According to fat feminists, only men need to lower their standards

I would like to highlight a comment, which was left by blog reader James some times ago, on the peculiar issue that nasty bitches want us alpha males to lower our standards and instead of joining the MGTOW movement or pairing up with young, attractive women, pick them instead.

James succinctly summarized their double standard:

It seems that only dudes MUST lower their standards, yet women seem to believe that male beauty standards are completely fine. No one is asking Loki to be fat and unappealing. No, male sex symbols are totally fine, and the male beauty standards are ok as they are. Women are allowed to have some fat, but guys? Nope, guys must be fucking ripped or just resign themselves to a life of solitude and rejection.

Absolutely. Also, note that guys are pigs, creeps or perverts if they lust after attractive women, regardless of how attractive they are themselves. But if an ugly woman ogles some good-looking guy, she is not at all creepy. No, instead she is “strong and independent”, “leans in”, and “goes for what she wants”.

4 thoughts on “According to fat feminists, only men need to lower their standards

  1. Unattractive people can usually give lots of reasons why their looks are not as important as their inner qualities. The irony kicks in when you realize unattractive people are equally attracted to good looks and are just as indifferent to everybody else’s inner qualities.

    1. The truly mind-boggling thing about it is that most of the times, the ones who keep spreading that kind of “inner beauty” bullshit are ALWAYS WOMEN. Yet they’re the ones who care less about it.

  2. The reason that unattractive people aren’t getting laid is that they don’t want to fuck one another.

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