Women who think they completely own you

One of my readers recently left a comment in which he mentioned that a friend of his filed for divorce after his wife put $25k on his credit card. While I have not had something as egregious happen, because I keep my guard up, I certainly have encountered my fair share of women who seemed to believe that they can control your entire life: housing, career choices, money, time. Had I been less careful, women would have completely fucked up my life by now.

Sharing a bank account is an idea that is colossally stupid, and so is giving her access to your credit card. In the best case, you have a woman who knows the value of a dollar and who therefore won’t even spend any of your money without consulting you first. Then there are women who assume that the money she earns is hers, but whatever you earn, is hers, too. My ex-wife is a perfect case in point. At a certain point, the mask came off completely and I saw myself confronted with demands for exotic vacations, cosmetic surgery, purebred dogs, and an apartment. She knew what I earned. Yet, she thought nothing of demanding I pay for what amounts to roughly my yearly income just for her whims at this very moment, ignoring the cost of a mortgage. At that point, I had already been plotting my exit, so I was more amused than anything else. Still, I was a bit taken aback when she just kept piling on demands. On a very serious note, I knew that there was absolutely no point continuing that relationship when she announced I should buy an apartment so that she could have two dogs. When I asked her about the contribution she intended to make, she claimed that two to three hundred Euros/month would be the most she was willing to pay. I had to chuckle. Of course, she needed her salary to indulge in recreational shopping, er, female empowerment. Presumably, she viewed the suggestion to save some of her income as akin to domestic violence.

I also noticed that some women completely disrespect your property. One girl deliberately ruined a T-shirt I had been using for 20 years. She thought nothing of it and considered it prudent to start an argument. In the end, I made that bitch pay — the original purchase price, adjusted for inflation. Thinking back, I should have added a small multiplier for retribution on top. Now imagine what would happen if you just wrecked one of your girlfriend’s pieces of clothing? Let’s say you need to fix your car and decided to just take one of her dresses to wipe off your oily, greasy hands.

A habit of mine is keeping original packaging of everything I might sell at one point. This is not nearly as crazy as it sounds as I purchase relatively few items. Yet, obviously, if you want to resell something later, you can fetch a much higher price if you keep the original cardboard box and everything that came with whatever you bought. The difference in price between just the item and an item in box, as good as new, is downright staggering. In extreme cases, we are talking about multiples. You can therefore probably imagine how incredibly pleased I was when I noticed that a girl I was living together with decided to just throw out a few boxes I had in storage, just because. Space wasn’t an issue. She threw a hissy fit when I reminded her that I explicitly told her to not touch any of my stuff. (Spoiler alert: that was also my ex-wife. I considered her throwing away my property a serious transgression. It was one of the reasons why I divorced her.)

This isn’t just a post in which I bitch about my ex-wife, though. When talking with other guys about their girlfriends or wives, I heard plenty of horror stories. The more ridiculous ones include the girl collecting a few things in the apartment she didn’t like — of course, this was all property of her boyfriend — and dropping them off at a charity shop. Imagine your game collection disappeared that way, just because some bitch doesn’t like that you like to wind down after a hard day at work by playing videogames for a bit. Another guy learnt that a book or game he could no longer find didn’t just disintegrate. Instead, his girlfriend just gave it to her brother as a “gift”. Apparently, she did not believe in the concept of private property when it came to her partner.

Time is likewise a very important resource. Yet, your average Western girl seems to think that you don’t need to have any time for yourself. How many of you have dated a girl who would just ring you at the most arbitrary times and expect that you listen to her inane drivel? Whenever she is bored, she calls you and, of course, in case you’re busy, she’ll get angry. From guys in the US, I have heard that it is quite common that their girlfriend would call them if she is stuck in traffic. In Europe, we have a different lifestyle. Your girlfriend doesn’t get stuck in traffic because she’s using public transport. However, she may not own a washing machine and therefore use a laundrette. That takes a bit of time, and since it’s too much to ask of her to read a book, she’ll whip out her phone and use her boyfriend as an emotional tampon. Clearly, your time is worth nothing to her.

