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    1. I posted some updates very recently. It’s likely that the book will be available even before Christmas. I’ll post an update once it can be purchased on Amazon.

  1. This being the open thread, and me being a bit drunk right now, I’d like to propose a toast to 44 heroes of the argentine Navy who went out on patrol on an extremely poorly maintained submarine and lost their lives in one very absurd and totally avoidable accident. The search and rescue operation has already been suspended, there is no hope of rescuing them alive, we are just looking for the wreck right now.

    To the 43 men and 1 woman who were on board, my deepest gratitude for your service. Let them be an example for every man alive.

  2. When wandering around internet I found concept called “cooperative breeding”.

    As it intrigued me, I search this concept in wikipedia:

    What I found is akin to “alpha fucks, beta bucks”:
    “Cooperative breeding requires “repression” of helpers’ reproduction,
    by pheromones emitted by a breeder, by coercion, or by self-restraint.
    Sarah Blaffer Hrdy believes that cooperative breeding is an ancestral trait in humans, a controversial proposition.”

    Here’s that lady:

    Also StanfordU stance on that matter:
    “Cooperative breeding may be viewed primarily as a means by which young adults put off the start of their own breeding in order to maximize their lifetime reproductive output, and in the process occasionally promote genes identical with their own via kin selection.” (Thank you very much for that strategy.)

    Could it be true? That ALL females (INCLUDING) humans are playing this “game”.

    Are they like that by default?
    Than why even… why even bother with women if they could do something like that with straight face anytime, anywhere, to anybody, with anyone.
    And now it is “confirmed” by science!?
    It’s straggering.

    Moreover if that is true, it explains existence of orbiters, cockblockers and, of course cucks(TM). They are, said helpers, whos “repressing” themselfs for future promise of access to female.


    If it is even 50% true, it should be teached to any young man out there.
    Right after lesson about Briffault’s Law as Ben suggested earlier.

    I also found that wikipedia deleted corollaries to Briffault’s Law:

    For anyone interested in said corollaries:

    1. Great post. Will do some more research on it later.
      And somehow i’m not surprised about that wikipedia deleted corollaries to Briffault’s Law.
      Wikipedia becomes more and more sjw propaganda. And less facts and science.
      We need a new platform for scientific research stuff. Wikipedia isn’t reliable anymore.
      (why even bother with women?)
      Thats a question i ask myself more and more. The better i understand women. The harder it gets to like them.
      I mostly view them in the same way i do tigers. Beautiful creatures. But highly dangerous and without merci.

    2. Something that also perfectly fits into these behaviours. Women are more attracted to muscular and dominant men when they are ovulating. They are more likely to cheat on the beta provider while fertile. They are also more attracted to the badboy’s when they stop taking hormonal birth control. It seems women are biologically programmed to get pregnant by the alpha. While using the beta’s to care for her and her children. Only giving beta’s access to her pussy while they are not fertile. It seems it’s natural for women to commit paternity fraud and trick cucks into providing for children that are not theirs. In this way using the best genetics for reproduction. While getting the most possible resources to care for the offspring.

    3. chairman: This is all very interesting stuff. These theories/researches and other supporting material should be bundled in a more complete package. This could easily show wy there is no benefit in playing the provider role in modern day society. Maybe combine it with some data on cheating, paternity fraud, divorce etcetera. It could make very interesting study material for all boys and men.

    4. Goes to show there is no god. By the way, cooperative breeding is a fact. You can clearly see it in primates. In fact there is good evidence that the predominant system was the matriarchy before agriculture. Which is most of human history. The patriarchy is a hard won asset of men and we shouldn’t give it up to feminists. Briffaults law is entirety proven as per current knowledge in pshychatry.

    5. I dont believe that the predominant system was the matriarchy before agriculture. More like Alpha males simply getting all the women they wanted. And beta’s working their ass off for leftovers. They were probably more concerned with keeping the alpha male happy than the women. The alpha male was probably the one deciding almost everything. If a beta was trying to mate with a girl without the alpha’s approval. He would probably get killed or chased away. A matriarchy can only exist within a save environment with easy excess to food. Or when the females are stronger than the males. Neither was the case in that time-period for humans.

