Does Innumeracy Partly Explain Sluttiness?

I get the impression that the attempt to rebrand sluttiness as being “sex positive” has mostly failed. Some soyboy cucks may have purported to be fine with a woman having banged fifty guys before them, but this is due to the desperation of those guys and not an actual choice. Ceteris paribus, no guy wants to bang a slut. Even for a one-night stand you would likely prefer women who are a bit less loose. I have turned down a few well-known sluts in the past because I did not want to be associated with them, and among Chads this is not that uncommon. If given the choice, you want a “crypto slut”, i.e. a woman who keeps her sluttiness under the radar. Of course, this does not work if you are desperate and think that banging any woman is better than none.

There is the somewhat defeatist sentiment that, since a lot of women are sluts, the goal should not be to look for a virgin or near-virgin but one with a supposedly modest headcount. Suddenly, the goalpost shifts and people (women) tell you that if she has been with a dozen guys or so she is still as good as new. Let us ignore that if a woman tells you that she has been with “only ten guys” her real number is likely far higher as she has a long list of interactions that did not count, for one reason or another. This is a strange phenomenon in modern society, not quite unlike Schrödinger’s Cat, where sex has only happened depending on the perspective. The guy will tell you that he has banged her out but for the girl it “did not count” because she was on a vacation or feeling a big down or bored or had a boyfriend whom she does not cheat on. If she gets caught, she will likely falsely accuse the guy of rape, though.

I think that a woman being with five or ten guys is already a lot. Five guys is about the size of a typical team in an office. If you have ever been put in a team role, then you may have experienced that it can be quite tiring to deal with a team of five. Replace those five duded with cardboard cutouts and put them next to a chick you consider dating. Do you really think that five guys are nothing? I think quite the opposite. It becomes even more ridiculous if her count was twenty or thirty. This is about the size of a typical high school class in a state school. Imagine a room with 30 guys who have all banged the some slut! If it is now your turn, would you really think highly of either yourself or her?

Only the most deranged women boast about their lay count. They are out there, though. The misguided strong-women reading is that if you walk away from a chick who has been with 50 or 100 guys it is because you are intimidated by her. Any guy with at least a shred of self-respect, however, will walk away from such a woman as this would be genuinely disgusting, and this does not change if she initially manages to keep her past under wraps. As soon as the guy learns about what a slut he has been with, he will likely walk.

I wonder if part of the reason why some women insist that banging a dozen guys was not a big deal is also that they are numerically challenged. Just as they do not consider, for instance, total cost-of-ownership when buying one of those Nespresso coffee makers, they may not really have a grasp of how much ten or twenty guys really are. I am dead serious. For them, it is only one guy after another and those experiences kind of blur into each other. This is similar to how they buy one dress, and another one, or another pair of shoes, or a new handbag. Without consciously being aware of it, they accumulate so many fashion items that it boggles the mind. Yet, even as they are running out of wardrobe space, they keep buying, and if need be, they just throw out some old clothes, which they may never have worn.

Innumeracy may also explain why some women go all out when it comes to meeting new dicks to suck and fuck. Let me use an example that may be a lot closer to the modern man: Imagine you only have two or three games in your Steam account and these games are all you play: you know those games quite well and you could probably talk at length about their gameplay mechanics, story, and so on. Yet, as you buy more games, you will care less and less about any particular one of them. The number of games you own grows but your spare time does not, and at some point you can probably not even tell how many games you have in your collection. Women banging a lot of dudes are subject to the same limitations: the first few guys she may remember but at a certain point, it just does not matter to her if she bangs yet another dude. She may just not care about it at all anymore. There is of course a point where the past catches up with you. Suddenly, you are looking at 150+ games on Steam and you realize that your life will be too short to ever play them all. In contrast, women look back at dozens upon dozens of guys and, in a lucid moment, realize that they have genuinely fucked up their life. At this point, it seems that the only options are to seek refuge in denial (“sex positivity”) and, eventually, man-hatred.

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    1. Being a cluster B isn’t a prerequisite for being a whore, but the fact that she’s so open about it is probably related to her narcissism. Logan Paul is definitely a psychopath, btw. Perhaps you’ve heard of his Japanese Suicide Forest stunt where he broadcasted a dangling corpse he and his crew stumbled upon in said forest. My guess is that this particular relationship is purely for show.

