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Open Thread 2018 (#12)

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86 thoughts on “Open Thread 2018 (#12)

  1. LOL! Tara Reid age 42 stated she might want to have children “ONE DAY”
    This woman party’s her hole life. And at 42 she just starts to think about marriage and children someday in the future. Is she completely delusional? Or is this a plot in a new comedy movie she’s making? Maybe about starting a family in a retirement home? Or down syndrome extra plus children? I mean really WTF? She really seems to believe she’s still that hot 20yo american pie actress. Did she look in a mirror lately? Or was she just high giving the interview?

    1. Don: There were multiple sources saying the same thing. I’m not into celebrity news normally. But i think this one was pretty hilarious. Even if it would be fake, it does reflect the madness that is the modern Western woman.

  2. @ben from last thread:

    “These women have a hard time understanding that men don’t select women the same way they select men. (…) I have been trying to explain this to some women. But they just cant understand that men don’t care about their earning potential. (…)They are absolutely sold on the idea that men value those things the same way.”

    They believe that man is just woman with penis. From there they extrapolate every bs about equality. For some bizarre reason they really believe in this shit.

    What woman really knows about men (quote from feminist mouth): “Do you think that women understand what is it like to be a man?.
    Not at all. No clue. No idea.”

    Same woman after posing for man for 18 months, ended up in hospital with
    “severe depression”.

    1. @chairman: Yes women are projecting their own experience onto men. They don’t understand the male experience is totally different. Men often do the same thing with women. Men often expect women to be bound by abstract concepts like honor and loyalty. They are not. Men’s love is sacrificial. Women’s love is opportunistic. They are polar opposites. Both selection and the bonding experience is totally different. As for feminist they just want the best of both worlds. They only want the authority without the responsibility. They want the benefits without the overtime. Etc etc.

    2. @chairman: There was a huge amount of money spend on a project to get women into construction end 90’s in my country. Because some jobs payed very well. Only a few women joint in, but only to get the jobs at the top. They had to start at the bottom. Non lasted longer then two months. Most didn’t even finish their first week. Feminist conclusion? It’s men’s fault. They just expected to get the nice and good paying jobs. Like restoration painter. Before they let anyone even near some historic painting on a midevil building. You need about 9 years of schooling and experience. They just expected to be given a brush and some gold paper and go ahead. They weren’t amused when the were told they had to start at the bottom like everyone else. That’s why these restoration painters make money. They are the best in their occupation. They too started sandpapering some worthless piece of wood on a construction site. They didn’t start repainting some unreplacable piece of historic art. Discrimination against women?

  3. Just a suggestion,but I think being given 10 minutes to think and edit(or delete)one’s comment when posting would be real nice and helpful. As an example,Blackdragon’s blog features it.

    1. I’m against it. If the poster can’t control the impulse to push the “post comment” button without going through what he just wrote than he should get the receipt for it.

    2. @Neutral, some of us do this stuff for a living, so we’re tired of proofreading our stuff. I do that stuff for a living. When I come here and comment I just wannt blab it out and click comment… otherwise it feels too much like “my job”.

      But I’d love to edit it when I feel like it… which is ussually 5 minutes later.

    3. And even those who don’t, they might still have a dayjob that involves that kinda computerey stuff… they wanna come here and be more chillaxed about it. It just feels more social/fun if you just blabber out and hit comment.

      Proofreading first etc feels too much like you what you do at your job or school. But we’d still wanna fix it after posting. Which is why commenting systems with that feature are so popular.

  4. Some guy posted this on another website. Just sad how some of these guys let themselves be dooped.

    After wasting some time and money on therapists, we decided we were a perfectly normal couple — male wanting sex twice a week, female once in two months — well within the diverse normal ranges of human desire. Switching partners was not going to help, because the new normals may well be just like the old normals. So we just went for voluntary celibacy so neither could accuse the other of taking advantage or prevailing unfairly. I don’t tell her when I rub one out. She doesn’t tell me when she’s having periods. Neither of us let stupid hope sway experience and statistics.

