56 thoughts on “The Open Thread: February 2017

  1. Aaron,

    Since Minimal Game has been published, have you changed your mind about anything? Would you add or delete anything? Thanks!


    1. Extremely little. I would change a few things about contacting girls via phone/SMS, as we’ve moved on to Facebook and WhatsApp now, and talking on the phone is a bit less common than it used to. The advice in that section, though, is still generally valid (keep it brief, don’t try to have ‘funny’ conversations etc.).

  2. What is your take on paying for dates, and that the guy is expected to do this? Today in a discussion i had some female coworkers all agreeing that it’s the ‘mans role cuz he must be a gentleman’. Another male coworker then proudly replied that he always pays for dates. I couldnt help but think that guy is quite chumpy. Do you ever do dates yourself, Aaron? Or is it better to skip this ‘mandatory stage’, because for some reasons i feel that if your goal is to fuck chicks, dates are a time waster and unnecessary.

    1. You shouldn’t pay for bitches, but I certainly think that it is a very nice gesture to invite a girl you really like, as a token of appreciation for spending her time with you. Of course, this follows from the fact that you’re not some fucking loser who can’t pay for dinner for two.

      Here is a shocking secret: some girls may like you a lot, but live on a budget and couldn’t really afford expensive restaurants, and even paying for a drink may hurt their finances a little bit. Yet, they find other ways to show their affection, for instance, by creating a nice gift for you, not necessarily art but a token of appreciation that took a lot of time to create, or they pull a little bottle with massage oil out of their handbag back at your place, and give you a long and very enjoyable massage.

      I have done dates where I went the whole 9 yards, but it was for women I really, truly liked and whom I’ve been seeing for a while already.

  3. Aaron,

    I remember reading in your interview on simpleguyskills.com, published in May 2016, that your book on zen meditation is almost complete. How is that coming along and when do you expect it to be released?

    1. There has been a lot (and I mean a real lot) going on in my life recently. The meditation book is still almost complete, but I haven’t touched the draft since mid-2016.

  4. Hey all,

    What are good activities that might be fun, but have alot of women in them? Im really bad in night clubs, hell i will probably have problems with other activities too due to introversion, but i gotta start somewhere.

    Also Alek, do you do consultations like sleazy? No offense to him, I just think that you understand awkward introverts more.

    1. Haha, this is fun – all comments on this thread where on moderation, and we both posted the same video 😉 And yeah, the content of this video makes me kinda speechless.

  5. Hi guys,
    new reader from germany here.

    Aaron you already posted a critical comment about sweden, based on the feminism and migrant situation there. I have never been to sweden, so i am wondering if the situation in sweden is really that bad – has anyone here visited or lived in sweden in the last 2-3 years and can confirm what i find on the internet?

    Example – just published today:
    The Rape Of Sweden | Ingrid Carlqvist and Stefan Molyneux

    1. Sweden is pretty fucked up, in a lot of ways. Housing and feeding unskilled immigrants is one problem they have, but there are a lot more problems. One is the housing bubble. If this bursts, and the government has to step in, possibly mandating a cut to their overly generous welfare state, then some minorities may get pretty angry.

  6. Hey Aaron I would be interested in hearing your thoughts on what traits in women make suitable them partners? And the prevalence of these types of women in the general population?

    In my anecdotal experience the vast majority women I meet and have been involved with tend to be quite lazy, parasitic and devoid of empathy. Don’t get me wrong I have been involved with some fantastic girls who I think a lot of even though things didn’t work out between us. It just seems like theres not much of those types around.

    I understand these factors will vary depending on who you are but any input would be greatly appreciated. Cheers.

    1. Here is one exceedingly rare one: make sure she actually cares about you as a person, and not just as some kind of status symbol for her. (This is a lot harder to find than you might think.)

    1. Now i might miss the context of this document and why you posted this link here.

      But i studied economics and i can read scientific papers. So i looked into this 100 page document for 15 minutes. Result: This paper was written by someone with a standard economic education, who thinks he is way smarter than he actually is. He just tries to mix some “new age philosophy” into standard economic science, which of course doesn´t make sense at all. Not sure how someone can do this without smoking a lot of pot. Of course i did not read the whole thing, but from scrolling through the pages – there is nothing new, original or super smart in there.

  7. Is it really a red flag if you meet a good-looking woman who is still a virgin by her mid-late twenties? I’ve heard that it may be a warning sign of major personality flaws. (besides extreme shyness that is)

    1. She’s probably a bit too picky. For a conservative background, the age wouldn’t really make sense as those circles tend to marry off their daughters when they are in their prime. So, something must have gone wrong if she’s entering her late twenties and still doesn’t have a man.

