classifies a man as above as an 8 or 9 in the Sexual Marketplace??
    Good day.🙂

    1. I know you didn’t ask me, but in case Aaron doesn’t have time to answer soon, I think those are two ways of asking the same question.

      It really comes down to whether a guy makes chicks horny. A guy who makes chicks horny can get laid, and the chick will perform in bed. A guy who is morbidly obese, but say has a lot of money can still pull some ass, but she won’t perform for him the same she would for a Chad. Height, facial aesthetics, tan, money, status, and confidence will all contribute to making chicks horny. However, if of those things i listed, the only way you’re capable of getting ass is money, you wouldn’t be a Chad.

    2. @Herkerderker
      So can you tell me how true is the fact that today 20% of the men are screwing 80% of the women!?
      Do you have any content to read more about such instances and imbalance!?
      And where do these guys meet!?
      Nightclubs and bars!?

    3. Nah i haven’t looked into it much, but my instinct is that the 80/20 concept holds true in nature as a whole, and not just with women.

    4. @Herkerderker
      So can you tell me how true is the fact that today 20% of the men are screwing 80% of the women!?
      Do you have any content to read more about such instances and imbalance!?
      And where do these guys meet!?

      There are studies on this. If you seach this blog you might find a discussion we once had with a feminist troll. She came on here claiming that the 80/20 isn’t real, and that the average guy bangs 7-10 girls. To back up her claims, she posted a link to a study.

      The funny and ironic thing is that when I actually went to look into the actual study it showed the distribution, where most guys (modal average) was 0-1 girls per lifetime, with a couple of outliers bumpging up the arithmetic average by banging hundreds of chicks. It fell well into such a distribution (might have been more like 90/10 don’t remember).

      I should have bookmarked, and myabe I have, but I have a gazillion bookmarks, so you’ll have to somehow search the comment threads here until you bump into it.

    5. @AlekNovy
      I had one more question if you don’t mind.
      After having finished Minimal Game just recently,currently I am reading Models by Mark Manson.
      Now while reading this a thought crossed my mind that how come men have to do so much and develop themselves but all women have got to do is bring their wet pussy to the nightclub/bar and don’t be fat!
      That’s it!
      After coming across this 80/20 statistic,I wonder how will I get laid.
      As I am going further,this extreme imbalance is becoming more visible.
      Plus Game was invented in the 1990s..
      So how did the folks after right from 1960s till the invention of Game get laid??
      Was the Sexual Revolution such a phenomenon that any average guy could get laid or something??🤔🤔

    6. As I am going further,this extreme imbalance is becoming more visible.
      Plus Game was invented in the 1990s..
      So how did the folks after right from 1960s till the invention of Game get laid??
      Was the Sexual Revolution such a phenomenon that any average guy could get laid or something??🤔🤔

      Now this paragraph is why other commenters said you sound like a chick that’s trolling. It’s no longer just my alarms going off.

      If you’re genuinelly a guy, you want to look into why you come off like this.

    7. One good way to solve both problems is to book a paid consultation with Aaron.

      That way you’ll get answers to all your burning questions, and you won’t have to face these suspicions the commentariat here has that you might be a chick trolling us.

    8. @AlekNovy
      He’s a scam artist??
      I spent a lot of time today reading that book.
      And no for God’s sake I am not a chick.
      I am a 21 year old male from Asia.
      I came to know about Aaron Sleazy from Chris of,from his recommendations.
      Maybe that is why I might be comingg across as someone unknown to the Western culture but girls are girls tbh.
      Whether it is East or West.
      I think that I should have a paid consultation with him.But it is EUR 75 for just 40 minutes.
      I am a student…how can I afford that??
      So if not Mark Manson then whom should I follow for advice on my love life/sex life!?

    9. But it is EUR 75 for just 40 minutes.
      I am a student…how can I afford that??

      It’s going to save you 2000 euros. It’s also the equivalent of just 7 books. You’ve already bought books by scammers, so you can save-up for a paid consultation with Aaron. Just don’t buy any more books from scammers for a few months, and you’ll save up.

    10. @AlekNovy
      Well tbh I downloaded the PDF version for free from a site.😄
      But still,my time got wasted nontheless.
      Time which could have been better spent banging a chick’s brains out and getting my sexual needs met!😞
      I am thinking about the consultation.
      Btw have you seen this video.
      Do you agree that women do not have a moral compass?
      If that is true then it is wholly evident why our male ancestors came up with strict patriarchy and their conditions of female virginity and no sex before marriage.