    1. Sounds like this dude is being gaslighted or something like that. What do you guys think? Could a guy like this still be saved?

  5. Had an interesting observation yesterday. I’m in Thailand, Ko Samui atm and even though I’m not single I do enjoy some nightlife, but… more as an observer.
    So, there’s a fairly good looking guy dancing within his group. 1.85m tall, a bit of muscles, relatively chiseled face and even from far away you can notice his dense hair. He looks at some western chick next to me, points at her and waives her over. She gets up and goes to him (prolly 15 metres). He locks her in, they dance and I think “ok, we got a natural here”.
    Guess what, 45 mins later he still hasn’t made a move and she starts looking bored. And I can see that he’s clueless about how to escalate. Another 15 mins later and she’s gone.

    So what I think is that above average looks for this guy made his first steps easy and he enjoys the attention and the ease of initial interaction. But because he did never have to work hard on the first steps he doesn’t know how to progressively escalate. To him it’s like “so now she’s here… now what?”. Whereas “now she’s here” to me is a progression from screening to deliberate first eye contact to yet another escalation and so on.
    He didn’t fuck that night, I’m sure.

    On a side note, I don’t understand why you’d pick up a western chick in Thailand so that you can maybe fuck her that night. Like… there’s petite slim Thai girls all around and they are much more receptive. Also, why pick up at all? For 3000 THB ($100) you take a local hooker with you for the whole night.
    That being said, most western dudes to hook up with Thai chicks and I tell you, one can feel the bitterness of the typical western chicks when practically nobody gives them much attention. They’re only left with dancing with each other in their typical pussy ring, pretending they are cool and “having fun, like totally cool music”.
    Yeah… rrrright.

    1. @Neutralrandomthoughts: Thai girls are often the ones who do the escalation. Maybe this guy has been there to long. In Thailand nightlife you can just wink a girl over. She will do the rest. That doesn’t work with Western women.

      3000 THB? That’s to much. 1000 THB is normal for short time or after 23:00. Or 2000 THB before 23:00 for the night. For 3000 THB you can fuck a model. They ask 3000 THB because they expect you to talk down the price. Or when they think it’s your first time in Thailand. If you speak a little Thai you can even get laid for 500 THB. The locals get laid for 200 THB.
      (depending on location and the girls desperation and looks)
      I could easily get you 2 very hot girls for the night for 3000 THB. For that money they’ll give you everything you want. The average Thai person only makes 8k-10k a month working 12/7. So 3000 THB is totally above normal.

  6. I am just interested in knowing everyone’s thoughts as to why Thailand is what it is in the context of sexuality?

    I think it was because of wars that transformed it into first a military establishment for the US troops and later to a prominent tourist destination due to the better infrastructure that was built to facilitate the military establishments from before.

    If that is all that it takes to make a country great, I wonder if that could be repeated elsewhere, isn’t it?

    1. Furthermore, it seems that truly traditional cultures like that in Thailand is more promiscuous than western ones. Its only in the west that women want resources in exchange for sex. Everywhere else, women want sex in exchange for sex.

    2. It is more complex than that though as it is in poorer countries that you expect a higher focus on resources but its the opposite.

    3. @Don: it seems that truly traditional cultures like that in Thailand is more promiscuous than western ones.)
      That’s not how it is in most of Thailand. We are talking about tourist and prostitution hotspots. It would be strange if the hookers in the red light districts weren’t promiscuous. Most thai girl’s wouldn’t even show themselves in a bikini. You shouldn’t be comparing the hookers in the red light districts with the average Thai girl. And for the resources question it’s pretty simple. They do care about resources. But in a more natural way. And they are not as spoiled. These Western women can afford a middle class lifestyle on their own. So their hypergamy compels them to date upper-class men. While a Thai girl who comes from poverty will be incredibly happy with her working-class Western boyfriend. She’s dating up factor 20. So she’s still ruled by her hypergamy. Otherwise she would be dating a boy from her home village and live in a small improvised hut.

