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Is Lauren Southern lying about her age?

As a quick follow-up to my post Lauren Southern is hitting the wall at age 22, I’d like to draw your attention to a picture she recently posted on Twitter. Lauren Southern jokes that if she turned herself into a man, thanks to the powers of imagine-manipulation software, she would look like a young Stefan Molyneux. Here’s that picture:

Look at that woman on the left! Does she look like 22 to you? To me she absolutely does not. One of my readers recently remarked that he is convinced that Lauren Southern is lying about her age. Looking at that picture, I am tempted to agree. Or maybe she is just aging incredibly poorly. What I see isn’t a 22-year-old but a woman easily in her early to mid-thirties. Heck, if you told me that the picture shows a woman in her early 40s with heavy makeup, I would not bat an eyelid.

Yup, guys, better date Asians!

48 thoughts on “Is Lauren Southern lying about her age?

  1. She looks okay to me. Besides journalists have unhealthy lifestyles.

    Btw, your asian supremacy is really funny. Go asians! Lol…

    1. Life must be tough if you lack the intelligence to come up with counter-arguments, and the ability to present them clearly.

  2. Unfortunately I know a lot of 22 year olds like that. I’m fact it scared me seeing them age so quickly.

    We had a comment section discussing this phenomena recently. Girls seem to be aging more quickly nowadays.

    Now I’m commenting on the general question. Not on Lauren in particular. I guess we’d need to look at pics of her 3-4 years ago.

    If she looked like 29 year old back then it means she’s lying about her age. But if she looked younger in pics/vids from 3-4 years ago it just means she’s inflicted with quick aging.

    1. That’s a great find! I had no idea she has done that kind of work. If she was 19 in that video, then she has been aging really quickly. I think it would be more flattering to her if she simply lied about her age. If you were a woman, would you rather be 22 and look 32, or 32 and look your age?

  3. Funny you start about it. I heard someone say she’s actually 26/27 today on turd flinging money’s channel. They had a discussion on these so called traditional women. And how non of these traditional women are married. Just like the feminist they are to occupied with other things. Lauren Southern was part of the discussion. And some dude said that he spoke with her about it. She told him she was to occupied with her career. He also said she was actually older.
    Just like we discussed earlier. There’s nothing traditional about these women. It’s just cos-play for the beta cuck’s. So they keep sending their money to them. Traditional my ass.

    1. It would make a lot of sense if Lauren Southern wasn’t 22 but 32. Thus, her being traditional is just the typical Western woman script, i.e. they rediscover traditionalism (and virginity) once they have done their partying and dating around. But of course we are led to believe that they were always conservative or that as soon as they claim they are conservative, their past didn’t happen, similar to those ludicrous born-again virgins who think that they can reset their partner count by denouncing their past.

    1. That cracked me up good haha

      Solution: marry asian 20years younger that you, so by the time she hits menopause you die of old age 🙂

  4. If you date a woman like Lauren Southern. Her fast fading youthful beauty would be the last of your problems. She’s travelling non-stop. We all know what women are like when they travel. And her list with male friends must be stored on a external harddrive by now. I wouldn’t be interested in a girl like that. Even if she would look like she was send by the gods.

    1. We all know what women are like when they travel.

      We do. And the question is…

      Do women who want to fuck around a lot travel more. Or is it that all women want to fuck around, and travel gives them the chance to fuck around.

    2. Alek Novy: Both! If you ever have a girl telling you she wants to go on a holiday with her friends. My advice would be to dump her on the spot. Hotels are great places to pick up pump and dumps. I always check in alone. And yet i always end up sharing my bed. Whenever a woman is staying in a hotel without her man. You can safely assume she wants it.

    3. A rhetorical question is a figure of speech in the form of a question that is asked to make a point rather than to elicit an answer. Though classically stated as a proper question, such a rhetorical device may be posed declaratively by implying a question, and therefore may not always require a question mark when written.

  5. I’m tempted to believe that she’s telling the truth. Mostly since she’s pretty well known and someone who knows her personally would have probably stepped up by now and called her on her bullshit, or someone who has it out for her, for example. It’d just be too risky for someone in her position to flat out lie about her age and have a fake birthday posted online, and then get called out on it later on totally ruining her credibility.

