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104 thoughts on “Open Thread #95

  1. My experience has been that short women care way more about height than normal height women.

    I’m an 5’9 guy and I feel like I just do better with average height or above height women. Most of the girls I’ve dated were my height. Some were even taller than me, but short girls, around 5′, it seems they all want guys 6′ or above lmao.

    Maybe it’s so their kid has a chance of not being short idk?

    1. I am 5’9 (male) and most of the girls I’ve dated were my height or slightly taller. The petite ones always dated the > 6 feet men. Strange.

    2. it could be the causation goes the other way.
      most men prefer petite women (of course if you ask them in public, they will say “oh I prefer all kinds of women, It’s really the character that counts”! to not be labeled a sexist Nazi), and so because these women are perceived to be more attractive, they get higher quality (= taller, on average) men.
      If you look at famous porn stars (as an indicator for the preferences of the average male), I would say the majority of them is more on the petite site.

      Of course there could also be a compensation mechanism in play (very short women trying to make up for their bad genes), but hard to say.

    3. If short women had bad genes, they would not be seen as sexually more desirable. I think this is a smart way for nature to limit human growth, i.e. the hottest women are short and the most desired men are tall, thus you put a cap on human growth as height is largely genetically determined. There are probably good explanations for the ideal height of men and women in terms of evolutionary success, and for why tall men tend to not view tall women as attractive (and short men seem to do so in order to compensate for their own feelings of inadequacy).

    4. it’s come up in a few places on the internet where it’s believed that some short chicks are “compensation breeders” who are trying to breed their short genes out of the gene pool by banging super tall guys.

    5. My observation has been that most tall girls will settle eventually for a taller guy with some disqualifying feature to shorter girls with more suitors (overweight, balding, asymmetrical face, etc). When even those are guys are not within their options, only then will they (begrudgingly) step down to a shorter man.

    6. @Aaron:

      “If short women had bad genes, they would not be seen as sexually more desirable. I think this is a smart way for nature to limit human growth, i.e. the hottest women are short”

      If short women are seen as more attractive, why are models always tall?

    7. A lot of models are tall and rather flat-chested. I believe models have those features partly the case because they provide a bigger canvas for fashion designers. Also, most big porn starts are short and feminine, so in terms of sex appeal, measured in the gallons of cum men all over the world collectively produce while jerking off, I’d argue that the short, petite fraction is way ahead. Jesse Jane in heir prime certainly produced immeasurably more boners than Heidi Klum and the same would be true if you only considered pictures/videos in which both were fully clothed.

    8. I believe it has to do with context and femininity. There must be research on this too, but I haven’t bothered to look it up.

      – For casual sex shorter women are preferred, make for better casual sex.
      – Taller women are preferred for a mate (HOWEVER) this is all else being equal
      – When someone says “but models (and many wifes of billionaires) are tall”, they forget one thing. They’re tall petites, not just tall women.

      The tall petite is the genetically most rare type of woman on the planet. Tall women aren’t that rare. Most tall women however are a bit or much masculine. Finding a tall feminine woman is extremely rare. A tall woman is like 1 in 5. A tall petite is like 1 in a million.

      If you find a super-sexy petite, and you could somehow make her taller without her losining her petite features, she’d be more desirable as a mate (since you’ll have taller sons) and you get best of both worlds. In real world you most often have to pick between height and femininity though, which is why men choose shorter but more feminine.

    9. “The tall petite is the genetically most rare type of woman on the planet. Tall women aren’t that rare. Most tall women however are a bit or much masculine. Finding a tall feminine woman is extremely rare. A tall woman is like 1 in 5. A tall petite is like 1 in a million.”

      Ugh, Alek I think you just killed my dream of LTRing a woman like that. I guess I had been wondering why I almost never meet women that are my favourite type.

    10. Ugh, Alek I think you just killed my dream of LTRing a woman like that.

      Most of them are shipped off to Milano or Paris at an early age to start modelling, that’s why it’s hard to meet them. They mostly hang out at yachts and high-venues, so yeah no chance of even bumping into them.

