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A must watch: “The Wall Show” by Million Dollar Extreme

Some of you may be familiar with Million Dollar Extreme, which is a trio that focusses on very non-politically correct comedy. That probably isn’t quite accurate. Instead, they simply hold a mirror up to society. They had a show called “World Peace” on Adult Swim, which wasn’t renewed for a second season because the cucks at the studio got cold feet. Well, we still got one season. A particular highlight of it is “The Wall Show”, which I’ve embedded below:

I was genuinely baffled when I watched this because I just couldn’t believe that someone would address such issues so directly: We have fairly unattractive women with an absurd sense of entitlement being openly ridiculed (“complete rubbish”) or a tattooed trashy black woman stating that she makes “over 40 grand” (on welfare and other schemes). That’s fabulous stuff! It cracked me up. Yeah, we all know that the dregs of society get subsidized like crazy. But when does this issue ever get any attention?

Another line I love is Sam asking Steve whether he doesn’t “feel sorry for them”, and would want “to commit right away, and give them access to your bank accounts”.

It’s not all fun and games, though, as there is a very serious part, too. At the end, one of the “lovely ladies” says that her plan was to “omit certain details” or “withhold truth” (e.g. lie about her age), which leads to a direct confrontation by one of the moderators who asks her what she would say if that was his plan on picking up a woman. This is something you should let sink in, because there is certainly a strong tendency among cuck men, and society in general, to let women get away with lying. Raise your hand if you’ve never met a woman who lied about her age. Nobody? Yeah, I thought so. Or just think about make-up! Frankly, I would be all for banning makeup because the difference it makes can sometimes be downright scary. Also, it is used for the sole purpose of deception. (Yes, I have met women who are incredibly beautiful even without make-up.)

As great as that clip is, I think that there is one segment that was cut. You notice that the interrogation skips over the second woman, the black one. There was also a black dude among the potential suitors. So, presumably Sam Hyde and his pals were a bit too insensitive. In any case, let’s celebrate what we have!

2 thoughts on “A must watch: “The Wall Show” by Million Dollar Extreme

  1. I forgot to link this episode to you when I saw it. I had only just recently discovered Sam Hyde after Adult Swim canceled his show for him being a Trump supporter. He’s redpilled as fuck. Check out his Kickstarter TV sometime, very funny stuff.

  2. I always question the concept of “omitting certain details” when dating. I mean, you are not going to be able to hide much as things progress so it would be logical to get any outstanding issues addressed at the beginning, rather than hope that once things get revealed the other person is too invested in you to bail.

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