Guest Post: Thank God for Facebook and ugly chicks (by Alek Novy)

Alek Novy left a longer comment today, which deserves wider attention. I’m replicating it below with very minimal editing.

Today I looked at my Facebook feed, and I noticed the same thing I always notice. My feed is full of feminist status updates about women’s rights.

– Not a single one of them is even mildly cute.
– All of them are ugly and/or masculine

The thing is… when I was in my early 20s I was negatively impacted by feminist propaganda because there were no photos associated with it. When articles told me I was a creep for being a man, and that lusting after women is bad… I assumed it was cute girls writing them.

When all those posts and articles and leaflets were given out about “sexual harrassment”, I had assumed the authors were AT LEAST representative of the average girl. It never even passed my mind that they were actually trolls pretending to speak for women.

I spent much of my early twenties ashamed of my masculinity and sexuality, because of toxic feminist messaging. I assumed it was coming from “the women around me”. I assumed the average girl bought into the most insane feminist shit. (Of course I was too scared to ask any, and didn’t know that only 10-20% of females identify as feminists.)

Young guys today have it easy. Thanks to Facebook and community profiles this has all changed. Ugly feminists are so stupid they put their ugly mugs as high-res photos on their profiles even when they’re making disqus comments etc…

They’re so deluded, that they think when they post “WE WOMEN want men to do x” and “WE WOMEN think Y about male sexuality” – that men will be like “Oh I totally have to listen to what this unfuckable troll thinks about sexuality”.

Now young guys today don’t have to consciously analyze this. But they get it much quicker. Like I can imagine that a young high-school boy will notice that out of all his classmates it’s the weirdest/ugliest girls sharing feminist memes. I didn’t have that luxury. Back in the days there were no photos attached to toxic feminist content. And since they identified as “we women”, as in “all of us women think this way”… I bought into it.

15 thoughts on “Guest Post: Thank God for Facebook and ugly chicks (by Alek Novy)

  1. I’m replicating it below with very minimal editing.

    Oh do feel free to do any/as much editing as you find necessary.

    Every time I post a comment I’m like “fuck that’s some unreadable shit, I should have invested at least 10 seconds of editing before clicking post comment”. I always wish there was an edit function on here.

    It’s just that my commenting method is “Start ranting, click post comment”… all done in one breath and stream-of-consciousness writing lol.

  2. Its so true hahaha… Let us ask our oracle! If you type the words “why are feminists…” in a google search bar today, your top suggestions will be:
    – Why are feminists so ugly
    – Why are feminists annoying
    – Why are feminists so angry

    (Or some variation of those)

    BTW on feminists being gross trolls… I’m just gonna drop this link here (spoiler alert! Do not open if you are uncomfortable with icky) —->


  3. Not sure where Alek Novy is located but if I mined all the feminist-type posts on my feed I don’t think there’d be a correlation with attractiveness. Yes, there are some ugly ones, but there are also cute girls posting about it.

    Maybe he just has ugly female friends?

    1. Nice try. Except for 3 things.

      1a) If you read the original comment you’ll see that I was reminded by today’s facebook feed to talk about this phenomen… not that i’m basing it on my facebook feed ONLY. I’m not using facebook, i.e. my list of friends as the “ONLY thing to draw conclusions from”. It just REMINDED me about what I had noticed over the past 4-5 years online.

      1b) Even if I were basing it ONLY on my facebook friends lists (which i’m not), the trend still would stand. Because I did say “the ugliest ones from WITHIN that sample”. So even if your projection was correct (Alek only has ugly female friends), all you’re saying is:

      “Well Alek, you must have a friends list of girls who go from 0 to 4” Ok? And if I said the ugliest girls in that SAMPLE share feminist shit, how does the point change? It would mean only zeroes share feminist shit, but ones, twos, threes and fours don’t. Do you see how your non-point is a non-point?

      2) You’ll see I mention disqus (and community/author profile avatars)… that’s the actual main point… which i admit I didn’t stress enough. I’ve noticed that feminists are so deluded they’re now shooting youtube videos, and putting photos behind their articles.

