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83 thoughts on “Open Thread #310

  1. During the PS5 reveal event, a bizarre tranny and furry simulator called “Goodbye Volcano High” was announced, which was, I kid you not, partly funded by the Canadian government. It was just released with a delay of multiple years, and it turned out about as well as you would expect.

    On a more positive note, I just came across the recently released game OU, which looks quite interesting:
    The art style is stellar. Perhaps it is an indie game that is big in Japan but has no marketing in the West. It is a bit odd that it seems completely ignored by Western media. Perhaps the problem is that the game studio has nobody with danger hair onboard who could go around and give blowjobs to games journos.


    The clip came up on my feed. So Gary V says he’s thinking of starting to do his multi-million deals in sweatpants. Half kidding, but don’t be surprised if he does. On a similar note, Hermozi has been shifting the landscape by just breaking several records in business. He teaches dressed in gym attire.

    I’m glad the world is catching up to me 🙂 I’ve always predicted things should and will move in this direction which is why I taught and held events in sweatpants and gym attire when nobody else in my niche did.

    1. Vivek Ramaswamy is certainly not the “Indian Trump” he tries to pass himself of. Well, in a way he is, meaning that he surely is no stranger to the approach of making promises you have absolutely no intention of keeping. I found some of his statements almost comical, and there is a zero percent chance he will follow through. As much as I would like to see the DoE and other Deep State institutions abolished, he would not be the one to do it. At best, he would tell the world that he was only using figures of speech. His backtracking on Israel in this video is an excellent example of this. With any other issue, he would just keep bullshitting until election day, when pressed.

  3. Aaron, though you didn’t enjoy Nier: Automata the game, I just found that there is an anime adaptation that recently came out. I saw the first episode and it pretty much ran in lockstep with the game’s script. Lots of panty shots with 2B flipping around and what not. It might be a cool alternate way to enjoy the story and sexy androids.

    1. I just found this on the wiki page for the show under the reception tab:

      “On the other hand, Nicholas Dupree and Rebecca (((Silverman))) from Anime News Network had mixed feelings about the first episode in regards to it[s] accessibility but felt the animation was appealing despite the skimpy clothing the two leads wear.”

    2. Of course the anime adaptation of Nier: Automata, as long as it did not turn 2B into a fat pink-haired feminist, would be problematic. No surprises here.

    3. I have now watched parts of the first episode of the Nier: Automata anime. It is not quite clear who the target audience of it is. People who have played the game know the story already and any 2B-enjoyer who has not probably does not care enough about the story. I concluded that if I wanted to learn more about the story I would much rather play through the game. While there is tedium due to the empty space, the action scenes are quite engaging, so overall, this is still preferable to watching the anime. There will be a second season of it, by the way, so the studio has to come up with more filler material.

    4. Thanks for letting me know! I was not aware of this, but I will look it up. Nier: Automata is prime “coomer bait” so the game lends itself very well to an anime adaptation.

    5. I think the idea of an adaptation was more intriguing than actually watching it all. I’m finding that the story isn’t good enough to keep investing into it. It seems to veer off from the main story beats into filler territory also. Still, it’s kind of cool that it’s there. Also, it doesn’t help that my dopamine receptors are trash now haha. Once you’ve played some of the best games and watched some of the best shows available then you certainly reach a point of diminishing returns, where the level of quality needed to receive the same entertainment levels just isn’t available.

    6. This is a real problem. I find manga and anime, as well as games and books, a lot less interesting than I used to. Sometimes, I still get surprised, though. Speaking of games, I have been playing one particular version of Tetris for years, and it is probably not “fun” that keeps me going back to it but instead some kind of autistic compulsion. Mr. Driller hit that exact same spot, but it is too chaotic, which is why I dropped it after a few weeks.

      If you are open to a new genre, in hopes of getting a good Dopamine release, you could give the coomer fighting game Dead or Alive 6 a go. The basic version is available for free on Steam. I have put a few hours in it, and I find it very satisfying to play. To me it is a lot more fun than any other fighting game I can remember. The other recent highlight I came across is Rolling Gunner. Before I spend more time on them I want to see if Sea of Stars can keep me hooked.

