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Why Male Sex Dolls are Absurd

The other day I came across a post in which some crazed feminist celebrated the arrival of male sex dolls. The argument was along the lines that they, the womyn, can have their own replacement for the other sex, too. Yet, if you think about this issue for more than a few seconds about that issue, you realize that the two cannot compare.

First, most modern women bring primarily two things into a relationship: pussy, and the ability to bear children. If you do not want to have children, I’d strongly recommend you do not bother with a relationship at all because you will likely enter the worst deal of your life. Before you know it, you will bankroll a woman who will either strop having sex with you or who will, due to aging be a lot less sexaully attractive to you. There are men who want to have children, though. If you are in those shoes, I wish you good luck finding a rare unicorn.

Thus, this leaves us with sex. How does sex normally work? Here is a hint: who does the pounding? How often does she sit on top of you, squatting up and down, versus you thrusting your enormously big hard cock deep into her tight dripping pussy? If your experience is anywhere close to mine, you probably agree that you do the lion’s share of the work, whereas most women only lie on their back or rest on their knees with their ass in the air, taking your dick. Even when they are on top, you may just grab them by the waist and ram them onto your dick. Of course, you can replicate this with a sex doll very well. Chances are that you have had sex with women who were about as lifeless as their lifeless counterparts.

While a male sex doll may indeed, according to that article, “last all night”, the question is whether women would. Can the average Western woman even do ten proper squats without breaking a sweat? If not, how much is she going to get out of Tyrone 3000? Not so much. It would be an accessory. Then again, many women are used to spending money for the sake of spending it, so male sex dolls may indeed find some interest among members the female sex. They are nowhere near as useful for them as dildos (and cats) are.

Relationships between men and women are based on one simple principle: exchange of resources. They trade youth and fertility for your money. If you can ignore the fertility part, you get the youth aspect covered with a sex doll that never ages. You still trade part of your resources for it because you have to buy them. On the other hand, what is Aging Stacy going to get from her sex doll? First, she may have to get to grips with the fact that she has to spend money on it, which should be an anathema to her. Then, she may find that she won’t get to extract any resources from it. While the ideal sex doll for men can be easily created, the same is an impossiblity for a sex doll for women. A sex doll for men, modelled after a busty anime chick, will serve you very well. A sex doll for women, on the other hand, would be akin to an ATM that provides you with money you do not have. Wait, that already exists: It’s the welfare system. The only problem with it is that the dark-skinned cultural enrichers those governments import do not really buy into the concept of women’s rights. It seems the women are in a bit of a pickle. Meanwhile, men are getting their needs met by pounding a piece of plastic.

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6 thoughts on “Why Male Sex Dolls are Absurd

  1. So, assuming you don’t want children but mistakingly think an LTR will grant a steady supply of sex, what are the reasons for why intimacy dries up in these situations?

    Is it that women actually don’t need sex as much as men? That they grow tired and unattracted to their man? Or does it just become a way to incentivize their man’s behavior to basically bribe him and get certain things?

    1. @Pickernanny: The guy they’ll settle down with. (beta provider) Is rarely the guy women like to have sex with. (alpha badboy) And yes they’ll use sex to basically bribe him and get certain things. But it’s also the fact that sex is more about emotions for women. So they often lose interest after the honeymoon fase is over. Specially when she’s married and has the number of kids she wanted. She got you by the balls at that point. It’s no fun without the hunt. Very much like a cat losing interest playing with a mouse once it stops moving.

    2. @Ben

      I remember the story of the guy who kept a spreadsheet of the amount of times his wife rejected his advances, so one day he tells her he wants a divorce and hands her the data.

      I wonder, what would happen if the man, assuming he has the willpower, were to just lean back and patiently wait for his gf/wife to initiate intimacy and reject her advances. “Oh, not right now, dear. I’ve just got so much stress built up from work.”

      I assume she would accuse you of cheating and claim that you’re no longer attracted to her and all kinds of bullshit. Stuff that if it happened to most men, he’d just say to himself, “oh well, maybe next time.”

  2. “The other day I came across a post in which some crazed feminist celebrated the arrival of male sex dolls.”

    ==> Of course, the same feminists decry the existence of female sex dolls for ‘objectifying’ women (since Maxim, Playboy, Hollyweird, pornhub don’t…)

    For example, here’s one feminist critiquing female sex dolls:

    I think i finally understand that expression, “sucking and blowing at the same time”.

  3. “or rest on their knees with their ass in the air”

    pfff… some are not even able to do that. they bend up instead of down. It’s like fucking a bridge.

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