    4. @Don: (I am just interested in knowing everyone’s thoughts as to why Thailand is what it is in the context of sexuality?)
      There are some tourist and prostitution hotspots in Thailand. There are many girls that come from poor villages elsewhere. Working there 12/7 would make them about 6000 THB a month. But if she’s pretty. She can make about 30k plus working in prostitution in these tourist hotspots. These girls are adjusting to the bar girl lifestyle. Drinking a partying every night. They learn every trick in the book to make as much money as they can. By giving men what they want. And they sent most money they make to their family back home. Most of these girls are not even Thai. Most are Isaan girls. They are from a different culture. Thai is their second language. Just as most Europeans speak english. They just work in these hotspots to make money. Real Thai girls are mostly very shy and conservative. So these promiscuous girls are not Thai culture. Just poor girls from elsewhere trying to survive.

    5. My stepmother and sisters are from the Thai upper-class. My sister would never date a working-class Western man. That’s below her standards. (hypergamy) Her husband drives the latest Hummer. Totally tuned out with the latest technological toys that money can buy. You wouldn’t see any of my Thai family females show any skin. If my sister shows up in shorts. My stepmother would kick her ass big time. That’s more Thai culture. Promiscuous women are not really a Thai culture thing. It’s just a prostitution driven by poverty thing. Combined with Western tourism and hypergamy.

    6. Gotcha. That makes a lot of sense combined with my personal experience there. Although, I would say there is a lot of Thai girls that wear shorts and are not hoes. But there are a lot of conservative ones.

    7. Furthermore, it seems that truly traditional cultures like that in Thailand is more promiscuous than western ones. Its only in the west that women want resources in exchange for sex. Everywhere else, women want sex in exchange for sex.

      I think that theory about R selection explains it. Stefan Molyneux features it, and the scientific studies done with animal models etc…


    In this short BBC documentary a Veteran Swedish Policeman from one of Malmo’s no go zones explains that immigrants are not responsible for higher rates of crime because most the crimes are committed by second or third generation immigrants who are actually Swedes and not immigrants according to his puck ass.

  8. Speaking of the “pimp hand” that Ben was talking about in the “Hypergamy in the Gym” post…

    I’ve just been made privy to an anecdote by a friend. He has 2 female cousins, one is 20 yo, with an affluent family and a college-educated boyfriend; the other is older, married with children, and less affluent but has a good reliance on her mother for economical support. The story goes that the 1st cousin is cheating on her boyfriend with the 2nd cousin’s husband, a 36 yo cab driver who drives his in-law’s car for a living, with the excuse of church to keep seeing each other.

    1. Just another case of a whore fucking worthless Tyrone behind beta Bill’s back, you might say. Plus, as a virgin, one might be tempted to scream “how can some bastards have so much blind luck?” But my point comes here: my friend discovered their little secret, so this cab driver, a former gang member in his youth, gets some thug to point a fucking gun to him to keep him shut. My friend has only told some other members of his family but the secret is still a secret for all of the directly involved, and he has tried to stay off the radar.

      So, here we have a girl whose hypergamy is clearly undermined by some guy’s pimp hand. A guy so primitive that is willing to risk his living, his marriage and his two kids for some good-looking pussy, but is also willing to protect all of the above by violent means. I thought it worth sharing.

  9. What do you guys do about the dangers of pulling chicks ranging from false rape accusation to being beaten up and getting money stolen by her friends?

    1. Chances for that to happen are not nearly as high as you might think. I did fine listening to my gut and erring on the side of caution if in doubt.

    2. I’m currently seeing a girl who is submissive and likes it somewhat rough (tie her up, some spanking etc)

      I made sure to have not only photos of the act (and the bruises), but I shared the photos with her on whatsapp and took screenshots (and backups) of her very enthusiastic responses.

