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Take in those pictures of women hitting the wall

I don’t use Facebook much at all, but it is good for at least one thing: realizing how incredibly poorly Mother Nature treats women. In my Facebook feed there is a trickle of posts of female friends I’ve added over the years, and to be honest, there are quite a few I don’t even recognize anymore. I literally have no fucking idea who they are.

Indeed, the changes some women go through in their 20s are absolutely mind-blowing, but not in a good way. In their teens, some girls transform into gorgeous women. About ten years later, some already undergo a second transformation, but one that puts them into a rather unfortunate situation if they didn’t manage to pin down a husband. In their 30s, things get really dire even for those who went through their 20s relatively unscathed.

I won’t indulge in the indiscretion of posting pictures of people I know here on my blog, but let me just briefly remark that the motivation behind this post is a half-Russian, half-British girl I met when she was 21, when she was one of the most breathtakingly beautiful girls you could imagine. Nowadays, in her late 20s, she could almost pass herself off as a babushka. With a head-scarf she’d look like a middle-aged woman from behind. At least that’s the impression I get when pictures of her showed up on my Facebook timeline. It’s brutal.

There is no escaping The Wall. For some good illustrations, highlighting how some female stars have been doing on that front, please spend some time clicking through this thread with pictures of women hitting the wall on They are not fully representative as the “before” pictures have often been photoshopped or airbrushed, while the “after” pictures are sometimes the results of years living off drugs, booze, and cocks.

After skimming that thread, you may be even more appreciative of the fact that you were born a man.

22 thoughts on “Take in those pictures of women hitting the wall

    1. I was on the fence, and didn’t do enough research. I haven’t allowed myself to be in a “relationship” for a long time. Just flings when I came to the realization: I fucking hate being in relationships, and when I’m in one, all I think about is how awesome it would be to be single. There were just philosophical points of view I missing for exactly why I hate relationships and crave being single, and the observations of MGTOW answered them well.

    2. To be fair, women age differently then men do and they are completely different than men. I don’t understand why anyone would base anything off of looks instead of intellectual porn. If men are that shallow then they will always be alone and die alone cause beauty ifs meant to fade.

    3. Here’s a news flash: guys don’t panic about “dying alone”. Plenty rather enjoy solitude in their old age instead of suffering a confrontative aged hag. It must be so idyllic to have a wrinkled, fat Western bitch nag you on your death bed.

    4. And to be honest, men aren’t that attractive anyway but maybe you are all wondering what makes me attractive to women. Well, I’ll tell.yoi, none can they age completely, but what attracts women to men most certainly is not looks lol but his commitment to self or responsibility and his word and his mind and his faith and his beliefs and values and principles. That is what makes men attractive. But , for all.of you to come on here and talking about women hitting a wall etc they don’t have beards to cover wrinkles or a flat chest to never sag or time to dedicate to staying in perfect shape cause that is time spent with children. I have five boys and I’m beautiful, and I believe that laughter and love and eating right and having children keep you youthful. So, I’m not old per say but I know I’m beautiful and do what I believe called to do and if my son’s ever said or treated women the way this bullshit website did I would be happy he was alone and never got anyone cause that is what he would deserve. Beauty fades as do flowers and shame on anyone who would beat a woman down over any of those things and you would deserve to be alone or looking at one dimensional porn for the rest of your life and be dumb enough to be happy with that and honestly that’s no one’s problem but your own. Is best you didn’t marry cause you all have no concept of it. ?

    5. It seems you haven’t read the tag line of my blog. This is not a place for snow flakes. I cracked up when I read that you can’t stay in shape because of your children. half an hour a day spent on body-weight exercises doesn’t work for your fat, lazy, entitled bitches, and suggesting that you put down the fucking fork is clearly a break of human rights, right?

  1. Also a lot of the after pictures are with the chick gaining 100 pounds… That’s not hitting the wall, that’s getting lazy with your diet.

    1. There is also the problem that the skin of women gets a lot less firm as they age. This easily leads to the problem that their body looks out of shape and their face as if it is melting. Excess weight just makes things a lot worse for them.