    6. @ben: (This could easily show wy there is no benefit in playing the provider role in modern day society. Maybe combine it with some data on cheating, paternity fraud, divorce etcetera.) Yeah, that would be great.
      Could you (or anybody else) expand topics to cover in such “complete package” – beside:
      -paternity fraud,
      -Briffault’s Law,
      – “cooperative breeding”,
      -bank account hijacking, house hijacking, and any other mens belongings,
      -AlekNovys’s piramid of “visibility” (i forgot exact name – one that are 4 levels: top man > top woman > avg. woman > avg. men, and women only see first 3 levels),
      -dating game (woman get free entertaiment, man lost time, effort, money, gain nothing)
      -cohabitation laws : if you share room, flat, house with woman (not married to you) long enough by law you are treated as if you are married – i forgot the name of that
      -futility of minmax approach to life:

    7. Aaron, I apologize for comment under comment.
      I found name that i forgot, it is called “common-law marriage”.
      Could you please, change in my last comment words: “cohabitation laws” into “common-law marriage”.
      Thank You.

    8. AlekNovys’s piramid of “visibility” (i forgot exact name – one that are 4 levels: top man > top woman > avg. woman > avg. men, and women only see first 3 levels),

      I can’t believe anyone remembers that blog post I wrote years ago. I’m flattered though.

      The concept itself is “the Apex fallacy”. All I did was represent it graphically in the form of a pyramid. And put average women above average men (looking up toward the guys on the top).

    9. chairman: It’s hard to get any solid data on many of these subject. There are to many interest groups trying to prevent the publication of these numbers. Things like common-law marriage are differently handled in every different state. And paternity fraud is often kept secret because they say it hurts the interest of the child. In some countries it’s even illegal to do a dna test without the mothers permission. Because if the man finds out the kid isn’t his. He might use violence against the cheating woman. And he probably doesn’t want to take care of the child. Neither feminist nor tradcons want this info to spread. That’s the biggest problem with these subjects. I know paternity fraud is about 4% amongst white middle class western people. That means there’s a child in almost every classroom. And the man playing dady has no idea it’s not his. In the lower class this number is much higher.

    10. chairman: The divorce rate is also a misrepresentation of the reality. Right now most people think a marriage has a 50/50 chance of lasting a lifetime. This is not the case. These statistics are based on the yearly numbers. A marriage has a 50% chance of ending in a divorce every year. The chance of a marriage lasting a lifetime is very small. It’s like tossing a coin every year to see if you will have a divorce. Most marriages dont last long enough for raising children. This use to be the point of getting married. Therefore i see no reason to get married anymore. It no longer serves it’s intended role.

    11. chairman: So called benefits of marriage for men are also very deceiving. They often group divorced and widowed men with unmarried men. They try to paint this picture that marriage makes men happy, healthy and richer. If you start putting the divorced men who often became unhappy, unhealthy and poor because their ex-wife ruined their lifes. And you group them with the single men. It paints a very misleading picture. Tradcons often use these statistics to show how wonderful marriage is for men. Even if the failure of marriage has directly caused the misery of these newly single men. Another fact about this misrepresentation is that women are more likely to select men that are healthy and rich. They are not healthy and rich because they are married. They are married because they are healthy and rich. They paint the effects of hypergamy like a positive effect that these women have on their husbands.

    12. chairman: Hypergamy would absolutely belong to this list. And everything caused by hypergamy. Trading up etcetera. AlekNovy’s model (Apex fallacy) is part of hypergamy. But it only coffers the selection process. The even larger problem would be the trading up process. Women divorcing their husbands in order to climb the pyramid. Even if you are high enough on the pyramid to be seen by women. It doesn’t stop her from trying to climb that thing even higher. She will never be satisfied until she reaches the top. And most Western women have no trouble with using ex-husband corpses to build themselves a stairway.

    13. chairman: You should check out: mouse utopia experiments by john calhoun.
      I think you’ll find it educational.
      There are multiple videos on it on youtube. The one from (Down the rabbit hole) is pretty good.
      It’s about studies on social behaviour and overpopulation with mice and rats. It’s scary how much resemblances it has with modern day society.
      It’s a must for everyone who’s interested in social changes in society.