      Go read any of the highest-ranked feminist articles (ones bashing male sexuality, talking about creeps etc)… You can click on the authors name and see that they have a photo (they’re usually in the bottom 5% of ugliest women possible), and all the commentators are actual 500 pounds trolls. Yes, actual 500 pound deformities commenting shit like “I hate it so much when men proposition me for sex, men should be shot for proposing sex to women, we should teach boys that proposing sex to women is oppression”…

      Back in the day there were no photos associated with these comments. Fortunately due to feminist brainwashing, they are now so deluded they actually think they’re not horrendous and willingly put on high-res photos of themselves.

      3) A study also came out called “the feminist paradox” which conclusively showed that women who identify as feminist are abnormally masculine (2d:4d ratios). This is also related to how attractive a woman is.

    2. Also, the specific focus on Facebook, is in terms of the benefit for that young boy in high-school. Not in terms of “FB was the reason I concluded feminists are ugly. But in terms “I’m happy there’s a massive disseminator of this information that is available to every young man, and he won’t have to go through what I did”.

      That young boy in high-school is not going to go analyzing the profile pictures of feminist authors on “masculinity is evil” columns. But he will notice the trend on FB, even if it is subconcious. He’ll never see the hotties sharing articles on rape culture or patriarchy. He will notice it’s the weird autistic girl who can’t even maintain eye-contact IRL that’s sharing/liking that stuff on FB.

  4. Well, that isn’t my experience. I mostly saw men post stuff about womens day. Think the only woman I saw post about womens day was the attractive stem student.

    And the only guy going against it all is a less attractive dude. (imho).

    But that just might be my local fb bias.

    However, with people like emma watson and beyonce saying they is are femnist, I’d think this observation isn’t totally correct.

    1. However, with people like emma watson and beyonce saying they is are femnist, I’d think this observation isn’t totally correct.

      The reason they stand out is because they are the exception.

      At least emma watson. Beyonce is an ugly fat tallentless snob.

    2. At least emma watson.

      Further, she’s not even of the most insane variety i’m mostly focusing on. The “Women are opressed by masculine behaviour, and masculine behaviour is evil variety”.

      She’s “pop-feminist” type who thought feminism is only about the wage gap, and gap in STEM ratios, and things like that. (I won’t go into the fact that the wage gap and stem differences are bullshit, just that “pop feminists” only tend to ever care about those topics). So, yes you might see a few non-ugly pop-feminists here and there (nonuggos are rare even in pop-feminism, though they do exist).

      She’s not the “masculity is evil and men and women are the same” type of feminist. As evidenced by the fact that she was actually ranting about how guys in london are wussies for being afraid to approach her and hit on her. That’s like the exact opposite of the ugly feminist writing pieces about how men shouldn’t hit on women or express sexual interest.

      When I say a young boy will notice it’s the ugliest girls in his class sharing conspiracy theories about rape culture and male sexuality – that’s what I’m referring. Obviously even pop-feminism is bad (wage gap nonsense)… but the truly toxic stuff is limited to uggos.

      After getting backlash though, watson did learn from the backlash that the feminist brand today is primarily associated with the anti-male-sexuality and anti-masculinity waves.

  5. This is what I have been saying all along. I don’t want to spend valuable time discussing feminism particularly because feminists are always ugly/masculine. Similarly, who cares if a beggar thinks you are shit?

  6. I hardly use Facebook now. Thx Alex for confirming another reason not to use it, i.e. seeing virtue signalling among in the newsfeed of my “friends”. Ick.

    1. I have 1200+ “friends”. The people posting SJW-type/feminist-type stuff are at best 2% of the total (at most). Three-or-four of them are gay guys. The other 15-20 are ugly feminist trolls (some of which seem to be lesbian).

      I wouldn’t not use Facebook due to 2% of the users.

  7. On a related note, the women that tend to complain about the objectification of women are almost entirely the type of women least likely to be objectified.

  8. What a great post. My first time to this site, but this is a great start. You’re absolutely right that feminist got initial traction because photos weren’t always associated with the dogma. Now that they are, well, we know we don’t need to listen to them.

  9. Well I must admit I like masculine women (those with their longer ring finger than their index finger). They are better at conversations, and I like something about this “bulldozer” face. But you gotta snag them fast before they slut out. They start sex later, but they are only good when you are their first.
    Same holds for NF women (Myers Briggs). People bash it all they can, but when 90% of my actual girlfriends were some type of NF, I see some pattern here. They are the best possible girlfriends if you snag them as their first, but after 3 partners they turn crazy as fuck.

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