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40 thoughts on “Open Thread #161

    1. I don’t think this is the case. In fact, some of the ugliest women are the sexually most aggressive ones as they have to be. Those are the drunk chicks who go around grabbing the ass or crotch of random guys in the club.

    2. I think when it comes to dating there’s a dichotomy applied towards men that doesn’t apply towards women.

      Men don’t want to be too much of a pushover or too much of an asshole.

      But women can be weak, shy, a pushover,
      unconfident all they want and a lot of the time if a guy is attracted to you…he’s still going to want to date you. Women generally get chased more.

      Women literally don’t need to be socially confident in dating but as a guy it really helps.

    3. I would argue that shy and reserved women are more attractive to men than those who have been conditioned to act like men.

    1. I’ve seen similar stories crop up. There were also a few states in the US who held raffles, i.e. get vaxxed for the chance to win 10,000 dollars. Again, this is a great example of the elites being either utterly stupid or thinking their constituents are inbred morons. Who would risk their health for the equivalent of a 2$ lottery ticket?

  1. I just listened to this interview with E. Michael Jones on the horror genre as a mirror of societal decay:
    I find his hypotheses quite convincing. Of course, in literary criticism there is no standard of truth, i.e. you can make up anything you want. In case you are familiar with classics of the horror genre like Frankenstein, Halloween, Alien, Scream, and others, it’s worth checking out.

  2. I recently stumbled upon an interesting substack, from a guy (or gal?) who goes by the pseudonym “gato malo” (bad cat, in spanish).

    No clue who this might be, but the url and some of the posts suggest he is based in Puerto Rico and likes cats. For some reason he has the annoying habit of deliberately never ever including an uppercase letter anywhere, like the Shift key does not exist.

    This made it difficult for me to take it serious at first, but he seems to have a quite solid grasp of science and methodology, looks interesting for covid sceptics to check out.

    1. I doubt he spends that much willpower to make sure he never includes an uppercase later. The theme/css is probably set to always display as lowercase.

  3. Aaron,
    I have a question about swingers. When a couple decided to participate in swinger parties, what kind of people are they psychologically? I personally couldn’t do this and watch another guy pound my girl in front of me. Are these women who want to ride the carousel cock their entire life? How do these relationships work?

    Lastly, what’s with the notion of opposites attract? Does it only work in the short-term and not long-term?

    1. I don’t know enough about swingers. My interpretation is that the guys are literal cucks. It may be the case that the women simply act like caricatures of men in those relationships. Regarding your second point, I do not think that opposites attract at all. Assortative mating is the name of the game.

  4. It is not a new issue that Military and Political History is waning in American academia. The current trend is social, cultural and ethnic History.

    The article presents many rebuts to many myths that Military History is dying in American colleges. But my impression is that it is no longer in vogue in the academia.

    Political and Military History will always be a staple in the public imagination and in the world of amateurs.

  5. The gameplay programmer of the God of War reboot suddenly died in his early 40s:
    Let’s just assume that it is impossible that he died off the vaxx.

    On a related note, dying of the vaxx has gotten more difficult because if you die within 14 days of having gotten the clotshot, you will be considered unvaxxinated by the CDC:

    Also, an Australian talking head has announced that we’ll have to live with infinite booster shots:
    I presume this is in addition to the twice-daily Covid pills that Pfizer has already started manufacturing, even though the trials are still ongoing.

  6. I just listened to a lecture by a deep state reporter on why US military leadership is so poor nowadays, compared to WWII. He shares some interesting observations regarding internal advancement (and relief), which I was not aware of. For the war buffs among you, this probably makes good entertainment:

    Note that this guy is apparently making a living off shitting on US military leadership as the YT algorithm recommends other videos by him which seem to strike a much different one like this one:

  7. Aaron,
    Have you ever met guys who were male strippers? If so, did their experience (sexual) with women mirror your experience with women or was there a difference?

    1. Hi man,
      no, I have never met a male stripper. However, I have come across plausible reports of male strippers and what they experienced at bachelorette’s parties. It seems that reality is not much different from reality porn. there are some parallels to pickup, though. For instance, women suck a stripper’s dick at a bachelorette’s party because they think that they are not being judged. Similarly, such women fuck and suck random dudes if they think nobody is watching or will know about it.