      I have zero reason to expect trouble from her, its just a precaution…

    3. @Duke: I had a false rape accusation made against me one time. It does happen. So be careful. I was lucky she later publicly admitted she made it all up. But it did ruin some friendships. And most important it did make me reconsider my interactions with women. It’s not the only reason for me going mgtow. But it did push me in that direction. It did make me more aware about how defenceless you really are when it happens. Because everyone i had known for years, all turned against me. Only a few people believed me. Lucky for me one of them was her best friend. She defended me. That’s when she broke down and told everyone the truth. And most shocking was that even after that. People stilll didn’t reject this lying bitch. They still showed more empathy for this girl crying crocodile tears. Than for the guy who’s life she almost destroyed. It really showed me that women can get away with everything. They are never held responsible for their actions. Pussy pass for almost everything.

    4. @ben; Why didn’t you take her to court? In most countries including the Netherlands it is illegal to make a false accusation.

    5. @Don: She didn’t go to the police. She just told the story in our shared social circle and work. And it only lasted for 3 days. I was just happy when it was over. And no judge would convict a woman unless she makes a falls police report. She just started to ruin my reputation after i rejected her. She was scared her boyfriend of 5 years would find out. So she did the same thing as these metoo bitches. Just a baseless accusation without a police report. Nevertheless it did put the fear in me. It just happened very unexpected. It never crossed my mind this could even happen. I didn’t even fuck her. I told her she should work things out with her boyfriend or end the relationship first. I have a rule against fooling around with another guys woman. I won’t do it. Next day all hell broke loose. It took me by surprise. And again, i was just happy when it was over.

    6. @ben; That’s not how it works. Even if it was just on WhatsApp, you can still take her to court. As long as you have proof that she said it, it is enough. However much the courts favor women, they can’t rewrite the law when a strong president is set. I say you do it and make her sweat just like she did to you.

    1. Shame he backed out. He should have doubled down. Feminist are like sharks. When there’s blood in the the water they’ll go all in. They’ll use it to push their agenda. They want equal pay for less work. And sooner or later they’ll get it. Because almost everyone backs out fearing to lose their job or reputation. It’s understandable considering this guy didn’t expect all the commotion. But still another step closer to feminist getting their agenda pushed into law. He had nothing to apologise for. He only told the truth. Men make more hours. They work harder. So they earn more. If feminist get their way. They’ll be paid full-time for part-time jobs. Because they expect to be paid for the work they’ll do at home. Like taking care of their own children. Cleaning up their own mess at home. Or just because feelings.

    2. He doesn’t need this crap in his life. This kind of attention can easily stop his career advancement.

      Whats shocking is that if a guy goes against feminist narrative it automatically gives everyone else a free pass to insult and smear him. I’m not sure what gives feminist narrative so much power. Is it perhaps the traditional western idea that women need to be protected by society? I don’t think this guy would get grilled like this in a non-western culture.

    3. Doesn’t surprise me. Why bother engaging and pointing out figures/facts, right? No good can come of it.

      I hear in Iceland, they passed a law in January 2018 requiring that a woman makes the same as a man.

      For example:

      The tired trope of “a woman makes [XX cents] to every dollar a man makes” is used as the rationale. At least in the link above, they adjusted the amount for inflation (i think the alleged amount was that womyn made 77 cents for every dollar…)

      Enjoy the decline of the West!

    1. oh he is fake. he had a video out once about him fucking on phenibut and the chick supposedly being on phenibut as well. He had a sound recording on which you could hear how she moans. and boy was she moaning. slowly and with lots of passion.
      Too bad the fucker had background music and Lana del Rey had a very low pitch suddenly.
      He was slowing the video down which resulted in a lower pitch. Why did he have to do that? I guess it was not that spectacular to begin with.

      That guy from the vid is a fucking idiot as well though:
      Yeah… right… according to him picking up chicks who look at you is bad.