    She’s more than likely just not aging very well. Let’s say she isn’t aging well…I’d be interested in discovering why this is so, considering she claims to be such a right wing conservative. Hell, my super conservative grandmother at 70 years old looks very good for her age. She could easily pass for a well kempt mid 40’s to 50 year old woman.

    My grandparents live a very sustainable, frugal, and healthy lifestyle, with some exceptions. They raise bees and harvest honey, grow a garden every year including many fruit and nut tree as well, they also raise cattle etc. This lifestyle isn’t realistic for everyone, I get it, but it’s not that difficult to follow a heatlthy lifestyle and stack the aging deck in your favor.

    Just my thoughts.

    1. As pointed out in the comment above, she travels non stop. Even without speculating on her possible partying and hookups with strangers while away (which in my opinion is risky if your career is built on a conservative image) constant travel generally makes it complicated to lead a healthy lifestyle.

      You cant follow a gym routine, you cant always pick where to eat and what, and your sleep cycles are disturbed. And if you are high enough performing that you are succesful at something, like being a journalist, you have precious little free time.

      I should know, I suffer from all of the above.

  6. Aaron, take a look at Taylor Swift who seems to have aged about ten years in the past three. Something’s wrong here; normal people don’t age that quickly.

  7. I thought you liked non-Western women, Aaron. 😛

    I will say that I don’t really get the cult of fanaticism around Taylor Swift. She’s skinny (too skinny for my tastes), and that’s about it. If she actually led a wholesome moral lifestyle I might “get her” more, but I’ve seen nothing to indicate that she does.

  8. “Yup, guys, better date Asians!”

    You do realize nothing hits the wall harder than an Asian woman, right? When an Asian broad hits the wall, she literally ages 30 years in one night; it’s a complete Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Hyde thing.

    1. Asians generally age better than Western women. My 50 yo thai stepmother looks younger than most 40 yo Western women. But that’s not the only benefit. Asian women are often much more committed to their relationship. They behave much more feminine. They generally behave better than Western women overall. It’s not just looks. In Asia you can still find yourself a real lady. Women that behave themselfs with some dignity. Good luck looking for a real lady in the Western world. I only found one, but she was 84yo.

    2. @ben, I don’t get your super-worshipping of Asian women.
      I for my part have problems with the non-verbal communication. It’s so different from Europeans and I sometimes find it unnecessarily indirect, which makes it look a bit stupid to be frank. Well, maybe to Asians, Europeans look stupid for being blunt.
      As hot as I find Asian women, there are some things that would make it very hard to me to have a relationship with a women from that region. Maybe one gets used to it over time, gets better at “reading” them, but honestly, for longer term stuff I think staying in your own genetic pool does make sense.

    3. Neutralrandomthoughs: (I don’t get your super-worshipping of Asian women.) I’m not! I would never worship any woman. I’m just pointing out some differences between women in the Western world and the Asian world. Things i noticed from personal experience with both. And you’re right about the fact that cultural differences can be challenging. I’m not saying it’s always easy to date a Asian woman. And personally i’m not interested at all in any long-term relationship. But if you’re looking for one. Asian women have some benefits to them. Not to say they are all wonderful. Not every Asian woman will make a good partner. But it’s still possible to find a more traditional one in Asia. And most Asian countries have better laws. It’s harder for women to use the system to screw you.

    4. Neutralrandomthoughs: (I think staying in your own genetic pool does make sense.) If under normal circumstances that would be preferable to me. But they are not normal. Western women have betrayed Western men and culture. They dont make good partners anymore. They dont make good mothers anymore. And the Western laws are simply insane and bias against men. The risks of having a relationship with a Western woman in the Western world is enormous. Maybe suicidal. While the benefits have all be taken away from men. I dont feel there is any reason to commit to any Western woman today. All they have to offer is their pussy. And most likely you’ll have to share it with other men. No thx! That’s not what i want for myself. That’s a unexplainable deal to me. I deserve better than that. I’m not oke with being used as a dispossible utility. I will never allow anyone to treat me that way. And i would never agree to any relationship that invites the government in. That’s to much risk. Without any benefit.

