Cucked men and their misguided belief that they are “progressive”

The other day I posted an article as Aaron S. Elias in which I share my impressions of James Damore’s class action lawsuit against Google. The published PDF is quite entertaining as it sheds light on what an utterly degenerate organization Google has become. My personal highlight was a cucked employee who sleeps in the office whenever his wife fucks some dude in his house. That Google employee did not see anything wrong with that. After all, he’s progressive, woke, tolerant, or whatever other adjective you can think of. To me, he’s a complete cuck.

I find it rather amusing that the most cucked men think they should get praised for getting cucked. They may even think that their women respect them for the freedom their partner grants them to fuck around. That is decidedly not the case. Their disrespectful wifes or girlfriends would fuck other guys behind their partner’s back anyway. That they got their beta cuck of a partner to agree on letting them fuck other guys only makes them look even weaker. Just think about it: if she was fucking the mythical buff billionaire, would she still pine for Tyrone’s cock? Granted, some women are so fucking stupid that they happily get spit-roasted by Tyrone and Jamal, not realizing that those fifteen minutes of fun can quickly turn into a life of misery once they get divorced by their well-off husband.

Probably every guy who is fucking a lot of women has fucked women who were in a relationship. It’s not as if you go out and deliberately try to steal someone’s girlfriend. No, instead those whores party it up while their beta provider sits at home. This can lead to the most bizarre situations. Your view on women most certainly changes the moment you pull some chick home from a club and she nonchalantly tells you that she has to text her boyfriend that she’s sleeping over at her girlfriend’s place. Some women even talk shit about their boyfriend or husband. I wonder what those guys would think if their beloved sweetheart has no qualms getting fucked by random guys and lets it slip that the only reason why she’s with her loser boyfriend is that she’s living rent-free with him.

The most fucked up women will even tell you that they’d like to see you again. My personal highlight, if that is the appropriate word, was a girl who told me that I shouldn’t be concerned because she’s stopped fucking her boyfriend well over half a year ago. It boggles the mind. She was trying to preempt a possible objection of mine by completely dismissing the guy she’s living with. Then there are those women you take back to your hotel room to fuck, and they afterwards try sizing up your financial situation, assessing whether they should jump ship.

I can’t blame any guy who is utterly disgusted by your typical non-traditonal Western girl. Your typical beta cuck of a guy, though, has most likely not gotten a lot of pussy in his life. He’s therefore happy to get some used up 30-year-old after all the Chads and Matts have moved on to younger girls. He wants to make her happy, and if his princess needs other cocks, so be it. In his utter naivety, he thinks that this will make her appreciate him even more, when in reality, her supposed polyamory is just a convenient excuse for her to have her cake and eat it: the beta provider at home, and on top the occasional alpha who just wants a convenient fuck. She’s still pining for all the guys who pump and dump her, and detests the loser back home.

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12 thoughts on “Cucked men and their misguided belief that they are “progressive”

  1. The Chads let their women fuck other men too in essence. The difference between Chad and a cuck is that the cuck provides for the girl. I believe there in lies the conundrum. In my belief, I should never provide for women I fuck however many times. Providing is wrong. The worst providing happens in marriage in the case of most men. (Stressing on most) For me at least, fucking don’t precede providing, ever. Funny enough, that’s a job for the cucks.

    1. Don: (Providing is wrong.) That depends on what you want. Who you are providing for. Under what circumstances? I’m mgtow so i don’t provide. But that’s because i believe the circumstances are bad. Under the current circumstances in the Western world it’s a bad deal for me. It’s a high investment, high risk, low reward situation. But maybe if i could have a better deal i might consider it. I’m just not comfortable with the deal as it is. I’m not okay with the high expectations most women have (investment). I’m not okay with the divorce laws (risk). And i’m not okay with how little most women have to offer (reward). And since i don’t have faith that i can reach an agreement. I walked away from the negotiation table. Providing doesn’t make you a cuck. It’s not always a bad thing. It depends on the circumstances. If you could have a top model. That’s willing to do everything you ask. And she would cost you only 100 bucks a month. Without contract. Would you object to providing the 100? No it would be a great deal

    2. Don: And you don’t have to. If you just want to play the field that’s just fine. I’m a free spirit myself. It wasn’t a realistic example anyway. I’m just saying it doesn’t always have to be a bad thing for everyone in all circumstances. I don’t have to be in a relationship to feel good. I’m doing just fine being single. But i also realise that the mgtow lifestyle isn’t for everyone. And specially if someone wants to have children. Providing would become inevitable.

    1. Certainly do it. The point is not to share stories about your past lovers, but to figure out her sexual history. Get a good approximation of her count, and if it’s five or more, don’t let her be more than a fuck buddy. A count of five is already very generous for a serious relationship, by the way.

    2. Aaron,

      I feel like it’s difficult to figure that out without directly asking. Some women are very good at hiding that sort of thing.

      In terms of finding a woman with a low partner count, is it basically just random, or do you think some types of places might offer a better than random chance of finding one?

    3. You’ll find conservative women in conservative environments. Also, it’s fine to directly ask. Some women even brag about the number of guys they’ve fucked.

    4. If you ask her and she needs time to tell you there’s sth fishy.
      If she has a list, you have a problem.
      If she needs 5 seconds to tell you “four guys”, you have a problem. You can multiply those “four guys” by a number of your choice, you’ll be closer to the truth than “four guys”.
      If she has only had 3 guys, she doesn’t need counting and can shoot it out very quickly.
      Oh, and if she really needs counting to three, then you got a dumb chick in front of you.

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