    11. I’ve bumped into a fair amount of models when I partied at St. Tropez, apparently also some who did high-profile modelling. It is the kind Alek mentioned. You’ll have setup like billionaires hosting several of them on their yacht. You may recall pictures of Leonardo DiCaprio with a bunch of models in his yacht. That’s the kind of setup. Now imagine a much bigger boat and a lot more models.

    12. Yeah I’ve bumped into a few in London but never successfully LTRed one. I’ve actually seriously considered trying to get work in the fashion industry before to meet them more easily but that’s so far away from what I do now that it would be really stupid to attempt a total career change just to pick up chicks. Maybe I should just relocate to London/Paris/Milan and try my luck. Or maybe I just need to grow up and settle for a “normal” hot girl.

    13. Maybe I’m just weird then, because I find Heidi Klum prime a lot more attractive than Jesse Jane prime. And Heidi isn’t even one of my favourites (I prefer Adriana, Claudia, Milla, Karlie…). I know everyone has different taste, but do you really even prefer Jesse’s face to Heidi’s?

      Actually, thinking about it, when I watch porn I prefer taller porn stars, so maybe I have some issues.

    14. Also, you are moving the goalpost when you start talking about the faces of those women. This played no role in the argument thus far. Also, it would be very far-fetched to say that you can’t have short women with attractive faces. In fact, I would argue that the average short woman has a prettier face than the average tall woman, simply due to tall women commonly looking rather non-feminine, which is also reflected in their face.

    15. This is rather easy. Aaron was talking about generally tall girls, from slender Olive Oyls (some of whom might be deemed good enough for the runway by the gaylords of the fashion industry) to butch Chynas.

      Alek Novy was talking about truly rare breeds like Barbara Palvin.

  2. @Aaron:
    The book “The Book of Numbers: Analyzing the ROI on the Pursuit of Women” by Aaron Clarey was quite an interesting read.
    He tried to calculate the ROI of marriage for the average man.
    His end result was this:
    Average man will spend ~9 million USD (direct costs, opportunity costs and so on) for a 15% chance of a happy marriage.
    Base numbers he used were:
    2% of women are marriage material. average guy will approach ~50 women per year.
    Do you think he over- or underestimated the ROI?
    2% of women as marriage material seems about right to me.
    But then the 15% seems to be way too high for me… if only 2% of women are marriage material, we somehow should not expect at lot more than 2% of guys ending in happy marriages.
    Now of course the 15% is based on the 50 approaches, so if this number is higher than average, could still work out.

    1. I have not been following Aaron Clarey at all recently. The last time I checked his videos was probably sometime last year. I did not even know about that book. The numbers are off because the average man is not going to make 9 million dollars (post-tax) in his lifetime. You’d have to make some rather optimistic assumptions about opportunity costs. Furthermore, marriage-worthy women are not evenly distributed. It matters a lot which 50 women/year you approach. I’d say with a high-quality woman from a good family, your chances are higher than 15%, and by a wide margin. His big mistake is that he seems to be thinking in terms of unconditional probabilities whereas we are talking about conditional probabilities.

    2. The 9.6 million was the top of his estimation range.
      Basically if you made the assumption that instead of hitting the club /doing tinder, men would work all this time (which is obviously not realistic)
      His realistic / average estimate was like 250k for a 0.4% chance and not being super aggressive in searching candidates. (the behavior of the average male)
      Agree with you that the % can be changed a lot if you are smart in your selection strategy.

    3. Indeed, there is no need to shut them up, but in some cases it can be fun and satisfying, especially when they start their bullshitting (“Whaat? You men and your sex-based allegations. I am wearing that tiny skirt and high heels because it’s comfy, not because I want so attract some horny men… tsss”)

      >>Well, if you want to, you could ask if their moms also wear thongs or tight yoga pants.<<

      And what would be the expected answer? ^^

    4. Some complete b.s., of course. Their mothers no longer wear yoga pants because they realize that it won’t make them look good. Then again, in some parts of society, that level of introspection is unknown. You do see underclass women in tight pants, after all.