The vast majority of women love to dictate where and how you are going to live, if you cohabitate. While you might be happy with a cheap, small place, she may have much different plans. Besides, what will her girlfriends think if she doesn’t live in the fancy part of town? Needless to say, this is a huge expense. The premium for a wasteful girlfriend or wive easily reaches five figures (in dollars) every single fucking year. You’re going to spend years working just so that she can brag to Steph and Suzy and all her other cum-guzzling friends about “her” apartment.

It gets worse, though. After all, your sweetheart may insist that you give up on career opportunities because she doesn’t like to move. This is a lot more common than you might think as most guys rather not talk about that issue. Some of the smartest guys I know, for instance, are hopeless beta cucks who are in relationships with women who are garbage tier. I have no idea how they manage to have sex with them. Yet, they have no idea of what they are worth and follow their girlfriends around. One of the more extreme cases is a guy whom I believe to easily be in the IQ 130+ range. His girlfriend has been doing one bullshit degree after another and because she can’t find a real job, he has to commute if he’s lucky, or even relocate, and work shitty startup jobs for six months to a year instead of building a career in a decent company. Thus, he allows her to wreck his career.

I have saved the absolute worst for last: women who saddle you with an unwanted child. I can’t even fathom how little a woman who forgets to take the pill (lol) must think of the male counterpart if she gets pregnant just so that she can trap him into the relationship, extract child support for 18 years or more, and probably alimony on top, too. Such women prove beyond doubt that they only view men as nothing more than exploitable resources. I don’t think they even acknowledge those men as human beings.

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42 thoughts on “Women who think they completely own you

  1. How long were u married? Were there any signs she had issues beforehand?

    Sorry if these questions are too personal. If so, then just forget I said anything.

    1. Sure, there were a few signs, but her behavior got a lot worse after around two years of marriage. I think she felt supremely secure and thought she could get away with anything. Her lapping up feminist nonsense online certainly didn’t help either.

  2. I read this thread with utter horror and anger. Your ex-wife simply had no respect for your hard-earned incomes, your properties and you yourself. Such a disintegration of characters in a woman shows much scorn they must have for their husbands or partners. And this comes from a girl who is educated and has not suffered much from a broken family. I’m sure she could have wrecked much more havoc if you had not been cautious in every step while you were still married to her.

    1. When she realized I was on the way out, she tried trapping me with a baby. Yet, I had stopped having sex with her months ago as a precaution and didn’t budge.

    2. Its amazing how many women automatically resort to that BS when you try to leave them. Been there, seen that.

      Did she actually say “I’m pregnant” or did she try to trick you into sex?

    3. She tried the classic line, “we don’t need protection because I don’t think I can get pregnant”.

    4. I’ve heard the “It would be sooooo hot that you do me a creampie!”

      Guys seriously, don’t fall for this. Happens waaay more often than you would like to admit.

    5. The even more daring ones will suggest that you cum inside of them. Surely plenty of guys can’t resist that kind of offer.

    6. Ben isnt withholding a secret like that rape? Because you would be tricking a womyn into having sex, that is ultimately unwanted.

      You sound like a misogynist lately it makes me sad. I thought I saved you from fascism.
      And a troll cause you pretend to be a sjw with peoplekind.
      Luckily as a highly intelligent moderate centrist I dont fall for stuff like that.

      It is also sad that I discovered Aaron suffers from fatphobia. I wonder how many other ppl here suffer from this mental illness and need therapy.
      Guys we need more bodypositivity. For utopia!

    7. Jon: Misogynist? me? I don’t hate women. I don’t hate tigers either. I think they are beautiful and magnificent in many ways. But i also realise that they can be dangerous. It’s the same with women. Beautiful and dangerous.

    8. Jon: Maybe you should slow down on the crack for a while? I’m not trying to tell you what to do with your life. I’m just saying that maybe it’s time to admit that you have a problem. Maybe you should seek some help?

  3. How old are you Aaron? I must say you appear naive to me. Yes there are some bad apples in womynkind that objectify men for money just like there are some bad apples les in mankind that objectify women for looks. Doesnt prove a rule,like you claim here, it seems like a way too misogynistic rant.
    Thats why we should go past superficial first impressions to find the One. Well I guess we all learn from our failures except you should own up to them. You probably ended up with a womyn who objectified you for money because you objectified her for looks.