    14. ben: (You should check out: mouse utopia experiments by john calhoun. I think you’ll find it educational.)
      Thank you, although i am well aware of this.
      I dont want to be rude but your assumptions about me are not correct. I am well aware of all this.

      Till this month however i was just lurking this part of internet for many years.

      Around 10 years ago i fall victim to PUA cartel. I was in bad shape before i buy their BS (which i did out of real desperation). After i get there to get some answers i almost drown in their shithole.
      BlackPill’s blog from omegavirginrevolt.wordpress.com helped me alot in escaping them. There i met (read) comments from AlekNovy (and that is why I remembered AlekNovy’s picture of piramid, he saved my life), much later i found Aaron.
      I am regretting not only lost money but also lost time, life, opportunities i lost forever. Still today I have to live with consequences of my actions (and inactions) from that period.

      My situation resembles one that was blogged about by Aaron in:
      “you’ll need to do some serious work on yourself. In addition to psychotherapy you may even need to leave your current negative social environment and start all over somewhere else. We’re talking about a multi-year effort here.”

      You guys here are doing great job. Next generation of man (if they will be born) will be little more aware of some lies society puts in their heads from birth.

      With that post (up about cooperative breeding) i wanted to contribute a little to your nonpaid effort.

      I think dr F. Devlin encapsulate well hypergamy in his “Sexual Utopia in Power” from many years ago:

      Here he touches divorce:

      “Michelle Langley’s “Women’s Infidelity” is (…)
      Her book’s central thesis is an unpopular one previously set forth in this journal by the present reviewer: women are no more “naturally” monogamous than men.

      Biochemical research points to a natural four-year sexual cycle for the human female. This apparently allows enough time after childbirth for the average mother in a state of savagery to regain her ability to survive with­out male provisioning. In the absence of any system of marriage, a woman’s natural tendency is to “liberate” herself from her mate after that point. When her hormones prompt her to reproduce again, she simply takes a new mate.”

      Also i found that google some time ago blocks his blog posts in search results – i have to resort to alernative search engines.

  3. Aaron, an answer as honest as possible to a staightforward question please:

    A good-looking guy with some kind of decent style which is not “Kareem Abdul-Jabbar”….in height (between 1.73 to 1.77), makes a bet with himself:

    Over the next whole year, I will not do a single cold-approach to any girl. Nothing. Not even one. Any time i go out of my home for my day-to-day activities/errands, I will only wait for girls to shoot eye contact to me and then insta move my ass. In the 31st of December 2018, I want to have banged 10 girls.

    Is it possible?

    Really, I don’t know how a few guys out there claim they’ve banged 60 or even 100 girls from cold approaching. I find it at least hilarious. Really, I don’t believe it. In my humble opinion most of these girls gave them a choosing signal which they didn’t realize. And a more harsh opinion, is that the guys who sarge in order to have sex, are averege-looking or even unattractive.

    1. I am not Aaron. But, it is plausible that actively looking for eye contact is a great way to meet women. It will do more for you than cold approaching like a headless chicken. As for ten women, who knows?

      If you are 1.77m in height, don’t add points to your for your height. You are average.

      However in my humble opinion, it is a great idea to look for eye contact from women.

    2. Really, I don’t know how a few guys out there claim they’ve banged 60 or even 100 girls from cold approaching. I find it at least hilarious. Really, I don’t believe it. In my humble opinion most of these girls gave them a choosing signal which they didn’t realize. And a more harsh opinion, is that the guys who sarge in order to have sex, are averege-looking or even unattractive.

      Just look at videos of RSD picking up chicks. They’re slobbering drunk sixes. Like they’re so drunk they can have slurred speech. And RSD puts these videos out to show how good they are at picking up chicks.

  4. Just wondering what you think of Jordan Peterson’s psychological work.

    I did his version of the Big 5 recently.