      Both are idiots.

  10. Soo, update on our local sweetheart murderer down here… I keep a tab on this because it is a rare day when justice comes down with full force on a young innocent looking teen girl.

    For spanish speakers, here is the link
    Of course she is appealing her conviction (life in prison – she will be eligible for parole in 35 years), but until now she was detained in a women police station in her home town. She was trying to get the judge to let her serve her sentence at a minimum security facility nearby, where inmates get private rooms and other perks. Judge said nope, she is going to a common prison like everyone else, 350km away.

    Guess her pussy pass expired long ago.

    1. “Guess her pussy pass expired long ago.”

      yeah but she tried lol. Why else these shorts and easily to unbutton short she’s wearing…

    2. @Yarara, can you say a bit how cucked Argentina is in general?

      I can’t imagine a Central European to hand out such a sentence to a womyn. Seems you guys still got balls.

    3. Hard to say. The country still has a reputation for macho and gentleman culture. But feminists have been gaining a lot of traction recently.

      I would say that as usual the big cities are getting infected with progressivism of the dumb kind (especially younger generations), while the rest of the country remains pretty conservative in that regard.

  11. How do I pickup girls using Club Game by Aaron Sleazy if I live at home with my parents? Should I focus on getting an apartment first?

  12. What do you guys think of Professor Steven Pinkers’ ideas that violence has reduced compared to the past? I am asking this because ben demolished my argument on immigrant caused violence. I would like to see the arguments of Steven Pinker demolished as well. Thanks guys.

    1. @Don: He’s right on some points. But he’s cherry picking data. Sure some things have improved, for some people, somewhere, at some times. But that doesn’t mean some things haven’t gotten worse for some people, somewhere, at some times. He’s not making a one on one comparison for one group in one place in one time frame. He’s all over the place. Using different time lines. For different groups. Only cherry picking data that support this view. So he’s right on some points. It’s not so much the things he does say. It’s more the things that he doesn’t say.

      Less black African children die because the white Western middle class is forced to pay the bill. And they will get even more children who also need to eat. And now Africa is overflowing into Europe. Does it make the world a better place? It does according the numbers. It does for the African children. The sucker paying the bill might think differently about it. And so might his daughter who’s no longer save going out at night. But the numbers show progress.

    2. As a matter of fact, i just purchased his book. I know what it says in a general sense, but I dont find it fully convincing, so I want to read it in full. Will get back to you guys on this.

  13. Sorry for that last question which like you pointed out was already answered in Club Game by Aaron Sleazy. What you don’t address in Club Game by Aaron Sleazy is the inability of a string of one night stands to satisfy your need for company. Lets say I somehow have a fuck buddy or two (hint: I don’t yet), I can’t see how they’ll go to public gatherings with me if I don’t also publicly call them my girlfriend. Any ideas? What I want is a girl to introduce to my friends and family and still be able to fuck other girls.

    1. Yha? Maybe you want to rethink your strategy. Club hoes are not really known to be emotionally stable. That’s not the type you want to introduce to friends and family. Pump and dump only. You want to keep those for fun. You take the homely type with you to friends and family. Not the banged up club hoes that might steal some of your friends or families belongings. Or get drunk and make drama at your families birthday party. Introducing them is like giving your family and friends a tour in a public toilet. Why would you do that?

    2. @Duke: Maybe try getting a date with the shy chinese girl working in her families restaurant instead? Don’t think Aaron intended Club game for getting a respectable girl to showcase to family.

  14. So, Jason Momoa. The guy playing Aquaman in the new movie (I couldn’t care less) and who appeared as Khal Drogo from Game of Thrones, guy is what you might say is in the top 10% of men. That is, tall, dark, muscular, well-off and famous.

    I typed into my browser just now, out of curiosity thinking that he’d either be paired up with a gorgeous young super model or single and living it up, his spouse. The guy is married to a once divorced 50 year old black woman. It’s gross. One of her pictures of images even shows her sporting a greying hair look.