    7. Speaking of Sea of Stars, I recently read that it has sold over 250k copies. The studio was projecting that amount for the first year, not the first week. It shouldn’t be too much longer before BlackRock starts investing in them.

    8. That’s a great success for a small studio. This is more than some notable high-budget flops with dozens of millions spent on marketing were able to shift, and it is yet another sign that gamers are getting fed up with the triple-A mainstream and are more and more willing to support indie creators. Sea of Stars did not even have that much buzz behind it compared to other indie games in recent history. I think that the last two years have been particularly bad for the triple-A mainstream, with some games selling so poorly that we do not even get sales numbers, like it was the case with Far Cry 6. Ubisoft surely expected more, and this game flopping so hard is one of the reasons why they are in dire financial straits nowadays.

    9. Sea of Stars is not for me. I dropped it before I reached the two-hour mark. The graphics are great, but there is no good story hook. The characters are bland, and the mechanics are a bit tedious. There is a lot of forced interactivity, i.e. by getting extra damage if you hit the attack button at the right moment. The minigame of having to play ping pong with the “moonerang” for a tiny bit of extra damage is extremely long-winded. Traversal is boring, and the environment seems to only exist for the purpose of the game, with dungeons that are absurd in its magnitude. I may sound completely jaded, but one issue I had with Diablo III was that the game tried to convince me that below a tiny village there is an absolutely gigantic dungeon in which the village would have fit in thousands of times. Who should have built this, and why? This was no issue in the first Diablo because the dungeon was quite small and thus much more believable, but in Diablo III, I could not help but think that this was idiotic. Similarly, when I see a gigantic mechanical structure in Sea of Stars that only exists so that there is yet another temporary progress barrier for the player character, I can only shake my head. This would have been bad game design even in the 1990s.

    10. I tried the demo of Sea of Starts, but it pissed me off pretty quickly. The control scheme is set up really weirdly. Confirming/selecting is space bar only, going back is L Alt only, for example.

      Well, no big deal, I thought. I’ll just change the keyboard controls. It’ll take a minute or two, but for a one-time thing that’s a pretty minor annoyance.

      Then it turns out that a number of keys can’t be used. Can’t use Enter, can’t use Esc… I can’t for the life of me understand why they’d write the game that way.

      I think I played 15, maybe 20, minutes before I got fed up and gave up on it. I’m sure that given time I would have gotten used to the weird control scheme and it would have become second nature, but as I get older I have less time for gaming, and want to spend the time I do have on things that are.. Well, not annoying. 🙂

      Has anyone here given the game a serious try by now? If someone here has had a positive experience that might motivate me to put in the effort. Aaron, I remember you’re a fan of Sleeping Dogs, and I also love that game, so I’d be especially interested in hearing your opinion. 🙂

    11. I am not at the two hour mark yet. My initial impression of Sea of Stars is positive. I am getting 7/10 vibes. I also did not have issues with the controls as I am using a PS3 pad, for which the default control scheme is fine. I find the introduction a bit too long-winded. When I contrast this game with the opening of Chrono Trigger or Final Fantasy VI, which don’t waste any time setting up the plot, it is long-winded. I also do not like the character art.

      If you want to check out another game I really like, give Dead or Alive 6 a try. I am having a blast with it. I am putting in about half an hour a day, beating up the AI with those super sluts. The game is very responsive and quite easy to pick up.

    12. Regarding my statement that Sea of Stars looks like a 7/10 to me: By this I am not referring to the modern gaming journo rating scale that only goes from 6 to 10. Instead, in my view a 7/10 game is well above average and really solid overall. Genre fans will most certainly enjoy it but it may not stand out enough to warrant a closer look from people who normally play other kinds of games. There are aspects of Sea of Stars I almost find cynical as it seems to have been designed to cash in on 1990s JRPG nostalgia. If this game had been released on the PSX back in the days, I do not think it would have been able to stand out.

