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Bumping into Tough Women

A problem I see with female leaders in politics but also in the workplace is that they often seem to believe that they need to be extra tough to be taken seriously by others. Probably the best-known recent example is Margaret Thatcher whom the media promoted as the “Iron Lady”, but surely Hilary Clinton or Kamala Harris fit this bill as well. The root cause for this overcompensation for not having balls is to act like some caricature of a man with football-sized gonads. Power-hungry female politicians may be off-putting enough. Just think of Hilary Clinton infamously laughing at a rape victim. This kind of attitude is horrid, yet the same kind of person is around you as well, just not as visible. I sometimes run into them, but, admittedly, very rarely.

I live in a very white area which is, obviously, chock-full with libtards who want to escape from the hellholes they create elsewhere. Consequently, the ratio of deranged feminists per square mile is pretty high around here. I am a rather tall guy and, due to height privilege, I am quite used to shorter and more puny looking people making way for me. Also, because I am a polite person, I often unexcitingly make way for others when it is appropriate, e.g. a mother pushing a kid around in a pram or some dude rushing to the bus. You see this from far away so you make sure you do not embark on a collision course.

None of the above is in any way revelatory. It is simply natural human behavior. Yet, this completely goes out of the window in the case of fat feminists full of pent-up aggression. Once, one such walrus apparently wanted to provoke bumping into me. We were walking right towards each other, and there is a point where it is understood that you would both simply step aside to create some space. Not this hag, though. She just kept walking right towards me in a straight line. I thought that there is no way I am going to give way, so I did not and kept walking, just to see what would happen.

What happened was that she blinked first because in the end, there is a reason why people make way for the taller, physically stronger person. She tried to override her natural instinct by being a feminist bitch but this worked for as long as nobody challenged her. My thought was that I would just ignore her and pretend I did not notice her as I bump into her, apologize, and keep walking. At last, she she realized that I was not kidding and hurriedly jumped aside.

Afterwards, I could not help but think of women who physically attack men in public. Sure, we may encourage women to “stand up for themselves” and any such nonsense but none of this matters if men do not play along. To my great shock and horror, I have witnessed men slapping or shoving uppity women in clubs or bars. It is quite incredible how quickly they go down, just as it is bizarre when a woman hits or slaps a man, the guy does not budge one but, and the woman suddenly realized that — “Oh, shit!” — reality is quite far removed from her female Captain America power fantasy. I think that we would do well to let women know that men are, on average, really stronger than them because if we do not, they will invariably have a rude awakening at some later point in life.

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One thought on “Bumping into Tough Women

  1. Good post. I have had my run into “tough women” working for the military here in the USSA. One of the most bizarre was a small woman about 5’1 and maybe 110lbs….who was in school and to become a helicopter pilot. She would literally change her voice to make it deeper like a mans and always was acting hard in an exaggerated manner that it made it hard for me to take her seriously at all. Always cussing like a sailor and had a very strange mentality.

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