Hypergamy at the Gym

Before I moved to my new place, I had access to a basic but fully functional gym in my apartment complex. There is also a gym close to work, which I went to a few times for classes or massages. For that, you have to book online. Before your appointment, you talk to an employee at the counter who checks your payment details and then grants you access to the facilities. Those employees tend to be reasonably attractive young women with foreign accents. The one I normally dealt with used to treat me with quite some disdain. For context, I should add that I dress pretty casually for work if I don’t have to represent my employer. Almost all of us do that. In fact, I get the impression that people would consider your priorities misplaced if you were overly interested in your appearance as it might imply that you are superficial. In fact, our new employees normally adopt quickly and seem to find it liberating that they don’t have to bother putting on a suit.

Of course, if you have a serious job but don’t dress the part, the issue is that superficial people will judge you for it, such as that fine young woman working at the gym who seems to have viewed me as some kind of pleb. That was until I signed up for a full-year membership. My employer has an agreement with that gym. Because so many of us go there, we get a bit of a discount. In order to enjoy that perk, though, you have to give them the name of your employer, job title, and department. This is when things became interesting.

For context, I’ll add that the woman in question is at least in her mid-twenties. Therefore, she would have every reason to look for a provider. Also, from the fact that she is working at the reception of a gym, you can deduce that she is not the brightest bulb in the batch. Based on her accent, I’d say she is from within the European Union, possibly the Czech Republic. Some of her peers may have chosen to study abroad or look for a real job. She, on the other hand, seemed happy with performing low-skilled administrative tasks. That is the playbook of the ‘whore abroad’, i.e. women who have little to show for besides their looks and who hope they can snag a well-off husband through working in a position that allows them to meet many men. I’d bet that this is the motivation of more or less every foreign waitress working in a more affluent country abroad.

As it so happened, the ditz I mentioned above was handling my case. At first she seemed startled when I told her that I’d like to sign up for the corporate plan, mentioning my employer. “You work at that place?”, she inquired. I nodded. I got the form, and when she later on saw my job title, it seemed that a switch flicked in her head. Who knows, maybe she thought I’m the caretaker, or something like that. I was used to her giving me the cold shoulder and not even bothering with basic courtesy. Now, all of a sudden, she not only sought eye contact and gave me a big wide smile a total of eight times (I counted). Before that, I didn’t see her smile a single time.

What many men are oblivious to is that women send out subtle signals as well. One is to tilt their head slightly forward and then look up. This hits two attraction switches. First, it makes their forehead appear a bit bigger, which stresses neoteny. The other is that it indicates submission as she is looking up. She did that. I picked up on that and of course ignored it. From that day onward, she has been acknowledging me as a human being, granting basic courtesy like greeting an effing paying customer.

I couldn’t help but think that such behavior is not at all uncommon among women. If they think you don’t have resources, they bluntly ignore you. However, should they get the hint that you may not quite be as much of a loser as she initially thought, their behavior change completely, and instantaneously. This also works the opposite way. Once they have gotten what they needed, they may drop you at the drop of a hat. This works fine for young women until it no longer does. I don’t think guys behave in a similar way. My approach is to be neutral, if I have no good reason to dismiss you outright. Afterwards, it’s tit for tat. When it comes to women, it seems that guys are clearly willing to look past clothing. This does not mean that it does not matter what the woman looks like, quite the contrary. However, for the very most part, guys couldn’t care less about whether a woman dresses in more expensive clothes or not. If anything, it’s a red flag as it signals high maintenance. As a superficial woman looking for a meal ticket, you may act differently.

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17 thoughts on “Hypergamy at the Gym

  1. All that PUA stuff is totally unnecessary. If you just want to get laid. Buy a pilots uniform and sit around in a bar. They’ll come to you. You don’t have to be handsome or tall or anything. Just the uniform will do it.

    1. I can confirm I’ve seen guys get laid a ton just by dressing expensively… but on the other hand, I’m 100% honest when I say I wouldn’t touch most of those girls with a ten foot pole.

      From my experience, most girls who judge primarily on clothes are peasants… like I mean it. Like just a generation ago their mom was plowing a field, but somehow due to quick changes she’s working at a desk somewhere like in Aaron’s case… but she comes from a long line of peasants really.

    2. she’s working at a desk somewhere like in Aaron’s case

      I mean like the girl in Aaron’s story. I would bet a billion dollars that her mom, or at the very least her grandma is in some czech village milking cows right at this moment.

