Alphas abroad, losers back home

During the collapse of the PUA industry, some people transitioned into “lifestyle”, writing about how live like a millionaire on a shoestring budget. All it takes is running an online business and moving to some Third World country. There is also the wider manosphere, which has a significant part of people in it who fantasize about never-ending streams of fresh pussy abroad. On Roosh’s forum people still fap to fantasies of banging chicks in Putin’s country. There are also a few commercial PUAs who spend a lot of time abroad, and write about the women they bang. Often, you get the impression that they only bang hookers or semi-pros. Just think about it: why would a dude who couldn’t get laid in his home country to save his life suddenly get laid left, right, and center. It doesn’t make any sense.

The problem is that it just won’t happen that you become an “alpha” just by virtue of setting foot in some foreign country. A particular irony is that various manosphere forums recommend guys to teach English abroad. As I learnt from an expat friend of mine who has spent many years in South East Asia, though, there is even a special term middle class Asian girls use for that kind of guy. They refer to them as “losers back home”, often just abbreviated as LBH, as in “ew, just by looking at his clothes you could tell that he is an LBH”. Genuine expats, on the other hand, may be seen as rather desirable, though.

Fact of the matter is that if you are a loser, you’ll be a loser anywhere you go. Why shouldn’t it be otherwise? If you’re not a loser back home, and think you’ll try your luck abroad, but not with bottom-tier women but with those from the middle class or above, you’ll realize that the playing field may be a lot more competitive than you are used to, as you are competing with other expats, and with well-off guys from their own country, who may have studied or worked abroad. If you’re a short white guy with a good job and a decent education, there isn’t that much reason for her to take you over a guy from her own ethnicity who is just as well off, but in addition to speaking perfect English, has the same mother tongue as her.

As a consequence, I’m tempted to dismiss all stories of losers who claim they get crazy amounts of ass abroad. What they get are sexual encounters with women who are at least semi-professionals who do it for the money, but those are women from the lower classes. To just mention one point: based on my experience, I am tempted to say that women from well-off Thai families do not give it up easily. This does not mean that you can’t bang five whores a day in Phuket. However, it does mean that virtually every woman your typical white loser PUA interacts with in Thailand and other Third World whoring destinations is a hooker. Some are probably unaware of it, others probably willingly deceive their audience about this fact.

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  1. I don’t know. I’m vastly more popular in the Slavic countries that in Scandinavia, where I, unfortunately, live. Although I am married and don’t chase women actively, I tried Tinder in Russia in a fairly large city and back home, in a fairly large city as well. The result was 67 matches in two runs in Russia and 4 matches in two runs in Scandinavia. This doesn’t say anything about whether the Russian girls would throw themselves at me if push came to shove, but the difference is pretty big. So it’s not impossible that some guys simply are more attractive in some countries than in others.

    Of course, this is just an example with numbers. I have noticed on several occasions that girls in Slavic countries actively give me signs of interest, whereas this happens only rarely in the region of Europe that looks like a misshapen male genitalia.

    1. That’s a different angle. To be more “alpha” in some other country, you would need to do better, relatively speaking, than at home. Another issue with your statement is that mere indicators of interest don’t count for anything. PUAs used to count how many phone numbers they were getting. The modern equivalent is probably Tinder matches.

      In general, though, it is true that women in Eastern Europe are significantly better at flirting than Scandinavian ones. They are also a lot more confident showing that they find you attractive.

    2. Of course, this was just intended to show that, for what they are worth, indicators of interest such as Tinder matches, can differ by more than an order of magnitude in different countries.

      As for actual success with girls from different countries, more than half of my sex partners have been from Slavic countries, despite that they are a few percent of women I actually meet. There is probably something about me that makes me attractive to Slavic girls and less so to Scandinavian ones, since I consistently get hit on when socializing with Serbian or Polish girls and much less frequently with the natives. I realize that this is an anecdote, and by no means must be valid for your average loser, but this is what I have experienced consistently for well over 15 years.

    3. @Alex

      Everybody experiences it. It’s something to do with being a certain group of girls’ type. Except for some people it takes them a while to notice the pattern.

    4. When I said “everyone experiences it”… The “it” was referring to being liked by a certain group of girls. For another dude it can be latinas or natural blondes or tall girls or whatever.

      The explanation is simple. Matching/complimentary genes. There’s something in your genes that complements hers. That makes you her “type”.

      Why specifically Slavic girls in your case? Well I doubt it’s all billion slavs that feel that pull toward you…

      There’s probably a set of genes found among some subsets of Slavs… Whereby your genes are a good complement to that specific set of genes. It’s probably most often found in Slavs. That doesn’t mean all or most Slavs.

  2. A case in point might be Matt Forney spent time in the Philippines and talked about his time as PUA there and how he was a big hit with the ladies. Having seen him on Youtube, I found this doubtful. Reading between the lines, it sounds like banging a bunch of hookers equates with having a girlfriend to him. Anyhow, a cursory review of the tourist hot spots in the Philippines and Thailand shows a lot of tourist guys with younger local women, and frequently these guys are a lot older and not in particularly good shape. The notion that they are not paying for it is laughable. It is sort of comparable to a sugar daddy convincing himself that he is a great catch for some women and the money is just a bonus for them.
    I kept praying Roosh would do a travel junket to Russia with a bunch of his cohorts to slay all the local hotties. If he tried it would be a safe bet we would either see a “Don’t Bang Russia” book or a news article how a bunch of American tourists ended up dead in a mob slaying.

  3. You pretty much nailed it. The difference is the lower class women in the states are Yvonne at the Burger King counter, or Tina Lee at the trailer park. In Thailand they’re lithe, tan skinned beauties from Isaan. So getting the lower class girls is great there.

