Deluded Western women now “marry” themselves

While doing some research for a recent article, I came across the phenomenon of solo marriages, which are marketed to women who just can’t find any man to marry them because they, you guessed it, are oh-so strong and independent. If you want to have a good laugh, read this Guardian article on “solo marriages”.

For me, the high point came at the very end, when she claims that people are impressed by her showing around pictures of her “solo wedding” and name-drops some presumably famous person who remarks,

“It’s like Cindy Sherman, only sadder,” she said. “More depressing. These photos are very sad.”

Indeed they are. She is old and unattractive. You can tell that she was always ugly. Now she’s ugly and old, hardly a winning combination.

The follow-up is even more bizarre:

“I enjoy hearing people’s reactions: most think it’s funny, weird or peculiar.”

Is she crazy? Is any of those adjectives positive? The joke is clearly on her.

6 thoughts on “Deluded Western women now “marry” themselves

  1. It is a truism that crazy people think they are fine and everyone else is nuts. In this particular instance, the author is really far gone, and it is not particularly surprising her relationships seem to all end abruptly.

  2. What a huge surprise! Can you believe that no man wants to marry an old, unattractive, feminist career woman who is never home and hardly ever runs a brush through her hair? Shocking! But you go girl. You’ll be just as satisfied with a cat and memories of your amazing career.

  3. I looked her photos. From the straight up, she looks GREAT for her 42 y.o age. A nose job would make her easily a really attractive 42 y.o. woman. She is not fat either. Just delusional though

    1. I agree. With a nose job… she could get a great guy no problem… but she’d

      a) Need to get a pleasant personality
      b) have to be accepting of an older guy

      The reason she’s single is probably due to A or B

  4. My first thought – she ain’t pretty, but she doesnt look bad for being 42
    Second thought – instead of throwing that money at a solo wedding in Japan, she should have invested in a nose job.
    Third thought – why Japan??? Is it anyhow less pathetic if you do it abroad? Im no expert on Japan but I am fairly confident that, among their many strange customs, solo weddings are not one of them.

    1. I may be wrong but I think Japan is the only one to offer solo wedding Japan.
      People there also marry their anime figured pillows.

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