    Tell me, Aaron have you ever dated an obese girl? If not how you truly claim to be an authority on getting womyn, without sampling all womynkind? They must have much more pleasant personalities to compensate for looks.

    1. Jon: I’m shocked by your exclusionary speech Jon! Womynkind? Mankind? Dont you know the new correct PC word is peoplekind? You are so insensitive! What about all the other 53 genders? Dont you care about their feelings anymore? Dont be a biggot Jon! I expected better from you. I’m so disappointed in you right now. I hope you will be more considered about people’s feelings in the future.

    2. “They must have much more pleasant personalities to compensate for looks.”

      Not necessarily.

      Nothing wrong with dating an obese girl tho.

    3. The statement is wrong in the general case. It goes even further: beauty and intelligence are correlated as well, so by dating a fugly fattie, you get, well, a fat, ugly, unpleasant, and less intelligent girlfriend, and what sane guy would want that?

    4. Have there actually been any studies on this? Or are you drawing from your large sample? I dont have a strong opinion on the matter, I have seen examples of both.

      Jon is still a troll, though.

    5. There are studies that show a correlation between facial symmetry, i.e. one aspect of beauty, and intelligence. If your face is more symmetrical, you’re healthier, which implies that you’re more intelligent because health and intelligence are positively correlated.

    6. It is really a stupid way of thinking that all qualities of a human being are completely disjunct.
      Usually it is used to excuse a shitty behaviour.
      She is an y but z.
      Z is usually is barely a non-negative trait at best is a completely expected baseline.

  4. Yep! They will suck out your soul if you let them. And clean out your bank account at the same time. And when they’re done they’ll give you the “i’m not happy speech.” To ad insult to injury. And than move on to their next victim. Or run off with the badboy to relive their CC riding days on her ex-husbands pay. Leaving behind a broken shell that use to be a man. Seen it happen many times. I’ve heard that a stake in the heart is the best way to deal with them. Or maybe a silver bullet? I’m not sure. Eating large amounts of garlic seems to keep them at a distance for a short time.

    And still people don’t understand why men dont want to get married anymore. (it must be the video games)

    1. Cmon Aaron. Are u really guna generalize and say that every single fat girl has a unpleasant personality? That just doesn’t make any sense. It depends on the individual person.

      Some girls like to think most/all men are chumps/losers and they’re wrong. Every guy is different.

    2. Hello, “Bob”. In general, better-looking people are nicer. Ugly people tend to have a problem with themselves. You may find exceptions to the rule, of course. It doesn’t really matter, though, because having a pleasant personality is a baseline. It doesn’t excuse being fat.

  5. Have you written anything about how you met your ex-wife? What kind of screening you did, the dating process, moving in etc.

    It would be very educational for me to see the path you took and what you learned from it.

    1. I learnt quite a bit from it, but it would surely be way too much for a comment.

      By the way, the link to your blog led to a security warning in my browser, so I had to remove the link.

    2. I don’t think any kind of screening can help you to avoid completely this kind of drama. This is because the one you once love dearly changes constantly. Nothing can ensure that she or he will remain the same.

      However, his ex-wife must have some of these traits built in her personality already. A woman who has strong respect for her husband cannot act in such a manner.

    3. Isidia: Some of these behaviours are instinctive. Mostly bound to the maternal instinct. Not all women display these behaviours all the time. Nor do they express it all the same way. But all women poses the instincts that make them behave that way. Some of it is cultural. Western women learn toxic behaviours from a early age. They are hardly ever held responsible for anything. And some of it is individual behaviour. The real problem is that men are stripped of their tools to counter bad behaviour from women. All women are now married to the government first and foremost. If we unleash ourselves we are considered bully’s, abusers, oppressors. If we hold back to much we are considered weak and spineless. It’s a constant balancing act that can be very tiring at times. And the stakes are high for men. One mistake and we can be ruined for life. It’s not that all women will do these things. But all women can do them. And they will have the full support of the government and society.

