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41 thoughts on “Open Thread #172

  1. The manga Sun-Ken Rock was quite good for the first 1/3. Then, all of a sudden, a bizarre story arc opens up that comes out of nowhere and is seemingly unconnected to the preceding story. (Spoiler alert!) The protagonist is a thug who forms his own mafia gang. There is a lot of fighting and most of the first part of the manga is concerned with violence and rivalries, with sprinklings of titillation and political philosophy. Yet, at some point the protagonist bumps into an teen pop star, decides on a whim to work for her and give up his previous career that ended with him taking ownership of a casino. He then turns into the bitch boy of this singer, with her staff making fun of him. Exaggerated humor is part of this manga but this kind of lack of direction is insulting to the reader. Still, the first big story arc that ends with taking over a big casino is very entertaining. I think it would have been better for this manga to end right afterwards.

    1. Yeah, like I wrote a few open threads back “Sun-Ken Rock” was Boichi’s most popular work before “Doctor Stone” (which he only illustrates, the writing is OK though), but it’s not as good story-wise as “Origin”. “Origin” is more of a fantastical sci-fi with cool concepts than hard sci-fi, so maybe an AI expert would be annoyed by some stuff in the story. The robot fighting action is mixed in with existential musings, so it comes off as more mature than “Sun-Ken Rock”. It’s kind of like Blade Runner.

      I also like “Wallman” better than “Sun-Ken Rock” because it’s shorter and keeps to the point: a veteran assassin trains a novice assassin and then they face off against the top rival assassins. The End.

  2. Israel is showing the UN what it thinks of their stinkin’ “human rights” report:

    Erdan could not bear to accept this disclosure of Israeli crimes and tore a copy of the report into pieces.

    “The Human Rights Council attacked and condemned Israel in 95 resolutions compared to 142 resolutions against the rest of the world,” Erdan expressed. “This distorted and one-sided report’s place is in the dustbin of anti-Semitism,” he claimed.

  3. The German government, i.e. the German taxpayer, pays doctors 36 Euros per administered clot shot:
    Of course, you can expect doctors to be completely impartial and never think of their own financial gain in the slightest. Vaxxing someone takes mere seconds. If we are very generous and assume that it takes five minutes to process one sheep, then our good, impartial doctor makes over 400 Euros an hour.

  4. Aaron,
    I came across this song called “Lost in the Fifties” by Ronnie Milsap. I’m not sure if you have heard of it. A lot has been discussed in your blog about the destruction of western society from our politicians, to the porn industry, the sexual liberation, feminism all which have caused negative effects in the nuclear family and society as a whole. As I listen to this song it makes me want to relive the past. A time when men had to woo a woman, and women weren’t whores.

    1. Thanks for the video. I honestly think I was born in the wrong era. My personality is very similar to the guys in the video. I guess that’s why girls consider me “sweet.”

  5. How do you guys deal with incompetent managers at your workplace?

    For over a year, I have a new teamleader who, in my opinion, is just an absolute disaster.

    If he gives you an assignment, it never comes with the right instructions, you usually find it out along the way. If you have a meeting with him, things that can be discussed in 30 minutes can take up to an hour to an hour and a half. He wants you to take over an assignment from him but then you realize that the program you have to work with has a security code that is delivered to his cellphone and he’s on a holiday. I can give more examples though, but you should catch my drift.

    Having to deal with such an incompetent person is drastically affecting my motivation and I notice that my patience is starting to wear thin.

    I don’t really want to leave the company since overall it’s a good employer. I’ll probably check if there are other positions available in the company where I would have less contact with him.

    What are some of your experiences with this?

    1. Your manager is not going to improve. If you cannot transfer within this company you will have to go elsewhere. However, keep in mind that your manager may view you as some kind of traitor if you are looking for an internal transfer and block it out of vindictiveness. Consequently, I would recommend that you do both, i.e. apply internally and externally.

  6. You guys ever noticed that some “men” are attracted to stuck up bitches? I mean they truly find entitled Ice queens to be sexy? One thing they all have in common is that they are losers. Absolutely no masculinity whatsoever.