    5. Neutralrandomthoughs: I did experience some of those problems with Asian women. But i’m dutch. Dutch culture is the most direct culture in the world. So i have that problem with almost all foreign women. It makes it easier to attract them. But harder to maintain relationships with them. I don’t like it when they avoid giving direct answers. But when i compare it with other negative traits that western women display. Like battling for the leadership position. It’s a easy trade off. No relationship with any woman is ever easy in my experience. There’s always something that needs work to make it work. But what would you want from women if i may ask? That would be a important factor i believe. I’m not interested in reproduction for example. So that can make a difference in this matter. Maybe you want children that look more like you?

    6. “But what would you want from women if i may ask? That would be a important factor i believe. I’m not interested in reproduction for example. So that can make a difference in this matter. Maybe you want children that look more like you?”

      Sums it up pretty well. I’m definitely interested in having children. I want to be the father I couldn’t have. I understand if that’s egoistic to some extent, but that’s the way it is and that’s what’s gonna happen.

    7. That’s one of the main reasons i wouldn’t do it in the Western world. Most relationships break down before the kids have grown-up. Maybe Eastern Europe could be a solution for you. It’s very hard these days to find yourself a good white European woman. Who’s a good wife and mother. Most file for divorce after they have the kids. That would mean they would still grown-up without you. Do you have any ideas on how to prevent that from happening? I would definitely take in consideration the possibility of moving to a country that gives you a better chance. Maybe look in some of the divorce laws and statistics of countries you might be interested in. Depending on your profession. Making good money in Eastern Europe can be challenging however. Better be well prepared before you make a move.

    8. It’s not egotistical to want to be that parent you couldn’t have. Society would benefit if more people think like you and make that happen. Instead we have people in the developed world who today believe procreating to be immoral because of how “screwed up” the world is, or overpopulation (this one really grates on my nerves!)

      Before you meet the right woman there’s much that you can read about and expose yourself to so that you’ll be relatively prepared. Have you checked out Molyneux’s peaceful parenting approach? I’m curious to know what you think of it. I personally have also been watching children-centric shows to learn more about their nature, how they interact, and how adults should be like around them. I may be exaggerating for myself how much there is to learn here, but then again recollecting my own childhood or Sleazy’s, or just observing the typical parent I think reveals many uninformed mistakes. And it can be something as ostensibly trivial as praising a kid for being smart instead of his best effort.

    9. @Sleazy Gal
      Your comment is encouraging, thank you.
      I’ll check out Stephane’s stuff, although his persona is putting me off a bit, but I’ll have a look and comment here.

      What has helped me in my understanding are obviously my own still ongoing therapy and Jesper Juul’s books.
      Oh and also, I met a Swiss girl who’s from a farmers family with 4 kids, mother and father still together and both Mom and Dad are as slim as her (yeah! Good genes^^). So that’s quite refreshing, that bit of christian conservative joyfull cutie in my life, she got good instincts I can see that.

      Will keep you posted about Molneux.

    10. @ Sleazy Gal
      I watched one of his videos ( I had to force myself, because he missing the point that children are not rational, but emotional (irrationally emotional) , yet his parenting style is totally rational. Example would be “I always held my promise, now you hold yours, by leaving in time from the park” – response: Toddler doesn’t give a shit. Not today, not tomorrow. Maybe one day, but not NOW.
      This comment sums it up pretty well:
      “You say it takes a prolonged period of training to establish these responses. What do you do in the meantime? Even if you start the training at birth, there will be some period of time before the training has taken and the response to promises is as desired. What do you do in that meantime? At around 10 minutes in you say that the child may fuss and fight and reject the promise. You claim that the child will, when faced with the promise, fall into line. What happens when they don’t? You describe making vague statements about future behaviour, but how does that address the immediate need? And why does the child care that you won’t want to go to the park in the future when they have no theory of mind and don’t even acknowledge your own independent desires?”

      There is an answer to tat, but rational Stephane doesn’t have it, because he wants to avoid the conflict, that’s why he’s doing all the preparation bullshit.
      How about letting the conflict happen? On purpose I mean. And then let the child have that full blown taper tantrum – “yes, you are frustrated, but we need to go now. I want you to come with me and get home so that we can have dinner that Mommy prepared tonight” – and then take it by the hand and then just fucking go.