  8. Hey Aaron, I’m looking to eventually do a trip to Germany. I know the cities like Berlin may not be the best to visit right now due to political strife but I know I’d be more interested in visiting the smaller villages. I’m into all the typical stuff like German beer, but I’m also into the medieval history especially since Germany was where all the famous known swordsmasters were from (as well as Italy). Also would like to visit Neuschwanstein Castle. Any recommendations?

    1. According to your IP address, you reside in the US, so you most likely don’t enjoy European-style six-week vacations. Visit the big cities and museums, and do one or two things that cater to your special interests. You probably won’t have time to do much else. Neuschwanstein is worth a visit.

    2. If you like history, I would also recommend a visit to Nürnberg, where you can find the Germanisches Nationalmuseum and the Kaiserburg, not no mention the Nazi museum and Hitlers monumental ruins.

      If you find yourself around Nordrhein-Westfalen, you might want to check out Burg Altena, a castle from the 12th century that houses a cool museum and was also the first youth hostel in the world (still in use so far I know, you can actually stay there).

      Look em up…

  9. Hey guys I had a moral question for yall,

    you know how you say that women get attached to you after sex? Well, knowing that, isn’t it quite immoral to just use girls for sex like Aaron and others here do? I mean, you’re basically using another human being, leaving them in pain in order to get something that doesn’t last very long.

    If all you are looking for is sex, it’s much better to just go to hookers.

    1. I always make it very clear from the beginning, on the first date, that I am unavailable for relationships, that I already did the relationship thing, didn’t work out, and that now I am single and loving it. I have yet to hear a complaint from a girl saying that I somehow used her, left her in pain, or duped her into something she didn’t want.

      I am not using her any more than she is using me, we both enjoy the sex together. If a girl turned fuckbuddy starts getting clingy, I remind her of this.

    2. It’s an ego thing. If you only want to have sex you would use hookers. Honesty I cannot stand the obsession about sex anymore. It does to our brain the same thing that alcohol and potato chips does. But nobody is obsessed about eating potato chips…
      Be obsessed with creating value to the world, that’s something useful and you will get plenty of sex on top of it automatically.

    3. “Hey guys I had a moral question for yall,

      you know how you say that women get attached to you after sex?
      Well, knowing that, isn’t it quite immoral to just use girls for sex like Aaron and others here do? I mean, you’re basically using another human being, leaving them in pain in order to get something that doesn’t last very long.

      If all you are looking for is sex, it’s much better to just go to hookers.”
      Seems like a loaded question to me, Mandalorian.
      1. The minority of women get attached through sex. Most get attached through the “package”: the lifestyle, the assertiveness bordering on arrogance, the humping with the minute-long orgasms, the jealous whisper of her girl”friends”, etc.
      2. Women are using you too, Mandalorian. If you realize it or not. I shared a story of a chick who wanted to use me. Learn from it.
      3. But 1. and 2. are quite frankly irrelevant, because what would be the “moral” choice in your eyes. Is it really “using” hookers as you suggest. Aren’t hookers human beings to you? Seems like a nasty contradiction in your reasoning btw. You don’t say it explicitly, but isn’t the “moral” choice in your eyes to wife her up? To which I reply: the vast majority of women are unfit for anything resembling a long term relationship. And I am in a long term relationship.

    4. The people I see the most obsessing about sex, are usually people who dont get laid very often, if at all. I should know, this describes me in my teens.

      You know, how the old joke goes:
      Q: How is sex like air?
      A: It’s no big deal unless you are not getting any…

  10. Is it possible that meditation can disarm me analytically and also kill my ambition? Isn’t it true that a lot human accomplishments depend upon people’s neurotic needs for achievement or their lust for money or power?

    1. That meditations’ goal in some ways, to cut off the root of desire. And as you know desire causes pain but also is responsible for progress. So it is a balancing act.

  11. “Hey guys I had a moral question for yall,

    you know how you say that women get attached to you after sex? Well, knowing that, isn’t it quite immoral to just use girls for sex like Aaron and others here do? I mean, you’re basically using another human being, leaving them in pain in order to get something that doesn’t last very long.

    If all you are looking for is sex, it’s much better to just go to hookers.”

