Oh, we have fat fitness models now!?

In my last post I mentioned that society let’s women get away with lying. What is even worse is when the emperor has no clothes. It’s one thing to put so much make-up on a plain chick that she appears to be attractive. However, claiming that some fattie is attractive, or even a role model, is absurd on a whole ‘nother level. You don’t believe me? Then look at this:


I have taken this picture from an article on Yahoo! Beauty (no, I’m not making this up), with the title Fitness Blogger Lets Her Belly Rolls Show, to the Delight of Fans. Seriously, how fucking crazy would one need to be to associate that girl with fitness. She looks fat on the left pictures, too. Just look at her arms. It’s fucking gross.

Of course, if you sit down, your tummy may look a little bit bigger. However, that woman is in piss poor shape. Put her in a place like Tokyo, and she’ll undeniably look what she is: fat. Yet, with obesity rates as they are, we have presumably arrived at a situation in which the merely mildly obese can legitimately pose as fitness models. Yeah, just keep going! (I’m packing my bags.)

18 thoughts on “Oh, we have fat fitness models now!?

  1. Yahoo seems to have a “real sized” fitness model on their daily news roll with the ‘fat Is fit’ messaging.

    Thx Marissa Mayer, female CEO’S are always the best!! (p.s. It’s totally logical that you put the data breach blame on you head lawyer…I mean, lawyers code now, right??)

  2. I am going to ask: Why do even care if some fat delusional woman announces her as a “model” and the advertising industry indulges her behavior to attract more (fatty) female costumers?

    Aren’t you married and/or banging top shelf women? Why would you care about her like so many manospherian dolts who incessantly whine about fat women, fat epidemic, etc?

    BTW if you think that’s gross, then don’t google Tess Holiday. She makes this girl look like anorexic Angeline Jolie.

    1. Concern trolling does have some benefits. It did get me laid… As weird as that sounds…

      Like this concern troll is using the silencing technique known as “If you were truly successful, you wouldn’t be saying these things”.

      Back in the day when the MRA was in its birth (almost a decage ago), i was prominent in helping boot it with articles and comments and promotions… I was also a fierce community critic. The most common retort I got was “Guys who get laid don’t talk like this about feminism/puas”, or “You’re only made about feminist policy x because you don’t get laid enough” or “you’re only criticizing PUAs coz they get laid more than you”

      So for some closure I went and got 20-30 lays in about 1,5 year or so I think… That puts me in the top 0.01% of guys sexually speaking (i’m not top 0.01 over a lifetime, but was in terms of a yearly).

      Guess what… I became even MORE anti-feminist-bullshit. I became even more angry at PUAs scamming guys. No, cumming inside of chicks did not suddenly make me go “you know it’s completely ok when feminists lie”. Nor did it make me go “Oh, it’s completely ok that PUAs say that 2+2 =6”. Banging more chicks didn’t suddenly make me ok with bullshit.

      Neither had being financially succesfull (I was in the top 1% of earners in my country for a couple of years, all passive income)… That didn’t make me less angry about bullshit either.

  3. 50% of Americans are overweight. Having plus size models is just marketing. At the gym I go to several of the trainers are well over their ideal weight and I suspect this is so the place is more welcoming to some of the plus size clients……

  4. As an example of self delusion, this is an average example at best (and come one guys, i would do her, and so at least 95% of you). The crazy leftists at buzzfeed made some videos in the “every woman is beautiful” area in the last year that are way more jaw dropping.

    Gavin McGinnes mocked one video with the perfect comments:

    1. Your comment about 95% guys is accurate I think.

      Personally. I’ve honestly never been with a girl who didn’t have a flat belly. Ever. Mostly super-skinny girls or chicks/women who still have a flat tummy even when not skinny (genetics, distribution of fat allows it).

      But ya 95% of guys wouldn’t kick her out of bed. I would also agree she looks fitter than the average person. It’s obvious she has muscle tone and works out.

      She has a bit of extra fat on her belly, but also some muscle. So overall she’s fit. I think she’s a good (half-way role model) for obese chicks. If a woman goes from obese to this, it will be a huge success. She’d be half-way there.

      I don’t think having half-way goals is bad. Only setting goals based on your end/ideal result isn’t always wise. Having a role-model for the half-way point sounds reasonable to me.

