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50 thoughts on “Open Thread #102

    1. How many years of life do you give the nation state, Aaron?

      Asking for a friend.

    2. I think estimates based on historical precedent are all moot as the speed of information transmission has gotten so much faster. Nowadays, information spreads instantaneously. Thus, fads, trends, and political movements grow (and disappear) faster than at any time in history. Thus, if there is an end of the nation state, it would be much faster than any kind of historical analysis might suggest.

      However, I do not think that the nation state will disappear anytime soon. In fact, the number of states has been increasing dramatically in the 20th century. There may be a counter movement in the form of supra-national entities such as the European Union. Yet, there are more and more local pushbacks. What I think will happen is that more and more smaller states appear. The question is if we need a temporary collapse of society before that happens. Given the utterly panicked state of the elites, it is quite possible that they will overplay their hand, followed by the entire enterprise going to shit. Then you’ll have a period with militias roaming the streets, similar to the time after the first World War in Germany, and new political structures emerge.

      Looking back in a few decades, we’ll probably see increasing evidence that countries beyond a certain population size are impossible to govern due to increased polarization, at least Western ones. The reasons are cultural (and thus partly genetic), i.e. due to individualism, you have competing interests. This works if it is healthy competition, but not if the other side consists of a bunch of lazy bums who want to live of the productive minority. There is probably a good reason why Switzerland, with its many small “Cantons”, has been around for hundreds of years whereas many larger countries and the empires they commanded have come and gone since. France, Austria, or England were the center of enormous empires at one point. You wouldn’t necessarily guess so if you visited their capitals nowadays. In the case of London, for instance, you’d be forgiven for believing that you are witnessing the aftermath of an invasion. Technically, that’s precisely what you’d be witnessing, though.

    3. I honestly don’t get why the US doesn’t just split up. It would be much better for everyone involved.

      It is efectively 2 countries that hate eachother, trying to pretend they are one country.

    4. @ Alek Novy

      What’s hard to understand? Why would you expect a sane and rational non-violent solution?

    5. ” In fact, the number of states has been increasing dramatically in the 20th century”

      Which is pretty much the end of the nation state. I prefer having 50’000 Liechtensteins vs. having one big super power.

      Thanks for taking the time to answer.

    6. It would certainly be the end of the nation state as we currently know it. In any larger country there are big cultural differences to be found between the various counties/states within. The United States are an obvious example but the same is true for much smaller countries as well such as Germany or even Sweden. Thus, even many of today’s nation states are artificial constructs.

    7. “it is quite possible that they will overplay their hand”

      by the way, can you come up with some scenarios here?

      My suggestions:
      – electronic vaccination passport/”freedom passports”
      – some sort of chipping humans
      – global electronic ID
      – making meat consumption illegal/de facto illegal/inaccessible
      – attempt to confiscate guns in the US
      – climate change policies that severely limit individual freedoms of movement (cf. Germany’s 15km movement radius applied more broadly)
      – Anti-terror laws that invert the “innocent until proven guilty” (cf. “Anti-Terror Gesetz in Switzerland, which is getting a referendum now)

    8. Sure, I can add to this list: Pushing insects and fake meat as preferable diets, censorship in vidya and anime, two-tiered legal system where certain categories of people are effectively above the law, b.s. taxes, ban on socializing, etc. Most of this is either already happening or well underway.

  1. Speaking of deregulated sexual marketplace…do you believe that both men and women marrying as virgins is the best way of representing the sexual marketplace value??
    If all women are absolute virgins,modest,beautiful,humble,want to be housewives and are submissive,so all women have the rich and inherent value right??
    Same way if all men are earning well,look decent and are resourceful,they all have the rich exemplary value right!?
    Earlier every man with an education got a good paying job.
    Whatever I have mentioned above is the best way of the sexual marketplace right!?
    Please let me know your thoughts below.

    1. Virginity is more important for women than for men. We are not equal. You have to give up your feminist brainwashing.
      The reason why men don’t want women to fuck around is because if your wife has a lot of sex and she gets pregnant, how do you know if it is your kid or not?
      Women don’t have this problem, she knows it is her kid because it came out of her.
      For a woman as long as her husband keeps providing for her, it doesn’t really matter how many other women he fucks. There is a risk in losing her provider, so some jealousy is expected also from her, but the risk is much less than being a cuckold.