    When I see this, it really gets me thinking. Men are completely either in the dark or being shamed really hard into making the worst mating decisions you could possibly ever make. More has to be done to educate men so that this never happens.

    1. Some day he will probably wake up to his value and replace her with a younger model, like Ashton Kutcher did.

    2. Maybe, but doubtful. Guy has been with her since 2005. I know much lesser men that married 100x better than this guy did.

    3. It wouldn’t make sense unless she’s filthy rich. But most of those strong man types are with relatively less attractive women anyway. So, I wouldn’t be so sure.

    4. You don’t know the full story. Maybe she let’s him have something on the side or even officially a threesome.

    5. ^
      Why would you even want to bang that st all? But, yea. At least he has a woman that gives him permission to bang other women, as if he ever needed to marry to get threesomes in the first place. Hope he doesn’t want kids in the future.

  15. Don’t know if you guys have heard or not, but recently, JD’s CEO Richard Liu was arrested over a false rape allegation. As expected, the guy is married and has a child with a stunner who is also the youngest billionaire in China ( Also as expected, there is a 19-year age gap between them.

    After he was let out he went right back to China. Seems like he couldn’t handle the taste of FREEDOM hehehehehehe, that’ll teach him to not mess with ‘MURICA ever again!

    1. Wow… I wasn’t expecting so many “nice comments”. I laughed my ass off.
      Here’s my favourite:

      “Somewhere under that ink, under that lipgloss, under that eye shadow, under that hairspray, under that mascara and applied foundation is an authentic soul. Disguised by hours of self worship and ego based styling. Mirror mirror on the wall…. Behind the mask, behind the false persona, hiding behind fake material ‘beauty’ lies a rarely seen soul. Less is more. I’m talking about authenticity here. (Oh..I forgot the false eyelashes). (… and the teeth). (..and the eyebrows). I’m guessing the ears are genuine?”

      or, to make it short:
      “wall, ink in lymph nodes, fake-up still looks realistic, m00slims will hit dat”

    1. just googled Stelar method. Didn’t see it written out anywhere, but some people mentioned it on a forum and said it means going super direct. What is it?

    2. Its a method purported by a Romanian guy named Stelar on from a long time back which was very popular. You are right that it is about going super direct. The basic structure of the method goes like this.

      1. Identify a DTF woman, a woman who gives you overextersions, a warm approach or even a cold approach if she’s special.

      2. Go up to her and say, “I want to offer you as many orgasms as possible”

      3. handle her objections.

      4. Do a takeaway. (i.e. tell her and actually leave her for a moment but stay in her vicinity.

      5. Go back and handle more objections if any.

      6. Do the above until she breaks if she lets it get to this level.

      7. Possibly fuck her.

      I never liked him. But the problem for me is that my way pickup largely resembles his method nowadays. At least what my game has morphed into over the years looks a lot like Stelar method.

    3. Quote “ClubGame isn’t a method. It’s deeper than that.”

      Yes it isn’t a method. ClubGame explains more things than just a method. But Stelar method is more like Minimal ClubGame.

    4. I’ve never seen anything like that in action. I’m skeptical i could make that kind of thing work with my personality, but I’d definitely be intrigued to see what it looks like when it works.

  16. On a different note, one of my less good looking, less well off and less popular male friends (school friend) asked me whether ClubGame would work for him after seeing it on my bookshelf when he got divorced. I am not sure if he’d get inside a club with all the fat he is sporting now. But what do you guys think is a good way to console a lost soul?

  17. That was indeed my experience being raised Christian. Still is sadly. I am an atheist now, and have had a few girlfriends, since becoming less religious, but I haven’t shed my discomfort in this area to the point where I think I can pull off a gutsy pickup like what you’re describing. My logistics are out of whack at the moment, but I’m planning a move in the coming months that should largely take care of that. I’ll push the envelope then and see how it goes.

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