    Here are my results in percentiles:
    Agreeableness 0th
    Compassion 0th
    Politeness 4th

    Conscientiousness 5th
    Industriousness 14th
    Orderliness 4th

    Extraversion 34th
    Enthusiasm 4th
    Assertiveness 81th

    Neuroticism 7th
    Withdrawal 4th
    Volatility 17th

    Openness to Experience 49th
    Intellect 72nd
    Openness 26th

    You can do a free version on this site that also uses the same aspects that he does although the scoring differs a little: https://app.work.coach/courses/162769/lectures/3179762#/questions/1

    I also have access to his self-authoring suite. I think your review was pretty accurate. I don’t think it offers that much for anyone who sets goals, and personally I find that it encourages setting of too many goals — one reason I scored relatively low for conscientiousness IMO is that I find myself not completing goals I set out to achieve very often, because I often set too many goals for myself. I find that concentrating on a smaller number of goals works much better for me.

    I find Peterson an engaging speaker, but I sometimes feel like his explanations of stories and myths as some kind of structure written into the human mind are examples of the “narrative fallacy”. I do think his stand on free speech, not giving into retarded leftist standards laudable of course.

    1. From what I know of you, based on our interactions over the years, those percentile scores seem really off.

    2. @Aaron’s reply to Alvin:

      You shouldn’t be such a dick to your readers. Or a jerk. Or an asshole.

      Wait, a minute, just like being an aloof dickhead to chick makes the chick want you more, I’m sure your reader will keep coming back!

      Happy December!!

    3. I am not at all a “dick” to him, not in the least. It was a brief remark. I would place him, for instance, somewhere at around, at the very least, the 90th percentile in conscientiousness, not the 5th percentile.

    4. My result on that test says I have low intellect 🙂

      The questions are stupid though. They’re worded in such a way where 3-4 of the choices seem equally true for me. So I picked the middle non-answer on almost everything.

      The test assumes you’re certain on everything. Which I would argue is a sign of low intellect. Smarter people doubt if they know the “perfect answer” to everything.

      Kind of like being an agnostic vs an atheist. I was agnostic on 95% of those questions.

    5. @Shaking my head

      Assumptions always reveal more about the person making the assumption.

      The fact that you assumed Aaron is saying “the results are too positive for you” – reveals more about you than anything about Aaron.

    6. There are many such free tests around, I did a bunch of them to see if their results are consistent, and found they generally are.

      Happy to find out that I tend to score high on all (especially conscientiousness) except neuroticism, which is very low in me.

  5. Aaron did you hear about that girl that accused the guy that saved her from drowning of rape for touching her body while saving her. What did she expect him to do, use telekinesis or the force?This little bitch is the lowest of the low and not to mention extremely ungrateful. Hell even some feminists actually bashed her and defended the man which as far as I’m aware is very rare. Also something like this can have a ripple effect. Men who see a chick drowning after hearing about this will be more hesistant if they think they’ll get hit with a false rape allegation, those moments of hesitation can mean the difference between life and death. So this cunt could indirectly be responsible for future deaths. Anyway I’ll post a link later as I’m on my phone now.

    1. That’s interesting. Please share the link later.

      The incident you mentioned reminds me of some recent adjustments of German law, according to which sexual harassment is much more harshly punished than so-called failure to assist a person in danger. This implies, to refer to your example, that if you see a drowning woman, you’re better off to just keep walking than to help her because if she deems your actions to have constituted sexual harassment, you’ll be punished much more severely. Overall, I think we are moving towards a society in which men will avoid contact with females, in whatever form, to the greatest possible extent.

    1. The problem is that even if it is fake, it is believable, given how batshit insane feminists are.

    2. Hi Aaron my apologies I just looked into it deeper the whole story was a hoax Cassidy Boon apparently writes controversial fictional articles. Still the fact that this video went viral means it will have an impact as many wont actually peak behind the curtain and see it’s a work of fiction. Besides we both know works of fiction can be used as propaganda tools which is what I believe she ultimately is given she wrote another hoax article on how male lives don’t matter, definitely being used to spread ideas. Finally as you said even though it’s fake many will believe it.

    3. There is another interesting angle: the left loves to shout ‘satire’ in the rare case when there is a clearly negative reaction. For instance, some time ago there was an article claiming that men should be prohibited to vote. Of course, that was satirical.

  6. Yeah I don’t think it’s going to be used as propaganda…..

    I think being a better man, evolving in all ways is far more important than always being on the lookout for ‘the feminist enemy’. It went viral because she was obviously wrong and stupid it invited a backlash.