    2. Ubermensch
      Hey buddy..glad we are on the same page.
      Honestly in terms if this female virginity thing,I was never brainwashed by feninists.
      On the contrary I value female virginity.
      But wait…a more important point is do men not want women who saved themselves for him??
      I am not talking about the pair bonding ability…that is whole different VALID argument.
      My point right now is it is in the male DNA and genetic code for the demand of a virgin wife.
      I will be honest with you…to me it is just my basic instinct to want a virgin mate for lifelong mating.Feminists and liberals used their most absurd mental gymnastics today to shame men for wanting something that innate in the male psyche since milleniums.
      Our human civilization has had the rule and pre requisite of female virgintiy since the times of Ancient Mesopotamia.
      Who wants a woman who has been banged my another man??What does she bring to the table??
      Her “open minded” worldview that “accept me however I am!”
      This is ridiculous.
      What are you thoughts about this Ubermensch?

    3. Personally, I don’t mind it so much but I’m not really a neurotypical person.
      Children don’t matter to me, and I have lot of sex with prostitutes.
      Still, for most men it matters.

    4. @Ubermensch
      I mean matters to me.
      People make it sound like it isn’t important but honestly,it does.
      One of my friend says that his female friends are also bothered about their husbands past.
      They say they don’t think about it much to hurt themselves.
      That is living in denial.
      Living like this is really toxic to the mind.
      The modern culture is so toxic that men can’t even talk about their intrinsic values without being shamed for it.I hate this modern dating scene man.

    5. The problem with male promiscuity is that there have to be women to fuck. So the more men are promiscuous, the more women are being damaged and the more harm to society is being caused in the long run.

    6. @Yash: you should read the Unabomber manifesto. He talks a lot about how modern society in general is poison for our minds. We still have the brains of hunter gatherers.
      We are supposed to hunt, then come back home and feast and fuck. That you even have to “seduce” / game women is very artificial. In the past you would just take them.
      That’s why I like prostitutes by the way. You don’t have to play those mind games with them. Or care about her pleasure. I just want to ramm my dick as hard as possible into her pussy… you know what I mean.
      Modern society also erodes other things like friendship. In the past you lived in a clan of a few 100 people, and you formed lifelong friendships, hunting and fighting against other tribes.
      And as a man you could gain the respect of your brothers by being a good hunter & protector of the tribe.
      Today, you sit in an office doing some boring job, making someone else rich, and women ignore you 😀 (at least if you are an average man)

    7. @Pickernanny: agreed. I think for society enforced monogamy is the only model which really works.

    8. @Pickernanny
      So do you agree that men shouldn’t be promiscuous?
      I mean this sex before marriage thing wasn’t even anything before the 1950s.
      Then comes the Sexual Revolution and everything goes haywire.

    9. Yes, but also eugenics needs to be practiced. For example, outstanding people should be paired with other outstanding individuals and be encouraged to have as many children as possible, while limiting the children of the average couples and perhaps just sterilizing the dregs.

      Of course, this is only traditionally speaking. Genetic engineering throws a curveball into that formula.

    10. @Yash

      Not necessarily. I believe that women should more importantly be discourages from promiscuity, and that fixes the problem for the most part. Men can still fuck whores and the occasional loose woman before marriage and still be good husbands and providers later on.

    11. @Ubermensch
      That is a very good book I suppose.
      Thanks for the suggestion.I will definitely read it.
      Well I think you are right.
      We have the brains of hunter gatherers because if that is not the case then why do men today prefer and demand virgin brides even though “we are so modern today”.
      It is because we are hunter gatherers on the inside.
      Same with women.
      Society,feminists and liberals teach them that marry after 30.This stupid teaching makes it difficult for having a healthy child.
      They teach that “modern medicinal advancements” have made it easier.
      I say shove that analogy up you’re ass.
      Medicine has become “advanced”,we are the same.

    12. @Ubermensch
      Enforced monogamy IS the way.
      Want proof?
      Read Sex and Culture by J.D.Unwin.
      A non-religious anthropologist who studied 86 cultures since the beginning of our human civilization.
      That book is his lifetime’s work.
      He concluded that those cultures which had strict pre-nuptial chastity COUPLED WITH absolute post-nuptial monogamy i.e. basically one sex partner for life,these cultures flourished in every field of humanity including science,art,technology,architechture etc etc and that too with no exceptions.
      Only 3 out of 86 cultures attained this level.

