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Some Parents are Proud of Thot Daughters

When you see a thot down the street you may wonder what her parents may think of her. Surely, they cannot be fine with her letting her tits hang out or getting pumped and dumped by Chad and Tyrone all the time. Yet, you would be wrong. It is quite likely that the mother actively turning her daughter into a thot, while the father is either absent or not involved. What is worse, the mother may even brag about her daughter being a slut.

You may now think that this can’t be right, let me just continue. I grew up in rather peculiar circumstances. In our community, there was great social pressure on men to provide for their entire family. If your wife had to work, you weren’t a real man. In the attempt to keep up with the Joneses, having a stay-at-home wife was an important status symbol. Not having one would be viewed with the same kind of suspicion as not having two cars parked in your driveway. Back then, we were well past the point where automation made housewives largely superfluous. Heck, my mother once told me how she protested the introduction of a dishwasher at first. She did not have a logical reason for that, or at least none she would mention. Yet, to me it seemed quite clear that the only problem was that this device would make it harder to justify her role. Of course we got a dishwasher, just like all the other families in the neighborhood. With machines taking care of housework, what do housewives do? Easy, they write symphonies, novels, poetry, or paint. I’m kidding. What they did do was invite each other over for coffee and spend the afternoon bitching about other women and their husbands who are slaving away at work.

My mother always wanted a daughter, a fact she sometimes rubbed into my face (“I wish you would have turned out a girl, Aaron!”) Yeah, thanks for that, mom! The bitches my mom had over for coffee had picked up on my mom’s insecurities in that regard. Heck, I had picked up on that when I was barely in primary school. In their status jockeying, I overheard some of those women boast about the sexual precocity of their daughters. They bragged about their daughters having boyfriends at age 12, or dating “a guy with a nice car” at age 15. Looking back, all of this was nothing but absurd.

The problem is, of course, that thots are raised by thots. Thus, if the mother put out after the clerk at the gas station invited her to a cold lemonade, the daughter will likewise learn to treat sex as a bartering item. There is also an interesting generational disconnect because in my mother’s generation it was a viable strategy to trap a guy with a baby. If you’re a thot, you seduce a doctor or a lawyer, tell him you’re on birth control and — whoops! — get pregnant. That poor guy would get pressured into marrying that hussy and buying her a house. Well, one of the girlfriends of my mom who had raised a total slut of a daughter sat in a nice big house. Presumably, the apple didn’t fall from the tree, but in the meantime, the environment changed dramatically, and guys would rather pay child support than buy a thot a house.

Thots raise thots. The mother’s of thots are not ashamed of their daughters slutting it up. Instead, they may even live vicariously through their daughter’s sexual escapades. I recall more than a few women remarking that they “get along really well” with their mothers. Heck, they even discussed their sex life with them. One messed up chick I fucked a few times told me that she and her mom talk about their hook-ups. We live in clown word, with immature old children raising children. There are mothers out there who tell their daughters how to work a cock. That is their idea of raising a daughter. Sure, there is bad influence from peers, too, but sometimes the worst influence is due to the thot’s mothers.

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