    3. I second that.
      I never got laid as much as during my brief career in the Navy. The uniform is an absolute chick magnet.

  2. Aaron,
    You mention the following….
    “… One is to tilt their head slightly forward and then look up. This hits two attraction switches. First, it makes their forehead appear a bit bigger, which stresses neoteny. The other is that it indicates submission as she is looking up.

    I have experienced this with women. Can you further elaborate about the two attraction switches. Does this mean that women see men as a provider when they exhibit this behavior?

  3. Aaron,
    In regards to my above question, what I wanted to ask is the following…
    When a woman tilts her head forward and then looks up, is this behavior suggestive that she is interested or simply trying to manipulate the guy into acquiring resources? As you stated, “…once they have gotten what they needed, they may drop you at the drop of a hat.”

    1. Not necessarily. It’s an indicator of interest. The key takeaway is that she wasn’t even interested in being baseline polite to him until she realized he had resources at his disposal. That should tell you right there that she’s a gold digger. And a bitch.

    2. For me, it’s the quickest a way chick can get me to blacklist her for life.

      If a chick is mean/rude/etc to me, I take absolutely no offense, it means nothing. What annoys me is when such a chick starts to kiss my ass in 0,1 miliseconds after learning of my status/who i am etc…

      They could at least try to hide it, and pretend they slowly warmed up to you. Not like (indicator of status seen, bam in 0.1 miliseconds she’s licking your ass)…. the same bitch who treated you as if you had the black plague until that moment.

  4. I started downplaying my job.
    First of all, it’s in a good paying sector, second my job title contains the words “Senior” and “Manager”. Third, in a good year I alone make 1.5 times what the median household salary is.
    Last, I’m in a relationship. But I can’t stand the dishonest switch from “who da fuck is this average-dressed loser” to “oh hello handsome”, only when I say that I work in finance.
    I’m back to saying “I’m a cook.” Which is not too much of a lie. And it doesn’t put them off totally. After all, it’s funny to hear “so uhm… when are you gonna cook for me?”

    Your story reminds me of an older post of yours on the previous blog. “When an engineer becomes sexy” or sth like that.

    Guess Dr Dre was right – “bitches ain’t shit but hoes and tricks. Lick on these nuts and suck the dick”

    1. Ironically it all go’s to shit after women figure out that i have money. As they suddenly switch off party mode. And immediately go into nesting mode. Suddenly these party girls get all serious. They’ll step up the bedroom game. But all the lighthearted girls just wanna have fun stuff is over. They become possessive. Just fucking mean towards other girls Etc.

    2. @ben; My personal experience is somewhat different. Most women get evermore interested when they learn my situation. They then suggest marriage more often. However, I have had no problem being an asshole to the hypergamous among them. I have almost always had more than one girl at any given time. I therefore, have no problem leaving one. They know that. Especially if she falls into a lower tire of girls in my roster/harem.

  5. @Pickernanny: (That should tell you right there that she’s a gold digger)
    All women are gold diggers. It’s their basic programming. They all want a man with resources. It’s just a matter of price. Clearly this girl isn’t impressed with Jo the plumber. This woman beliefs she’s worth much more. Most of them do these days. Even the 30 yo with a worthless college degree. A 6 figure student debt and a huge ass, working a 30k job. Somehow beliefs she deserves a 6ft, 6 figure income man. Most these women are aiming above their own value. Hypergamy!! If she’s not a gold digger. She’s not looking to settle down.

    1. What I learnt is that its okay for them to be hypergamous but that is okay as long as no man gives in to them. That’s where the problem lies if ever. Being hypergamous is healthy.

    2. @Don: The male counterpart of female hypergamy is the male dominance instinct. Male dominance is suppressed in the Western world. While female hypergamy is promoted and rewarded. That’s why everything is so out of balance. Because men are not allowed to control female hypergamy with their dominance. And many young men wouldn’t even know how to do that anymore. It’s considered abuse in the Western world to control female behaviour. The solution is simple. Tell that bitch no. And be ready to enforce your authority the easy or the hard way. Pimp hand! That go’s for both wife’s and daughters.

    3. @Ben:
      Funny story to that dominance thing you mentionned.
      I was buying some stuff from a Burmese shop keeper. I told her to keep the change and buy a beer. She’s like: “Oh thanks, but I’m not allowed to drink”.
      I say: “Are you muslim?” Her: “No no, but my husband doesn’t allow me to drink”. – “Why’s that?” – “Well, when I drink I talk too much and he doesn’t like that.”

      Can you imagine this in the West? lol…

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