    5. I think that 2% number is wrong. Looking back, in my youth, I passed on a lot of women that were “marriage material”. I think there is a difference between “marriage material” and perfect. As long as she isn’t fat, and she is loyal, as long as she has a willingness to work with you on your sticking points, then she is marriage material, even though she might not be perfect. For example, my wife hates men who drink, and I do drink from time to time. She doesn’t say a word about it as long as I am reasonable about going out to drink, handle my business as a husband and father, and don’t turn into a raging alcoholic.

      I have friends that are still single because they can’t find a woman that is good enough for them. These guys nitpick every little thing about a woman, and if she isn’t absolutely perfect, then she isn’t good enough for them. I’m talking an ugly guy that expects a woman that looks like a model. And another guy that makes a low salary and expects women to worship the ground he walks on while he is completely oblivious to the fact that he doesn’t bring much to the table and is generally an unpleasant guy to be around.

  3. Sleazy, you need to make an article on the topic of thong underwear :=))

    Most of us men witnessed the beginning and peak of the thong era: it was in the late 90s and beginning of the new millenium. Every teen girl and every woman was wearing thongs at that time. The funniest part of it was: when you asked them why they wore thongs… they always said “because of comfort” or “because of visible panty lines” ROFLMAO! Like yeah… 14yo girls put a string up their butts due to comfort reasons. Not very believable. Why can’t women just say that they wear them to feel sexy and feminine and to attract males. Why do they always have to come up with some lazy excuses?

    1. For that I should get good video and picture material and because I only have very restricted Internet access these days this is not an option. In any case, you will rarely find women who admit that they want to look sexy in order to attract high-quality men. Plausible deniability, even if it borders on the highly implausible for an objective observer, is a must. Similarly, yoga pants are also “comfortable” and the tighter and the more see-through patches they have, the more comfortable they are. If you question that, you’re clearly some kind of bigot.

    2. @Sleazy
      >>Similarly, yoga pants are also “comfortable” and the tighter and the more see-through patches they have, the more comfortable they are.<<

      Reminds me of that "leggings are not pants" meme. Google it. Lots of pics on Google :=))

    3. @Aaron “Sleazy” Elias

      >>In any case, you will rarely find women who admit that they want to look sexy in order to attract high-quality men. Plausible deniability, even if it borders on the highly implausible for an objective observer, is a must.<<

      There is a good way to expose their cover: ask them if her boyfriend / husband also wears thongs…. they will start to giggle and ask you in a staggered way why in God's name he would wear thongs… and you answer "well, if it's comfy and just normal casual wear, then why not!?"

      Shuts them up immediately :=D

    4. There is no need to shut them up. Well, if you want to, you could ask if their moms also wear thongs or tight yoga pants. I only ever got into such conversations when the girl herself brought it up, apparently in an attempt to preempt reputational damage. Again, women wearing highly provocative clothing are well-aware of what they are doing.

    1. I hardly watch TV shows or movies anymore as my default assumption is more or less anything produced nowadays is pozzed garbage. I did skim the Wikipedia article you linked to. I don’t think the time travel plot could keep my attention. There are various paradoxes of time travel. Do they just gloss them over or are they also addressed in some way? I’d say the presentation and narration would have to be exceptional to make me ignore such issues. A TV show has to earn my suspension of disbelief. It’s nothing I grant as some kind of good-will gesture.

    2. @Sleazy

      The time travel part is (of course!) based on some dubious physical understanding. It’s definitely obscure technobabble and not grounded in real science, but the overall story arc with the time paradoxes and “closed” loops is pretty good. It becomes somewhat erratic in season 3, but the first two seasons are good, imho. The final episode exhibits some “Interstellar” vibes (Nolan!) and the ending is quite emotional. It’s less about time travel and more about the relationships of the protagonists and their destiny’s. I am rather apathetic and unemotional, but it really touched me…

      Normally I am not a fan of German television, but this one stands out.

