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Lauren Southern is hitting the wall at age 22

It is absolutely scary how quickly Western women age. Most are well past their prime in their late 20s, but there are plenty of Western women around who hit the wall at breakneck speed at a much earlier stage. Within a few months, they drop one to two points on the looks scale. It’s not a pretty sight. Some of you may now think that I’m only making this up. I’m not, though, and I’m happy to let you know that I’ve found a good example. I could of course have told you about women I met in the UK who dropped two points on the looks scale between the ages of 19 and 20, but you’d have to take my word at face value if you haven’t spent much time there.

As you are very observant and actually read the titles of the posts you click on, you already know that I’m talking about none other than Lauren Southern. Here are screenshots from videos she recently uploaded. They are both from The Problem With Libertarians:

Is 22 is the old 30 for Western women!?

She is allegedly 22 in that video, but you wouldn’t guess that from looking at her. In fact, she exhibits a prime indicator of women who have hit the wall hard: the loss of subcutaneous fat, i.e. fat under the skin. While women in their prime glow, women in prime wall-hitting age no longer do so. It seems as if the bones of their face are much more visible. Later on, skin starts sagging and then it’s all over. I don’t buy that Lauren Southern is a genuine conservative woman anyway. It may well be that a former drug addiction is catching up with her. Yes, I’m wildly speculating. What you can’t deny, though, is that that is not the face of a young, healthy 22 year-old.

There is another dead giveaway that a woman has hit the wall: when she makes a cute gesture it no longer looks cute but effing weird. Similarly, if they dress in a cute way, it looks odd. Faith Goldy, one of the hottest conservative youngish white women on the planet, looks ludicrous when she’s walking around with pigtails, for instance. I don’t have the intention of getting you to rub one out to surgically enhanced Faith Goldy, though. Instead, I want to highlight that her ex-colleague Lauren Southern has hit the wall hard. Here’s Lauren Southern making a cute gesture:

This is the thumbnail picture of the video I linked to. I don’t think that scene is in the video. Doesn’t she look really old? There is nothing cute about her. Nothing at all. The first association I had when I saw that thumbnail was Hillary Clinton who apparently watched too much media targeting teenage girls. Otherwise I couldn’t explain why she made herself look like a complete fucking idiot over and over and over. Just look at this:

Well, hello there, visibly deranged grandma! It’s the stuff of nightmares. Lauren Southern isn’t quite as bad, but she’s well into creepy valley.

50 thoughts on “Lauren Southern is hitting the wall at age 22

  1. When I first read the title, I thought “is Sleazy taking pickiness to a whole new level?” but I hadn’t actually watched any of her most recent videos. Got damn, it’s like she aged overnight. She was so hot one year ago when she was practically campaigning for Trump.

    1. Hell, I’m in Central America and I was pretty much campaigning for him too. As in, trying to convince people on the interwebs that he was the better choice. A Canadian, who is a chick, who was smoking hot, with a microphone, can do much more.

  2. This is so funny: sometimes I have a weird thought, and I suppress it – just to come here and see that Aaron actually blogged about it, LOL.

    I had this idea that Lauren is aging about 2 months ago, I forgot based on which video, it probably wasn´t one of her own, but an interview somewhere. But here is the interesting thing – the video you linked is one week old, but here is a video from her from yesterday at Berkley:

    And – tataaa – she looks pretty young again!?! At least she looks WAY better and younger than in her video a week ago – her face shows her old (quite cute) features again… so it seems this is all about light and make-up. Probably also her monthly cycle influences her look?

    1. Perhaps she has some serious, chronic (life-threatening or not) illness that she won’t disclose? Might be an explanation…

  3. I don’t know if this is my memory lying to me – but I feel like this is a new phenomenon. Can anyone chime in, if you’ve observed these things longer?

    Today I observe 19 year olds aging a decade by the time they’re 21.

    But I feel like this is a new phenomenon. I didn’t see this stuff 10-15 years ago. Perhaps I wasn’t as observant back then or my memory is failing me.

    Or perhaps something has happened in the past 10-15 years to cause this phenomenon.

    1. It’s the hormones they pump into the food. The estrogen commercial farms inject into animals makes girls developer at a quicker rate plus it lowers testosterone in boys and men. Then you have a pop slut culture pushing girls to become used and hung up for dry at a young age. Plus stress from all the needless social media dries up their youth quickly. No this was not common 10-15 years ago.

  4. Damn, and I know a 20 year old, whom I thought was 17 when I first met her.
    Its probably stress, (drugs?) and bad genetics catching up with lauren.