    13. Ah, thanks for conveying your thoughts on the N:A anime. It got me curious to see what all else has come out as I’ve not seen new anime in a few years or so. I found this new show called Zom 100: Bucket List of the Dead. It’s a dark comedy about an average guy who finds himself in a soul-sucking corporate gig after graduating from university, where he is expected to work lots of unpaid overtime. The only thing keeping him going is the cute accountant who is nice to him, but is also getting banged out by the slob of a CEO. After a few years of this a zombie outbreak occurs. He is ecstatic since he doesn’t have to show up to work anymore, and proceeds to make a bucket list and vows to live his life to the fullest and figure out his dream job. Funnily enough, water and electricity still works as usual in this catastrophic scenario. And food and supplies are just a small trip away to the nearest convenience store. Anyway, the show struck a chord with me.

    14. Me: “I wish Synthetic Man would review more good games.”

      Aaron: “There are zero good games.”

    15. The situation is not as dire as it may seem. It is true that a lot of games just don’t catch my attention but some do, and often quite unexpectedly. Dead or Alive 6 is the most fun fighting game I have ever played, for instance. Also, there is another shmup I started playing about a week ago, which I really like: Natsuki Chronicles. It was made by a small Japanese studio called QUTE. They got money-hatted by Microsoft and thus their games were all originally exclusive to the Xbox. I once owned Eschatos — solid but not exceptional, I 1CCed it on on of the easier settings — and Ginga Force. The latter has a very well-made story mode with a progression system, i.e. the more you play, the more credits you earn, which allows you to unlock weapons for your ship. I played this game religiously for weeks. I was happy to see that Natsuki Chronicles, which is a sequel to Ginga Force, uses a similar structure. I have not made it to the end yet, but my impression is that this game is about as good as Ginga Force. The graphics are noticeably worse, though, but it looks a lot better than in YouTube videos. The footage I have seen often has washed out colors and does not reflect all the details in the backgrounds.

    16. The problem with fighting games is that I do not seem to have a great aptitude for them. With DMCV, for example, I found that in practice mode I could sit and figure out how to stun lock several enemy types, yet when it came to the actual game and its enemy combinations I could not execute amazing combos in practice consistently. I figured it would be a game I’d want to come back to eventually and try to master it, but the effort isn’t worth the pay off. Still, a fun game to play through once or twice.

      Doom Eternal was a rare game for me that I was able to lock into. Though I was able to complete Nightmare mode, I did not dare attempt the one life Nightmare mode as it is too demanding.

    17. Btw, Aaron, are you planning on revisiting Sekiro?

      I’m actually at the very end of Sea of Stars as we speak, do the final boss phase. I’ve done most of the side quest stuff, too, save for the irrelevant stuff (the stuff that doesn’t make you OP). My review of the game is quite positive. I’m not one to sit here and tell someone to stick with a game as it gets much better at the X mark. However, there really are quite a lot of enjoyable sequences that are peppered throughout the game. Whereas as a lot of games have strong beginnings and teeter out as they progress, Sabotage Studios seems to have a knack for consistently surprising me (like with The Messenger).

      I also really enjoyed the many dungeons. I didn’t find them to be so much of a hindrance, but more of an enjoyable gameplay loop. The story and characters also include many revelations and plot twists. And to add to the graphical credentials, there are some really crazy cutscenes and sequences that occur, some even during boss fights. Overall, I’d say I enjoyed the game about the same as many other classic RPGs, such as Chrono Trigger and FFVII (my very first RPG). More modern RPGs such as Dragon’s Dogma have personally failed to hook me in. With the latter, I find that there is too much busy work and tedious traversal to commit to. Sea of Stars offer a much more condensed and streamlined experience in comparison.

    18. Yes, I do intend to revisit Sekiro but as it is a very demanding game, I want to make sure that I will be able to fully dedicate myself to it. Right now, I am focusing on clearing out my backlog and this means checking out a bunch of games I wanted to play, quickly discarding them when they don’t hook me, or playing through them and moving on. I would probably have to play more or less nothing but Sekiro for a few months to make it through it.