      8,8 on imdb for a German TV Series is not that bad ;=)

    3. I firmly believe there’s no such thing as a perfect time travel story in terms of dealing with the paradoxes. That said, I was glad i watched it. The characters go through some truly harrowing shit. Soundtrack was killer.

    4. Have you watched Gomorrah? I am not much into movies/series, but this one was very good, especially 1 and 2 season. Much more realistic portray of mafia than romanticized Hollywood movies like The Godfather, Goodfellas, etc. I definitely recommend it. Music, acting, scenes are amazing.

    5. Yes, I thought the ending was good. Something sentimental and mysterious while also not being happy ever after for everyone seemed fitting for a show like that.

      Have you watched Tenet yet? I thought that was a cool time travel flick.

    6. @Herkerderker

      >>Have you watched Tenet yet? I thought that was a cool time travel flick.<<

      Not yet… is on my list, but I haven't come to it yet … ;=)

    7. Tenet was a nice movie, I especially liked the Music.
      From a physics standpoint obviously it was bullshit. Many paradoxes and contradictions.
      At least they somewhat tried to be consistent (e.g. using a closed loop model of time, which would allow time travel without creating paradoxes). Still lot of plot holes.
      It was very funny overhearing normies talk about it “this scene doesn’t make sense because of this xyz physics law”. fucking lol. Like any of these normies is qualified to talk about quantum physics.

    8. Count me in on the “it’s impossible to write a perfect time-travel story” camp. Not in the slightest, and not the least because time-traveling to the past, while a nice (and dangerous) dream, is AFAIK inconceivable to the top of our knowledge in modern physics (traveling to the future is at least conceivable in the particle level).

    9. What works, and what I would accept via suspension of disbelief, if time travel was very restricted. The Terminator did it well: they send one Terminator back in time for some dirty work. What also helps is if the movie doesn’t focus too much on trying to explain it. Of course, if you think a bit about it, time travel in The Terminator does not make a lot of sense either. For instance, if you send a Terminator back to 1985 at time X in the future, why not do so as well a billion trillion times, every nano second between X and the X – C where time travel was first made possible (You send the Terminator back at time X, so it exists before X in the future etc.). Pump the United States full of Terminators and have them dogpile on John Connor. It wouldn’t make for a great movie, but it would take care of the problem, from the perspective of the terminators.

    10. Speaking of restrictions, I recall that Kyle Reese explained that there were problems sending back non-living things, hence him traveling naked and the T-800 having another use for his organic cover. Of course, they loosened the restrictions a bit in Terminator II with the all-metallic T-1000.

    11. Have any of you seen Primer? It’s the only film I’ve seen that tried to seriously engage with the paradoxes of time travel.

    1. I’m not going to take it, but I think it is good that it is now available.
      So by the end of summer 2021, the politicians will have no more excuses to keep up with the lockdowns, and we can hopefully go back to normal.
      Don’t think they can force it. Maybe in a soft way (e.g. you are only allowed to enter airplanes if you got it)

    2. I think the second kind is much more likely. In that case, your best bet is finding a corrupt doctor and getting a fake vaccination certificate.

    3. Same here. No chance I’m gonna take it. By the way, the indirect aspect is what worries me the most. If you need it to travel or to take part to social gatherings of any kind, you will be forced to take it sooner or later if you want to have some kind of social life in the future. Not mandatory by law, but always mandatory in the end.

    4. If they force people to take it, that also shows you it is bullshit. If this virus was so dangerous as they say, you would not need to force people. People would beat each other to get it first.

    5. If this virus really was a problem, you wouldn’t need a frigging test to diagnose it. This is one of the biggest hoaxes ever perpetrated on humanity. You can diagnose a lot of illnesses by mere inspection. Yet, the supposedly genocidal virus Covid-19 tends to be asymptotical, so we need special tests that give you different results if you repeatedly apply them.

