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Some time ago a guy asked me what I think he should fix about himself, assuming that money isn’t much of a concern. I found this rather peculiar. Still the issue of cosmetic procedures for men comes up occasionally. Quite frankly, I think it’s normally only gay men who spend thousands on that, but let’s ignore that.

I think that you should not pay for anything you could fix yourself. This means no liposuction. Just hit the darn gym and watch your calorie intake. A healthy lifestyle is a lot cheaper in the long run. As an added bonus, you’ll feel better and live longer.

Among issues you may want to fix, I think the biggest one, by far is teeth. There is the quip that if you go to an orthodontist and ask whether you need braces, he only knows one answer: you always need braces. This implies that those people are in it for the money and don’t necessarily have your best interest at heart. Yet, it is arguably much closer to the truth that you indeed need braces if you haven’t gotten your teeth fixed yet. In my case, my dentist suggested braces for teen-Aaron in order to fix an irregularity with my occlusion. My mom was having none of it, despite the fact that socialized healthcare would have taken care of the cost. Many years later, those minor issues had grown into more serious ones and I had to get braces as an adult, which cost a lot more time and money in the end (thanks, mom!). Having a nice smile is valuable indeed. On the other hand, crooked teeth are not only unpleasant to look at, but compared to the problems you can get due to poorly aligned teeth, I’d highly recommend getting that issue properly resolved.

There is something rather strange I have largely heard from Americans, even though that practice is not entirely uncommon in Europe: only fixing your front teeth. This is marketed as a cheaper alternative. For purely aesthetic reasons that may seem like a decent alternative to proper braces, but it is likely to be more expensive in the long run. Then again, if you’re in the market for liposuction, that kind of half-arsed dental realignment may be right up your alley.

Okay, you got your teeth fixed. What’s next? If you don’t have any deformities, anything from here on is arguably just icing on the cake, but here we go:

1) Hair. If you are balding and don’t want to shave your head, get a hair transplant. That won’t be cheap, but it certainly helps you with the ladies if the bulked up tough-guy-with-shaved-skull look just isn’t for you. Bruce Willis and Jason Statham seem to be doing alright, though.

2) Nose. If your nose is crooked, get it straightened. I have doubts about that kind of procedure, though, particularly because I have seen too many women with bad nose jobs that just looked way too fake. It’s an epidemic not much better than the fake boob one. I mean, if you’re going to get something fixed, why make it look obviously fake?

3) Chin. If you have a weak chin, have it fixed. The before/after shots can be staggering. An added bonus is that if you only correct a weakness then it won’t look fake. Alternatively, you can do what those faggot hipsters do and grow a beard in an attempt to cover up your weak chin. (Gavin McInnes without beard doesn’t look nearly as good, for instance.)

4) Jaw. To further add to the impression, get a more square jaw due to the wonders of chewing gum jaw augmentation surgery. It makes you look a lot more imposing.

Those procedures would be my picks. I only plunked down money for braces and I have little interest in getting anything else done, but if you really want to spend money on yourself that way, those are my suggestions. However, if you are doing it so that you can get laid more easily, I’d say you should look up how many porn stars you could bang for the cost of one chin augmentation. Due to Internet porn, prices are in the doldrums, so you may be surprised. It’s certainly a better deal to have your favorite porn stars fuck you for money than spending thousands of dollars for a bigger chin and chasing after girls who are at best 7s and about to crash into the wall.

15 thoughts on “Cosmetic procedures for men

  1. “It’s certainly a better deal to have your favorite porn stars fuck you for money than spending thousands of dollars for a bigger chin and chasing after girls who are at best 7s and about to crash into the wall.”

    Framing it that way, my paying for sex is way better bang for your buck.

  2. I don’t know about you but if this were my blog, I wouldn’t have posted this article at all. Plastic surgery for men is a joke. Unless if you have a lot of saggy skin from a fast and huge weight loss.