  5. Another explanation may be hormonal. Girls start birth control at a very early age. Some girls are given hormonal implants at age 12. Convincing the female body that it’s pregnant all the time from age 12 cant be healthy. There are also increasingly higher levels of chemicals that behave like female hormones in our food and drinks. This is also one of the reasons male spermcount is decreasing rapidly. A other factor may be fatherless upbringing. Girls that grow up without her biological father become fertile one year sooner. In short, gils biology is being disrupted from a early age. This must have negative effects later in life. I dont think it’s just one thing. There are many negative influences from a increasingly younger age.

    1. There are many chemicals that harm male fertility in our food and drinks. One of them is Bisphenol-A. Bisphenol-A is used in hardened plastic and is released when it warm’s up even just a little. Within the body it behaves like a female hormone. To make things worse, it builds up within the body. This is one of the main reasons spermcount is dropping. It also explains wy men are becoming more feminine. Spermcount has already dropped 50% in the west over the last 40 years.

    2. Ben, theres evidence male sperm counts dropping has to do with diet, specifically vegetable oils, which should be a discarded industrial waste product. But notice the packaging, theres always nature on it suggesting its natural. Olive oil is safer and has 2000 years of safe use since romans, the only problem is that middlemen can easily tamper with it and replace with toxic vegetable oils,whose consumption increased by 1000s in just 1 century. Ppl used to eat healthy saturated fats. The food mafia makes billions of tampering with foods. Its easy money and nobody gets caught.

      I dont know about women though. I havent really noticed it because exotic white women are my type.

  6. It’s hard to say with Lauren Southern. Maybe she wasn’t that beautiful to begin with. Maybe it was just the make-up from the start. Make-up can easily increase a woman’s looks 2 points. Maybe she has always been a 6 posing as a 8 do to her make-up. Most make-up even have harmful effects on the skin. Maybe it backfired on her. Wearing harmful chemicals on your face for 10 years will do some damage. And the only way to hide the damage is using more of it. It’s a brilliant sales model.

  7. I have a background in chemistry. If you take a chemistry book and look at some of the products women use. You’ll be shocked. Almost all female beauty products contain high concentrations of highly toxic chemicals. Professional modelling agencies use special products to avoid doing damage. The problem is that those products are 10 times more expensive. Most women use the cheaper make-up and pay the real price tag later in life. I had a professional model ex girlfriend/wife that only used the good stuff. It cost me about 200 euro’s a month to pay just for her make-up. Most women will not pay that much for make-up. (yes i was a fool for paying)

    1. Not really a fool for paying…you were looking at her while married! 😉
      Although in hindsight, next time buy the cheap stuff, put on expensive labels over the cheap stuff packaging…and then dump her when she hits 30!

    2. (shaking my head) There isn’t going to be a next time. I’m mgtow now. I do have girlfriends from time to time. However i have a 60 day max time limit. I never date one girl longer. I don’t do long-term relationships. And i never date western women. Only from eastern europe or asian women. If they show me a good time i will leave them better then i found them. If they give me shit, i’ll drop them in a heartbeat.

    3. WHOA we have a real MGTOW pussy slayer in the house. Oh please almighty “60 day time limit don’t give me any shit asian poon only” pussy slayer man, leave soem pussy for the rest of us!


    4. Plenty of us have enormous lay counts. Of course, betas like you find it impossible to believe that non-famous guys can get laid a lot.

    5. Worth noting that a “double digit laycount”, being both 10 or 99 is way above average.

    6. Worth noting that a “double digit laycount”, being both 10 or 99 is way above average.

      And this basic fact of reality is surprising to anyone who’s been exposed to any PUA or manosphere stuff at all.

      A similar example is when guys who get into a gym, start reading bodybuilding mags, and transition into the bodybuilding community. Then their minds get warped to think anything less than ripped ripped 19 inch arms means you’re a “loser”.

      Even though merely being lean and having 16-17 inch arms puts you in the top 0.1% of men’s physiques.

      Many guys who spent any time around PUA are surprised to hear how few partners the average guy has. If you think you’re in the top 10%, you’re probably in the top 1% or even top 0.1%

    7. Many guys who spent any time around PUA are surprised to hear how few partners the average guy has. If you think you’re in the top 10%, you’re probably in the top 1% or even top 0.1%

      That came out wrong. I mean to say…

      If you’ve had the misfortune of membering in the “seduction community”, you too probably have a warped view of what’s normal and what’s above normal.

    8. Neutralrandomthoughts: double digit laycount is not above average. Not for western women sadly to say. Most don’t stay in the single digits.