    13. @Pickernanny
      I absolutely agree that women should be discouraged from promiscuity.
      I also agree that a lot of social problems can be solved by this.Never knew someone else would think the same as me.😅
      Do you believe that women should be encouraged and taught about saving themselves for marriage?!
      The way it has always been strict for women for most of history.

    14. What kills me is that civilization has been working this way for thousands of years, yet somehow they were all just ignorant? As if you can throw thousands of years of civilization into reverse within a couple generations. The only thing the sexual revolution had going for it is that it was untested (and I’m not even sure about that).

      Well it’s been tested now.

      And it sucks.

    15. @GoodLookingandSleazy
      Hey buddy…thanks for replying.
      Sorry I didn’t get you.
      Do you mean to say that whatever I wrote in the original comment of mine IS the way our human civilization worked before Women’s Suffrage and the subsequent,associate degenerancy that followed.
      Is that what you mean??
      So is it correct that our ancestors had the right idea when they shamed sluts,shunned bastards and MADE their daughters marry as virgins??
      Hope you reply and share more of your thoughts too.

    16. Yes Yash, that is what I meant. Sorry, I could have been more clear. The patriarchy has been tried, tested, and PROVEN to work. The social Marxists in college humanities departments ripped it to shreds. So did the media and Hollywood. The thing is, you can do this to anything and anyone (narcissists are great at this). So if you only focus on the negative it is super easy to tear it down. Their ideas were unproven and untested, and completely hypothetical. The same thing happens in the field of economics. Too many people believe things that sound good but are untested. Social sciences in general are too corrupt able by political influences.

    17. @GoodLookingandSleazy
      No I just wanted some clarification because I don’t get too many people who think on the same lines as me.
      I agree how the social Marxists and the Left have degenerated the culture.
      So can you tell me what do young adults like myself can do in this filthy state of affairs?
      Do I play the field or wait for the one!?

    18. I would say do what you want to do. Real men do what they want to do. If you want to fuck chicks follow Aaron’s writings and pursue women. If you don’t want to go through the hassle, watch internet porn and whack off. Maybe buy a fuck doll if you can afford it. Maybe fuck hookers. Whatever the choice, real men do what they WANT to do.

      And I certainly am not trying to be condescending here. Just friendly advice to a youngster.

    19. Haha..okay.
      I felt so good reading that…”real men do what they want.”
      Thank you for reminding this because today,men are rarely told about what it is that means being a real man and having pride in being their masculine selves.
      So yes,I’l follow Aaron writings!😁
      Oh what a coincidence!
      Just about an hour ago I finished reading his book Minimal Game.
      It was pleasure interacting with you.
      Hope we keep meeting here.
      Good day.🙂

    20. Thanks man, likewise. I should have added “within reason” but I think you know that anyway. I also suggest Club Game and his e-book about the pick-up industry. The thing about the red pill is that it actually tastes good to me. It has liberated me in so many ways.

    21. @GoodLookingandSleazy
      Oh yes yes yes.
      Glad that you mentioned about moderation.
      This is the goodness of patriarchy I guess.
      The elder wise men keep younger men in check.
      Same happened now.🙂
      Well for me RedPill showed me the nature of women and I made up my mind that I should stop hating girls and women because of the bad experineces with the girls and women in my life in childhood.
      Do you agree that if you want to bed numerous women,you gotta love them for who they are!?
      Something I need to work upon because the sexual past of a woman whom I like,comes in my way.

    22. Well, I was talking more about how I see myself. I’m not as experienced as the other guys here so I’ll let them take that one if they wish. I’m still working on myself due to some pretty bad experiences with narcissistic women.

    23. But I will say this: if they are getting lots of pussy they certainly don’t love these women. If they did they would probably stop with one and settle down. That goes to show you how slim pickings it is out there.

    24. @GoodLookingandSleazy
      Yes I get it.
      Seen this statement before too.
      I agree with how few good girls and women are left.

    1. Not yet. I’ll order it as soon as my current computer breaks down completely. I’ve already backed up all important data so that I can make the switch quickly.

  2. Are you guys familiar with the fake tough guy voice? I’ve observed over the years that all fake tough guys have the same voice. Hard to put into words, but it’s basically aggressive yet nasally and whiney. I’ve posted this clip before, but it’s so good in so many ways. This dork who is arguing with Rhett Butler from Gone with the Wind has the fake tough guy voice:

  3. Does anyone have anime/manga recommendations? I may give Berserk another go, and there are still a few other classics I have not yet bothered with such as One Piece. In terms of more recent publications, I’m interested in Demon Slayer. Solo Leveling also looks really good. Let me know of any somewhat recent releases you’ve been enjoying!