    I couldn’t however agree more with you that fucking pornstar escorts for the money spent on plastic surgery is a far better use of your money.

    If a guy actually want to get married and have children and the whole shit with marriage, he should know that women care far less about your chin augmentation in that case as opposed to a one-night-stand. That is particularly true if you fill all the other boxes when it comes to marriage like having a good income, a clear and successful future, fairly good looks, a house and a car and a healthy good personality for a most part.

    1. I don’t know about you but if this were my blog, I wouldn’t have posted this article at all.

      It’s not a list of suggestions. It’s “If anyone ever did it, these would be the logical choices”.

      For example on a natural bodybuilding blog the author is vehemently anti-steroids. But he’ll have a guide to steroids. In the sense of “if you’re not going to listen to me and do it anyway, here are the safest/most effective roids (best bang for your buck), but doing it is stupid”.

  3. Corrective eye surgery, which used to be radial incisions but has been replaced by laser, is something you overlooked. The cosmetic advantage of losing the Nerd look is only a small part. Glasses have a habit of falling off one’s face during any strenuous activity due to perspiration, being in any position other than vertical, and momentum. They get in the way of just about any sports, especially swimming. If they get knocked off in a fight, you can’t see your opponent. I could go on, but you get the idea. I regret not having it done when I could afford it.

    As for paying for porn stars and prostitutes, the body knows better. At least for me, my body knows she is only in it for the money and Mr Happy lays down on the job.

    1. I don’t think glasses are much of an issue. If you cannot find a pair of glasses you like, you could also opt for contact lenses, which is also what I would recommend for physical activities. I have met plenty of hipsters who wore glasses just for fashion purposes.

  4. I cant say much right now but I’ve invested into a medical company that will revolutionize facial development with adults. Basically we will be doing trial runs in the New Year but we already have all the equipment and devices manufactured. It will hopefully create results such as lefort 3’s but over a longer period of time. Once it goes live I’ll keep everyone here posted. One thing that I respect is that you don’t deny that looks don t matter, they absolutely do. its a big part of it.

  5. Maybe add getting your eyes lasered if you wear glasses.
    Did it 2 days ago. A bit of a luxury compared to lenses, but lenses suck big time. If you can afford it, do it.

    1. I’m looking into it as well, may I ask how much you payed for the procedure?

      @neutralrandomthoughts, I’m looking into investing. Is it okay if I ask you to comment on my investing plan? Or perhaps that you could share some basic pointers.

    2. Hi Geert.
      I payed 3120 CHF (8% discount included).
      4 minutes total. Did it last Friday. It only scratched a bit the night itself, but you get great eye drops. (In the after check on Sunday the Doc told me why they work – there’s cocaine in the drops hahahaha).

      Oh sure, you can. Write me anytime 🙂

      @Aaron, may I ask you a favour? Can you pls give Geert my e-mail address?
      Thank you very much.

  6. I never had plastic surgeons, but I did fuck a few girls with fake tits and fake lips. It’s not that bad, feels good to touch and kissing feels like you suck in some worms.

    Teeth are really important. I’m grossed out if I see gypsyish with a few teeth left or going to the states and see ppl who can’t afford dental support.
    I‘m actually glad that I never had braces and don’t know about the effort. I made fun of my siblings when they got their dental impression and choked or if they had food stuck in there.

    For hair transplantion: if I watch some videos on YouTube of guys who got it, I look at their faces and always think: Beta males – or the new word creation you’re using here: whiny faggots.

    1. Bullshit…or it depends what their personality is. I have done hair transplantion at the beginnning of this year and it was the best decision in my life. I have ok looking face, but weird shape of head, no beard (can’t grow any) and quite skinny. Balding didn’t suit me AF and uncovered bad traits. After HT surgery my looks increase, girls are much more into me and my confidence skyrocketed, because I was miserable before HT. Shaving is not an option for many of us and HT is great solution. Of course you need to find great surgeon who won’t fuck it up.

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