    It’s simpler, and now established that it was clickbait. When it comes to marketing all people are equal. No one is going to use that shit for propaganda purposes.

    Not saying there aren’t worthy cases that deserve attention.

    1. Those days are gone. In general, I trust Russian-funded sources more than Western ones. You probably know of RT. Sputnik News is also worth a visit.

    2. zerohedge.com

      If you can stand the doom porn that is.
      and if you want to read about every single move in btc price.

      my personal tip for zerohedge is to read the headline and then jump to the comments for shits and giggles.

    3. Aaron,

      Ouuf – Sputnik is out there! I guess you’re right – nothing seems independent. Not only that but all these sources focus on one small event and sensationalize it.

    4. The MSM published countless stories on Russian interference in the last US presidential elections that were based on wishful thinking. I don’t think I’ve ever come across bullshit of a similar magnitude at Sputink News.

  7. On being provider nowadays…

    If anyone still believes in any benefits of having a girlfriend (especially from millenial generation or next after them) in western world, fool yourself no more: “no bucks, no fucks”:
    “I wanted to sell my virginity (..) rather than giving it to a future friend who might have left me anyway”.
    Nice logic. She only knows bad boys, and everyone else don’t exist for her. So she will be better off selling herself anyway.
    On what earth i live.

    Supposedly there is new trend in western world: selling virginity by legal teens to get money instead of working or staying at home:

    (warning porn site)

    “Kink.com First To Stream Deflowering of Young Virgin Live”


    “”I saw this as a business. I have the opportunity to travel, to be part of a movie and get a bonus with it,” she told Folha newspaper.
    “If you only do it once in your life then you are not a prostitute, just like if you take one amazing photograph it does not automatically make you a photographer.””

    2013 same girl

    “He was not a 53-year-old man as Justin (Sisely) claimed,” she said. “He was a 21-year-old Japanese. I was surprised and no deal was struck between him and I.”
    She added that she will give details of the failed transaction in an forthcoming book.
    It was not clear whether Miss Migliorini ever received any money from Natsu.
    Meanwhile Miss Migliorini’s mother, Mary, said she was “flabbergasted” by her daughter’s decision.
    “I don’t approve but I won’t stop loving her. I love my daughter unconditionally … But I don’t get this,” she added.


    “She said: “I wanted to sell my virginity with Cinderella Escorts rather than giving it to a future friend who might have left me anyway.
    “And I think many other girls have the same attitude.
    “How many would possibly forgo their first time in retrospect if they could have £2 million instead?””


    “A 19-year-old model has spoken of a “dream come true” after selling her virginity for more than £2 million to a businessman from Abu Dhabi.
    The part-time student from the US (…)
    The teenager, named Giselle, said she decided to auction herself off on the German website Cinderella Escorts so she could pay tuition fees and go travelling.”

    interview in forbes with owner of that “agency”:

    “We dont become worlds most famous Agency because of one Single Auction. We sold already before Virgins. For example Lolita for 600.000 Euro. And we become famous because we make Auctions also with Celebritys like famous Playmates, Actress and Model.”
    “She told us that to live in NYC is very expensive and she still dont find the right man. So she thinks the easiest way to get a lot of money is to sell her Virginity over our Website Cinderella Escorts.”

    also modern motherhood:
    “She she is happy for her daughter to strip to fund the surgeries and was also supportive when she picked up a 50-something sugar daddy at 18.”
    “Georgina, left, has always insisted that she isn’t concerned by her daughter idolising Katie Price. Georgina said: ‘She was a good role model, strong, independent, she earns her own money and she wasn’t on benefits'”

    That role model:
    “Price and Peter Andre got together after spending time on I’m a Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here!, and they married in September 2005 at Highclere Castle, Hampshire. In May 2009 they announced that they were separating.
    In July 2009, Price began dating MMA fighter and former Hollyoaks actor Alex Reid.[46] On 2 February 2010, Price married Reid in a private ceremony in Las Vegas at the chapel in the Wynn Hotel. They later also formally married in a church in the UK; the ceremony was filmed for her TV series. They separated in January 2011.
    She married Kieran Hayler, at the Sandals Royal Bahamian Resort and Spa in the Bahamas on 16 January 2013. Hayler proposed on Christmas Day 2012.”