      (My question for Stephane would be: “You seem to have a problem with that. So, can we see what kind of emotions an angry aggressive childish behaviour triggers in you? YOu seem to be feeling something – what is it.” – obviously he is not cool about it, otherwise he wouldn’t want to avoid it. But that’s HIS problem.)

      Molnyeux is in the very same category like Jordan Peterson – very intelligent and knowledgeable but uhm… how to say without being offensive… a bit of an emotional an-alphabet, an emotional cripple.

      Oh where he really pisses me off is when he speaks about him having leverage (!!!) on the child. You goddamn idiot. Leverage? The child loves you PER DEFINITION, and you start leveraging shit? Like, of course it works, because children will always cooperate to get their parents love. They do NOT cooperate because they see the logic in your “I always hold my promise, now you hold yours”.
      Ah man… then he goes on to “well you know, next time I’m not gonna like going to the park as much if you don’t hold your promises… bla bla bla”. He’s blackmailing his kid with his love and ironically, that’s exactly what he advocates against in the beginning of the video.
      Sorry, not my style.

    11. Your girl sounds great! 😉 and the sort who’d be snapped up quickly. All the best to your relationship!

      Hmm…it’s certainly a valid concern (pertaining to what do you do when the rational approach doesn’t work in the here and now). I haven’t gotten this figured out, but what I can say I fully agree with is no spanking/pinching/hair pulling or other use of force to get my kid to do something.

    12. “to get my kid to do something.”
      You’ll always get your kids to do what you want, because they’ll always chose to sacrifice their own personal integrity for the sake of cooperating with you.
      They’ll show you differently, it might not look like cooperating. Feedback is cooperation, too. I certainly didn’t cooperate with my mother in an angry way, I directed it towards myself. I know of other kids with similar stories and they fought back, became violent and aggressive. Message is the same: “something’s wrong between us, but you show me that everything is the way it should be so I start thinking that something’s wrong with ME and I feel guilty for that – see, I just cut my forearms.”

      Now you can ask why parents a) can’t take this as a feedback and b) don’t do an effort to try and understand the kid’s language. Well, the answer is, subconsciously, even before getting to the analyzing, they get reminded of how they were treated, and since they cooperated by coming to the conclusion that being angry about their hurt integrity is wrong while they were kids… well they see that their kid shows the same “wrong” attitude aaaand they intervene by punishment (“listen when I talk, you do what I say, look in my eyes when I discipline you” – Devil’s spirale, right?

      Once kids come to the conclusion that something’s wrong with them and the guilt kicks in plus this state is maintained for a sustained amount of time, I honestly see no chance for recovery without professional help from that neurosis.
      Yet society does not see these then grown up people as “sick”, but I assure you they suffer everyday and they make suffer everybody who has any kind of relationship with them.
      It’s perverted if you think about it, the system of cooperation which makes learning and survival possible can go so horribly wrong… Sometimes you must really ask yourself how it comes that we have not more violence in this world.

      Look at the Middle East – (let’s for a second completely ignore how we got there) but the parenting style of violent abuse or – the other extreme – total pampering the kids till they become little princes PLUS an incest-induced low IQ… oh hell yeah they will worship their stupid self-destructive backward religion, blow themselves up in suicide bombings and fuck goats in the desert. They are not getting out of this – forget about it. Too damaged to break the circle and too stupid to understand.

      Thanks for your wishes! Much appreciated. Fingers crossed 🙂

    13. Neutral, you sound traumatized somehow, were you physically abused as a kid? Are you asian? I was physically and mentally abused, though I never cut myself and you appear to have done that, in my case it just led to a depression.

      So I have been looking at a way to break the cycle as I think my parents were physically and mentally abused too, and far worse then I have gotten maybe. I think i found my answer watching the supernanny. Setting boundaries by moving children to a cool off space (maybe in the corner of a room) if they dont listen, and not do anything else except keep doing that. To show consistent boundaries without aggression.