    It is of utmost importance that you push aside all kind of moral preoccupations and simply pursue the single main goal of shagging birds, if this is what you want. Any sort of reflection on sexual morality and mores will further burden your cognition and reduces your effectiveness at handling relevant matters. Guys who are adept at sleeping with women already developed mental compartmentalization sooner or later in their “careers”. Emotional detachment is essential when it comes to this game since it will save you from worthless meandering thoughts.

    All your focus should be on delivering an answer to the question of how can you get close to a certain woman, what makes her tick to sleep with you, what not to say to kill your chance, what kind of objection she might spur and how you handle that.

    Thus a virgin moralist will look at a married woman who gives him “the eyes” and wonder whether it is wrong to even flirt with her, to touch her or ask for her phone number. A guy who wants to succeed at banging women would start to evaluate on her current life situations, the presence or absence of her husband in the surroundings, the logistics, a possible plan to drag her closer to your bed side etc. All this, of course, are masked under the most innocuous social conversation. Moral preoccupation plays no role in his thought pattern, only as a reflection after the act has been done.

    I declare that all kinds of moral preoccupation are burden to a guy who wants to sleep with numerous women. The clash of interests between women and you, the cold of decision of abandoning them when they no longer meet your current objectives and desire are unavoidable and should be counted as a part of the game.

  12. “you know how you say that women get attached to you after sex? ”

    All women are held responsible for their actions, even those that are caused by their most primitive drives. Female attachment after sex is an unavoidable consequence. You are under no obligation to respond to it if you do not see it fit. An extensive effort devoting on how to dodge her upcoming invitation to spend time with her should be invested.

    As you gain more experience, you will become rather indifferent to these reactions, anyway.

    Much more effort should be devoted to how you can control your emotions when you are in love or in heat, since it’s at these critical moments that errorneous mistakes are committed, only to be regretted later.

  13. Is weird that after many years I want to learn math -all of it- from zero to high school level and beyond? I had issues with them since always, but it was more of a lack of interest and apathy rather than capacity -I always ended dominating them when I fully grasp the basic concepts, but after I pass the tests at school I completely forgot about them. Now I feel really bored at least mentally and now I want to give numbers a second chance so I can keep my head busy. Am I weird?

    1. Why do you need approval of strangers on the Internet to follow your interests? Given that the average person is a moron, you are “weird” if you are able to read a newspaper article and recognize 80% of the words in it.

  14. It would also be interesting to hear your thoughts on non-duality and therefore no-self/ ego death from an secular perspective.

  15. Hi Aaron,

    What news sources do you go to for info on current events and how do you know if they’re actually credible? For example, with the refugee rape crisis in Germany, I found many sources saying that it’s an epidemic of humongous proportions. I then also found a research paper saying that the influx of middle-eastern migrants has not caused an increase in rape in Germany to any substantial degree. Who’s right?

    1. Look up “Einzelfall-Map 2017”, which is a visualization of well over 10,000 crimes involving rapefugees. Afterwards, think about how credible leftist dipshit academics are.

  16. I recently left my job and will be starting a new job in a little over a month. Since I have a couple weeks of time off between jobs, I am thinking about traveling on my own for about a week.

    Sleazy, and others, do you have any recommendations for a place to travel that would be good for a single guy in his mid-20s on his own? Unfortunately, I can probably only travel for about a week since I need some time to rest and time to move since my new job will be in a different city.

    I was thinking maybe somewhere in Europe where I may be able to stay in a hostel where I could meet other young people, but I am open to anything that would not be too expensive.

  17. I think that the concept of the law of averages in pickup is fascinating. It is almost as equally fascinating about how we negatively skew the distribution by being good looking. Which ultimates manifests in what we call “The Number”. Which is the number of women you have to approach on average to get a quality lay. It goes to tell that what matters in pickup is that the girl(s) like you first to begin with. Everything else including but not limited to arguments such as “Direct/Indirect”, “Moneyed/Less well off”, “Conversationalist/Timid” and Etc. doesn’t really matter. What does matter is that you are looking good enough and making a move on enough girls. Fascinating as to how it is hard for a lot of people to understand this simple truth.

    1. By the time computers write their own programs, there won’t be much work left to do, so his point is moot. Besides, there will always be a need for specialists. It may not be your special skill set that is in demand, though. I do think that Joe Programmer who knows a bit of Ruby on Rails or JavaScript but really has no clue of computer science, let alone has any domain knowledge, or an inkling of maths/stats should get a big wooden dildo and practice shoving up his ass, because that’s what life will be like for him rather soon.

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