      It is great that you enjoy Sea of Stars. I can certainly see the appeal it has, but it just wasn’t for me. This contrasts sharply with Sekiro, which I have probably played for only an hour or two. Everything in this game screams “quality”, and the reason I did not keep playing it was that I did not want to commit to it yet. Dragon’s Dogma is an interesting game. I want to revisit it at some point. What I particularly like about it is that the game world seems highly believable, at least based on the part of the game I have seen. For some reason, I the traversal did not bother me at all as I enjoyed this game’s atmosphere so much, which is probably similar to how you feel about Sea of Stars.

    19. I haven’t played much of Sekiro yet either. I certainly will at some point, though. Something funny happened right before I shelved it. I was talking to an NPC and a giant rooster jumped down from a ledge out of nowhere and killed me while my character was frozen in place as the text scrolled. I found out right after that you can immediately cancel a conversation by pressing B (if I remember correctly), so be ready in case that ever happens to you.

  4. Guys, what do you think about male life longevity (or lack there of)? I first learned of it in a sociology class in high school. The teacher talked about stress, but this freshman feminist said “women can handle it better.” She spouted feminist and subversive things all of the time. Some people accused her of being a narc (government mole). She was all up on politics at 14 y /o when nobody else gave a fuck including myself.

    Anyway my dad died at 52. My grandfather died at 59. Looks bright, eh,? We had a discussion at my work about it and a female read my face (I had said nothing). She mentioned dealing with the females in men’s lives. I said that I didn’t want to be the one to mention it.

    1. Surely, there is the angle of women causing the early death of many a man. Then there is physical labor and the greater inclination to engage in high-risk behavior. I would argue that women are catching up fast, though. Rates of alcoholism and prescription-drug abuse among women are at an all-time high.

    2. There was actually an article in the news this morning about sex and alcohol abuse. It noted that while alcohol use as a whole had gone down, this was because of men drinking less. Women have generally started drinking more.

      Some countries are also adjusting their alcohol consumption recommendations so that they are the same for both women and men, against all scientific evidence, which clearly shows women cannot drink as much as men without damaging their health. But hey, surely living in a world that says women can do everything men can is worth the paltry price of liver cirrhosis, right? /s

  5. I have the habit of reading every comment on the blog, either by email notifications or on-site.

    That stopped with Cheeky Jane. I skip all of her comments.

    And, hopefully my message will be taken in the spirit it is intended with, but Maou: it’d be good to emulate Cheeky Jane as little as possible. ????

    1. Same,I generally find the input from the folks here interesting to read,but Cheeky’s inputs are not only unhelpful,but even tedious to read. I skip their comments as well.

      I think Cheeky’s just the type to obsess over meaningless minute theoretical details that just don’t matter for practical application.

      Like,back in Aaron’s classic thread about the dangers of Min/Maxing

      We see Alek give such a straightforward practical general roadmap for success,only for Cheeky to start coming in with theoreticals and hypotheticals. Obviously every plan needs to be improvised based on our personal unique circumstances,but that’s something we either need to figure out ourselves or get personalized advice via a consultation. Rather than dirtying up the discussion with this needless mental masturbation. (I’m sure no regular reader here takes cheeky seriously though)

      The only thing new worth taking away from Cheeky’s unnecessary input I would say is them bringing to light that we can take personalized coaching from not just Aaron himself,but some of the folks he recommends; Scotty is the prime example here. Definitely much thanks to Aaron for announcing that he’s back.

      And I do plan to contact him at some point in the hopefully-not-too-distant future. Minimal Game is great,but some people just aren’t good at self-learning. This is where Personal Coaching from a trusted source can really be the game changer.

