Marissa Mayer ran Yahoo! completely into the ground, but let’s not criticize her

It’s old news by now, but still relevant: Marissa Mayer, who essentially built a career on being at the right place at the right time, fucking Larry Page, and being a woman has been ousted as the CEO of Yahoo! Thus, she joins an illustrious cadre of women who have been pushed way beyond their ability, causing a catastrophic failure.

The choice of making Mayer CEO of Yahoo! was rather bizarre to begin with, considering that she was a “has been” at Google and demoted from Product Search to a much less relevant division. Yet, there are not so many prominent women in tech, so whenever there is one who might have just an inkling of ability, the libtard tech press just can’t stop gushing. You should have read some of the inane articles that were put out after she became Yahoo! CEO.

Frankly, Yahoo! had been in a rather difficult position as their value was little more than their stake in Regardless, there was plenty of money around, and Marissa Mayer didn’t spend it very well. For instance, she had a predilection for buying startups that were founded by ex-Googlers, and mainly people coming from a particular program she herself launched at Google. The total was over 50 companies, at a cost of an estimated $2.3 to $2.8 billion. Overall, that money has been wasted.

There is more fun stuff, like her purging Yahoo! of male employees. As we all know, women can do everything at least as well as men. Just think of all those famous female scientists like Alberta Einstein, Johanna von Neumann, Ricarda Feynman or Stephanie Hawking. If you look at history, it’s blatantly obvious that men simply suck. True, there was one overhyped Adolf Lovelace about two centuries ago, and Marcus Currie, who got two Nobel prizes but who was essentially free-riding on the work of his wife. Without women we’d obviously still sit in huts in the middle of Africa. Thus, it’s only consequential that all those useless gender-quota males were given the boot at Yahoo!, or ignored come promotion season.

It doesn’t take much to find spineless sycophants who come to Marissa Mayer’s defense. Some people are always quick to attribute external causes for failures, and internal ones for success. The same bullshit kind of reasoning is applied when beta cucks try to defend Marissa Mayer, the biggest hack in tech since Carly Fiorina. Hey, what’s a billion compromised accounts, coming at the heels of a different breach involving 500 million accounts? It probably served a bigger purposed which underdeveloped male brains can’t fathom.

If you want to read STEM news with a libshit/cuck angle, look no further than Hacker News. Here’s what some of the top rated comments on Marissa Mayer’s epic fuck up were:

Rather than the inevitable bashing of Marissa that will undoubtedly unfurl on this thread, I’d like to put in a little reminder that we usually celebrate taking on big projects and big risks and that we should commend her for taking on the immense challenge of steadying the Yahoo ship.
Yes, she wasn’t able to keep the ship from sinking. But I do think she put in a good-faith effort.

A “good-faith effort”?

Some leftist dipshit somehow thought that Trump was at the same level as Mayer:

Basically she Trumped it or is Trump going to Mayerr it?

This is beyond stupid, though, as one of those two built a billion-dollar company, and another, well, you can fill in the dots yourself.

It gets better, though:

I think there is absolutely no indication that anybody, other than Jesus Christ himself descending from the skies mounted on a Harley Davidson in flames, could have saved Yahoo.
So, bashing Marissa here would be really, really pointless and sad.

That quote contains a staple of leftist rhetoric: delegitimization based on emotion. Yes, redneck male, if you dare to objectively assess whether a woman does a proper job or not, you are “sad”. Probably he had “have a small penis” or “proves that you don’t get laid” written in a draft at some point — that is the kind of argument any man who is not a limp-dick beta cuck provider has become desensitized to.

So, let’s celebrate Marissa Mayer’s failure, and look forward to the next overhyped woman. Can’t someone make Sheryl Sandberg, the “Lean In” chick from Facebook, CEO somewhere?

7 thoughts on “Marissa Mayer ran Yahoo! completely into the ground, but let’s not criticize her

  1. “Alberta Einstein” XD

    It’s too bad the sarcasm in that paragraph would swing right over the heads of the feminist regime, as they nod unknowingly.

  2. I’ve wondered about the Ada Lovelace and how she invented coding. Er, that’s what I hear when they (i.e. femmies) rebut how coding is a naturally male thing.

    The book “Marissa Mayer and the fight to save yahoo” is an interesting tale…ending at the point where Mayer gets hired. I think Mayer’s impact on Yahoo is that she made it, literally, the colour purple.

    I recall about 1-2 years ago she got pregant again at a time Yahoo was doing bad. There was a headline how she couldn’t get fired now since she was pregnant. My facebook feed had women decrying the misogyny. I didn’t help myself out much when I said, ‘sure there’s a sexist divide. If a guy was in Marissa’s position, he’d simply be fired right away instead of hiding behind a pregancy.’

    I lost many “friends” that day. Ha.

    1. Ada Lovelace was a hack who did not grasp how Babbage’s Analytical Engine worked. It’s no different than today’s feminists who talk about “algorithms” as if there was a ghost in the machine.

    2. This books looks like a disgusting attempt at a cash grab. I wonder if enough SJWs buy books to justify that kind of project.

  3. The business press frequently does stories on CEOs, and novelty is a big factor. There are not a pile of women CEOs, so just profiling a woman already means you have an article about breaking down barriers, or whatever half-written. Invariably, the gender of the CEO becomes the issue, not what they are actually doing. In cases life Mayer and Fiorina, they had both been making questionable decisions for a while, and it never generated much attention until very late in the game.

    1. Are there any genuinely successful female CEOs or founders? To me it seems that the press desperately wants to see them succeed, hypes them beyond belief, and once the inevitable downfall comes, nobody saw it coming. Just think of Theranos for a recent and most egregious example.

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