    “In September 2009, Price claimed that she had previously been raped by a “famous celebrity”, but had not reported the incident. Price insisted that she would “absolutely never” reveal who the attacker was. Surrey Police stated that they had not contacted Price: “No allegation of rape has been made and Miss Price will not be making a statement to police”.”

    1. (Meanwhile Miss Migliorini’s mother, Mary, said she was “flabbergasted” by her daughter’s decision.
      “I don’t approve but I won’t stop loving her. I love my daughter unconditionally … But I don’t get this,” she added.)
      This is probably one of the reasons girls have little trouble with becoming whore’s. There are no social consequences anymore. They didn’t interview daddy about it. He’s probably out of the picture for a long time anyway. And mother is probably hoping she’ll get some of the money.
      (If you only do it once in your life then you are not a prostitute)
      I wonder if she feels the same about a guy raping her only once. Whould he still be a rapist if he does it only once in his life? It’s seems like the same chick logic about fucking on holiday. It doesn’t count if you fuck around in an area with another zip code.

      Women behave this way because they know all bad behaviour will be forgiven or ignored anyway.
      If i had a daughter like that, i would give her a ass kicking worthy of the front page.

  8. Does anybody have experience with drinking absinthe? Original real european absinthe. Not the cheap replica’s or usa produced ones. I’m looking for an A-quality brand. Any recommendations?

  9. Frederick posted a question on Aarons book release announcement. This wasn’t really the place to do it. But the question could make interesting conversation. (Is it better to pay for sex with strippers than to cold approach?) Personally i dont think there is a one size fits all answer to this one. But it made me think about the statement (Time=Money). And how western women have priced themselves out of the market. It seems that for lots of men. The investment that’s needed to take a good looking woman home. Is simply not worth it when compared with pay to play. It takes less skill, time, and energy for them working a job to make some money. And simply buy a girls time. In comparison with the investment they have to do when trying pick up. Could there be a formula to simply calculate the pay off? Something like ( base smv+time investment improving smv+time investment flirting with girls+money spend on girls = time/money pay off?) Is the investment needed raising your smv and mastering pick up worth the time?

    1. I think what makes men go for picking up girls the optionality to fuck the same girl again at cheaper cost – moneywise and timewise. After all, she could become your girlfriend and you’d have access to regular sex.
      This is fine as long as the girl is suitable and the guy is satisfied with having sex with the same girl over and over.
      Considering that the chances of a) being sane yourself and b) her being sane are ridiculously low, this is a very short sighted strategy. The probability of finding a fitting partner is close to zero.
      Further, if there is no love, sex quickly becomes dull and the desire to “try out something different” naturally increases. I assume sexual desire to go down anyway in any relationship and the frequency to decrease.

      Not going for hookers is a short sighted mistake in my opinion. Everyman should know the difference between sex only and sex with emotions – the same way one should know what it is to get drunk alone and to get drunk with friends. It gives perspective and helps appreciate the intimacy in both cases.

    2. I hope nobody is stupid enough to look for a girlfriend in a club. I’m talking about one night stands. Are they worth the investment? If you consider the costs, time, quality, risks compared with prostitution. Is it ever worth it? In my experience, most guys that can pull it off. Are not interested. And the guys that are interested, cant pull it off. Personally i’m not interested in club girls anymore. The quality of the women is too low for my taste. Most are crazy! But some dude’s still try to pull girls from clubs. I think most would be better off calling an escort. Is the PUA age officially over?

    3. In my experience, most guys that can pull it off. Are not interested. And the guys that are interested, cant pull it off. Personally i’m not interested in club girls anymore. The quality of the women is too low for my taste.

      Ditto. The easier getting laid has gotten for me (due to increase in status), the lower my interest in clubs got. To where today I have exactly 0.000% interest in clubs. It just seems absurd to even consider it really.

      I mean if I walk into a bigger supermarket, I’ll see 2-3 hotties. And by that I mean 8+. It might just be my part of the world, but in clubs I never see hotties. Just a bunch of overdressed sixes.