    14. Hi Jon

      First of all – respect for writing what you wrote.
      Lemme break it down:

      “you sound traumatized somehow”
      I am. My Dad died when I was a bit older than a year. My grandmother moved into our home, “mistook” me for her son who left her, projected him on me and had a fight with my Mom over who was the better mother. I let her win, because my Mum wasn’t honest with her feelings towards my grandmother (her mother), since she had given up on fighting back against anything, after she’d been abused by her in her childhood. You can imagine the melting pot of guilt, destructive behavior and hidden love. It’s horrible. Add to that that my Dad wasn’t around to balance things out and you end up with a huge disaster.

      “were you physically abused as a kid?”
      Yes, my Mom beat the shit out of me, because I loved her less than my grandmother and because she drank and for many other reasons. I can’t count the times she beat me to tears, I can’t even remember when she started, I know when she stopped: I was fifteen, my hands around her neck threatening her I was going to kill her on the spot. Needless to say, I was more afraid than her.

      “Are you asian?”
      No. How did you get to that conclusion buddy? Half German half Eastern European

      “I was physically and mentally abused”
      That’s some tough shit. Get professional help

      “though I never cut myself and you appear to have done that”
      I never have either. The comment above was an illustration of a possible scenario. My expression of self-destruction was in submissiveness, wrong friends, a bit of drugs, sloppy money management, the inability to say “No!” and others. Different expressions – same problem.

      “in my case it just led to a depression”
      The word “just” is an understatement. I lived in phases. Good ones and bad ones. When the bad ones became longer than the good ones to a point of half a day of good mood vs. 1 month of shit, I felt suicidal enough to seek professional help. Other triggers were involved, but that’s not important here.

      “So I have been looking at a way to break the cycle”
      That’s a very brave thought and you can be proud of that. If you ever question your good spirit think of that. You’re looking into the right direction, but you don’t know how to walk there.

      “I think my parents were physically and mentally abused too, and far worse then I have gotten maybe.”
      Highly probable.

      “I think i found my answer watching the supernanny.”
      Bullshit (see my points on consumption* below)

      “Setting boundaries by moving children to a cool off space (maybe in the corner of a room)”
      Even greater Bullshit.
      Instead of setting boundaries for your kids, how about setting boundaries for YOURSELF in front of your kids and insisting on them respecting your boundaries. YOU want them to not play with sticks and stones, because YOU (contrary to them) are able to see the danger in it. It’s YOU who WANTS them to respect your boundaries. This does two things. First it teaches them that it is OK to have boundaries and to demand them to be respected. They’ll show you often enough their boundaries (they do all the time). They’ll grow up to people who will not be afraid to set boundaries but will also be willing to accept other people’s. Second, you’ll open the door to future dialogue when the world becomes confusing (puberty onwards)
      All you do by setting boundaries for them is making them dependable on some external person/force/institution to tell them what to do/think/feel in an externally defined framework of boundaries
      This is the reason why you consume* stuff like supernanny, instead of finding a solution yourself. You simply can’t. You are dependent on external input, because you do not know how to interpret your feelings, as you’ve been shown that feelings are something that needs to be suppressed (if they are not in line with your parents’ feelings) and not something that permits you to define your personal boundaries and be a source of dialogue.

      “if they dont listen”
      If they do not listen you have not listened to them previously. Just because you didn’t understand their “language”/way of expressing themselves, does not mean they did not try to get the message across. Maybe you start listening now, when they refuse to? No, still not? Trust me they’ll find a way to show you. There’s always cooperation in the form of communication. Me running away from home to a foreign country at 19 with 3 bags, a working contract and a dream, I was also cooperating/cummunicating“you people piss me off, I cannot live with you any longer, you make me feel uncomfortable in a way I can’t take it no longer. I’ll take care of myself, come hell or high water” And I did. “These motherfuckers will pay” I thought. We both paid. We stripped ourselves from our love. One cannot “un-love” one’s parents, but one can hide it deep enough under hate and murderous rage to not see it. But it’s there, otherwise me and you wouldn’t write about it here. What’s also undeniably there is the hate. And it has to come out, otherwise there won’t be inner peace – impossible. We both wish it had gone better, which in itself is a declaration of love – we wouldn’t care otherwise.

      “and not do anything else except keep doing that. To show consistent boundaries without aggression.”
      Only because your aggression is not of physically damaging nature, does not mean it is not violent. There’s a fairly large middle ground between military style parenting and pampering aka raising little tyrants. You as a parent have the full responsibility to find it in the everyday dialogue, even if it makes no sense to you why the fuck your kids are doing what they are doing.