    2. Logan Paul’s video of the dead Japanese bodies was sickening. I only watched a brief seconds of it to see if it was real and not just edgy click-bait. It may be that the relationship to this slut is purely for show, but he does not seem to gain much from it. It is possible that he set it up to get a quick publicity boost, without being aware of this woman’s past. Yet, this would be quite negligent of him. I would expect a psychopath worth his salt to better think this through. I find it more likely that this woman is the bigger psychopath and the one manipulating Logan Paul. She gained a lot of attention from it, and it may not even have registered for her that her recorded statements about “sausages” are negative at all.

    3. They’re both seemingly incredibly impulsive, so it’s quite possible Logan didn’t think this through. Surely he didn’t perceive his slut to be’s reputation blowing up in his face, but something tells me that he thrives on any kind of attention. He does seem to have a knack for staying relevant regardless of whatever fallout he ends up enduring. That in and of itself might be his main goal—to maintain narcissistic supply at any cost.

    4. Is that video still on YouTube?
      Wtf , sounds messed up.
      Then again, I did watch a dude blow his head off with a shotgun on some social media site once.
      There’s a bit of a lack of censorship these days tbh.. just a lil’ bit.

  1. Three is the max number Alek came up. Within the span of 10 years, from 18-28, if they invest roughly 3 years into a guy, that is the number that you can accept.

    I wonder if she does have a short fling to put it at 4, what would it be. Be honest, just 1 fling and it is enough to turn on the slut mode already.

  2. they may not really have a grasp of how much ten or twenty guys really are. I am dead serious. For them, it is only one guy after another and those experiences kind of blur into each other. This is similar to how they buy one dress, and another one, or another pair of shoes, or a new handbag. Without consciously being aware of it, they accumulate so many fashion items that it boggles the mind. Yet, even as they are running out of wardrobe space, they keep buying, and if need be, they just throw out some old clothes, which they may never have worn.

    That’s a very nice take. I don’t think I’ve seen anyone else draw this parallel, but it does make it a lot of sense.

  3. Hmmm.
    A 27 year old woman with a history of 5 guys.
    Lost her v-plates at 17 let’s say .. so 10 yrs actively having sex.
    3 LTRs + 2 hookups.
    10/5 = a new guy every 2 years on average.
    Reasonable enough.
    Is she is sufficiently hot and a guy manages to get in there… that’s really a deal breaker??
    There’s a bit of a thing here that somehow it’s imagined this chick is fucking all 5 guys at the SAME TIME.

    Maybe lay off watching porn in that case 🙂

    1. You are starting to turn this place into trash because you keep trolling.

      Perhaps we should petition to make you disappear because you add nothing new to this blog but verbal diarrhea and irrelevant comments.

    2. Ok buddy. Point taken.
      I’m in a different time zone. When I post everyone is offline, so I can get a bit carried away posting too much. Fair enough. I’ll lay off.

    3. Hey you’re Vietnamese right? I have to say I loved travelling in that country. HCMC up to Hanoi .The history and culture was fascinating . Cambodia and Laos too. Lots of UXO’s (bombs) up there from the war still..
      Hey have u ever been to Apocalypse Now club in HCMC by chance?

    4. CQV If u have ,and if u ever go there again and happen see a local girl there with curly hair and big fake breasts…
      Can u pls pass on this message to her;

      Tell her James is sorry about what happened with the money. But he’s defs not sorry about the nasty dose of Gonorrhea she passed on to him. 😛

      Thanks – C.J.

  4. There’s also the matter of the quality of the men a woman has hooked up with, and whether you would go anywhere near her if you knew who she’d been with.

    A lot of rank and file basic manospherians will tell you, “Bruh, women are hypergamous. They’re always looking for a higher quality man.” But those of us with more than two brain cells to rub together know this is not always the case.

    Many women do have a tendency to hook up with absolute scumbag dregs of humanity. Heavy drug users who only bathe twice a week. Homeless men. Ex-convicts. Refugees. Absolute morons with dad bods – if you’re an avid gym goer who works in a STEM field, how would you feel if one of these slobs had been with the girl you like before you had.

    My borderline ex had a serial arsonist in her rotation.

    As well as innumeracy being a factor, I think women just struggle with memory formation. They tend to relate to their own memories as though they were a movie – something that happened to someone else and not them. That’s how they’re able to shirk accountability for mistakes and poor choices they make.