      As to the topic of myself…I’ll admit that I am sometimes like this,obsessing over the theoretical side of things unnecessarily. That’s happened with me and the topic of lifting,I’ve sometimes annoyed some seasoned lifters on other parts of the internet because of this. I’ve largely managed to fix the issue though having achieved quite a good degree of success already achieving physical transformation,just by shutting up and doing the simple work day to day.

      I’d like to think I’m doing a good job minimizing bringing that side of myself to Aaron’s place though,but I’ll pay more attention.

    2. You’re doing it again, nooo. ????

      Seriously though, you bring up a good point: this bitch is the anti-Alek. Whereas he hammers the point with every word he writes, be it a short comment or a long one, sometimes cominf off as a little caustic in the process, she’s the total opposite, and her attempts at being “chummy” are rather annoying.

    3. Maou your post was the very definition of Irony.
      Manuel I don’t particularly like you either mate , the feeling is mutual.
      Re Alex hating – I was merely pointing out a massive contradiction with something he wrote about getting Chad-like treatment for sex. And how that sounded exactly like ‘The Game’ he tears apart.He’s never replied since.

      If my name comes up at the top of a reply don’t read it or skip it.

    4. And Maou,
      Re the Mix/Maxing post- thanks for letting me know you think my idea of having a 3rd option ‘Guy C’ who spends 20 hours learning from a pickup coach is a very smart idea also. Glad to help remind everyone of that idea.

    5. @Jane:

      But you always spoke to me trying to sound like my fwiend! What’s with the sudden change? My disdain for you has been consistent from the start.

    6. One more last last post pretty please .

      Sleazy Ive just read MG again. Its one of the GOATs for sure.
      In my exp ,theres 4 main keys to learning pickup that are under-emphasised or misunderstood here somewhat. Stuff taught in depth quite well back in the old school ( the useful ~15% ). Its in these 4 MG excerpts ;
      “While there are some generally attractive traits, different kinds of girls like different kinds of guys. Somewhat of an exception is the Bad-Boy.” THIS
      “If you lack the air of sexual confidence, a woman who is not completely into you may easily turn you down for a guy who seems to be more sure of himself, even though she might find him less attractive otherwise.” THIS
      “In fact, one of the keys to success in seduction is to talk to strangers as if you know them already. Talk to the girl as if she is just another person — because she is nothing more than that anyway. You might feel intimidated by her aura or beauty, but this is all just in your head. Any barrier you perceive does not exist, and in fact, this feeling will disappear as you gain more experience.” THIS
      “What you should create when interacting with girls is what I call the lover’s vibe. Treat her as if the two of you have had sex already. You may indeed only have spoken to her for about fifteen minutes, but if you stop making a difference in
      how you treat a girl you have already had sex with and a girl you want to have sex with, your life will change drastically. Magically, the girls will do the same. If she wants to have sex with you, and even if she has only known you for a few minutes, the fact that you put her at such ease will tremendously accelerate the process.” THIS
      Im debating guys on here about pickup process and how to interact with the chick, they drop words like Nice/confidence/charismatic etc …too vague too “meta”.
      IMO (after fundamentals), 4 specific things to work ;

      > Projecting a bad boy type of ‘sexy edge’ in the image
      > Projecting an air of sexual confidence -in non verbals, *voice tonality*** and in the mode of comms (cocksureness,banter etc)
      > Being cheeky enough to get personal quickly , assume rapport and get over the psych barrier.
      > Creating that lovers vibe, asap

      Thats everything “Rob Fromeo” does in the KTTVIP video in a nutshell.
      Thats just ‘Flirting’ to me. The old ideas.
      If a guy is decent enough looking and focuses on those 4.. hes golden.

      Thats all I actually wanted to say . longwindedly over 1,000 replies in a nutshell .
      Cheerio bitches.

    7. @Manuel

      I’ve noticed Cheeky does the same thing with me. Making it hard to dislike her. Pretty sure this is female manipulative strategy.

      I found some Easter eggs in my last exchange with her. She has a crush on UFC fighter Connor MacGregor. She says that the male protagonists in romance novels are “arrogant as fuck.”. You didn’t know that??