    6. Sterilisation seems to far fetched to me.
      Why would they do that?
      People don’t make babies anymore anyways.. Thanks to feminism.
      Maybe they want to depopulate faster… hard to say. I see it as more likely, they just want to test how far they can go until people don’t take it anymore. And so far it seems most people want to take it deeeep down their ass and suck governments daddies dick.

    7. The reason would be acceleration. You should keep in mind that the left is celebrating white genocide. The entire angle of mass experimentation is also plausible. Note that you’re supposed to take multiple doses. It is also the case that there are a lot of coronaviruses, so you can bet we’ll have Covid-20, Covid-21 etc, which will lead to further mass experimentations on live humans.

    8. I think there won’t be many doctors out there willing to risk their profession to make some cash faking vaccination certificates.

    9. I have a hunch that non-whites as well as mixed-ethnicities would have a more flexible sense of morality.

    10. Why would they want to sterilize the population? What good does it come from stealing the lives of future generations, given that many developed countries struggling with low-birth rate.

      My mom sent me this video:

      It’s all in Vietnamese, but somewhere in there the guy in suit said that the mortality rate of Covid-19 is 1%. He is a doctor and he tries to dispel the myth of Covid viruses is just as deadly as common flu viruses

    11. “I have a hunch that non-whites as well as mixed-ethnicities would have a more flexible sense of morality.”
      Why doctor of mixed race has a more flexible morality? Could you elaborate on this point?

    12. The Northern races tend to be more trusting, for evolutionary reasons. Of course, this is interpreted as a weakness by our tormentors.

    13. @CQV: you guys eat dogs. Nuff said. XD

      I thought Sleazy was going to heavily moderate your comments, but apparently he’s giving you a break.

    14. I was surprised to see him evade the moderation queue and I’m not sure what happened there. Maybe it’s a bug in WordPress. Anyway, CQV back to the moderation queue you go!

      (EDIT: I now know what happened. He used a different email address. From what I gather, he used at least two in the past, and only one triggered his comments being put on the moderation queue.)

    15. I’ve used a different email because with the other, my comment is not even on moderation queue, they are completely lost. I thought I was banned for no reasons.

      I have no problem wit staying on the moderation queue.

    16. A chunk of your last few comments were automatically classified as spam. That’s why they bypassed the moderation queue.

  4. Tom Cruise may have berated two crew members on the set of MI7 for standing too close together on set. Not that any of you would, but I wouldn’t give this faggot a single penny. Not to mention that weird scientology phase he went through. Guy seems completely neurotic.

    1. I’ve been to see plenty of his films. I don’t care if actors or directors are assholes in real life as long as they make good films. If I did how would I be any different to SJWs boycotting a film because one of the stars or the director is “problematic”?

    2. Agreed. But that is assuming he is still making any good films.

      I found the last Mission Impossible films boring to the point of being unwatchable. Should have stopped at 2.

    3. I can’t fund assholes like this anymore out of good conscience. If these dipshits are going to use their platform to peddle woke bullshit and bogus science in an attempt to persuade the masses to accept global warming and lockdowns etc., then Hollywood needs to die already. Vote with you wallet. Besides, as Yarara states, these specific movies are garbage anymore.

      PS I like how you (Overdrive) would relate boycotting upperclass faggots to just being like the SJWs. That’s hilarious. These people are essentially at complete odds with us and many would love to see us executed.

  5. The Cyberpunk 2077 release has been a disaster. It recently got removed from the PS store and people are receiving refunds. Base PS4 and XO can’t run the game and there are tons of glitches. I wonder if CDPR will recover from this?

    1. That was expected. This game was just overhyped to the extreme.
      They can probably recover (at least somewhat) if they supply the necessary bugfixes, and maybe some free DLC later.
      Only idiots believed that they are gonna change gaming anyways.