    11. Feel free to give it a try. Plenty of the content is transferable, but some you can’t apply without modifications due to cultural differences.

    12. @Aaron Sleazy
      Well yes I will try it.
      I’ll have to read it more times I guess to understand it in more depth.
      Speaking of cultural differences,here it is somewhat weird.

    13. @Yash: if you read Mark Mansons book and your mind didn’t explode from all of the contradictions in it… you need to improve your reasoning skills.
      I could not finish his book, it is the typical PUA mental masturbation.
      Like in one of the first chapters he said “it doesn’t matter what you say, only how you say it” (which is obviously bullshit, if you tell a girl “I want to rape your mum”… it will not go very well). Now he probably exhagerates…. but this tells me this book is targeted to an audience of dim witted morons.
      And later he contradicts this advice anyways, as he writes exactly what you should talk about.
      And there are million more contradictions in the book.

    14. @Ubermensch
      See,I have read like 30% as of now.
      In that book he says that this book is different from PUA mentality where men are getting laid not because of their actions but some other things relevent to the man!
      Okay Ubermensch..leave that book.
      Tell me that if I inculcate the teachings of Minimal Game will it be effective in getting me laid?

    15. @Yash: No book will get you laid.
      You actually need to do stuff in the real world. Go to the gym, buy some fitting clothes, and then you need to approach & escalate on a shit ton of girls.
      Seems like you me you are the kind of guy who likes to read but don’t like to act. I was such a guy myself when I was in my 20ties.
      You have to get it out of your head that there are some special tactics which will make women love you.
      They key to getting laid a lot is:

      1) Make a lot of women attracted to you = LMS
      2) Find them & escalate on them

      Aarons book has some good information like picking a specific environment and so on, but you still need to apply it in the real world.

      You also have to accept that if you are not above average looking, and also don’t have a lot of money or status going for you, you will NOT get laid with a lot of hot women, at least if you don’t pay for it.

      And there is nothing wrong with paying if you just want to feel how it is like to fuck a hot girl. Actually since I started doing this I’m much more relaxed and calm overall.

    16. Oh and to add some credibility to this, while I don’t have a lot of experience myself with “getting hot girls from clubs” (or something similar), I had quite a lot of chad friends when I was younger, and what I observed from them was 100% in line with what this blog here is about, or Aarons books.
      So it is not just something I read about but it is in line with a lot of real world observations.
      e.g. one guy, he was very good looking, managed to get girls out of clubs and to go home with him in minutes of interacting with them.
      Must have had the perfect game, right? No. Actually this guy spoke to girls with the typical stuff like “What is your job?” “What do you study?”.
      You know, this “interview” type questions the PUA idiots tell you to avoid at all costs, you have to neg her and be cocky & funny and all of this bullshit.
      Turns out, if you are a very good looking guy, you can pretty much talk this normal stuff to girls and it doesn’t matter.
      In this way the Mark Manson idiot is partially right, it doesn’t matter a lot what you talk (as long as you don’t do some stupid game bullshit), but the conclusion he draws that it is all about some mystical vibe you project, is obviously complete bullshit.
      If you are a 165cm tall guy with a belly…. you can project vibe as much as you want, the hot girls are not going home with you.

    17. @Ubermensch
      Okay buddy.
      First of all thanks a lot to you for staying with me until here.I sincerely appreciate your time and efforts.Even though I was annoying to you,I am happy you still replied.
      I have understood what all of you guys here are trying to tell me that I need to act on myself.
      And no I am not only talking about hot girls,I am talking about decently attractive and average.
      Like the girls and women who are above 4 and below 8.
      Those must be comparatively easier to get into bed with I guess.

    18. Most people apply the 80/20 Principle in the wrong way. Especially in dating. First of all, it doesn’t say anything about your attractiveness level. Because there are average guys who have above average partner counts with chubby, below-average women and therefore can belong to the top 20% in terms of partner count. Your partner count CAN say something about your attractiveness level, but it doesn’t NEED to (e.g. buying hookers as an below-average dude can get your number up, too.)

      Incels say it’s the top 20% of guys bang 80% of the women. But that’s laughable! That would imply that 10/10 and 9/10 guys are banging all the 3/10 and 4/10s out there. They don’t, because they don’t need to go lower than 6/10.