      Yeh, me neither. Because we are men. All we see is the cover with some Fabio over some woman on the beach and we move on to purchase our groceries. She must actually read these novels. I’m sure it’s just for “research” though lol.

    8. I think it is quite obvious that “James” is a woman LARPing as a man. The stream-of-consciousness-style of her posts are typical for women whereas men very rarely write like that. There are a few, and those tend to be soyboy cucks with a T-level close to zero. Amusingly, I once had a M-to-F tranny as a colleague, and xir writing changed from pretty concise and clear to a meandering mess.

      The manipulation you mention is also common among females. In real life, you normally only let hot chicks you fuck get away with it. If they are unstable, they may lash out at you or throw a tantrum over nothing, only to tell you afterwards what a great guy you are. “James” exhibited a mild form of that. Its closest equivalent is probably the kind of “splitting” you see early on when dating a bipolar chick. Had we kept her around, who knows how crazy her posts may have become.

    9. @GoodLookingAndSleazy
      “I’ve noticed Cheeky does the same thing with me. Making it hard to dislike her. ”

      I got annoyed very quickly when she first started posting. I have no idea how you managed to tolerate Cheeky.

    10. @GoodLookingAndSleazy

      Nothing wrong with being a nice guy. I will paraphrase what Aaron once said, you “haven’t built enough immunity” among these sluts. You can’t give every woman the benefit of the doubt that she’s a good woman.

    11. You’ve probably already mentioned this Aaron, but I think romance novels are the female version of pornography for men. A fantasy. I’m sure it helps their masturbation sessions but its Bull shit in the end. And I think the biggest adherents of romance novels are ugly/fat women, and cat ladies. Just like porn addicts are dorky men. Can you really imagine a hot chick reading those fucking things?

    12. This is absolutely the case. This reminds me that I had a female friend back in the days whom I gave a copy of Sleazy Stories. She told me that she would have liked me to write the book in the exact opposite way, i.e. drastically condensed description of the initial interactions, followed by highly detailed sex scenes. This would not really have helped any guy wanting to learn more about picking up women, though.

    13. Male or female, Cheeky is definitely a prime example of weaponized autism. That is, when someone with the condition grows frustrated that they continue to be ostracised, so they give up trying to improve their social skills and merely lash out with their worst traits to annoy others.

      A lot of leftist shills are like this. I saw a lot of it over the covid.

    14. Yes Parker. I would go far as saying it’s narcissistic personality disorder. See how stupid I am for engaging? Oh well, ya live and learn.

    15. I don’t think James is a woman. To me, the way he writes sounds like a guy who’s suffering from hypomania, or more likely, is on some kind of uppers.

      I’ve had friend in college/university who took big doses of ADHD medication, and the way he carries on is pretty much exactly like them.

    16. I wonder what these stupid women would think if their apartment building was burning down and the firemen were like, “fuck it. There’s hotter women out there. Why risk my life? That’s beta! Where’s my paycheck?!?!?!”

  6. Alright guys, so there is this damn cute girl at work who has been showing me more attention lately. I never really took interest (she works in a different department) until she started gaining my attention. So I made an attempt to call her by her name. I called her the wrong name! Her almost equally cute colleague’s name. You guys ever do that? What were the results?

    1. If she really likes you, she won’t mind. In the past, I even deliberately called women by a different name as a test for compliance and quite a few went along with it. In your case, you made a mistake, so just pretend it did not happen and she will likely not even bring it up.

  7. @CQV

    I just watched an interview on YouTube with Lien Hang Nguyen. She mentioned the rise in Hollywood of Asian produced/directed movies. I guess HBO has a series coming out called The Sympathiser. And Tony Bui is apparently a successful Vietnamese American director. It seems these works deviate from the norm of typical left wing Hollywood views on Vietnam. Are you familiar with these works?

    1. Beef on Netflix is surprisingly good. It’s basically about the lives of several millennial Asian Americans of different countries of origin trying to manage their lives in modern degenerate California.

