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The “men are like switches, women are like dials” nonsense

I think I have written about the misconception this article is going to focus on before, but it probably can’t hurt to discuss it again in more detail as you so often encounter it that it makes your head spin. Well, given that the vast majority of men are beta cucks, it is no surprise that they have no idea how women work. Yet, they still want to pretend that they are knowledgeable, so they perpetuate complete falsehoods.

Let’s talk about men first. Saying that men are like switches is based on the observation that you see a hot woman and are immediately attracted to her if you find her attractive. If you’re a young, horny teenager, this may indeed be how it goes down. Yet, with a little bit of experience, which is what beta cucks don’t have, this changes. Fuck a dozen or two women and eventually you’ll get to the point that even for a one-night stand you are no longer content with good looks if there are too many red flags. Encountering one or two crazies tends to cure men of wanting to fuck random and reasonably attractive chicks indiscriminately. Heck, even whore mongers select on more than just looks, which is one reason why hookers who are able to project a pleasant personality can make more money.

It is thus more correct to state that naive and inexperienced men are like switches, while attractive men normally don’t go after every woman who propositions them. Heck, losers even fuck whales, so the woman doesn’t even have to be particularly attractive, provided the man is thirsty enough. Still, in principle, men react immediately to physically attractive women. Once you look for a long-term partner, though, you would be severely misguided if you wanted to shack up with the hottest woman you can find. You also need to take her personality into account, so you need to be much more like a “dial” and carefully assess her.

Thanks to sexual liberation, plenty of women eagerly jump on the cock carousel. If you’ve never encountered a woman who really wanted you right from the get-go, you probably won’t believe me when I tell you that their response to an attractive man is very immediate. This isn’t always great. The problem is that a woman who has had plenty of liquid courage who approaches you by grabbing your junk may not always be overly attractive herself. On that note, I consider the behavior of drunk women on the prowl to be utterly ignoble. They are a lot worse than men. Women who prowl for cock are just like men who just want to get laid, except that such women tend to have lower inhibitions. They don’t need a lot of time to assess how physically attractive a potential mate is. If a guy makes their vagina tingle, they grab his ass or crotch.

Now let’s get to the core of the misconception that “women are like dials”, and why it is a belief that is propagated by beta cucks. If you are an attractive man, you have experienced that women literally threw themselves on you. Maybe you’ve even fucked women within a few minutes in a grimy bathroom stall. Those women engaged in sex because they wanted the validation that comes with getting fucked by a kickass dude. If this sounds too abstract, well, then how does it work with hookers? Regular women supposedly need to be wined and dined for three months, yet a hooker only needs to see a $100 bill to make her spread her legs. How do beta cucks explain that?

Those wimpy men only ever experience that women take a long time to warm up to them, if at all. If they get laid, then it’s due to a woman who desperately wants to settle down. Those women carefully assess those male losers, probably data few guys in parallel, and then pick the best one they can get, given that their looks have been fading rapidly. Such a man is convinced that he had to win her over, when in fact the woman was never really attracted to them and only wants a meal ticket. Such men are also convinced that women don’t really enjoy sex, based on the experience they have with women not wanting to have sex with them.

In summary, men and women are very similar. Physical attraction is an involuntary response. However, because women consider 80% of men to be below average, those bottom 80% of men are likely to have never experienced how quickly a woman who is into you is ready to fuck.

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15 thoughts on “The “men are like switches, women are like dials” nonsense

    1. Just avoid working with women. Problem solved. If you cant avoid working with women. And they accuse you of something. Just say that you are a transgender lesbian. Accuse them of discrimination of transgender lesbians. As a transgender lesbian you have more victim points compared with white women. Tell them you are willing to overlook the incident for a one year salary payment. If not you’ll show up in court dressed up like a woman and demand 10 year salary’s. Just mail some sjw and ask them to protest in front of the company office. They’ll offer you a settlement in no time.

  1. Women are much worse. Just look at any holiday destination. The moment they know there are no social ramifications. They turn into animals. (Regular women supposedly need to be wined and dined for three months) Ye right. Women know almost immediately if they want to have sex with you. If she’s not hot for you on the first date. She won’t be at the twentieth. Just avoid any dinner date in the beginning. It’s a waste of time and money. Just drinks the first 3 dates. (no coffee) Dinner and coffee won’t help you getting laid. Alcohol does. If you didn’t accomplish the job after taking her out 3 times with alcohol. You probably never will. Most women will put out on the first date if they really like you.

    1. 3 dates? Too generous. If you have logistics+alcohol at the first date and you don’t get laid, she’s either not into you (very likely) or conservative (very unlikely).