  5. Hi Aaron!
    1 “…you want a “crypto slut”, i.e. a woman who keeps her sluttiness under the radar.”

    How do you identify a crypto slut? It reminds me of a time I went to the Kentucky Derby, and you see a bunch of sluts dressed modestly quite similar how you would see a bunch of sluts dressed conservative at a wine tasting event.

    2 “…the goal should not be to look for a virgin or near-virgin but one with a supposedly modest headcount.”

    What do you consider a reasonable number?

    1. A reasonable number depends on age, I think. If a chick is 19 and has a bodycount of 5, it’s different than if she were 29 with the same amount of lays.

    2. 1) You can normally tell by how confident she is with interacting with you. Women who have fucked a lot of guys often show some kind of irreverence towards men, and this includes her touching you, sometimes in inappropriate ways. In contrast, women with few to no previous sexual partners are often a bit shy around men. It would take quite some effort for a woman to fake this.

      2) The ideal number is zero, and at most one or two guys. As Pickernanny points out, age is also a factor, so an 18-year-old with who has fucked two guys already is not the first pick.

    3. Aaron,
      “In contrast, women with few to no previous sexual partners are often a bit shy around men. It would take quite some effort for a woman to fake this.”

      How common is it for sluts to act demure? Do they act shy to exploit men financially and lead them on?

    4. I have never come across a slut who could convincingly pull this off for long. It is not at all rate that they act coy at first but they will stop pretending soon, and often quite unexpectedly, i.e. when she goes from acting as if she has never touched a dick to deep-throating you like a pro in the span of ten seconds. If they have no intention of putting out then there is of course the angle of financial exploitation, but this is an entirely different topic. I have the impression that those women dangle the prospect of having sex in front of the guy to keep them interested, though.

    5. I would caution you guys about shyness correlating with inexperience. Japanese sluts can act very shy as well. But the way they look at you can be a giveaway.

    6. A Japanese slut may have the lay count of a Western prude, though, so this would not be much of an issue. Based on what I have read, there is not much of a hook-up culture in Japan, so racking up 20 to 25 guys which many Western women do with ease, should pose quite a challenge.

    7. Aaron,
      “If they have no intention of putting out then there is of course the angle of financial exploitation, but this is an entirely different topic. I have the impression that those women dangle the prospect of having sex in front of the guy to keep them interested, though.”

      Is this a case where the woman wants the guy to fall in love with her, wants him to become emotionally invested, shower her with gifts and chase her for many months without following through sexually? If so, how would an average guy know that he is not being lead on and is going to get laid on the third date. She won’t allow him to sexually escalate, but if he can prove that he will make a good provider she will drop her panties on the third date or a month later. I understand that if a woman rebuffs your sexual escalation she’s not gonna make sex happen.

    8. Yes, exactly. The average guy should be able to know that he is being led on if he keeps spending his time and money, yet gets little or nothing in return. As a guy, you can simply refuse to spend an excessive amount of money on her during those first few dates. This will keep most such women away. Very few women are able to play the long game, but they are out there, too. There are also really hard-boiled sluts who fuck a guy once every two months or so to keep the money flowing, but this seems to have been superseded by sugaring, with much more explicit agreements.

  6. Guys – I want to probe ur brains on your understanding of women, attraction and Alpha Males, por favor.

    This statement below from Sleazy (from many posts)
    “The majority of your success is due to looks, money, and status. “
    Truth 100%. Yup. That’s the basis.

    There’s something I don’t understand honestly re the “Alpha attraction” thing.

    In a hypothetical experiment scenario say, where 5 well dressed and wealthy alpha males are put in a room together that has a 2-way mirror. They are various “types” in looks. Perhaps all similarly tall and buff.

    A woman observes them on the other side.
    She must choose 1 guy to fuck after a period of observation which is the point of the experiment.
    She obviously has her preferences for genetic type, and chooses a few she is attracted to from second 1 of observation. Tall dark handsome types or blondes or whatever.

    A dominance hierarchy is established inside the room and 1 guy establishes himself as Top Dog Alpha through dominating the other 4 guys.

    If its down to just ‘Looks and Status’ as money can’t be determined…
    Does her initial preference of ‘type’ and her ‘best looking’ of the 5 original types still stand as her choice after the period has ended?
    Or does it get over-rided by Top Dog Alphas higher status ?

