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“Bridesmaids” sends a powerful message to deluded women

I just watched the 2011 movie Bridesmaids, which caught me really by surprise. Granted, I don’t watch a lot of movies, or TV shows, for that matter, but my impression was that men are normally made fun of, while women are sacred and perfect. Yet, here we have a mainstream movie that depicts an aging single woman in her late 30s who looks like 40+ that is a complete loser. In the first half an hour we learn that she:

– can’t get a date
– is at best only used as a fuckbuddy and has no idea how to make guys commit
– is lonely (nicely conveyed by showing her waking up with a sad look on her face)
– drives a shitty car
– has a shitty job she is unsuited for
– hates herself and her life
– is broke
– shares a place with two people who are even less desirable than her

The movie script has her trying to compete with another woman for the attention of her best friend. Yet, that other woman is superior to her in every conceivable way, to further accentuate that she is garbage-tier.

Of course, the movie does not let her hit rock bottom for long (she does lose her job and gets kicked out of her apartment, though), but she is digging herself into quite a hole. We see her getting hysterical, making a fool of herself and her friend as she gets wasted, or trying to get laid with a guy who calls her “not even pretty” behind her back.

Her romantic interests are quite interesting too. Guy #1 is a rich dude who only fucks her, well-played by Jon “Don Draper” Hamm. Later in the movie he greets her with, “Hey fuckbuddy” at one point, which wasn’t quite what I expected from a mainstream Hollywood flick. No, he is not shown suffering in any way. There is no bad karma for him. His last line is telling the main character that she is no longer his “number three girl” as he is driving off in his Porsche. This even further hammers home the point that she is deluded, considering that she believed she could make him commit. Guy #2 is well-off but not rich, but is still in love with his ex-wife who has left him. That dude is depicted as a bit of a loser, personality-wise. Guy #3 is a dude in uniform, and a bit of a spineless wimp. He is into the protagonist, but it takes her a long time to realize that he is the best she can get.

Bridesmaids is the most realistic depiction of the fate of deluded women. They maneuver themself into a pretty shitty situation in life, and their only hope is to get a guy with money, and when they make that realization, they may be far too old to get one. Probably most women who watch it think it’s over-the-top comedy, but they will learn eventually.

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