  5. The main thing that I’ve noticed that separates men and women is how men and women judge success or any kind of goals/tasks. Men can accept that they themselves are not currently at an “ideal” level of fitness, and either are ok with not reaching that level or push themselves to get there, using it as motivation. While women seem to not want to put any real effort in at all so they just complain that women at the top level of fitness are gross or not “real women”.

    To be fair when it comes to working out especially I would say 95% of men also struggle with it/are intimidated by the gym etc, but it’s like 99.99% of women. Also, men are way more likely to see a guy obviously on steroids and be like “that’s gross and unnatural (which is true)” or just accept they don’t want to take the risks of using steroids so they’re fine not getting to Prime Schwarzenegger levels. Or they do take steroids because men are definitely more likely to engage in risky behaviors/be more obssessive with passions. While women seem to actually think that men (or it’s just themselves think it) that people like Nicki Minaj and Kim Kardashian have the best bodies and butts even though it’s obviously fake. And why do so many women try literally EVERY single weird/ fad diet/workout/surgery etc before just working out and eating right normally, it’s like they can’t see the big picture/long term ever.

  6. She is not model thin, that’s for sure. But she’s in better shape than the vast majority of women I’d say, in the US anyway. That being said she not fat enough to be a “plus size” model. She just seems bigger boned.

    And yes I wouldn’t throw her out of bed.

    1. She seems pretty fat to me. If she lost 20 pounds, her bones would be a lot smaller. 😉

    2. And this is what it’s come to. Women/people have become so big that the baseline of what is considered fit, has shifted. Since there are so many overweight women out there, she now seems fit/slim by comparison.
      Go to Japan, where the majority of women are still slim. She would be obese by comparison.

    3. @Chazz

      Actually the term fit means something completely different scientifically speaking. The fact that it was hijacked by the bodybuilding industry to mean “people with low-bodyfat” is a different thing.

      A person with good muscle tone and cardiovascular fitness is in fact fit even if they have “slightly higher bodyfat” . (Obviously I’m talking 10-15 pounds extra, not 50).

      Whereas a skinny- chick can actually be less “fit”… if she’s skinny coz she’s a chainsmoker who lives off of candy and chips.

      – You can have 100% perfect diet, do a ton of cardio, and be 10-15 pounds extra (not 50+ no, but 10-15 absolutely)

      – You can have 100% shit diet, unable to even walk a flight of stairs, be a chain smoker and be skinny

      The first person is fit, the second one is not.

      It’s calories-in, calories-out. You can live off of shit calories and have low-bodyfat, despite being a lazy bum. You can eat the best food, be physically active and fit, but eat a surplus (of these good calories)… and you won’t have low-bodyfat to brag about.

      Obviosly it’s impossible to eat a good nutrition and be 50 pounds overweight. But 10-15 or even 20? YES! Quite possible if you have the wrong satiety genes.

  7. Had it been a traditional motivational article that encourages women to lose weight through diet and physical excercise, it would not be found under the hammer of Mr. Sleazy.

  8. You fat-shamers, especially you Sleazy, should be ashamed of yourselves. No wonder there #DayWithoutWomen.


    But seriously, don’t know if it’s going on in Europe, there is this women’s strike:

    Echoes that Black Pigeon video from a year ago when he talks about how women destroy civilizations.

    It also harkens to your recent post Sleazy, about how Western women are fucked in the head. When things are good, women are still not haaaaapy.


    1. Lol, the irony. Imagine if men did such a protest and all electricity stopped working, and water stopped running, and all food production ceased xD

  9. I find it ironic how activists blather on about the violence against women and how men are perpetrators, while conveniently ignoring that the victims of violence are overwhelmingly male (in almost all countries).

    1. Silly you! Remember: women are not the fairer sex… but it’s pretty sure tha men is the disposable sex.
      Some crazy, hot feminist chick I met once in Tinder (that actually had a boyfriend since 3 months before I met her and she tried to fuck with me) whined about the “genocide” of women for hundreds of years, yada yada…
      I was a couple of clicks to write “Oh, I’m sorry, it’s obvious that women always are on the raw end. Let’s just remember, uhhh, oh yeah, Operation Barbarossa. The insurmountable number of female Soviet and Nazi soldiers that fell on it… Oh, wait, most of them were male. That’s sexist!

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