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The Wall Illustrated: Nelly Furtado

Two of the more popular articles on my blog are “Guys hit the wall six feet under” and “Take in those pictures of women hitting the wall”. Thus, it is more than justified to further illustrate the outcome of women hitting The Wall.

I was recently made aware of a particularly interesting case. Does anyone of you remember pop singer Nelly Furtado? I am not quite sure how popular she was during her prime, but I recall that she was quite a looker. Her music had plenty of fans, too. Here is her 2006 hit “Maneater”:

I have somewhat fond memories of that song. I never liked going to mainstream clubs, but when there were a few places I frequented that sometimes played pop songs for contrast, or just to mix it with some edgier sounds. I vividly recall that “Maneater” had some women under a spell, awakening their inner slut. When that song came on and I was on the dancefloor on my own, I had it happen more than a few times that some random chick just started grinding into me. Well, if you’re at work and can’t watch the video, then have a look at this screenshot:

As you can see, Nelly Furtado, even at age 28, was still quite a looker. She’s still somewhat toned. Probably the heavy make-up was used to hide wrinkles. You can safely say that the average Western woman would consider herself extremely happy if she was in such a great shape at that age. Heck, most Western women at around 18 aren’t in a comparable shape. That being said, if you watch the video you can certainly spot a bit of fat on her tummy and her arms are a bit flabby. She looks fantastic for a 28-year-old in that video, but she could not compete against a fit 18-year-old.

If you go through her Wikipedia page, you may now object that she has had a child in 2003, which may explain her looks. Then again, I pulled very young mothers once or twice, unbeknownst to the fact. In particular, I remember a 20-year-old of whom you could absolutely not tell that she had given birth already. It is true, the longer women wait to have kids, the more it will take a toll on their body. Older women often look as if they have given birth to multiple kids when they only stopped completely caring about their looks.

Nelly Furtado will turn 40 in 2018. Posting a picture of a nearly 40-year-old and talking about The Wall is too easy a target. However, here is a picture of her in 2010, a mere four years after “Maneater” [original picture released under Creative Commons]. Have a look:

From 28 to 32 she turned from “totally doable” to “maybe — if you pointed a gun to my head”. It’s quite shocking. From then on, it only went even further downhill for Nelly Furtado. The Wall knows no mercy.

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18 thoughts on “The Wall Illustrated: Nelly Furtado

  1. To be fair you gotta factor in the prep they do for shooting a video.

    It’s not different than how a bodybuilder or fighter preps. They drop a lot of weight (including water) and do lots of other unsustainable things to get a tighter look for the video shoot.

    Even at the time of that video, she probably didn’t look like that a week after the video was shot.

    1. Good point. Still, I think she looked nowhere as bad as she did a few years later.

    1. I skimmed the article. It is absolutely ridiculous. Its goal is to “convince” men to date older women. That just isn’t going to happen. Here, have a laugh:

      So that’s the lay of the land, and now I’d like to say why I think it could be different. In the next three sections of this post, I will show that an older woman’s attitudes, both about sex and life, are just as good if not better than her younger counterparts’, and hopefully I’ll convince more guys to venture north of their current age-limits:

      That beta cuck hasn’t figured out that men value physical beauty.

    2. Men are in their prime at 36. Only broke losers will have a lower SMV mid 30s. Thats the age their careers are at full potential. They have decent life experience. And still have good body strength. Personally i like my 30s much better compared with my 20s. And picking up women has never been as easy. Most women approach me now. Sure men have more stamina in their 20s. But most are a bit like unguided projectiles. And most will earn double the money mid 30s compared with their mid 20s. Suggesting men hit the wall mid 30s is simply ridiculous. It’s more like a man’s true potential is revealed at that age. If you don’t have anything going at 35. It’s not likely you’ll ever reach the top. It’s the age people can determine if you are a winner or a loser. But it’s not the end of your SMV because you turn 36. If you are doing good financially 36 is just the beginning.

    3. This mirrors my experience as well. I’m currently seeing 4 girls on and off, but the two more steady ones are both 21 and regularly tell me how guys their age are broke, shallow, clumsy, awkward and bad at sex. And horny like puppies, to the point they find them pathetic.

    4. Question about young girls who put in age requirements in their profile. For example, no men over 30, or no men old enough to be my father. Are these girls lying to appear non-whoreish? I think most girls do not want to have a large age gap.

    1. That is a woman I always found rather unattractive. You shouldn’t just look at her fake boobs when pondering whether she’s been aging well.

    1. But there is a big difference in that case, for men it is (not always, but sometimes) possible to return from behind the wall.

    2. Yarara: (But there is a big difference in that case, for men it is (not always, but sometimes) possible to return from behind the wall.) It’s called getting rich. Money makes your SMV rise with 1-10 points. Depending on how much money you have. Thats what we are valued for most of all. If you chase women you’ll always lose money. If you have money you’ll never lose women. It’s the easyest way to climb the sexual ladder. Just make some money. It’s faster and more effective than working out or learning game. Money is a force multiplying factor when it comes to attracting women. You can be ugly and fat. Thats much less unattractive than being broke.

  2. I would add to this discussion just one thing though. Fitness makes a difference.

    When my bodyfat gets in the 20s, I definetely become a “guy who’s hit the wall”.

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