    2. I’m not sure the game can be fixed. I have thought about it some more and may cover this in a separate article on my other blog. In short, they key issue is that this game presents a world you don’t want to visit. Do you remember the very first teaser trailer they released? It showed an extremely hot woman with some kind of claw implants. There were no tattoos on her skin. This would have been an interesting concept, i.e. a world populated by extremely beautiful women (if you can choose, why choose to be ugly?), but under the surface many are monsters. What we got in the end is a world full of dildos and tattooed chicks. Go look up the romance interests of the main character! Those are women you wouldn’t bang in real life, so why would you put your avatar through that?

    3. Worse case scenario, is they get bought out. I think Witcher IP will be worth saving via an acquisition. I requested a refund, but will buy it again on discount once they patch up everything.

    4. The Witcher IP is worth a lot of money, but I don’t think CDPR owns it. Also, I would argue that the IP itself is worth a lot more than the studio. From what I gather, they replaced a lot of white men with woke women.

    5. I did not know that it got removed from the PS Store. It is incredible how much goodwill the company has lost in just a few days. You can bet that they told Sony, “Trust us!”. Sony did, waived QA requirements, and then ended up with a game on their store that you can’t even play if you don’t have a PS5.

    6. “Go look up the romance interests of the main character! Those are women you wouldn’t bang in real life, so why would you put your avatar through that?”

      Have you forgotten how desperate the average man is? Plenty of guys would jump through hoops to bang those women and even brag to their friends about it. I’ve heard guys show off about their heavily overweight girlfriends.

    7. Do you guys remember the link I posted to a photo of CDPR’s dev team, filled with a bunch of woke looking chicks? I wonder if they had a bunch of dumb girls on the team writing code and stuff.

    8. Well, someone must have written all their crappy code. Have you watched compilations of CyberPunk 2077 bugs? At first I thought the backlash is due to people having held the game to an unrealistically high standard, but that is not at all what is going on here. I find it unbelievable that this game was shipped. Here are some videos, but there are countless others: (The police just spawning behind you is ridiculous)

      Some of the videos are genuinely hilarious.

    9. Those bug videos are ridiculous! I don’t know much about game design, but I would have to imagine things like physics, basic mechanics and they way NPCs interact in the world are things you work out very early on in development. How do you get 7 years into development and have such a broken world? I remember this game was supposed to have a wall running mechanic that eventually got scrapped. I’m fairly confident now that it was done away with as a necessary compromise to reach a reasonable deadline.

  6. I’m a software developer (focused on .net backend development at the moment)
    Because I’m bored I want to specialize on data analysis/data science
    (or the old school word for it: statistics)
    This question is mostly to Aaron because I know he has a math background, but others feel free to also answer:

    – what kind of math should I focus on?
    Make the assumption, that I forgot everything beyond low high school level (and probably have to refresh on that also)
    – some books/online material you would recommend?

    I’m more interested in the applied math side… proofs are nice, but shouldn’t be the focus.
    Of course I want to understand it… you know what I mean.

    1. First make sure you can do basic algebra; simultaneous equations, quadratic equations and trigonometry. Any high school book should do.

      Then learn basic calculus. You’ll need differentiation, integration (including by parts), ordinary differential equations (basic solution methods), partial derivatives, multiple integrals, partial differential equations (basic solution methods) and vector calculus. You can learn the easier parts from a school book but for the rest you’ll need one aimed at university students. If you want to avoid too many formal proofs pick one aimed at engineers/physicists/chemists/economists.

      Then use the same or a similar book to learn matrix methods and linear algebra.

      That should be enough background to learn probability and statistics properly.

    2. I like Statistics, but I can’t fathom anything beyond Calc 2-Calc3. I have banged my head against Measure Theory and I know well that I have to say goodbye to a Math heavy career. You obviously need to process highly abstract concepts with ease to work in those fields.

    3. I’ve been acquiring a lot of bookmarks on this subject, gathering resources so I can start learning it.

      I’d love to hear more about good resources to get started on data science. I’m learning python and R as it seems (if i’m not wrong), that’s what’s used most of the time.

