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Female Personal Accountability

I have been mulling over what could jokingly be called the “division of spending” in relationships. Simply put, you can generally observe that men are held to a high standard when it comes to providing for their partner or even the entire family. In contrast, despite all this talk about supposed equality between the sexes, the view that any money the woman earns should be fully hers is still entrenched. Consequently, even with a working spouse, men typically are the ones held accountable for making ends meet.

While it seems difficult to justify blaming only women for reckless spending, it is nonetheless the case that women are more prone to spending their money impulsively. Sure, some men have gambling problems. Drug addictions can affect both sexes but women, at least when they are young, often just bang dudes in exchange for dope. Say of that what you will, but at least they are not going to (directly) run up any debts this way. Some men like to get themselves some big ticket items every once in a while, such as a beefed-up gaming PC or a gigantic TV but there is probably no equivalent to the casual shopping behavior many women exhibit, which leads them to spending hundreds of dollars month after months to “keep their wardrobe up-to-date”. Yes, this is a phrase I have heard repeatedly. It is obviously quite nonsensical.

It probably is the case that few parents instill in their daughters a proper sense of the value of money, and even the Chinese seem to be lapsing when I consider how recklessly a lot of those I have met here in Europe seem spend their parents’ money. Of course, any man deciding to wife up such a woman is going to have to foot a big chunk of her bills, if not all of them. This becomes a problem when her appetite for spending is bigger than his ability to pay. The obvious solution for her seems to be to run up debts, if needed secretly. Plenty of men can tell you stories about their wives telling them about their debts after marriage, but this is nothing compared to some hapless guy on Reddit who learned that his wife has accumulated over $75,000 in debts over the course of a few years. He writes that “they” make $190k/year together — probably he makes the biggest chunk of it. Yet, despite such a high income, they only have cash reserves of $30k. Bummer. He does not seem to have a problem with money just going out of the window. The only issue is that little bit of excess spending.

If you go through the aforementioned thread, you will notice that a lot of the commenters make excuses for the woman. The guy gets told to seek marriage counseling, not-so-subtly shifting some of the blame on him. In addition, there is the suggestion that if his wife has any personal loans, he should talk to those people and make it clear that they will not get paid back. One of the comments was bizarre, completely exculpating the wife from any wrongdoing. The context is that this woman may also have taken out loans in the name of her kids (spelling errors in the original):

It’s tough to think about a mother hurting her child by taking out a credit card in their name, but judging by this sbub, it happens fairly often. There was just a post the other day about a kid who’s mother took out a card in his name, and he loved and respected him mom, no narcissism, she was a good and supportive mother.

So OP, take the advice to freeze your children’s credit. YOu wife would abhor the idea of hurting her child in any way, but it’s not her that would be doing the hurting, it’s the illness she has that would do it.

Oh, it’s not her, it’s some mysterious “illness” that takes control of her. It seems that evil spirits have been making a comeback, ensuring that they can be blamed for all wrong-doings. Unsurprisingly, this position quickly finds support:

I just want to thank you for your specification that it’s not his wife, it’s the illness. This is not a popular mindset, but it really is true.

This is utter idiocy. However, this view seems very common in Generation Z. I have worked with people who held the position that there is no human error. This means that if someone fucks something up, it is never the fault of the person. Instead, it is due to “circumstances” that are to blame. Thus, you would need to build safeguards for absolutely everything in order to eliminate all human error. Presumably, not having those safeguards is due to some kind of divine action instead of oversight. In reality, people do slip up and make mistakes, sometimes very serious ones. I have seen nonsense at a level you would not believe, like people wasting thousands of dollars a month of the company’s money, for about two years, because they forget to shut down some expensive cloud setup that was supposed to be used for a time-limited experiment. The person who did this appeared to me to be borderline retarded but of course he could not be blamed as an all-seeing AI watching over him could have prevented this.

I think that no man should let his girlfriend or wife get away with trying to shift the blame onto someone or something else. You have probably come across plenty of such examples. Not only is she not guilty for running up personal debts (it’s due to an “illness”!), she should also be allowed to sleep around behind her back (alcohol and drugs are doing it to her!) and if she is in insufferable bitch, it is not due to personality defects you could blame her for either (it’s your fault because you should be able to deal such situations!). All of this is utterly ridiculous. Yet, this is the society we live in. Just call out her bullshit whenever you encounter it. Most importantly, you should be able to figure out if the woman you are banging is inclined to blame anything and everyone except herself.

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  1. In the Reddit Thread it states “ Due to the number of rule-breaking comments this post was receiving, especially low-quality and off-topic comments, the moderation team has locked the post from future comments. This post broke no rules and received a number of helpful and on-topic responses initially, but it unfortunately became the target of many unhelpful comments.”

    I bet you the unhelpful comments are not those which state that she is an innocent victim but those which say that she needs to take responsibility for her reckless actions

  2. Unfortunately, I think the reckless spending gets worse due to online shopping. What my wife and I do is that she pays all the essential family bills (rent, childcare, utilities, food, travels) from her account so that she doesn’t have much cash left in her bank. Because if she has lots of cash in her account she is more tempted to spend. Now all the cash is in my account. I have zero urge to spend it, I just save and invest it for the family.

  3. One of my regular lovers is a college chick who is going through some tough learning in this regard.

    Despite the fact she is earning a pretty modest salary, she had the opportunity to save money since her parents were paying her rent. She did not, in spite of my better advice. Now her parents have stopped subsidizing her and she must move to a smaller place, with no financial reserves at all.

    To her credit, she knows she fucked up and never tried getting me to pay for any of her expenses. And she is studying to get more marketable skills.

  4. It’s not her doing the spending the money, it’s the illness? Sounds like demonic possession to me! The husband should do a harsh exorcism on her every month, something involving laxatives and vomitories, until that demon is expelled.

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