    1. I personally the old anime series Death Note and the Gantz anime and I got so hooked on it that I read all of the manga scanlations online. Attack on Titan as well as Vinland Saga are both also well liked by many people so you might want to research / preview any of the above for yourself.

    2. Thanks for the recommendations! I’ll add Gantz and Attack on Titan to the list. Death Note and Vinland Saga I came across already and wanted to check out anyway. With Gantz and AoT the art style didn’t immediately appeal to me, though.

    3. I wouldn’t bother with One Piece. I haven’t watched it but it seems like another one of those Shonens that drags on for eternity f.e. Dragon Ball and Naruto, and the story suffers and get retconned all to hell as a result. Demon Slayer has been called the greatest Shonen ever. It has many of the typical tropes, like the underdog archetype protagonist that becomes motivated to go on some journey for one reason or another to get super strong. I think Demon Slayer has going for it that it appears to have concluded (the manga) within a reasonable amount of chapters, and the anime has a gorgeous art style and spectacular animation. I personally don’t highly recommend it to you, even though it blew up and became super popular among adults. But who knows?

      I’d recommend still checking out the first few episodes of Vinland Saga (boy, it’s nice to have a Viking story where the women know their role). The prologue to Vinland Saga is very good imo, though the main character undergoes a radical transformation afterwards into a pacifist (the ideal doesn’t quite work out). It also has one of the most likable antagonists (Askeladd) I can think of. Here’s a clip of him:

      Also, don’t forget about Death Note.

    4. Vinland Saga sounds really interesting. I’ll also check out Death Note. I recall that it was popular among hipsters/emos some years ago, which was reason enough not to bother with it. Yesterday, I did a bit of research myself and started reading H2. It’s about a boy who has two big interests in life: baseball and porn. So far, it’s pretty entertaining, with a surprisingly subtle sense of humor. Judging from the description, I was expecting a lewd, in-your-face presentation, but that’s not at all what you will get. For instance, the manga alludes that the boy’s sister is a slut but is not explicit about it. You only see her once in a very short skirt when she’s getting ready for a date and to make it a bit more obvious, the boy asks, “Isn’t that skirt a bit short?”. So far I like it, but I have only read a few chapters of it.

    5. On a side note, I entered “hottest manga” on Google Image search and among the top results was a drawing of two naked dudes in bed. It may all be baseless speculation, but surely there is a small probability that some manipulation took place behind the scenes to get this search result. It may sound crazy, but homosexuality is not really all that common in reality. It’s only in the pozzed mainstream that you can’t watch any TV show or movie for more than five minutes without getting exposed to homosexuality.

    6. Lmao. I tried it just now. I got a Pinterest image of two anime dudes in a bathtub about 10-15 images down, and also an image of some dude’s manga ass. Then I tried it on Brave/DuckDuckGo and got waaaaay better results. Works every time haha. There was this one anime I tried watching a while back called Banana Fish, and it was legit pretty fucking gay.

  4. So I was just at the gas station filling up and briefly looked at an attractive Asian female. It was brief because she was with a Tyrone. Then she proceeds to pump gas while Tyrone sits in the passenger seat and waits. Quite honestly, I have never seen that before.

    1. @GoodLookingandSleazy
      Oh is it?🤣🤣
      I thought “this is the 2021 and wahmen rule!”🤣
      “Down with the patrairchy!”😁
      But wait.
      Can you tell that what characteristics in a man classify him as a Chad/Tyrone??
      Yes Ik they get tons of pussy but how they did end up at that stage??

    2. Women want to preserve all of the benefits of the patriarchy, and abandon any sacrifices. I personally prefer to be chivalrous to feminine women. It is probably a disfunctional situation I witnessed.

      About Chad’s and Tryones, I personally base it on looks and masculinity. But the terms seem to be taking on new definitions throughout the web.

    3. You sometimes see this. In those cases, the women takes care of a man who has seemingly lost his way. A few such women wanted to “fix” me as well when I was spending my time on partying and hooking up. It seems to be a misguided expression of the mothering instinct. I don’t know if this is worse than women taking care of a cat.

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