    9. @ben
      I disagree.
      Those who get laid at all – they probably have quite a high laycount.
      The “global average” (sry, couldn’t come up with a better expression) is probably as low as single digit.
      I don’t think that the distribution is very different western men vs. western women. How many women are fuckable when you look around, say on public transport? Not many.

      I think the “gets all the action” group in girls is a bit larger then the guys’ group. But not that much.
      It’s the same winner-takes-it-all situation.
      Correct me if I’m wrong.

    10. @Alek
      While it is comforting for my ego to read what you wrote and deduct that I’m probably in the top 10% with my modest figures, I think Aaron was implying triple digit numbers with “enormous” – which is a whole different level.
      I guess it’s like everything – one always wants more 🙂

    11. Yeah, but there’s no qualitative (ability) difference between guys with two-digit count and three-digit count numbers.

      At that point, the difference is in how much you want to spend time on getting laid. To give you a simple example.

      Guys who’ve had 30-50 lays are pretty much identical* to guys who’ve had 100-300 lays.

      *-Exception being if the latter pertains to a rockstar, or other kind of global celebrity. I’m talking if they’re in the same league, i.e. non celebrities.

      A guy with 300 lays is functionally (ability-wise) the same guy as the one with 30-50 lays, except he spent more hours meeting and escalating on chicks. The 30-50 guy chose to dedicate some of his nights to also building a side-business or learning a craft, etc etc…

      I’ve never met a non-celebrity with triple-digit counts that got there without making it the main part of their life. This means they had NO OTHER interest in life except getting laid. They achieved nothing of worth in any other area of life.

      If the guys who have 100-300 lays also built a career over that time-span, guess what? They wouldn’t be at 300 lays, they would be at 30-50.

      I’m saying this in the sense that at the levels below THERE IS a quantitative difference:

      – A guy who’s had 5 lays is qualitatively less capable of getting laid than a guy with 10 lays

      – And the 10 lays guy is qualitatively less capable of getting laid than the 20 lays guy

      – After that… it’s diminishing quite quickly. Someone can be so smart they figure it all out by their 15th lay. Someone might take as much as 50 lays to master this thing.

      But after a certain point, the curve called “hours spent” overtakes the “ability” curve.

    12. Great point.
      I agree. 12 to 15 is somewhat of a turning point, the “Aha” moment comes around there, obv. with little glimpses here and there much earlier.

    13. Guys who’ve had 30-50 lays are pretty much identical* to guys who’ve had 100-300 lays.

      *-Exception being if the latter pertains to a rockstar, or other kind of global celebrity. I’m talking if they’re in the same league, i.e. non celebrities.

      A guy with 300 lays is functionally (ability-wise) the same guy as the one with 30-50 lays, except he spent more hours meeting and escalating on chicks. The 30-50 guy chose to dedicate some of his nights to also building a side-business or learning a craft, etc etc…

      To simplify:

      – Both types of guys have the same ability to get laid “per-hour-invested-in-trying-to-get-laid”

      – A guy who’s been with 300 girls isn’t “better at getting laid” than a guy who’s been with 50 girls (all else being equal).

      There aren’t infinite levels of skill. Once you get past the basics (Aaron’s Minimal game), after that there aren’t any tweaks that make a huge difference. You’ve gotten then 80/20.

      People selling minmaxing products tend to capitalize on the newbie effect to keep selling you products. This is true in any field.

      – You start working out, you learn the basics (progressive overloead etc), you gain 15 pounds of muscle in 6 months

      – Scammer then sells you a product claiming there are secret techniques to gaining the next 15 months in just 6 months (again), but there isn’t any such thing.

      Same with PUA shit. If you’re an anxious virgin with no understanding of intimacy levels (escalation), there are things you can learn where you can QUADRUPLE your “success with women” in 6 months. And by “success” I mean the number of lays per hours spent interacting with chicks.

      Scammer wants to tell you that this can keep going forever. That you can keep doubling this conversion until you reach a 100% success rate (this is implied, few make this bold claim outright, but some do).

      So the idea is that you can say hi to any chick anywhere, and then you fuck her in 1 minutes after saying hi, 100% of girls anywhere? LOL

      TL;DR = Guys with triple-digit counts aren’t better with women than guys with two-digit counts. They have the same success rate. They just hit on more women.

  8. Not slightly surprised.
    There’s one woman in my workplace… When I saw her for the first time I thought she was 33 or older. But then it turned out she was one year younger than me! (I’m 27). And even more hilariously, when people ask me about my age, they always get surprised when I say I’m 27, cue they always tell me they thought I was 22-24 years old. I guess that a life of not being a party animal, not smoking, sporadic alcohol consumption and zero drug consumption has started to pay off.

