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It’s the end of the year and as many of you deliberately do not have an expensive girlfriend or wife, maybe you want to send some love to the author of this blog instead. So, think of all the enjoyment, education, and entertainment you got from this blog all this time and send some some token of gratitude. This year this would be particularly appreciated because I need to replace my laptop soon. It would be really great if you chipped in a little bit.

You can contribute in three ways: donate BitCoin, donate funds via PayPal, or use my Amazon affiliate links.

If you use BitCoin, my address is:

I also welcome donations to my PayPal account ( Please use the “friends and family” option because otherwise PayPal will subtract a substantial fee.

If you shop on Amazon, you can support my site even at no extra cost to you. Just access any of the websites via one of my affiliate links, e.g. or With the previously mentioned links, you end up at the product page for Minimal Game. If you now buy other products, I still get a small sales commission.

Thank you very much for your support!

32 thoughts on “End-of-Year Fundraiser

    1. I’ve narrowed it down to two choices: I’ll go for either the cheapest Huawei Matebook 13 or the entry-level Apple Macbook Air. The Huawei one can be had for around 600 Euros, the Macbook Air costs around 1,100 Euros.

    2. This is very generous of you. Thank you very much!
      I intend to go for the Macbook, the main reason being that I’ve been using Macs for over a decade; it just works and there are no glaring flaws. In contrast, the Huawei Matebook comes with Windows, which I dislike with a passion. I’d have to install Linux on it and configure and maintain it. Yet, I don’t want to deal with that kind of nonsense in my relatively limited spare time. I use Linux professionally and I have the privilege (burden?) of having admin rights for my work laptop. The company directive basically boils down to “don’t do anything illegal, take care of your own setup, and don’t bother us.” Even though I get paid for that kind of maintenance work, I detest it because I’d much rather do something productive instead. I’d rather tell my manager of something cool I’ve worked on instead of mentioning how I had to waste half a day due to resolving some versioning conflict (“dependency hell”).

  1. Due to covid I’ve lost everything I had and still had to pay for employees, pay taxes and all sorts of racket to the state. The same state who forbid me from working, but still sent me threatening letters I have to pay my duties to them (for working), while forbidden to work. I’m one of those “non-essential businesses” that just needs to accept going homeless.

    Funny thing is covid happened at the exact time my business started picking up and was about to become profitable.

    In short, while I cant send anything now. I will do so from whenever I take out first profit.

    1. That comment came out all wrong lol. Apologies, its 2am.

      Wanted to say I appreciate this blog and I feel a duty to pay back, as should anyone who’s gotten value out of it.

      Remember guys, you ussually have to go take a course in something to learn valuable lessons, but Aaron is giving them out here for free. If this blog were a course and priced equivalent, it would cost quite a bit.

      Equivalent=in terms of how much time it saves you. When you take a course on something its priced based on how many hours of trial and error and research it saved you. Same with mentoring.

      This blog is like free mentoring.

    2. If a young man finds this blog, it can literally save him from a lifetime worth of pain, agony and frustration. And if he avoids marriage and divorce it can also literally save him 1000s of $ as well.

    3. If a young man finds this blog, it can literally save him from a lifetime worth of pain, agony and frustration. And if he avoids marriage and divorce it can also literally save him 1000s of $ as well.

      Basically yes. The savings on women alone could add up to 10-50k.

    4. Back in the days when I focused on bashing PUAs, I got emails from guys telling me that I saved them from spending a few grand on “bootcamps”. A rather common story was that the dude had taken a seminar, paid a lot of money for it, but didn’t really benefit. On top, something felt off. Yet, the PUA pushed them to pay for additional coaching, you know, in order to “keep the momentum.” Then they found my free “Debunking the Seduction Industry” ebook, which explained why it’s a scam.

    5. It can be much more than 50k.
      Buddy of mine got married, impregnated her. Now he wants a divorce.
      He will have to pay ~1000k per month € alimony to her, for at least 20 years.
      = 240000€.
      An cases like that are not uncommon at all.

    6. I’m sorry for your misfortune, Alek. For what it’s worth, keep in mind that anyone smart and hard-working will rise up. The only way this is not possible is if the government tries to push everybody down to the lowest common denominator. This is what is happening in much of the Western world these days, so I hope we will see better times soon (the “dark winter” meme is already being seeded by the elites, so it may take a while, sadly). Personally, I hope we see governments tumble an politicians being locked up for good for what they have inflicted on their populations.

  2. I am sorry to hear that. Many people lost their fortune and their hard-earned wealth due to this epidemic. This makes me regret a bit about insulting you the other day. I apologize for that.

  3. Will be sending something to your BTC wallet soon. Thank you for your many years of content. This blog and its regulars are like a haven in these troubling times.

    1. Old Anon, I updated the wallet address in the post, but even if you end up sending BTC to the previous one it would be no problem.

  4. Aaron,

    How’s your fundraiser for your computer going so far? Do you need any more financial assistance? I’m more than happy to donate again.

    1. Hi Chris!
      It would be great if you donated again. 🙂 The fundraiser has been going pretty well overall. Almost 60% of the budget for my replacement laptop are currently covered by reader donations, which I’m really grateful for.

      Quick update on my current Macbook: I’ve had this laptop for a little over five years now, which is probably more than you can expect anyway. I get random shutdowns occasionally and quite frequently the laptop does not wake from sleep, i.e. you open the lid and the screen doesn’t turn on. I have to trigger a restart at this point, so I can’t quite tell if the laptop turned off while sleeping. I also had strange patterns on my screen a few times, which hints at a failing graphics chip. Interestingly, the latter was how my previous laptop died, after about seven years of service.

    2. Aaron,

      I just submitted another generous donation. I’m glad to see that other readers/followers are also assisting you in your fundraiser. Enjoy…

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