    2. Yah I was just thinking about this the other day. There’s something in a woman’s body that can’t be measured just in terms of fat/muscle ratio.

      Anytime I’ve been with a 19 year old, their body just “feels different” when you hold her in your hands… as opposed to say holding a 28 year old with the SAME level of leanness/proportions. The 28 year olds just… it feels like they’re “thicker” despite not being fatter.

      So I thought, maybe i’m just making it up. Maybe they don’t have the same proportions, maybe the 19-year old is thinner than the 28 year old and I just THINK that they have the same waist/proportions.

      So I went to a model index that lists erotic models and pornstars, it has their measures. If you look at the teens vs the 28 year olds… You will find that even if two models are the exact same height and exact same proportions… the teens just look different. They’re just “tighter looking”… even if the 28 year old has the same waist.

    3. * Obviously in my example “19 year old” and “28 year old” are just an archetype. One includes girls from 17 to maybe 20. The other is girls from 25 to 30.

    4. I fully agree. There is a big difference between Western and Asian women, though. The latter seem to age a lot more slowly. Based on my limited experience with Asians, it seems as if the body of an Asian woman in her mid-to-late 20s feels like a teenage Western girl’s.

  2. It’s funny how FB pics of women (as well as Yahoo posting these retarded articles) have all these girls leaving “likes” and “so pretty” comments. Not to mention the thirsty beta-males who leave similar comments.

    When I go for errands, I get bombarded with all those cosmetic companies selling their ‘reverse aging’ products. I wonder if those work to defeat the Wall..?

  3. Then you have men like Will Smith who have practically not changed at all over the last 20 yrs. Black men age particularly well it seems.
    “Men age like wine, women like bread” the saying goes. Makes every women mad I’ve said it to.

    1. You said “Men age like wine, women like bread.” tell yourself what ever lies you need to get you though the night.
      I disagree with that statement as I have yet to experience this women hitting the wall nonsense for starters I see plenty of women in their 40’s and even one in her 50’s still getting dates and rejecting “often” younger men in clubs. Most of these women have average to good jobs, take decent care of themselves and despite their ages are in no hurry to find a husband. Unless men earn a good income dating actually gets more difficult for for men 35+ as I see plenty of my older friends going dateless for years yet in their 20’s these men did well with women due to competition with younger men.
      Now in countries like Russia or Thailand you might have a point.

    2. “Mike42Night” is clearly a bitter aging woman posing as a man, not even the most pussified of beta males would make a comment like that.

  4. As I approach 30, I am seeing this phenomenon among people I know as well. Girls who at 20 were breathtakingly beautiful, or just outright stunners, are at best “meh”, . Even for the ones who have managed to take care of themselves, I no longer use adjectives like Wow, Hot, Gorgeous, Beautiful. No more mouth wide open, can’t stop looking reactions. It’s more “Her sense of style is really good”, “She still looks good for a 30 year old”.

    In some ways, I almost find it sad that so many girls I was madly attracted to, I no longer feel a thing for them when I meet them.

  5. I can only speak of my own experience. I married a stunningly beautiful lady. 15 years later, almost 40, after the kids, people would ask me where their grandmother was. When she died in an accident at 42 the coroner was shocked, thinking she was in her 60s. Women can hit the wall really, really hard.

    On the other hand, I’m 52 and get approached by women much younger It used to bother my older daughter (27) that her friends flirt with me, but now she just accepts it.

    1. I hear you. I’m now 61, an average working stiff who works two jobs, never married, not some old fat slob or creeper, and I’ve been encountering younger women, mostly in the 25-30 year old range (be they few), who are approaching me as well, and I’m not even looking. They range from young women seeking a sugar daddy relationship, to young women weary of Tinder and younger man-baby men. My current gf is 29, fit, stunning, first generation from Armenian immigrant parents. Introduced to me by my 31 year old niece, who’s her friend. This whole online hookup thing sickens me, personally. Like you, the naysayers with their nasty pushback abound, but I firmly believe that men often become more distinguished with age, and can handle hitting the male version of hitting wall much better. This myth of old lonely men is just that, a myth. Men have and develope lives.

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