  6. I actually love those stories, it reminds me to stay far far away at all costs. Funny, I took my day off tomorrow, and someone at work asked me what I was doing for valentine’s day. “Just play video games on my new monitor.” They were baffled. Hah, they talked all day how it’s going to be hard to negociate watching the soccer game. I don’t care about neither girls nor soccer, so that makes things really easy for me 🙂

    I’ll probably have fun browsing the mgtow subreddit too, hopefully some of those guys will come up with some good jokes about all those cucks buying way too expensive stuff for their ugly gfs.

    1. When there are times I feel “down” for not having a GF or “wifey”…I read a post like this one Sleazy wrote and I feel a bit better. My married friends…I am sure they have a lot of female bullshit to contend with…but they don’t reveal that or worse, they acknowledge it yet see this as part of their manly/masculine duty.

      @Zero: Ha, that’s great! Run your own race, do your own thing. Hard to follow this path…damn evolutionary programming that makes me want to get a 10 and “wife her up”…but the other part of our evolutionary programming is that neither man nor woman is really established for monogamy.

  7. Sadly this behaviour is mostly biologically driven. And isn’t hard to understand. It is however maybe the hardest RED PILL to swallow! For those of you who want insight about what the FUNCTION of women loving chivalry, romance and the sacrifice from their men is. I have a video here that explains it. But WARNING! you’re not going to like it! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UjmpVi_5844

    1. Aaron: (Such women prove beyond doubt that they only view men as nothing more than exploitable resources.) It’s even worse. We are totally expendable to women. That’s where this romantic love story ends. In you sacrificing your life for them. The idea of you literally dying for them makes them sexually and emotionally aroused. That’s why they want us to open up to them. That’s why they want us to be vulnerable to them. In order to prepare you to make the ultimate sacrifice for her if called upon. All women instinctively want to completely own you. Not just for resources. She also wants to own your life. She instinctively wants you to sacrifice it all for her. It’s part of the protector role that women look for. You willingly dying for them is what women get off on. Let that sink in for a min. She gets off fantasising about you dying.

    2. That’s one of the things that pisses me off the most about modern women. They expect men to provide and protect them. Yet they dont seem to think they owe men anything in return anymore. If you expect your husband to be your protector. If you expect him to sacrifice his life for yours if need be. You owe your husband some respect!

    3. I think that women fantasizing about their partners death is an overexageration. They get turned on by willingness to sacrifice and not actual deed itself (at least if they are decent human beings).

      Other than that I agree that women generally expect a lot out of men. I recently heard a well-known marriage counselor with decades of experience talk about her work. She essentially admitted that majority of successful counseling ends with women learning to lower their expectations. Of course she didn’t frame it in terms of women being unreasonable but men not being able to change themselves. Something in lines of “men gonna be men and there is no point in divorcing your husband because you probably won’t find better one”.

    4. ben:

      I have a video here that explains it. But WARNING! you’re not going to like it!

      Could it be that, modern woman who are:
      – unwanted/unloved (because of mgtow, sexodus, pumped & dumped, CC etc.)
      – gone wild
      are deprived of chivalry so much, that they want it no matter what? So they will feel good again.
      And to achieve that, they invite violent migrants, not because they want to destroy society, but because they want to get this need of ultimate chivalry met by making man sacrifice themselves to them, by fighting with invaders and dying?

      Also: ben great video!

  8. Since we’re on the topic I’d like to talk about things I’ve experienced that just bothered the fuck out of me during the few relationships I’ve been in.

    Double standard, obviously. It’s like a video game or something, where you have to make the perfect choices to satisfy your princess on a day to day basis while, of course, anything goes with her behavior. You’re never justified in calling out shitty behavior, however, if you don’t call/text enough, give enough of your time or do certain things in general that she expects then it’s time to have a serious talk about the status of your relationship. This talk includes how hurtful and insensitive you’ve been featuring tears that demonstrate the pain your lack of being a true man that loves his women passionately and fiercely no matter what, just like in Disney fairy tales or something, leading you to just go ahead and apologize just to calm her down. Apologizing isn’t enough though, you have to modify your behavior to prove you’ve changed.