    4. Let me be really frank with you here: stick to your guns. You’re going though a “grass is greener” phase. Currently, data science is going through a very rapid phase of commodification. The very few interesting top jobs go to people with PhDs in relevant and highly specialized fields, and even those people are essentially gambling. You are not guaranteed an interesting job with a PhD even in a hot field. I don’t want to go too much into details but I have encountered data scientists that were so desperate that they applied for internships after their PhDs. There is an absolute glut of graduates. What is worse, many of them are rather bad software engineers; that is indeed what many of them will become due to supply/demand issues. I would also say that it is much easier to get a MSc in those fields than in (traditional) computer science, i.e. the math-heavy parts, not the b.s. user experience fields that apparently only exists to boost diversity numbers. The new emerging hierarchy at university is IT > Software Engineering > Data Science > Computer Science, i.e. if you can’t cut it in CS, you do DS. You also have countless people with degrees in Psychology, Biology, GIS, or Political Science trying to move into data science. Some may do a Master’s with a more applied orientation. The end result is that there is a flood or graduates you probably can’t imagine. Berkeley’s Intro to Data Science, which has no prerequisites at all, is the most popular course on campus over there:

      (EDIT: Software Engineering degrees are tech-b.s. degrees, often barely above IT degrees. There may be more rigorous ones out there, every such program I’m familiar with does not appear to be very challenging. In other words, I think everybody who made it through a CS degree should be able to get a Software Engineering degree with very little effort. In contrast, I would argue that only an extremely small number of people with degrees in Software Engineering would survive the first year in a CS degree program.)

      You may also want to search for “data science boring” or similar phrases. In fact, if you don’t know people working in this field, you may not be aware how dreadfully boring their work is. I’d argue that your current work (I think you work with concurrency and performance optimizations) is much more stimulating. Here, this is Prophet, a popular library for forecasting:
      As a data scientist, you may spend your days on getting a bunch of data, cleaning it, then mindlessly going through various models and see which ones provide the best fit. I met a surprising number of people with a job title that could as well have said “data scientist” who wanted out and move into software engineering.

    5. A lot of data scientists don’t really understand the mathematics, by the way. With your background in CS, you most certainly have been exposed to more mathematics than the median data scientist who may only have had an introduction to statistics and a bunch of project courses.

    6. Aaron, I actually have the background (and much more) described in my reply and several people have recommended I go into data science. You obviously think that’s a bad idea. What would you suggest instead for people that have those kinds of skills?

    7. Do those people have any real exposure to the field or are they talking out of their behind? With really solid maths skills, you might want to consider becoming an actuary as the bar for entry is pretty high, meaning that you don’t need to compete with a flood of “data scientists” of various skill levels.

    8. No, those people all only have second hand exposure to data science.

      I’ve considered becoming an actuary before and know people who’ve done that. This might sound strange, but I thought I was pretty overqualified for that. It’s interesting to me that you think it’s more appropriate than data science.

    9. How on earth would you consider the opinion of some effing NPC who has heard about data science on CNN valid career advice? Also, your mathematics background is in no way special. You don’t even need to study Mathematics or Statistics for that. Anybody who went through a rigorous STEM program like Physics or (Theoretical) Computer Science knows as much and should know a lot more.

    10. “How on earth would you consider the opinion of some effing NPC who has heard about data science on CNN valid career advice? ”

      I didn’t. By “second hand” I was talking about people that know or work with data scientists. Why would you assume I was talking about total randoms?

      “Also, your mathematics background is in no way special. You don’t even need to study Mathematics or Statistics for that. Anybody who went through a rigorous STEM program like Physics or (Theoretical) Computer Science knows as much and should know a lot more.”

      I already said I knew a lot more. I was listing what I considered standard background material for any mathematical field. Why are you assuming I haven’t already been through a rigorous STEM program?

      It sounds like you’re implying I should just be looking for the same jobs a fresh Bachelors graduate would. Is that your opinion?