      There is the obligatory lesbian couple, but they’re portrayed realistically – as a totally loveless, power-imbalanced, abusive relationship.

    2. @Parker

      That’s interesting. I remember Milo saying that lesbian relationships tend to be the most volatile.

    3. Interestingly enough,I hear relationships between gay dudes is actually some of the most harmonious ones. I’m sure Aaron has already gotten into how dudes at work,even when they don’t like each other much,do find a way to get along. even if its just by minimizing conversation/interaction between each other just to get the necessary tasks done.

      I’ve never made close friends with a gay guy though so I haven’t really witnessed it for myself,but maybe you guys do. Is this accurate?

    4. Gay men do not bother you if you are straight. It is not as if they come on to every guy they come across. Besides, gay dating seems to be really quick and easy: Imagine Tinder dating where both parties frantically try to get matched. I once had flat mate, albeit only briefly, who was gay an got dates via “Gay Romeo”. Random dudes used to drop by within an hour or two. He basically got sex whenever he wanted, and he was not the most attractive guy, and the same was true for his visitors.

    5. IIRC lesbian relationships have the highest rate of domestic violence, followed by male gay relationships. Heterosexual relationships have the lowest rate of domestic violence.

      Aaron, I think it depends on the culture. In L.A. I had gay men hit on me a bunch of times. A few times on the east coast. I never experienced it in any other country, though, so it might just be an American thing.

    6. The problem with L.A., and the West Coast in general, is probably that the number of gay men is so incredibly high that the default assumption is that you are gay as well.

    7. Aaron,
      “Random dudes used to drop by within an hour or two.”

      Did you ever experience random females drop by your place back to back and banged them? Any interesting stories? I only had this happen once. I once had a female come over my place and we fucked. A few hours later I received a text from different random slut who wanted wanted to fuck as well that night. By the time I banged the second chick she gave me a hard time why I wasn’t cumming a lot.

    8. Not often but it happened a few times, without having been planned. Normally, banging one chick a day is enough. Interestingly, it seems that the refractory period shortens significantly if you can bang a different woman. I have a somewhat gross story of banging some chick on a one-night-stand and afterwards not showering as I wanted to leave early anyway. Besides, I like to put on fresh clothes after showering instead of putting on my sweaty club clothes again. Then I got a text message from some other chick, asking me whether I would like to drop by. I went to her place because it was on the way and also because I was curious about how she would react to my unwashed penis that had the smell of a different woman on it. It did not bother her at all. I think she even made a comment along the line of her seeing that I “have been busy”, and we ended up banging on and off for months afterwards.

    9. It’s true that California has a very high gay population. In San Diego and Orange County they never bother me. Los Angeles is a different story. Everything is more intense there. I imagine NYC is the same.

    10. It seems you are forgetting the homeless, trannies, and Democrats. I recently came across some pretty interesting videos. One was about Beverly Hills, which is one of the most expensive areas in the entire US, suffering from stores leaving the area due to all the black looting.

    11. Yes NorCal is pretty, depending which part. Actually central is better. But San Francisco has worse problems with gays, drugs and multiculturalism in general. My sister graduated from San Francisco State University. Their mayor gave a political speech at the commencement ceremony. “Openness, inclusion!!!” Yeh, unless you have a different view point from them. He said that “we can’t take men like Pat Buchanan seriously.” FFS I couldn’t wait to get out of there. Food is good though ha.

    1. The Western mainstream has zero credibility. If you come across such articles on Global Times, feel free to share the links. Otherwise, I believe it as much as I believe stories about the n-th successful breakthrough of the Ukrainian forces.

    2. Yep. You can pretty much set your clock to the Western media being 100 percent wrong every time on everything.

      Good strategy for knowing the truth.

  8. Statistics question if any one wants to take a stab at it, but approximately what percentage of 18-25 or so women are even into casual sex to begin with? This doesn’t necessarily include women, who are probably the majority of “easy” women, that are delusional in thinking that they can offer their pussies in exchange for commitment with a higher value guy. I’m talking chicks that legitimately go through a casual sex phase. I have to imagine the numbers might seem skewed because the majority of these types of women end up in metro areas and frequent certain venues. However, most women outside of these environments, for the majority of their existence, seem more relationship oriented (mostly).