      80/20 is not a rule – it’s a principle. And it doesn’t need to add up to 100. It can be 90/10; 99/1 but also 50/3 or 40/20.

      Saying 20% of the guys are screwing 80% is wrong. It’s more like 20% of the guys bang 80% of the 30% of women (the most promiscuous ones of all).

      “So how did the folks after right from 1960s till the invention of Game get laid?” – They didn’t. They just married their high-school sweethearts and then they paid hookers to cope with the sexless marriage. “Game” is nothing more than a new age playboy wet dream that doesn’t exist in reality to scam you.

    19. @Dude
      Okay buddy.I agree with what you say.
      So can you tell me that how can a 21 year old male,like me,get laid not with women above 4 and below 8!
      What are the physical and intangible goals that I can have to attract them?
      I hope you reply.
      Can we talk on GMail if you find it irritating to comment again and again??
      I can give you my GMail if you want.

    20. If you talk to escorts, their biggest customer base are men who are in sexless marriages. Or if the wife would still want to fuck them, who wants to fuck some 40year old whale?
      Single bachelors like me are actually the exception.
      It’s always very fun when some idiot tells you “oh all women love sex, they just don’t like you because you are a sexist pig!”
      then me “ok so tell me then why are there like 5000 prostitutes in just one city”
      I even once made a calculation that at least in Austria at least 30-40% of men frequent prostitutes at least semi regularly, otherwise most of them would be out of business.

    21. @Ubermensch
      I agree that you have to visit a prostitute to get your sexual needs met.
      So can we say that majority of those 40% of married men?
      But then how come their wives don’t have any problem with it?

    22. Man Yash are you really that naive? In most cases their wife obviously doesn’t know about it.
      Or she knows it and she is happy her betabuxx doesn’t bother her with sex anymore, she don’t want to fuck him anyways.
      But she probably doesn’t like him spending money on whores… so yeah 99.9% of men just keep it secret.
      It seems like you have the default assumption that people are honest.
      Change it to assume they are lying all of the time. This is much closer to reality. Especially when there is an incentive to lie, 99.9% of people will do it.
      I’m personally more on the machiavellian / psychopath side of personality (I’m not a full on psycho but I have tendencies) so maybe I’m overestimating it a little bit, but probably not very much.

    23. e.g. a good way to learn about your true motivations is though experiments, but yourself in situations and answer yourself how you would react.

      e.g. you can press a button, a random person unrelated to you on the planet will die, and you get one million €.
      I would press it.
      Most people probably say the wouldn’t do it, but if they were honest they would also press it.
      It’s just they are virtue signaling and lying, and they are even lying to themselves.

    24. Sorry for the poor spelling and grammar guys… need to stop posting so fast when I’m tired.

    25. @Ubermensch
      Well yes…I had the assumption that people are honest.
      See buddy…all my comments must be making me look like an idiot here but I keep coming here so that I can learn how crooked the world is.
      I am an Asian and even though not brought up in the West,the people are still crooked.
      I feel bad for those men who are stuck in sexless marriages.
      But then I have read about women who have cheated and what not.That thing really disturbed me yesterday.
      I was reading Mark Manson’s book and he said about how women cheated on their husbands with him and I really felt bad.

    26. @Yash: what I observed with my friends, and Aaron also made a post about it, it is the chads and alphas who don’t respect women. Because as you said, they fucked a lot of them who cheated on their husbands.
      It is only blue pilled betas who “respect” women, because they don’t know their true nature.
      @Alek: I believe you 🙂
      As I said, my personality is definitely more on the Machiavellian side.
      But it also depends on the context, it’s not like I don’t have empathy. If I had to murder someone myself, I probably could not bring myself to do it.
      But if it is just an abstract button press, the feeling of empathy would not kick in.
      In movies I cannot even watch torture scenes for example, it is like causing me pain.

      But also you have to consider, there are a lot of psychological experiments like the Milgram one, and people pretty much turn into monsters as soon as they have authority or power.
      Or in war zones pretty much all of the men become rapists.
      I see it, that there is a great potential for violence in everyone of us, and a part of us even enjoys killing things (not necessarily humans), because we are predators.

      Peterson had a good talk about this, a lot of people who get PTSD because doing something violent to someone else was something they never thought they were capable of doing. But it turns out… you are capable in the right situation.