    Maybe that’s an experiment conducted in the real world or already written about on this blog I haven’t seen it..

    1. I honestly don’t see the point of this mind exercise. It’s like being, “hey guys, let’s assume you have five hot bitches lines up naked in doggy position but you can only pick one to fuck. Do you go with the one that has the bleached asshole, or what?”

      It’s like, why even entertain the idea if the scenario is never going to occur the way you’re setting it up? When does it ever happen that a single chick is so desirable that she even has the option to pick among 5 alpha Chads? Your guess about what will happen is as good as anyone’s.

    2. I have come across quite a bit of mental masturbation in my many years on writing on women and seduction. Your post, though, takes the cake. Congratulations!

    3. @Cheeky_James

      Firstly, some constructive feedback for you dude. Trying to read your writing gives me a headache. There’s a lot of redundancy and long-windedness. You can post as much as you want, but you need to learn to tl;dr or no one is going to bother with you.

      Same principle applies to meeting women, as I’m pretty sure others have pointed out. If you try to feed them long-winded word salads like how you write on here, they’re going to wander off mid sentence like Joe Biden.

    4. @Cheeky_James

      Your experiment has one major flaw: zero interaction. A woman would never choose a man she had never actually met and communicated with in some manner.

      You might as well be showing a dog five pictures of different sausages.

    5. Ha! thanks Aaron . Whoop! I’ll send you my postal address to mail my cake 😉
      A nice Black Forest Gateaux thanks.
      I’m trying to determine if Top Dog Status will overrule an initial preference for Looks. ya dimwits. Wtf u mean that’ll never happen? Are you kidding me?? Happens all the time when a group of men interact with a group of women. Who’s the best looking vs. who is the Alpha male in that group of men? Obvs you lot never hang out in groups….

    6. Parker- the point of the hypothetical experiment is she must choose 1 guy to fuck after a period of observation. Just on observation of Looks and Status. Does Status trump Looks basically. That Status being the “most alpha” guy in the room who wasnt the dude she preferred based on Looks at the start of the experiment.

    7. James, imagine you are a 6/10 guy, trapped on a boat that is going to sink. You are the only guy on the boat and there are also ten women, all of whom are super hot. Due to your extensive familiarity with steering and maintaining boats, as well as weather conditions, you know that the boat will capsize in approximately 90 minutes. This is it. Now, fortunately, you also know that the women on the boat not only look like porn stars, they have also fully internalized their role and really, really love sex. Under other circumstances those women would not give you the time of day (yet still ended on a boat with you, for unknown reasons) but now that they will soon die, they will happily take your dick. Could you please let me know if it would be better for you to bang all ten women for nine minutes each, one of them for 90 minutes, or something in between? It would really be important to know how you could maximize your enjoyment in this scenario. Unfortunately, I could not find a blog maintained by you. Perhaps you have discussed this really important topic before, in which case you can perhaps provide us with a two-sentence guidance. Otherwise, please chime in and tell us what we should do if we ever found ourselves in this exact situation. It would be of great help.

    8. Your example was such an exceptional case that it would never happen in reality, only on a TV show. During such a rare and exceptional event then maybe, just maybe psychological compatibility might come into play. But this incredibly unlikely exception would merely serve to prove the rule, as they say.

    9. PN -It was a *hypothetical situation *dude.
      To probe the theory of Alpha and Status Vs Looks.

      A woman makes her selection from a group of men in 1-3 seconds based on Looks. ( cute, her type etc)
      If a different guy in the group emerges AFTER that time as The Alpha of the group does that supercede a woman’s initial selection pref based on Looks. Does her preference switch now to The Alpha guy instead.

      Does Status trump Looks for attraction basically in a group of dudes.

      Happens all the time in the real world when a group of men are talking to a chick or 2 chicks. 1 man could be “cutest”her Looks type but another guy is most Alpha/Leader in the group?

    10. another related scenario question re Alpha Status

      Put 5 Alpha UFC fighters in a room together, let’s say;
      – all similar in height and Alpha-Warriors.
      -1 has to be Conor MacGregor.
      -There’s a rule that they cannot fight, just sit at a table together for time period ‘x’ . 30 minutes.

      Question- Who becomes the Top Dog Alpha in the room and why?

