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Open Thread 2018 (#16)

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27 thoughts on “Open Thread 2018 (#16)

    1. “tl;dr: how do I deal with an insecure fiance who needs sex to feel loved?”

      These jokers are cracking me up, I tell you. Imagine a man had posted “how do I deal with an insecure fiance, who needs her financial needs to be taken care of, to feel loved?”
      Everybody would be like “well pay up bro, be a man”, but here no one goes like “ehm, well, duhh… how about you give him sex?”

    2. It’s clear he’s just seen as the beta provider. It also connects with the last topic. (When Beta Providers Get Laid, It Is Not Real Sex) And many other topics we discussed here for the last few years. This sums it all up pretty much. Including his reaction. Fuck this shit. And he’s gone. leaving this delusional woman behind blaming him for everything. This storyline explains what’s going on in the west perfectly. These hoes let hole villages fuck them. And mr beta is expected to cherish her like a princes, pay her bills while getting nothing but her sparkling personality.
      Good for him he walked away just in time.

    3. This is absolutely mind-boggling. You wonder how people can be that stupid. Probably, the issue is not so much stupidity but her sky-high sense of entitlement. She thinks she should have access to all of his resources while doing absolutely nothing in return, so who does he think he is when he wants to have his penis touched? Similar to what Neutralrandomthroughts wrote, imagine guys would walk around demanding all women to fuck them even if those guys bring nothing to the table at all. That’s your entitled Western thot in a nutshell.

    4. “I chose to give my fiance my hand and heart in marriage. Isn’t that enough?”
      Wow very valuable….

  1. Should average or below average guys use tinder? Do you recommend tinder? Or is a waste of time? Unless you are a 9 or 10?

    1. Yes it is a waste of time for average guys. You might get matches and will have women talking with you but they have an ulterior motive of making you a provider was opposed to a lover. But hey, you don’t have to be a provider if you don’t want to so, try it. If you are somewhat above average in looks, you could have some fun. But keep in mind that you are much better off hiring an escort. They are cheap and plentiful and also a sure thing.

    2. Further to what I said already, I have to say that you are not going to find too many hot women on Tinder at all. So unless you lower your standards, it is not going to happen. If you don’t believe me, check out what the hot guys get off Tinder.

    3. If you are looking for a wife (lol) you can’t get it in a way that is good for both parties involved.

  2. So whenever I ask women why they wear certain fancy & sexy clothes like thongs, pumps, yoga-pants, pantyhose etc., they always will answer: “Because of comfort, because of panty lines, because of… some other arbitrary nonsensical explanation.”

    Why can’t women just say that they wear that stuff because they want to be sexy, to attract men and feel feminine!? Why this bullshitting? Can someone please explain it to me!? Thanks!

    btw.: I rather doubt that a 13 yo girl starts wearing thongs due to “comfort”…

    1. Is it really a matter of religion?

      I know a good few women from Eastern Europe Countries, who are more honest when it comes to these kinds of “truth”… most Eastern Europe Women will tell you bluntly: “I put on thongs & pumps because I want to be & feel sexy and please men…!” No bullshitting. Just an honest truth.

      Greetings from Hamburg,

    2. Not being able to admit wanting to impress other people can be a sign of weak and narcissistic ego (=insecurity). A narcissist wants compliments but can’t admit he needs them because it would contradict his superiority fantasy. Worse yet, what if narcissistic woman dolls up but fails to get any attention from men or a man she is after?

      It’s kinda like when you ignore a woman who fancies and then she turns cold and won’t admit she wanted you in the first place. It is a psychological defense mechanism.

  3. I recently watched this 10 min video of this enlightened PUA guy and found it pretty entertaining. This clip is an extended interview from one of the street participants from another video. The guy basically goes around New York and asks random men and women 2 questions. First, what are women better at than men? And second, vice versa.

    Everyone is quick to point out what women do better and some of the answers made me laugh out loud like “science” and “thinking.” However, none of the surveyed individuals were able to truthfully answer the second question. In the particular video in which I’m linking to, a couple questions and obvious statements result in a 30 some year old woman to begin crying. It’s ridiculous. Towards the end, 3 or 4 white knights rush to her rescue.

    1. Interesting. Thanks for sharing! That guy is “Sasha PUA”, by the way, whom I met in London back in the days. I think he started his commercial PUA endeavors in 2007. I was not aware that he is still around.

      By the way, I don’t think that woman is around 30. She just looks like it.

    2. I was not aware that he is still around.

      Someone linked to one of his videos mocking feminists, and in it I think he described himself as an “ex pua”.

    3. After watching the video a second time it appears that the woman isn’t visibly crying, but more freezing up and at one point her voice cracks noticably. I assume the crying would’ve came afterwards, if at all, and it would be used as a defense mechanism to manipulate the white knights. They were pointing to her and saying things like, “look, she’s crying. What’d you do? What’s going on here?”

      Aaron, that’s pretty interesting that you’ve actually talked with this guy. If you don’t mind answering, what was your initial impression and current thoughts on him? He seems like an alright guy, even if he was involved in a shady industry at one point. Almost like a much less controversial Roosh V or something haha.

    4. Back then I thought he was too focused on routines and making girls laugh. That does not come as a surprise if you knew that he “sarged” with Mystery before the latter broke into the mainstream. I have no issue at all with him on a personal level. In fact, we hung out occasionally as friends. We also went out together once or twice. I have never looked in detail into his coaching, so I can’t give you an opinion on his former and current teachings. From looking at some of his most recent videos, it seems that he’s still focussing too much on “clown game”, evinced, for instance, by his haircut and his batik pants. From skimming his website, it seems he is targetting insecure and clueless guys, which, from a business perspective, is arguably more profitable than dishing out the brutal, honest truth.

    1. That escalated quickly. I only watched parts of this video. It may have been better if he had thought through his responses a bit before talking. His part on him “following God’s law not human law” is cringe-worthy. Also, claiming that his opposition is bluffing because the video is still up, even though they claim they have messaged YouTube and Facebook is dubious. It’s not that he’s the center of the world and large organizations focus all their resources when he’s targetted. They may just take their time, for instance by getting their in-house lawyers involved. This is also why you don’t personally respond to a letter written by a lawyer, which he did, but instead tell your lawyer to get going.

    1. There were rumours for some time now about a female James Bond. I wouldn’t be surprised. The only surprised people would be the makers of such a movie after it doesn’t sell. They still didn’t figure out that NPC’s/SJW’s are not really the people buying their products. After great movie, comic and video game titles are all going broke after going woke. You would expect them to learn at some point. But they don’t. But be assured. Shareholders will learn. Brokers and bookies will learn. It’s already visible when you look at EA’s market shares. It’s plummeting after their last battlefield 5 disaster. They will increasingly have trouble finding new investors. And people will think twice before pre-ordering any EA games. The same will happen with the movie industry. People will increasingly make the choice to just wait for the free download ripped version to appear on the internet. Thats what i do these days. I only buy the dvd or bleuray after i have already seen the movie for free. And i think it’s worthy.


    Check the response. She does advice her to be honest. But than says (You and your husband must find the integrity, responsibility and compassion within yourselves to assure this child is raised in a happy, welcoming home — whether yours or another’s.)
    How is it that the husband must find integrity, responsibility and compassion? The child shouldn’t be his problem. If she loves her husband so much. Why not give him a fair divorce before he’s financially on the hook for this bastard.

  5. Do you have to be a male 7 or above to pull girls with Stelar method?

    Does Stelar method work as stated on the forum?

    Please elaborate why you said he is solid.

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