  9. Come on, she ‘s still bangable.. but for sure, she ages quickly(like so many other western women).
    That’s what happens when you smear chemicals in your face daily.
    Although I don’t support companies shutting down conservatives, in Southern’s case I laughed out when I found out patreon closed her account (she had like 3k / Month coming in). At least the suckers now can’t pay her directly.

    There was a great article on lauren:

    -> there are a lot of tools out there who give women money just when they’re not fat and blond. I don’t even know why she has as many followers as Cernovich, who really moved a lot of things (and whose work has helped many men).

    I’ll look more into the Bisphenol thing – really scary. Need to ban more plastic from my life…

  10. Aaron, this is confirmation bias. You are confirming your current belief by cherry picking. I’ve noticed this in your recent posts. Not to be mean or anything, but did you just go through a breakup? In the past, you used to post things like this:

    “The idea that a woman’s “sexual market value” drops to zero once she’s hit 30 is equally absurd. Sure, if she’s overweight, uneducated, and crude, she’ll have a hard time finding a mate, but it would be the same if she were 10 years younger and had the same negative attributes. Of course a woman’s fertility goes down, which is why women, if they want to have kids, are under greater time pressure than men. Nonetheless, an attractive 20 year-old is quite likely to still be very attractive ten years later, just as an attractive 30 year-old guy can turn into a still good-looking 40-year old.”

    1. How is that a contradiction? I’m making the exact same statements today, just with more aggressive language. If you interpret that quote as meaning that all women are beautiful or that they can be good-looking at any age, or any such nonsense, you have to work on your reading comprehension. Also, joker, there is no confirmation bias when I look at a particular woman who is aging poorly, and then point out that she is aging poorly. You’d have a point if I made claims about “all Western women” that are hard to defend, but as you may have noticed, when I pick on Western women, I normally use phrases like “typical Western women” or “Western whores”.

  11. You seem to be taking on a lot of manosphere ideology, along with this new trend of alt-right speak: “snowflake, safe space” (as highlighted on your sub title.

    Ideologies (any ideology) is toxic because they reduce reality into a structure made up of thoughts (a self-created prison) that further twists your perception. Any belief you hold will be reflected in the cognitive bias. Humans are imperfect.

    Your most recent posts have not reflected the concept of thinking for yourself, but rather “thoughting.” Thoughting is taking a structure and repeating its script.

    Take this post for example: You say Lauren Southern has aged. Okay. You are correct. But are you saying that all women age at the same or similar rate? If so, where is your evidence? Are you willing to put your balls on the line for some cash if you are indeed so certain of this as a fact?

    Do some people age differently based on different genetics? I run into men all the time who look older than their age. Others that have baby faces. And they are only in their 20s.

    1. Yawn. I largely write opinion pieces that are based on experience. If you need scientific proof that Lauren Southern looks older than many women her age, or that poor lifestyle choices make people age faster, you need to get your head checked.

  12. Oh, and please tell me why you think “Western” women age faster…? Stress? Diet? Because they have sexual intercourse with many partners?

  13. No, my point is that you are pulling this idea that western women age faster than other women out of your ass. My point is that you are confirming your bias toward manosphere ideology, which you have, in the past, criticized (but now seem to embrace).

    “It is absolutely scary how quickly Western women age. Most are well past their prime in their late 20s, but there are plenty of Western women around who hit the wall at breakneck speed at a much earlier stage.”

    How do Eastern women age? Better? Russians? Arabs? South Koreans? Africans?

    1. Asian women look extremely young compared to their Western counterparts. Questioning this is about as absurd as claiming that water isn’t wet.

  14. I swear she must lie about her age, I just looked it up and came across this site as well as others. Ive watched lauren for a few years and was always under the impression she was late late 20’s or early 30’s. Shocking.

    1. That is plausible too. There are plenty of women who are in their 20s until they turn 40, at which point they are early 30s. Also note that it is seen as “impolite” to ask a woman about her age, which is presumably an enforced societal rule that takes into account that youth is a woman’s most precious commodity and that a lot of women lie about their age.

  15. Faith Goldy is 28 1/2 and is already pumping herself full of botox and fillers. The botox is hysterically obvious – she can’t move her eyebrows at all. (While I initially thought she had a boob job, the knockers she likes to jam into any male she’s photographed with are on closer examination obviously just a padded bra).

    Goldy’s also either baking herself daily under sunlamps or fake-tanning like crazy – either way, given her basically bad skin and her smoking habit, she’s rapidly turning herself into a piece of leather.

    That smoking thing is also going to catch up with her when she has to quit when she starts pumping out kids in a year or two. It’s a useful appetite suppressant; its absence will be accompanied by a big bloat-up.

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