    Kind of side note, but it’s worth noting that chicks who are into casual hookups have probably the highest standards in relation to their looks level. That is, a 6 that is into casual sex might not settle for any guy less than an 8, unless he’s a super cool DJ or throws a ton of cash her way or something. Also worth noting, but how much has casual sex declined since about 2008 considering economics and the extreme increase in social media and entertainment access? As it would appear that chicks would rather post dancing videos on TikTok for likes than fuck an 8, and many guys would rather jerk it to porn and play games than put in the immense work required to land a 6 for a night.

    1. I suppose you could take this a step further and deduce the percentage of chicks, that are into casual sex, that are even brag-worthy in terms of hotness. The numbers then probably start to look pretty abysmal here in 2023, where there is also a high barrier for entry as guy.

      Another side note, but I think one reason why I subconsciously became less aggressive in terms of pursuing “casual” sex is because I effectively realized I was deceiving women to get it. To the majority of those chicks, with a few exceptions, sex to them meant that there was a relationship involved. I’ve actually “turned down” a few chicks just this year because I didn’t want to muddy the waters in my environment. I think that if I can actually imagine myself wanting to spend time with a specific person then I would go for it. Generally, though, I just imagine myself being able to get off but then wanting to go back to whatever else I was doing. So in that situation I choose not to pursue.

    2. This was probably always the case. However, women who readily engage in casual sex often pretend that they have no ulterior motive. In a big city where you are a lot less likely to ever see them again, this is not an issue but in an environment where you cannot avoid bumping into them again, it is probably better to not bother with such women.

    3. >I’ve actually “turned down” a few chicks just this year because I didn’t want to muddy the waters in my environment.

      You know,I’ve actually thought about asking Aaron what he thinks of the idea of passing on inexperienced women,because you don’t ever plan to commit and do not want to ruin her future prospects by being a lay count/previous baggage on her history.

      Alek does make the argument that you’ll end up hurting her anyway by choosing not to pull the trigger (and its true),but still,you do spare her the emotional baggage and blot on her history with future prospects.

    4. I agree with this. I recall a few cases where I ditched women because it was clear that they had little to no experience with sex, casual or otherwise. This includes a 17-year-old virgin who told me that I could be her first. She was quite good looking, but not a total standout. I met her in a club, so I was sure that she was shopping her virginity around. She had some pretty bizarre beliefs, telling me that she originally wanted to save her virginity but now that all her friends are fucking dudes, she is feeling left out. Her freakouts via texts when I ignored her confirmed that it was better to not have bothered with her.

    5. We first need to get some approximate numbers of the split between metro and rural regions. I would argue that only a minority of women in metro regions do not go out to feed off the validation of guys, but this does not mean that they necessarily want to engage in casual sex. I would be surprised if the number of women in this subset who are open to banging Chad on the side was less than 50%. Of course, it also seems that as time progresses, this is becoming more and more of a hypothetical. As you rightly state, social media in general get women more attention than sucking Chad’s dick in the past did. This also includes them going on dating sites just for validation, without having any intention of ever meeting up with anybody. This is also reflected in the numbers as Zoomers seem to have a lot less sex than previous generations.

    6. “Of course, it also seems that as time progresses, this is becoming more and more of a hypothetical. As you rightly state, social media in general get women more attention than sucking Chad’s dick in the past did.”

      It would almost seem as if the the era of “easy sex” has come and gone, while only making up a tiny fraction of the whole of human history. Sort of like how Boomers in the US were privy to a vast amount of wealth, which has since dissipated. Btw, I use the term easy sex loosely because it was only ever available in significant amounts to some guys with solid LMS and logistics to begin with. However, given the current advancements in entertainment the barrier for entry is much higher for guys trying to smash Zoomer chicks today.

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