  7. I just saw something rather peculiar about DLC for the game Monster Hunter Rise. Go through this page and observe that every single item of those dozens upon dozens of DLCs costs money, except three haircuts:
    Out of curiosity, I looked this up and noticed that those are “ethnic hair styles”:
    Now I wonder whether this is some kind of social commentary or pandering. Recall that Walgreen’s is closing stores because of high levels of theft, allegedly often committed by blacks (nobody knows anything, of course). Here, Capcom is handing out free ethnic-hair DLC, targeting blacks, as if to imply that they would not pay for it, but somehow they still need to have their hairstyles in the game. Similarly, is it not “racist” if white and Asian hairstyles need to be paid but black styles can be had for free? Oh, please excuse this faux pas. Surely, it is racist of Capcom to hand out ethnic hairstyles for game characters for free as it devalues them, amirite?

    1. I tried reading the translated version of that article but it’s didn’t come out right. Does it say anything about punishments or how they’d even implement something like that?

    2. There is indeed nothing about that in the original text. So far, the Austrian government has only announced that they will mandate the vaxx from February onward. On another site someone quipped that the Austrians are probably first to get force-vaxxed to punish them for Hitler.

  8. Social system, decadence, feminism and weak men comes with a price. And since more than 70% are already vaccinated, there will be no meaningful protests. It’s un****** believable, a once in a century hoax.

    I fear Germany will follow the Austrian lead(er).

  9. It’s official, Harris is the acting president of the USA
    Apparently coz biden has a “medical thing”.

    Now who didn’t see this coming?

    1. I thought Austria wanting to force vaxx its population was bad enough. Now we got two phenomenally bad pieces of news in one day. How did we end up the worst possible timeline?

  10. Kyle Rittenhouse, whom the left wanted to lock up for the rest of his life for defending himself against a leftist mob that wanted to lynch him got acquitted on all counts. Now there is the chance that there will be riots in response to this verdict. I sense a potential Groundhog Day script here: Kyle protects Kenosha from the rioters after the trial, shoots a bunch of leftists in self-defense, gets put on trial again, etc.

    1. Thing is, there will likely be no major rioting because you’re approaching winter up there over the Tropic of Cancer, and it’s like the reverse of that theory that I read somewhere (maybe here in a comment?) that the greater political instability and number of revolutions in Latin America are allowed to happen thanks to the warm weather all year round, which allows prolonged periods of subversive behavior, from peaceful protests to guerrilla warfare.

      Good for Kyle, anyway. A bit of needed good news.

  11. Regarding last OT’s porn discussion, the thing is, how are you supposed to endure long dry spells without it? In days of yore, men apparently used to have “spank banks”, wehereby you stored whatever hot images of girls you saw (or felt, in case you made out or copped a feel with them) on TV, magazines or daily life and used your imagination to wank to them. I’m afraid most of us are kind of atrophied for that, and I say that remembering how I was able to do it when I was a teenager: 10 minutes worth of Cinemax softcore fare stored in my mind were good enough for quite a lot of wanks.

    You might say that right here is the first step in the ladder of porn addiction and is precisely the reason why it shouldn’t exist, beside the societal ones. But I don’t know, maybe the ideal way was before playboy magazines and motion pictures, when pornography was limited to a few rogue pictorial artists and all those who would today become porn actresses or nude models would simply be hookers.

    1. It would be hard not to use porn images there though, since porn chicks are usually better looking than the girls I’ve hooked up with or seen naked. LOL

    2. Here is some food for thought: if you did not watch porn, would you find regular-looking women more attractive?

    3. I get what you’re saying, but on one hand, I’m fairly objective about women’s looks in porn, movies, etc.; I know they’re enhanced by at least make-up and lighting. On the other, I find lots of regular women hot, just not the ones that I’m getting to drop their clothes off for me (attractive enough yes, just not hot, except for one or two).