    1. That’s a fair point.

      I mean, isn’t the whole idea of “LBH” that the guys are low class?

      So, I mean, does it really matter if the guys prefer lower class girls in another country, or, conversely, if those girls prefer the low class foreign guys to locals?

      This all just sounds like “lower class people get laid, and this upsets me.” Why should this upset anyone? Because the people of are a different ethnicity / nationality, maybe?

      Or, that maybe some “losers” find someone “outside of their class,” and that’s bad?

      That’s not bad at all. Good for them!

    2. The full phrase is “loser back home, alpha abroad”. I don’t think anyone on here is upset about white losers. They don’t find anyone outside their class. It’s just that a white low-class male is comparatively high status for a low-class Thai girl, for instance.

    3. >It’s just that a white low-class male is comparatively high status for a low-class Thai girl, for instance.

      Well, uh, what’s wrong with that? They don’t “deserve” it or something?

      I still don’t really understand the problem.

    4. You seem to have an enormous chip on your shoulder. I’m simply pointing out why those people will probably do better with girls abroad, and that it boils down to economics. I have no idea what you’re reading into my comment.

    5. >You seem to have an enormous chip on your shoulder.

      Not really.

      >I’m simply pointing out why those people will probably do better with girls abroad, and that it boils down to economics. I have no idea what you’re reading into my comment.

      It’s good that you don’t judge them negatively for such activities.

      But it’s obvious that other do. You don’t call someone a loser if you like them; the whole “Losers Back Home (alphas abroad)” implies that they don’t deserve what they are getting.

      I’m just trying to figure out a good reason for that disapproval. I’m only coming up with ethnocentrism, nationalism, or maybe just plain old spite. Not so good.

      I mean, if they’re just being PUA jerks who just use women, sure, hate them for that. But that has nothing to do with their “status.” It has to do with them being jerks.

      Overall, this all just reminds me of how people seem to go nuts when they see an attractive lady holding hands with a fat guy. “Oh, he must be rich,” or “Oh, she’s just pitying him.”

      Maybe she really likes him!

    6. What are you even talking about? You add an additional dimension to the discussion that is simply superfluous. Besides, genuine “losers at home, alphas abroad” may not get much at all.

  4. i’m moving to thailand next year. i’ve been to thailand multiple times and i never had to pay for it. (not directly) one way or an other a guy will always pay for it. most people think off hookers when you mention thailand. funny thing is that most thai people are conservative. sure you can go to thailand to one off the tourist hotspots and you’ll see lots off hookers. but if you’re looking for a virgin bride you can find that too. economics will always play a role in a male female relation. but there are more factors in play when it comes to relationships in thailand. thai culture is totally different then western culture. most western people only see the tourist stuff. if you really want to know thai culture you have to go outside the tourist area and spend time with thai people. then you’ll see it’s a little more complicated. i have no problem getting laid with western women. but i’ll take a thai woman over a western woman every time. they behave so much better you’ll have to try it before you judge.

  5. it’s not just loosers that go to thailand. it’s not just sex tourists. thailand has so much more to offer. i recommend all men go there once. it’s an amazing place and you’ll not regret going there.

  6. i’ve had relationships with western women. women from eastern europe. women from asia. and i can say that the more traditional conservative thai women are some of the best behaving women in the world. they’ll treat you like you’re a demi-god. they’ll do almost everything to please you. you don’t have to be a looser at home to appreciate that.

  7. i’m not in denial about the type off men that go there. yes there are many such men. but it’s not the only reason. it’s just the part most western people will see. a conservative western man married to a conservative thai woman just doesn’t make a very entertaining story. and they’ll never show it on tv. because if they show the real thailand to western men. the western women wouldn’t have any men left.

  8. most western men that go to thailand and settle with a thai women are men that came from the upper middle-class and got a divorce. they became so called losers by the hands off the western gold digging whores and the court system.

  9. for me personally. i’m going for family (i have a thai family) and bisness. thailand is a growing economic power in the east. the western world is crumbling slowly but surely. so my motivation for moving has nothing to do with women. i’m not chasing women. i chase money. and because i chase money. women are chasing me. no matter where i go. west or east. nothing gets women wet faster then the smell off money. no matter where you go.

  10. if one of you thinks off moving to thailand and do bisness. please think twice. there are great opportunities for making money in thailand. however WARNING: don’t think you can go there without any connections and make it with just $10000 and you’re (superior) western skills. you’re not the first thinking that and most end up broke. you need connections there. and you need to know the market. please don’t go there and buy a bar. don’t buy anything without study off thai law first. never make rush moves or you’ll regret it.

  11. if you’re interested in the upper-class thai women. you’ll have to get on good terms with her family. you have to be serious about marriage. otherwise you can forget it. you have to engage in negotiations with her family first. then you have to pay sin sod. this is a amount off money and gold that the family will ask for her hand in marriage. the amount is negotiable but the higher her social and sexual value. the higher the amount will be. most marriages in thailand are arranged but not forced by the two families involved. dating before marriage is not a taboo. fucking around without serious intentions can get you into big trouble. specially if you knock her up. her family will hunt you down unless you bring out the big money.

  12. don’t think you can play a upper-class thai women without consequences. if her family gets angry you’ll have a big problem. you better have a pile off money for them and ask for forgiveness or they’ll kill you. thai people don’t show their emotions in public and are known for their politeness. but make no mistake. if they get angry there will be hell to pay. never just grab a girl outside the red light districts. if you grab the rong one the whole village will be chasing you.

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