    27. I have my doubts about the Milgram experiment. Weren’t the test subject super-streamlined students at Stanford? Of course they will follow orders. That’s what they have been doing all their life, and very successfully so.

    28. @Ubermensch
      So all in all we got to be polite and courteous to women as an unwritten rule of humanity as opposed to “respect women!” right!?
      Also no being a nice guy!

    29. @Yash: I don’t think you should respect people as a default, doesn’t matter if they are men or women.
      Respect is something someone has to earn. If you show me you are a person of value, I will respect you.
      But if you behave in a way which I don’t approve of, no respect from me.
      So if a woman who is married stays faithful to her husband even in bad times and is a good wife, she would have my respect.

    30. Basically if you want to be respected by a group of people, you have to conform to their standards for what a desired behavior is.
      Modern feminism is like “I am an empowered women, I can do what I want, how dare you disrespect me!!!!”
      Doesn’t work like that. Yes she has the freedom to do what she wants, but I don’t have to respect her for it.
      This just shows you the general entitlement of the snowflake generation, they want to behave how they desire but also force other people to not judge them for it.

    31. @Ubermensch
      You’re the first person I have come across who thinks on the same line as me.
      Feminists,who were brought up with this mentality,are the real pain in the as*.
      Because they brainwash everyone with it.
      This is what has happened in the last 60 years.
      The focus shifted from family to the individual.
      It was also the 1960s where the concept of a “teenager” came up into the spotlight.
      One thing that pisses me off with their mentality of being promiscuous.
      Okay..she wants to have sex with a lot of men.
      But why do she get offended that I find her a slut who is just “embracing her sexuality”.
      Damn…the Women’s Suffrage was a historic mistake in the first place.

    32. @Yash, Something I want to express, just in case you need to read it, and sorry if this is an insult to your intelligence, don’t under any circumstances take a “boot camp” from anyone in the seduction industry unless you are thoroughly convinced they can help you, and it isn’t expensive. Better yet, just don’t take one.

    33. @Herkerderker
      Okay I understand but was this a serious statement or you were making fun of me?
      I don’t mean to have any bad blood..just wanted to know the reason.
      I mean you’re saying this because there is no use of dating/mating women today or you see no future for me in this segment?
      I want to know why this thought came to your mind so that I can be self aware.
      Again no hard feelings from my side buddy
      I hope you reply.🙂

    34. @Yash, it’s because you’re commenting without demonstrating much familiarity with the most basic core observations regarding the pickup advice out there espoused in Aaron’s material/forum.

      To demonstrate i’m not making fun of you, i’ve asked a question on stackoverflow, when if i had spent <30 mins googling, i actually could have found the answer. I'm not trying to portray you as an idiot. I've had my moments where I've made the mistake you seem to be making as well.

      I'm not making fun of you. It's the equivalent of going to stackoverflow and asking

    35. @Herkerderker
      Ohh ok ok.
      Yes…now I understand what you’re saying.
      I agree that my comments must be really absurd for you guys but I just wanted to say that this is coming from a guy who never knew pick up artistry and all the stuff.
      Now in the West all these things are popular but here in Asia,there is a conservative facade.
      Ik my comments and thinking is not as cool as the modern guy but I am still coming to terms with all of this.I understand that my comments and queries here are all really minor and absurd but I don’t think I can ask these somewhere else and get a response.
      Also I did not know that Aaron Sleazy had a forum..thanks for telling me.

  2. Do we have any fans of Ghost of Tsushima and/or Days Gone among us? I work pretty long hours nowadays. In the little spare time I have, I tend to read. With gaming I have become quite picky, in particular regarding modern games as they just take such a long time to finish. Long gone are the 6 – 10 hour single-player campaigns from the PS3 days. Today, you’ll get your 40+ hours of content if you like it or not. To me, this is a horrible trend. In order to narrow down the list of games on my to-do list, I watch play-throughs on YouTube. My reasoning is that if the first twenty minutes or so do not make me think that this is a game I might want to play, chances are high that I really wouldn’t like it. I know Days Gone is quite popular, but it looked like a real drag. The narration doesn’t even attempt to pull you in. Afterwards, I watched Ghost of Tsushima and within a few minutes a major conflict was set up, battle lines were drawn, I was curious what would happen next. In short, I knew that’s I game I do want to play. In particular with story-driven single-player games, I think this is a good approach, I think.