      Pour conclure – here some practical advice (you seem to be asking for some, if not please excuse my input):

      – Get professional help. Preferably “Intensive short-term dynamic psychotherapy” by Davanloo inspired psychotherapy. Works for me.
      – Get professional help from a male psychiatrist (I assume you’re a guy), who is old (mine’s 60+)
      – Get professional help from someone who records every session on tape. It’s both yours and his “insurance policy” to avoid errors and to oversee things.
      – If possible, do not have family/kids before getting this handled
      – Accept that it’ll take time. More than a year, maybe two. It’s a good investment.

    15. Hey, neutral, wow a wall of text. It makes me feel like you must have had it way worse than me, and makes me feel bad for you. Im sorry for what happened to you, dude. I was hit but never had bruises. A clothes hanger gives more bang for the buck, more pain, less bruising so it was more efficient I guess and it always made me cry, but I never got the shit beaten out of me. The strangling and threatening to kill? Not here. At most once we pointed knives at eachother. But we never really harmed eachother. Ofcourse hearing everyday youre worthless and will never amount to anything does suck. But in summary, your situation sounds worse, its just like the stories I heard from my parents themselves or other asian families.

      Thanks for the advice about seeking professional help, though I dont need it anymore. Im okay now. My parents arent like this anymore. My depression went away and now theyre even helping me financially while Im trying to become a millionaire/billionaire. Once I get rich my youth will feel just like a bad dream. Ofcourse the depression meant alot of lost potential, because otherwise I would already be a millionaire, but my future looks bright. Im going to become rich and then I will even save the world!

      Im not really traumatized compared to you I think, only some annoying things are leftover like that I cant stand Mandarin. So it feels like its impossible for me to learn Mandarin, even though Im not antiChina and am highly intelligent so should be able to speak it fluently pretty fast.
      And I ended up with a fascination for exotic white women, because the grass is greener on the other side ofcourse(I was anti-Chinese for a while, though I grew out of it)
      Im older now and even responsible for the medicine of my parents. So I cant really hate them anymore because now they just look like fragile human beings instead of the giant evil they used to represent. Its like Im the parent and they the children in that respect. Its almost like Ive forgiven them, maybe you cant see it now but maybe you will too one day
      your depression sounded worse than mine. In fact It never was that bad that I sought professional help, even when I thought of suicide. In fact, it went away on its own after a decade or so. And at the same time relationship with my parents improved. I got lucky?

      Interesting view you have on raising children. But I wonder how you would teach unwilling children good habits then. If they refuse to brush teeth, is that crossing your boundary? So you would be allowed to intervene even though its their body and you would need to physically force a toothbrush in the mouth? Or is that violence to you? I was a very reasonable and compliant child and communication would have worked with me, but there must be exceptions i.e. asshole children.

  9. For anyone interested, Lauren Southern has made a new video repeatedly saying she’s 22. And reacting on the marriage hypocrisy claims.

  10. “overpopulation (this one really grates on my nerves!)”

    Given that War is the essential component of human existence, I’d say just procreate a bit more so that in the next World War, we will have some offsprings left to continue the existence of our spiece after the Apocalypse. The World War II only ended 72 years ago and already many people seem to be quite optimistic: War has receded into oblivion (Steven Pinker). The periodicity of wars and peaces in the history of China is roughly 300 years, as it is perceived by the ancient historians. There is thus no reason to be so optimistic that the next War would not happen and would not wipe out a good chunk of humanity.

    1. (overpopulation) It’s the productive people that dont breed anymore. That’s the bigger problem. The stupid people are breeding like rabbits. They won’t even understand problems with overpopulation. We should let natural selection do it’s thing. Stop helping these people that keep having children they can’t take care off. It only makes problems worse. If you make the smart and productive people pay for them. You’ll end up with a huge population of stupid unproductive people. While the people you want slowly die out. Just let them and their children die if they can’t take care of them selfs. Maybe if 90% of africa dies. They’ll be able to feed them selfs. Maybe if 90% of the getto rats die. They’ll make a change. Just stop feeding the rats and the problem will solve it self.

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