    11. Aaron, I found your boat reply above very funny. I don’t have a blog. I’m an old boomer guy who’s read every book I can get my hands on in the last 10 years about men women pickup yada yada. And had lots of success personally with the opposite sex. Of course we are all strangers on the internet and none of my claims can be proven.I’m just looking to probe and debate. I’ve bought all your books they are very solid. Possibly some of the best stuff I’ve come across. This is prob the only blog I’ve ever posted on. No PUA forums, no nothing. I’m an old dude I’ve been too busy and considered it all KJ nerd stuff . Read a lot tho I’ve true years. I like this blog but if I’m adding zero value of course I appreciate I can be booted out of the ‘party in Aaron’s backyard’. That’s all I can say.
      I’ll shut it now and just read the blog and stop shit posting.

    12. Pickernanny
      “When does it ever happen that a single chick is so desirable that she even has the option to pick among 5 alpha Chads? “

      Really? The Elite dude.
      The super-Hot % .High Society , actressess , models, wealthy and connected class.

      Or else just simplify it down to any chick , that watches a group of men at a distance. Yknow like across a room. Yknow like women do. All the time. Every day. Because they have eyeballs. Observation.
      Taking wealth and Personality out of the equation. Status and Looks only.

  7. *Clarification – they cannot ‘fight’ as in touch each other. They have to interact. They can argue but no physical fighting allowed.

    Same question.
    Who becomes Top Dog and why?

    1. Please stop with this nonsense already. It seems you are looking for some kind of “magic pill” that would allow yourself to become some kind of mythical alpha. Obviously, physical presence plays a major role in establishing dominance. Did it ever strike you as odd that successful politicians and CEOs are taller than the average male?

    2. Aaron I’m simply asking the question if 5 Alpha guys get in a room , who becomes the Boss in the room? And why and how? I thought it was an interesting question to propose , I don’t have any idea on it. I’ll stop posting nonsense on your Blog .no problem. Thanks

    3. Physical presence then, ie Height and Build appears to be the proposed answer. I disagree there I think it’s mental and verbal dominance in that situation but regardless. Thanks for clarifying appreciate it.

  8. Okay so the elephant in the room that everyone is skipping over…where does one find a woman who has slept with 5 or less men??

    1. This is incredibly difficult. You are looking at a subset of women in their early 20s. Your best bet is to get women who were conservatively raised. If they went to college, then they stayed with their parents instead of partying it up in student dorms.

  9. The problem with preferring low body count women in the current western world is there are none, unless you are part of certain religious sects or marry your high school sweetheart. If you decide to seriously date or even marry a western woman you have to accept that she’s a slut who will probably cheat on you/divorce you and theres nothing you can do about it. It does not matter how “Chad” you are. Tom Brady couldnt get a virgin if he tried (nor could he stop his wife from divorcing him).

    If you want a virgin you’re going to have to look outside the western world. Even then plenty of third world women pick up western women’s bad behavior when they leave their original social environment. So if you want a virgin AND you want her to not divorce you you’re going to have to go third world.

    I don’t like it but that’s how it is.

    1. The third world is currently being infected by garbage from the Ultimate sphynx of America and Europe.

    2. I’d recommend staying out of third world countries. The women there are way, way more likely to be gold diggers than women from anywhere else. They’re also usually promiscuous unless they’re from small rural areas, but girls from those areas tend to be more conservative no matter which country.

      If you’re looking for more conservative girls with good morals, either go to Asian first world countries (Japan, South Korea, Singapore, etc.) or second world countries (mainland China, etc.).

      I’m not sure what the girls are like in non-Asian second world countries like Brazil and the like, but based on the (somewhat small) number I’ve met they’re a mixed bag.

    3. The few Brazilians I met in Europe were quite interesting. They tended to be gold-diggers, yet held hardcore socialist political views. I found it difficult to take them seriously.

    4. what if you dont want to have kids with a non -white woman? ,is it either interracial sex or getting cucked by a white slut ?

    5. Lmao David that description seems spot on ???? if I ever figure out that quandary ill let you know

  10. So apparently there’s a study out that kind of validates Aaron’s point here, or something similar:


    Apparently, women felt like crap each time they slutted around, like I shouldn’t do this, and then kept doing it anyway. Basically like blowing all your cash on dumb shit, but continue doing it until you’re in massive debt.

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