What do you think of hen nights?

Has anyone of you ever witnessed hen nights? You can be forgiven for thinking they only exist as a cliché in porn movies. Yet, they are very real. My first encounter with that phenomenon was many years ago when I was attending a conference in Oxford. They have the town vs gown thing going on at that place, and as I wasn’t a member of the university, I had to go to a “disco pub” for the plebs.

There, I witnessed something utterly bizarre. A mob of fat women descended upon that venue. They were very loud and pretty drunk. One nasty-looking chick was wearing a dildo around her neck. The bride-to-be was dragged from dude to dude. One of her ugly girlfriends told unsuspecting guys about the upcoming marriage and that her friend would now have “one last night of fun”. I spend some time observing them. Shortly after they sat down and got their drinks served, one of them dipped a dildo into her cocktail and deep-throated it, to the loud laughter of the group. I dimly recall seeing in the corner of my eye that that dildo went down a few more throats. (It was pretty gross.)

When they began dragging her drunk bride-to-be friend around the entire place, asking random guys if they want to pose with her — by letting her kneel in front of them and opening her mouth close to their crotch! — I had seen enough. One of those dudes clearly got sexually harassed as that woman grabbed his crotch and bit the fabric of his pants. I was wondering why nobody kicked them out, but I guess that’s how common people roll in England.

Probably not all hen nights are like this, but I’ve witnessed my fair share of groups of women who were way too drunk for such an event. The question, though, remains: who the hell is dumb enough to marry such women? In all seriousness, would you want to put a ring on a slut that a day ago staggered around town with a necklace made out of small neon-colored plastic cocks, falling into the arms of strangers, slurring something along the lines of, “I’m getting married tomorrow and I want to make out with you”, before the less shitfaced among her friends drag her off? Oh, and what is that about bachelorette parties where strippers get their dick sucked I hear? Man, Western women…

7 thoughts on “What do you think of hen nights?

  1. I have participated in Bachelor parties at strip clubs and been at regular clubs when there are Hen Parties. Without question, Hen Parties tend to be a lot more rowdy, with a lot more questionable behavior. This is a bit striking when you consider that bachelor parties usually involve comparable levels of alcohol, along with naked women doing lap dances.

  2. Slightly off topic but in the same vein. I’m a MGTOW ghost monk who avoids social interaction as much as possible. I find it to be trite and boring at best and disgusting lizard brain in action displays at the worst.

    Anyway, I’m roped into going to an afternoon cook-out party that I can’t refuse because committing social suicide would draw attention that I do not want. I get my plate of food and mosey over to the deck railing to eat. Two 45-55 year old women settle in next to me because space is scarce. Vile female behavior was about to prove it had no expiration date.

    One starts talking loudly about how her husband is going to get a blow job at 9:00 that night. Her drunken friend is laughing and egging the deep throat wonder woman on. Her husband appears and she announces her intentions for the crowd to here.

    I finish my plate, find the host, thank him for the invitation and generosity and head towards the escape hatch. As bad luck would have it, deep throat wonder woman had relocated directly in the path. I walk by. She makes eye contact so I can’t ignore her. I say, “I’ll be thinking of you at 9:00 tonight”.

    I’m sure she took it as a compliment and a validation of her SMV. In reality it was the opposite. At 9:00 I did think of her and reveled in being immune to such vile, nasty, gross, disgusting, and genitalia driven life forms.

    What a great decision to go ghost monk. My brain, body, and spirit and certainly not one blow job away from being enticed back to the Blue Pill plantation. I’ve done my time chasing meaningless pussy and mediocre blow jobs. Solitude is much preferred to the company of the lizard brained. Cheers.

    1. You’re hilarious dude. If you ever end up writing journal entries/memoirs of your ghost monk adventures, I’d love to take a gander.

  3. i know a black dude working at a bar/dance café. a group women all had their bachelorette parties at this place. this group all had a list of things to do before getting married. and one of the things on their list was getting fucked by a black guy. the black dude i know fucked all of the women in this female friends group the day before they got married. the next day they all got married in a white dress with some beta provider white guy. so if your darling ever tells you she wants a bachelorette party please tell her the wedding is off.

    1. I recently heard a story from a small town where some friends organized a bachelorette party. Apparently she had the black guy fantasy, so they hired some black dude to be a stripper for the night (the guy was not a professional stripper).

      Anyway, as he was grinding against her butt things got a little too hot and she ended up taking his rather sizable dick up her ass… only to get stuck! They had to separate them at the hospital. This being a small town, every last person found out.

      Needless to say, wedding was canceled, and she rarely ever shows herself in public anymore. X)

  4. bachelorette parties are much wilder then bachelor parties. bachelorette parties often include sex with a other dude. while bachelor parties mostly stop with a labdance. i seriously doubt guys would still get married if they knew what their darling bride did on her bachelorette party. i’m mgtow and will never marry anyway. but i seriously think guys should put a woman simply asking for a bachelorette party on the red flag list. to me it’s clearly a sign you’re about to get married to a hooker in sheeps clothing.

  5. These people are peasants, each descended from five thousand years of sturdy peasant stock. Their scope of interests, the things they find funny, the things they find frightening, the things they like to do – fucking, eating, dancing to simple rhythmic music, getting blackout drunk – are peasant things.

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