    1. I know a chick that bought Days Gone when it first dropped and the way she described it to me made it sound really broken, but maybe it works fine now. It’s at least worth making sure. A buddy of mine highly praises GoT, and he’s also really into the multiplayer aspect. I can’t say I’ve played either and I’ve also not looked at much footage, but I agree GoT looks pretty interesting.

      I’m currently playing MGSV:TPP. It’s pretty damn fun, I think. It’s probably the most fun I’ve had playing a Metal Gear game. I’m pretty impressed with how the Fox Engine was optimized and how the game looks and performs on the PS3 (frame drops aren’t killing the experience).

      The next game I’m getting is going to be the Ghouls and Ghosts reboot for Switch this February. If they release a physical version of Doom Eternal then I’d pick that up. Apparently the Switch is getting Bayonetta 3 exclusively at sole point.

    2. The problem is that some women, and probably some dudes, too, can make any game sound completely broken when describing it.

      I’ve seen MGSV:TPP for a few bucks online. I may actually pick it up.

      Regarding Switch, I’ve recently downloaded the Monster Hunter Rise demo. That may be a game to keep an eye on. I have not played any Monster Hunter game before but I know that people are dumping hundreds of hours into those, so I’m certainly curious to see for myself what makes them so great. Unlike with open-world collectathons, those games are gameplay focused.

      Platinum Games hasn’t put out a really good game in quite a while, so I’m at best cautiously optimistic about Bayonetta 3.

    3. @Aaron: if you want a short game which can be finished in 10-20 hours I highly recommend the resident evil 2 remake.
      Sekiro was also very great, but you need to git gud :p

    4. The Resident Evil 2 remake is a big maybe on my list. If I get it very cheaply, I’ll probably pick it up. The only game I really liked in that series is RE 4. Sekiro looks really good but you’ll probably have to invest a few dozen hours to get a solid grasp on gameplay mechanics.

    5. Yes, Sekiro can be very punishing if you don’t understand the mechanics.
      But also, the difficulty of the souls games in general is exaggerated a lot.
      It seems like today any game which is not “press X button to win” is rated as difficult.
      The RE2 remake is a good example. If you get killed 3 times in a row at a boss fight, the game asks you if you want to lower the difficulty. This is the amount of determination they expect from the average player LOL.
      Oh by the way if you end up buying RE2 please do yourself a favor and play on the hardcore difficulty. In this difficulty you have a limited amount of saves and you can only save at certain points… but this greatly enhances the horror/survival feel in my opinion.
      These games only require some patience (very hard for the millenial ADHD audience) and pattern recognition to beat them basically.

    6. Those are good points. I thing gaming has fundamentally changed in the last few years. Today, mainstream games are virtually devoid of challenge. Instead, they are long slogs. I wonder if you can even play them without being on drugs. For instance, one of the games I recently gave a shot was Diablo III and the tedium is off the charts. You collect one McGuffin after another and to add insult to injury, you collect McGuffins to reveal that you need to collect more McGuffins and so on. I go to the point that I felt physically repulsed. That this game was a huge hit tells you a lot about today’s gamers.

    7. Yeah they dumbed down diablo III a lot.
      In diablo 2 you could make a character which was not capable of beating the game because you put skill points into useless stuff. So if you made the wrong choices you would not be possible to win anymore.
      But in diablo 3…. they just removed this system so it was not possible to make a wrong choice.
      The story, was never really great in my opinion, but I never like the fantasy genre for this reason… it basically boils down to “this guy is super evil but there is this magic item to beat him”. That stuff like this entertains the normies tells you everything about their level of sophistication in thinking LOL.

  3. We have a lot of fun at the expense of cat ladies here. Aaron compared them to women trying to fix seemingly damaged men in the previous open thread. My question is do you guys think that cats have any intrinsic value? I have seen some scientific evidence that cats are inherently evil, and leeches of human beings. Dogs can be a pain in the ass too. However they can provide the companionship and perform tasks for humans that we ourselves are incapable of. The only benefit I see of cats is to control the rodent and lizard populations.

    1. I have observed that guys who are good with cats are also guys who get laid a lot.
      It’s of course no causation, but rather correlation.

      Just saying… Aaron likes cats, too.

      Now, on a more serious side of things: STOP FUCKING USING THE EXPRESSION “INTRINSIC VALUE”.
      It’s an oxymoron: “intrinsic” means objectively observable like boiling temperature or some other physical property; “value” is always subjective.