      The idea with clubs is that they’re supposed to make for quicker pulls than otherwise. But compared to what? It must be assuming you have nothing going for you.

      I’ve had my share of quick pulls in social circle and niches. Take her by the hand and lead her to a closet where she dives down with gusto in order to suck me off. I didn’t need a nightclub for that.

    4. The only place where pua makes any sense at all is if you travel. Mystery made this point on why he “developed venusian arts”.

      He even admitted that you can just get laid off of building a lifestyle/status that gets you laid. But (he argued), what if you go to a new city where nobody knows you. This is why you need pickup ™.

      I would argue that sex isn’t that important. If you’re on a trip you can forego sex. Or just book the local escort. You’d be more than able to afford it with all the money you made by not wasting time on pua.

      Or in the case of my hobbies, I can find a chapter/event anywhere in the world. So I can get laid off of my lifestyle even when travelling.

    5. AlekNovy: I always end up sleeping with someone whenever i travel. I never plan to do pick up. It just happens. Every time i stumble on some woman inside the hotel that gives me that look. It seems that many women have some fantasy about fucking strangers in a hotel or something. Plus they dont have social backlash when they do it far from home. It takes me only min to convince them to join me in my room. Or to be invited in theirs. It’s just freaky how easy it is to have one night stands when i’m staying in a hotel. It just happens every time. There’s always a woman standing there looking like she wants to eat me. I approach, make small talk, close the deal. I even had a woman climb the balcony to my room. Almost like a reversed Romeo scene or some female oriented porn movie. It was one of the strangest experiences i had with a woman. What are the odds a 21yo hottie climbs your hotel balcony for a midnight fuck? I couldn’t believe my luck. I only spoke to her for 5 min earlier that evening.

    6. @Ben

      Yeah that was going to be my third point. Meeting women naturally and getting laid off of that.

      Someone might say that banging the hotel chick in your case or supermarket chicks in my case is “pickup”. But I would disagree. I would say that’s normal and organic.

      Going about your day and saying something to some chick where it’s perfectly natural – to me this isn’t pua. It’s just normal. And then escalating from there – also natural and normal if she seems warm to it.

      PUA is about going out of your way and doing something contrived for the specific intent of getting laid.

      To use more pua-ish terminology, these would be warm approaches or natural approaches.

      A combination of getting laid from:

      a) status (social circle, lifestyle, niches)
      b) Escorts
      c) Natural/warm approaches

      This combo makes the idea of doing pua absurd.

    7. AlekNovy: (Yeah that was going to be my third point. Meeting women naturally and getting laid off of that.To use more pua-ish terminology, these would be warm approaches or natural approaches.)

      In my experience this is the best approach. Most men have bad situational awareness. Women often give you signs that they are available for you. learning to read these signs has a better pay off than a corny oneliner. Even when you do a cold approach. Her body language and facial expressions will tell you everything you need to know. And if she’s just not into you. Or not in the mood. It’s better to walk away and try your luck somewhere else. Most guys waste time on trying to change the mind of that one girl. It almost never works that way. If she’s not responsive it’s better to move on and make small talk with other girls. Giving her the impression that you’re the one that lost interest works better than cornering her. Sometimes she will even start competing for you with the other girls. Most PUA’s are to needy.

    8. I never go out with the idea to do pick up. I just go out and behave social. Opportunities just seem to appear naturally that way. I don’t even go to a club without taking girls with me. I use the club more like a reward for the girls. And most of the time other women will try to join our group on their own initiative. Sometimes trying to avoid PUA’s. That’s the most funny part of it all. They often just drive these girls towards other men. And accuse those guys of cock blocking. No PUA retards. You are the one’s making her feel unsafe. She’s looking for protection. You’re doing your competition a favour. Now he has a opportunity to prove his value as a protector. Often buying her a drink while calming her down. That’s what happens when you push to hard with girls that are not open for approach. You’ll only drive them towards other men.

    9. I never go out with the idea to do pick up. I just go out and behave social. Opportunities just seem to appear naturally that way.

      Yep. Unfortunately this doesn’t seem to be a good business model for “seduction teachers”, which is why it isn’t taught by many. It’s too simple. A single book can teach you this.