    11. “Knowing” a data scientist is a pretty low bar; a higher bar would consist in having deep professional relationships due to extensive project work, which may or may not include collaboration on specific tasks. In any case, if you don’t think the advice you’ve been given was specific enough, you may want to consider providing more details about your situation. I also didn’t write anything about “total randoms”. In this context, “NPC” refers to the unthinking masses that only repeat talking points. I’d say I was spot on.

    12. Thanks for the answer everyone.
      Honestly, I don’t want to learn it just for the job opportunities, I’m also just interested in this kind of stuff.
      For example I want to do my own economical analysis in the future.
      So mostly I’m just interested, but keeping up my employability is also a bonus.

    13. Real-world economic analysis is highly political. It’s also a pseudo-science. Just look into how much fudging is going on with measuring inflation. The last decade or so, for instance, we’ve been told that there was more or less zero inflation. Yet, somehow real-estate prices have exploded. What happens is that those “economists” start with the number they want to have and work backwards from it. Oh, but we can’t trust China’s economic data because they are all liars, right?

    14. Yes I’m aware economics is a pseudo science / ideology.
      Even the most simple stuff like supply/demand curve breaks quite often (e.g. asset bubbles)

      What I want to do is more like micro economic analysis, like trying to find correlations between escort prices and quality of life index, some stuff like that.
      Just out of curiosity.
      No super complex models or anything like that.

    15. For that, I’d say it’s enough to get the data you want and read up on the mathematical methods you want to use. You have a STEM background already, so even if you come across a topic in Statistics/ML/AI you know little about, you’ll be able to wrap your head around it.

    16. I’m the same. My interest in data science isn’t because I am looking for employment. I’ve been doing my amateur version of data science for 20 years. It’s what I do for fun.

      Other people play video games for fun, I crunch and analyze data. It might be my borderline autism, or it might even be genetic seeing as both of my parents do it for a living in one way or another.

  7. So I’m regularly visiting a sex forum in Austria. (to read the escort reviews mostly).
    I think it is save to assume the average member of this forum is of average IQ
    (unlike for a physics forum or something like that, there you would expect the average user to be way above average IQ)
    And oh boy is it terrible.
    Most are not capable and/or willing to answer to anything with more than 1-2 sentences.
    Most don’t understand simple statistical arguments like sample/selection bias, self bias… and more.
    e.g. the argument I made “Men prefer younger women on average” seems to be highly controversial to the average user there.
    Especially the women there are super deluded.
    A lot of women also seem to be troubled understanding that their social experience is not the average social experience.
    And they are supposed to be the socially smart gender.

    1. man it’s fun to blackpill those housewifes that men really prefer to fuck 20-year olds over them 😀

    2. It is indeed mind-boggling how stupid the average person is. Without meeting a lot of women I’d never know that because I wouldn’t have random conversations with a store clerk etc. It is also hard to fathom how few powers of self-reflection a lot of women have. Some genuinely hit a crisis once they turn 25 and there are a lot fewer guys, and less hot ones at that, around who want to fuck them. The supposed vaunted female social skills are normally only due to guys wanting to fuck them. This is fantastic to observe in a corporate setting. Guys relatively fresh out of college are more likely to make that experience: you have a female colleague come up to you, asking whether you could do part of her work. Then tell her that you won’t do it. Sometimes they don’t even register that you said no, so they give you a fake smile and say, “Great, just ping me when you’re done!” After telling them much more firmly that they should take care of their own work, it’s is if they are disassociating. They are processing a new reality and look genuinely puzzled.

    3. When girls at work expect me to do their work, and I refuse, they look like a deer in headlights. Like it’s the first time they have encountered a real man. Most guys will do it happily, and I used to be one of those simps.

      Good looking women live in a different universe. They are part of a tiny minority, yet think that everybody lives in their world. That they must just be doing something right, which is why everything is difficult on everyone else. So too many lack empathy (depending on their upbringing).

      The wall is particularly unrelenting on these ones.

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