    2. I’ve always had to do coffee instead of alcohol because I don’t drink alcohol. It’s kind of weird to go on a date and have her drink alcohol while you abstain. I probably missed opportunities to get laid because of this.

    3. Man…the efficiency you guys have in getting women to sleep with you just blows my mind. And it says as much about women too, or Western women in this case. I don’t mean this in a holier than thou way; I think the same fundamental aspects of female nature also apply to Asian women. In particular, hypergamy arguably runs deeper for our lot, and as a whole we come with other issues.

      But generally when it comes to sex, or at least in my social circles, we are quite prude. We don’t even discuss it openly among female friends (I can count on one finger the number of girlfriends who breach the topic with me). I think it’s something people understand happens between couples, but there’s the societal expectation that you only do it within the confines of a relationship. Otherwise, it’s frowned upon and even shamed. In any case, if you as a woman put out so quickly, how can you expect the guy to stick around or see value in you…? There’s got to be more you have to offer than your body.

    4. Neutralrandomthoughts: You’re absolutely right. The 3 date rule is based on the so called modern conservative women. It’s something they themselves have invented. So better keep it short and simple. It’s just so they can say they are not sluts by their own social rules. It’s total bullshit. And most break the rules anyway. But some women believe they have to wait for the 3 dates mark or they’ll be branded a slut. I’m not sure were it came from. Most likely some chick movie or magazine or something. But it use to be a thing in the Netherlands. Mostly amongst spoiled rich girls. So we made it a game amongst friends to do it within 3 dates. All good fun.

    5. GMoney: I hardly ever drink myself. Maybe 2 or 3 times a year. And i never get drunk. But that doesn’t mean she cant. And coffee dates just dont work at all. I’m living in the coffee drinking capital of the world. The only time you’ll get some is when a woman invites you for coffee at her place. Not when they’ll agree to meet at a coffee house or something. That’s a one way ticket to the friendzone. The only place were coffee dates actually can work that i know off is South Korea. In SK coffee is considered a status symbol. But even in South Korea it’s better to take her out for alcoholic drinks.

    6. Not trying to one-up you guys. But honestly one date is one too many.

      Why would you even go on a date?

    7. Sleazy’s Gal: Hypergamy is indeed part of female nature. It’s instinctively driven. All women have hypergamy. It’s just visible in other ways. In Asian culture it’s more visible when women are demanding high earning marriage partners. In the Western world women often trade up. They just dump their current partner whenever they find a higher quality replacement. Or when they end up alone at 35. Asking where all the good men have gone. As for the getting women to have sex part. Western women have no dignity. They have no shame. They just react on their impulses for the most part. Just like animals. When a guy is reasonably attractive. All he has to do is trigger those impulses. It’s that simple. In Asian culture women behaving that way experience negative consequences. In the Western world they believe it’s acceptable. Saying anything negative about it is now considered oppression and hate speech.

    8. AlekNovy: (Why would you even go on a date?) It’s not strictly necessary in the Western world. But if you are interested in a longer relationship it can have value. And it can be fun with a decent woman. If you just want to pump and dump. Just pick-up or hook-up would be preferable.

    9. But it makes no sense for relationships either.

      Why would you go into a relationship with a random person that you have no common activities with?!?

      Because if you meet this person through your lifestyle, you should be able to get to know them by virtue of just engaging in the lifestyle. You go to the same events, or do the same activities.

      A date only makes sense as a way to “get to know” someone you won’t get to be around again naturally/anyway.

    10. AlekNovy: Maybe when you have common activities like work or church. It wouldn’t be appropriate to flirt and endlessly talk about personal stuff during those activities. But mostly i believe it’s an other outdated ritual these days. It use to be part of the courtship period before marriage. But women still like it. It’s mostly because women want it. Personally i dont date to get laid. I take women out after the deal is closed. To have fun and for relationship building. Girls just want to have fun. If they keep me happy. I’ll keep them happy. It’s more like prostitution for goods and services instead of money.

  2. Fuck a dozen or two women and eventually you’ll get to the point that even for a one-night stand you are no longer content with good looks if there are too many red flags. Encountering one or two crazies tends to cure men of wanting to fuck random and reasonably attractive chicks indiscriminately.

    I’ve never thought of it this way, but that’s so true. That was my experience exactly. I went from a switch to a dial after my first dozen lays.

    I genuinely never get turned on by appearance alone. A girl has to do something in order to move the dial. With experience my dial has just gotten more hesitant and picky.

    On the topic of the dozen or two lays, we had a similar discussion here:

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