      You can’t sell multiple courses and 5 days seminars on this. Which is why the entire industry was built on over-complication. But it’s like this in other areas. Not just “getting laid”. The fitness and nutrition industry is the same.

  10. “I hope nobody is stupid enough to look for a girlfriend in a club. ”

    But that’s exactly my point. In the back of the head there’s always the “but what if we get along well and become a couple” option.
    Very few men can have unattached sex. (Frankly, I don’t see that as much of a positive attribute anyway.)

  11. I would appreciate if you guys comment on this.

    I was a out of shape Incel before. Then I got into shape and girls were into me even in my conservative country. This was true about pretty much everywhere I went. Albeit not all those girls were hot but they were into me nevertheless. Since it was socially unacceptable for the ugly girls as well as hot girls to approach me I had no problem only approaching the hot girls. The concept here is get in shape and everything else will follow.

    So what I want you guys to comment if possible is why most Incels don’t understand this?

    It doesn’t matter whether you go to a specific venue or activity (clubs) to meet girls. Girls are everywhere. (however it certainly helps to be around women a lot)

    You don’t need anything to get girls and not even friends and large social circle.

    Men are attractive already and things like makeup is wholly unnecessary for men. What needs to be done is to get in shape.

    Your state of mind nor about being in the moment or some other fufu shit doesn’t matter either.

    So, its a matter of whether you want to change even your body to be attractive to women. Or, you can always fuck whores.

    1. Don: (So what I want you guys to comment if possible is why most Incels don’t understand this?)

      It’s easy’re to fool someone. Than to convince them that they have been fooled. Most have been told the feminist lie from an early age. (Women should love you for your wonderful personality) They believe the lie that these women are beautiful innocent angels. That they are tricked by these alpha guys. They cant accept that these girls value alpha dude’s over them. They believe that if they are nice enough. One day she will see that they are better boyfriends than these alpha guys. They cant except reality about female nature. It’s to painful for them to except it.

      It’s why many men have red pill rage after they swallowed it the first time. It’s a normal reaction. They feel like they lost something important to them. Not every man can deal with the pain that comes with learning the reality about female nature. They reject it. Even if there is overwhelming evidence.

    1. Don: I don’t really see how you can compare the two. I couldn’t even watch the whole video. Dam that girl is annoying. She doesn’t want others to judge. At the same time she’s judging others her self. She says she’s not a feminist. But she’s preaching feminism. How can you make a comparison between Aaron and that fake cunt? As far as i know. Aaron always had a no bullshit, hard hitting and in your face approach about things. This cunt is like a shit spraying machine when it comes to bullshit, She’s just repeating shit other youtubers say. Without a single original thought from her self. She’s not a feminist Because she wants to be popular. And feminism isn’t popular anymore. But she’s still preaching feminist values. I dont think Aaron ever had that type of hypocrisy like she has. His views may have changed a bit while he gets older. But i dont think you can compare him with this girl.

  12. Why don’t I have a girlfriend? More like why don’t I get laid regularly? or even, Why don’t my life look like that of young Hugh Hefner?

    > Shyness.

    Why are you shy?

    > You don’t respond to people well when they approach you so you assume others won’t either.

    Why don’t you respond well to others?

    > That’s how others have responded to me before.

    Why is that?

    > You aren’t pleasant.

    Why aren’t I pleasant?

    > Bad foundations. Which leads to even more shyness.

    Therefore, get in shape. When I say this, I don’t envisage a man with a six pack though. But aim for the stars and you might marry a star one day.

    1. I would like to also say that I didn’t mention the other factors playing into a person’s attractiveness besides getting in shape above because when you go that far, it doesn’t matter anymore. If you are super super super ugly though, some plastic surgery may be warranted like Aaron suggested before on this blog. As far as what goes to attracting women, foundations are all that it takes.

    1. Thanks for your support! I hope you’ll get Sleazy Stories II as well once it is out.

      I’m surprised it took months for you to get the book. Where do you live and where did you order it from?

    2. I guess it just got stucked on Customs and it doesn’t help that the mexican postal service is incredibly shitty.
      I ordered it at Book Depository.
      And yes I’m looking forward for Sleazy Stories Part 2 too! 🙂

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