Shitty Moms in Action

Now that my girlfriend and I have been talking about having children, I am paying a lot more attention to mothers in public. What I see is not particularly encouraging when it comes to the direction society is moving into. I will go through a few examples first. You may think I am cherry-picking. That is partly true. Yet, I do not see many mothers with children who I believe behave in an exemplary way.

Recently I went to Frankfurt, Germany on a business trip. I got a hotel in the Westend district, which is one of the more affluent parts of the city. As I was there during the week and got up at a regular time, I got a taste of the hustle and bustle in the morning hours. You see people in fancy cars, a few cyclists, but also a people walking to the tram station or the underground. There was nothing particularly noteworthy about it, except one young mother with a little daughter who could not yet walk properly. They were holding hands. The mother held something else in the other hand: a cigarette! She looked like a cliche, with her thousand-cock stare. She was white, and her daughter had a light brown tone. I am sure the taxpayer is happy to financially support this woman and her daughter who surely is a future doctor who will find a cure for cancer. Sure, I am jumping to conclusions, but even if that woman is in a relationship with the father of her daughter, it seems tenuous to make the claim that this child is getting set up for success in life.

On my flight back from Frankfurt, I sat next to what I thought to be a couple. I gathered that they were colleagues. Then again, they could well have an affair. That is not the point, though. During the flight, the woman pulled out her phone and showed pictures of her daughter to the guy. I caught a glimpse of it. Her daughter was maybe seven or eight years old — and her hair was dyed blue! The mother was one of those “strong and empowered women”. When I got up after landing, I noticed that she was shaped like a barrel, yet wore a short skirt and a low-cut top. Seriously, what is the point of that? What kind of message does it send to the kid if you send it to school looking like a clown, or a feminist-in-training?

At a language course I took some months ago, the teacher once showed up with her two daughters. Apparently, her husband couldn’t pick the kids up from school after work. One was maybe six, the other could have been around ten. The older one had dreadlocks; there was also a fake tattoo on her arm. She wore high boots, a mini skirt, and a singlet. Her mother basically dressed her older daughter like a slut. Well, you can only imagine what kind of woman such a girl will grow into. It’s arguably not the kind you will want to marry.

What all these examples have in common is that they expose poor decision-making of the mothers. To take what I consider the by far worst instance: What example does a mother set who smokes while she walks her kid to kindergarten? What I have witnessed in those instances was only the tip of the iceberg. Those mothers most certaily mess up their kids in a myriad of other ways, while thinking they are doing an excellent job. After all, being a mother is “the most difficult job in the world”, yet any woman, no matter how stupid, can do it better than any man ever could, no matter how smart. As those kids grow older, they will not grow into well-behaved adults. They will not know to dress modestly, nor will they think that there is anything wrong with smoking. I don’t want to go as far as predicting teen pregnancies, but I would be rather confident in stating that those kids have the odds stacked against them.

Now you could say that other people can raise their kids any way they want. Sure, they can. However, they live in the same society you and your kids do. Would you want your kids to have a precious slut among their peers, or kids who are used to cigarette smoke that they may think that smoking is normal? I certainly do not want that for my kids. Childhood in the West is not particularly innocent anymore. In primary school, kids smoke, drink, and have sex nowadays. Yes, we’re talking about pre-pubescent girls who somehow want to have sex! It’s mind-boggling. On top, there is the issue with children with a different cultural background. Nowadays, you can even read about rapes happening in primary school. If the current generation of the Left does not manage to ruin the West entirely, then their offspring will. Would you want to bring up kids in such a world?

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5 thoughts on “Shitty Moms in Action

  1. Have you lost your mind? The evidence not to have children is all around you and you have noted it with your own eyes. Are you falling for the “special snowflake” and “she is not like that” traps? Do you really want children, or is it really her? Is she in her late 20’s and suffering from baby rabies? Wake up, dude.

  2. I wouldn’t be oke sending my kids to school in the Western world. They are teaching about trans gender stuff to 4 year olds these days. Even if the parents marriage lasts against all odds. And the parents don’t fuck up their own kids. The school will, The other children will, Or some fucked up retarded youtuber will teach them to eat washing tab’s. Good luck raising children in a environment like that. If you can even find a woman willing and worthy of having your children. When you buy a pup. You look at the mother to see her condition first. If the bitch is rotten. Her pups are likely to have health problems. Looking at the hopeless state of modern Western women. I don’t think K selection breeding is a winning strategy anymore.

  3. I kinda feel bad when I bang hot MILFs for this reason. Like the mom calls me up while she’s walking the 5 year old kid… and you can hear the kid throwing tantrums in the background, while mommy is talking to me about when we can meet up to bang or what not.

    I wish I could do something about it, but I know I can’t, it just feels bad witnessing it. If I don’t bang her, she’s not gonna become responsible, she’ll just phone up another dude (or a chad, which i’m not, and her child neglect will be even worse for a chad).

    1. I only banged one single mom. At first i didn’t know. She was only 21. After meeting her 3 year old only once, she was teaching him to call me daddy. That was the end of it. Now i always ask about kids. Never want to be in that situation again. As i did feel sorry for the little boy. He thinks his father is dead while he isn’t. And even at that age he already realised he was missing a father.

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