Featured Reader Comment: The Player as a Victim of his Success (by Isidia)

Isidia left a great comment on my article Reminder: Women can be pretty great. I thought it deserved more attention, so I’m replicating it in full below.

A guy whose laycount has reached triple digits is arguably the one who is wounded most by his conquests. Along with the emotional rollercoaster he experienced with his females, there came also disgusting discoveries of treachery, sad realization afterwards, and eventual acceptance of female fickleness and cruelty. In one sense, you can argue that a player is a survived victim of female duplicitous motives and machinations. Given his background in inducing women to have extremely quick sex, he must have seen more dark facets of women than almost all guys reading this blog. Thus the man’s writings are necessarily fed with all past feelings of their master. This is obviously one of the roots of his cynical tone. This leaves us with a much deeper insight: no one walks out the arena of sex and love without bearing wounds and trauma. The wounds may close, but the pains are there when words awake it. This is written deeply from my own experience.

But it’s not as if he didn’t strive to offer his readers a more objective outlook on this subject matter. When it comes to answering what particularly trigger the female lust and sexual attraction, none other than him provide the most objective accounts. Beginning by diligently reminding readers that his unusual success is due largely to his very fortunate height and ending it by passing the verdict that we as men can only attract females of comparable sexual attractiveness and status, Sleazy is undoubtedly the most honest and grounded “stud” you will find out there. While the success of bringing to light the scientific mechanisms in human mating must waited for the coming of (its team, including Alek Novy has reached a marvelous achievement there, by the way), his honest is worth of our notice. We are therefore deeply indebted to these men and their persistence in uncovering the Truth, and in subduing lies and deceptions around this topic. You guys witness this yourself, the whole PUA scene is almost gone for good, and I argue that Sleazy’s attempt to wreak it must play a crucial to its demise.

Thus I would like to make a proposal to readers as follows:

You read Sleazy’s blogs to:
– To be more aware of and to be cautious against female manipulations (especially guys who are financially successful but inexperienced socially and with women)
– To have a basic understanding of female agenda
– To get rid of toxic feminist indoctrination planted in your education (therefore restore your pride as a man)

Each and every time you read on certain topics, always ask yourself at whom the writer aim (the audience), and to which group of women he is directing his criticism (the targets).

2 thoughts on “Featured Reader Comment: The Player as a Victim of his Success (by Isidia)

  1. Well, if you only hunt in nightclubs and bars (where most people are damaged) you should not wonder, that you get damaged, too…

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