  12. Blood clots are part and parcel of living in society. Here is what one looks like in real life (NSFW!):
    In case you are wondering why people die of strokes or heart attacks, or have limbs amputated after a shot of the “safe and effective” vaxx, this should answer those questions.

    Here is another NSFW video of a brain autopsy:

    Third time’s the charm, eh?

  13. Did you guys hear about the black guy with dreads along with two other black passengers that ran through a parade in Wisconsin, presumably in retaliation to the Rittenhouse verdict? I’ve found and saved the driver’s mugshot but I’m not gonna bother posting it here. I also found a local news clip where a black man was describing the perpetrator as “a black man with dreads” and the news reporter basically told him to watch his mouth. I had to go to Telegram to get these photos and clips, because by the time I caught wind of what had happened and followed the Twatter links they had already done damage control and scrubbed the Twats. I’m not sure of the exact damage done off the top of my head but there were about 20 victims, some injured and some dead. There were children involved among these victims, and the incident happened in a very white and highly conservative county in Wisconsin.

    Are we in a race war yet, or is this just more of the same that’s essentially already been happening in Europe for year now?

    1. Here we go. This is all the information you need about the murderer:

      It turns out > 40 injured and 5 confirmed dead. Check out his priors.

      “Brooks is a career criminal with multiple priors and was released from jail two days prior to the incident after posting a $1,000 bail for three misdemeanors and two felonies. He has a history of resisting arrest, obstruction, battery, statutory sexual seduction, strangulation and suffocation, property destruction, illegal firearm possession, bail jumping, domestic violence, drug related charges and is a registered sex offender.”

    2. I am subscribed to a few “alarmist” Telegram channels, and I tend to check them two or three times a day. It is quite odd that nowadays it takes a more six to eight hours for some other bullshit event to happen. Sometimes it is two or three every eight hours or so. A bunch of aspiring rappers and athletes plowing through a group of “crackers” almost does not stand out anymore, unfortunately. Now I only wait for CNN and others to explain to us rubes why it would be racist to prosecute those fine, young gentlemen. Meanwhile, the DoJ will be quick to quietly drop the case after pretending to look into it, provided they bother dealing with it at all. Sometimes I wonder what else needs to happen for a massive backlash to this all-out attack from above (hostile elites) and below (blacks).

      Regarding your question about a race war. I think we have been in a race war for hundreds of years. Apparently, well-poisoning was part and parcel of living in a medieval city, for instance, and today, it is part and parcel of living in society to be balls deep into debt or strung out on state-described opioids, or to get vaxx-induced massive blood clots. (Have you looked up the vaccination rates in Africa? I find the discrepancy to the West rather puzzling. It is surely an example of racism.)

    3. Idk if you made the aspiring rapper comment because he checks all the boxes or because he actually is one:

      Mute the video to see the downvotes and comments. Or keep the video on if you’re in need of a massive cringe pill.

      Good comments about the race war. And yes, I’m aware of the vaxx rates in the third world vs the first-third world. I’m also loving the alternate news headlines I’m finding recently of unvaxxed migrants being shipped in to replace native employees who were fired for not being vaxxed. Seems legit.

    4. I made the comment because I recalled a similar case of a black felon where he was described as an “aspiring rapper”. The MSM is going through quite a lot of epithets: “bird watcher”, “jogger”, “aspiring rapper”/”budding musician”, “academic hopeful”. Whenever one sticks with the public, though, it gets discarded by the MSM but this is surely just a coincidence.

    5. The video has been deleted by the way. According to speculations, a certain tribe felt uncomfortable with it being widely accessible. Eye witnesses also remarked hearing loud chants of the phrase “Shut it down!” coming from the YouTube headquarters.

    6. You’re right, it is down now. When I had last viewed it the video had enough time to garner tens of thousands of views, thousands of downvotes, and several hundred comments many with tens of upvotes. Imagine if Kyle Rittenhouse had videos of himself rapping about smacking bitches and other thug-like subjects. The video would still be up to this day and re-uploaded to several accounts. It’s so blatantly obvious that we’re being discriminated against that it’s becoming maddening that the normies will never wake up.

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