    1. So, my example went something like this chick had a habit of dropping contact when she either got bored with me or for whatever reason (fantasizing of other guys?). Instead of groveling and sending a barrage of texts and voicemails begging to know if she was alive, I’d just go hang out with buddies, work, or do some other hobby or even some meaningless activity. Just whatever.

      This would usually drive her crazy after about a few days to a week. A couple of times we needed to have a serious talk about my habit of cutting contact. The double standard is real in this one. I get ditched, say fuck it, chick realizes I’m not going to be desperate loser, attraction for me is somewhat reinforced, but only under the condition that I become her whipped Disney boyfriend bitch, or something. It was insane. And it’s worth mentioning a broken family.

    2. Another example included opposite gender friends on social media like snap chat, for example. I have long since deleted Facebook, but I’ve used snap chat very seldom throughout the last few years.

      So, chick is getting messages from guys in the Air Force and guys that are police officers, which I didn’t even mention. Getting Facebook messages from coworkers, probably all from guys who wanted to fuck her. Let’s be real. So she’s looking through my snap chat list and sees that there are like 5 or 6 girls that have sent some bullshit I never even responded to. Girl flips out completely, silent treatment, brooding, bitching etc. I reminded her that her Facebook account is full of guy friends that dwarfs my tiny little list of girls I either have no chance with or wouldn’t fuck with some other guys dick. But, you know, double standards and all.

      We’d regularly have to have ‘serious discussions’ about my suspected infidelity. Which was probably her projecting guilt from all the other guys she was either flirting with or possibly making plans with, who knows.

    3. “She essentially admitted that majority of successful counseling ends with women learning to lower their expectations.”

      Honestly, sometimes I feel like some women just have way too many expectations. Like, borderline unrealistic ones. I blame romance novels.

      Also, guys cant read your mind. If something bothers you, tell your man about it and discuss it.

  9. All women instinctively want chivalry. But we live in a feminist society. Feminism and chivalry dont mix. You simply can not have both. Yet that is what the modern woman expects. Sorry can’t do that. Why would a man put on his armour. Jump on his horse. Search the land far and wide. Climp the mountains. Walk through the ring off hellfire. Slay the dragon. Just so the princess can tell him that she doesn’t need him. And that he can jerk himself off. While he watches how she fucks the evil wizard. Sorry but that sounds like a fucked up deal to me. You can’t behave like a whore. And expect to be treated like a princess. Men are also instinctively programmed for chivalry. But if there’s no princess to save. Only a whore who doesn’t give a dam. He’ll find himself some other quest. Maybe a treasure hunt with his buddies or something like that. Some quest that still has a reward at the end of the story.

    1. “But if there’s no princess to save. Only a whore who doesn’t give a dam

      Something like this? 🙂

  10. @Aaron
    I was in a very similar situation and I’m starting to wonder if this is the default mode for most women

    –baby trap: before we got married, ex-wife got pregnant > forced her to abort
    –destroyed many big ticket items such as my television, my favorite and at that time only pair of glasses ($400) while being aware that I had no contact lens or alternative > in retribution I destroyed some of her favorite items from her wardrobe
    –classic borderline personality disorder who ironically was convinced that I was borderline
    –paid for her cooking school but she quit when she realized that being cook is a brutal job, and never actually put her cooking to use > so I did all the cooking
    –did a poor job in carrying out domestic duties including maintaining herb garden >> so I did the majority of chores
    –expected exotic vacations
    –expected i pay for everything
    –functional drunk but still a drunk
    –formerly humble but developed a ridiculous sense of entitlement when it occurred to her that she was considered attractive in her office and that many of her male colleagues would make a pass at her
    –ditto due to Tinder: like seriously, she thought she was goddess who will never age because of tinder
    –I also blame male desperation in my part of the country and obesity epidemic btw

    — she got herself pregnant 4 months into our separation, the guy bolted and she ended up with a miscarriage.

    On the positive side: she did pay half the rent, started to chip in on vacations near the end, and she really took care of my dog and didn’t screw me over in the divorce and the payment for the car she’s using even if the loan is under my name (so honorable to a degree)

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