      To your question: cats are great, because they know how to not give a fuck. And I’m saying this as a dog person.

    2. Haha, yeah it’s cool. And I don’t get laid a lot. To each his own. Maybe I can grow to like cats, just as can improve my sex life. But I doubt the cat thing.

      And sorry for my Fo Paw! (Pun intended).

    3. On the less serious side of things, the misspelling was on purpose, the paw thing was a coincidence.

    4. @Neutralrandomthoughts: you are correct, the term “intrinsic value” doesn’t make a lot of sense, as it is always subjective as you said.

      But I think in terms of the stock market it still makes sense if you define it like this:

      Intrinsic value is the value the market would place on something, if all players were perfectly rational and had complete information.

    5. e.g. if you have two identical companies, only difference is one (A) has 10 million in cash assets but the other (B) has 5 million. It would not make sense for a rational agent to value B over A. So this concept of intrinsic value has at least some theoretical meaning, in the real world it is just hard to apply it because of incomplete information.

    6. It is still subjective obviously, the implicit goal in the utility function is:

      I prefer having more money over having less money.

      But this is something which is shared by almost everyone (unless you are Jesus).

      But once you share this common goal, now the concept makes at least some sense, e.g.
      you can say the intrinsic value of 100€ is 100€, and if you exchange 100€ to get 50€, you deviate from the intrinsic value.

      Hope this makes sense.

    1. @Aaron, did my reply with the bitchite link go through?
      (don’t even get a “will get approved” status).


    2. Thanks for letting me know. I had to rescue it from the spam folder. WordPress is cucked, too. As we all know, BitChute is a haven for Trump supporters therefore WordPress has no other choice but to automatically bin comments with links to that site. Facebook and Twitter do the same, by the way. I’m sure this is nothing but a coincidence.

    3. Who woulda thunkkkkk?

      yt removed the vid.

      Here’s the bitchute link

      Woah! That quick. I wasn’t expecting it. I watched 80% of it, and couldn’t even see anything controversial. Just clippings of mainstream news. Holy crap.

    4. The Google search engine doesn’t view my blog favorably, to put it mildly. It could well be that a few visitors from this blog led to the YT video being flagged. All of this can be done algorithmically because if you don’t block trackers, YT know where you just came from. Seeing how Big Tech is falling over itself to shut down anything they can, it would not surprise me at all if this is what happened. In any case, it most likely didn’t help that there was incoming traffic from this blog.

  4. Cyberpunk 2077 is a much bigger mess than I imagined. I just watched this video:
    It is unbelievable that this game was shipped in this state. Has anyone of you played it? I probably won’t even bother getting it heavily discounted. All that diversity really worked out great for CD Project Red.

    1. Holy crap, Aaron! I don’t even like videos and I had to watch the whole 41 minutes because I was so fascinated at how they messed the game up. Their marketing was pretty much just one big fraud.

    2. Also kind of ironic that the theme of the game is how evil capitalism is… and then they scam the customers out of their money, and force the developers to work massive overtime 😀

    3. Maybe they were just self-aware and it’s a gigantic middle finger to their audience.

    4. Also this bullshit of “emerging storyline” these games try to sell.
      For this you would basically need a human level AI, which is not going to happen anytime soon. So it is going to stay scripted for a long time.
      Even in red dead redemption 2 they tried this… so every NPC basically has a few scripted lines. Totally “immersive”
      But at least in that game the scripted stuff actually worked very well, so it was still a good game overall (although way too long)
      That’s why I prefer games like RE2 who have a very good scripted but linear story.
      Open world games also have this agency problem. Yeah so there is some super evil guy trying to destroy the world… and… I’m just going to help out this old lady to find her lost pet. Because “freedom”!
      Open world games only work in my opinion when the focus is actually on the world and not on the main story.

    5. Holy crap, Aaron! I don’t even like videos and I had to watch the whole 41 minutes because I was so fascinated at how they messed the game up.

      Same. While I didn’t watch all 41 minutes, it was easily a record in how many uninterrupted minutes of video I watched. I haven’t watched uninterrupted video in over a decade, I either have videos running in the background while I do cardio, or skip to whatever I need.

      But this video had me mesmerized, I just couldn’t take my eyes off of what I was seeing and how it was possible. Legendary clusterfuck.

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