    2. Aaron,
      When you mix in alcohol at bachelorette parties, is the threshold for looks still high since it’s a one night stand/casual encounter, or do girls at bachelorette parties tend to lower the looks threshold because it’s their final farewell to the single life?

    3. Is it really? I think the average bachelorette who has had 30 dicks is not going to remain faithful and, more importantly, does not even attempt to be so. In any case, in the end, it’s about opportunity. If a chick is horny, it is indeed the case that she may fuck a guy she otherwise would not.

    4. Hey Aaron,

      “ If a chick is horny, it is indeed the case that she may fuck a guy she otherwise would not.”

      Is this above about bachelorette parties? Or Is this in regards to a one night stand? If assuming if a girl fucks you multiple times then she has to find you attractive. Also I think that you mentioned before that if a chick fucks you in a one night stand then generally you’re above average in looks?

    5. This is a general statement. She may be horny and you just happen to come along and be available. If you fuck her really well, then chances are quite high that she is going to come back for more, even if you are not her first pick. I would say that you still need to be somewhat above average in looks even though there is plenty of leeway here, for instance if she is drunk and horny. Similarly, I bet you’d also repeatedly fuck a chick who made if very easy for you a few times if she services you well, even if you would not want to date her.

  8. What ever happened to the seduction community?

    Back in the day I would hang out on the London Seduction Society forum ( Granted, there were a lot of dweebs on there, but some of the stickied posts were pretty good – advice on how to pick up girls at clubs, improving your looks, going to fetish events in London, that sort of thing. Ironically nothing too gamey.

    Looks like it’s all been taken down. All the other message boards seem to be in stasis too, with the last posts being from 2013. A few subreddits I checked out are basically dead. Is this sort of stuff still alive and well, or is everyone too woke now for it to be palatable?

    1. The seduction community made promises that were impossible to keep, and at a certain point, the Big Lie that looks do not matter simply collapsed. It emerged that commercial PUA is pretty much all bullshit. I tend to flatter myself that my free ebook “Debunking the Seduction Community” also had an effect. Afterwards, the red pill community emerged, followed by the current black pill community, which believes that it is impossible to get laid if you are not a 10/10 Chad.

    2. Yup, I guess that’s right.

      Thoughts on how to meet well-adjusted guys to go out with? Was always something I was lacking – friends are generally too timid. Although maybe now’s the best time to go out alone, with Covid restrictions lifted and people generally going wild.

      (If only you were still doing in-person coaching!)

  9. Have you guys ever felt that Yandex is quite a better search engine than Google? I can find things much easier with this engine than Google.

    Yandex reminds me of Google when I was younger, around 2005-2006.

    If Sleazy is right, diversity hiring seems to do damage to this Google company.

    1. Google massively censors its search results. I use Yandex and DuckDuckGo most commonly but sometimes Bing as well. The other day I keyed a few search terms to find out if others have written about it, and my blog was among the first few hits on those search engines. On Google, this never happens as I’m penalized to hell and back. I’m not sure that diversity hiring is at the root of this. After all, Google gets its orders from the Deep State, so they simply push the agenda. It is irrelevant who is pushing it. Diversity hiring is more related to software defects, which are unintended. This is the opposite of widespread censorship as this is exactly what they want to do.

  10. @Aaron Sleazy

    I just have a personal question. It seems to me that you have some interest in History, particularly on the Third Reich. Perhaps you are just a casual reader, but why you are fascinated by Hitler?

    I have read not much on Hitler and the Third Reich. My main interest rests on the earlier Imperial and World War 1 Germany.

    Hitler is certainly an astounding politician. But I think it was him who led Germany to ruins. Had he been content with occupying Austria (Anschluss), he would be alright.

    But I guess he was trying to reclaim old German territories prior to the World War 1.

    I would say had he been content with occupying France, he would be alright.

    He was too ambitious and was too fervent in waging war.

  11. Aaron,
    Do sugar daddies ever reach a point in their life where they are completely annoyed, irritated, cynical etc. about women in general and have no interest in pursuing/dealing with them? Heck, I’m already annoyed and irritated by women in general that I don’t want to bother with them at all.

    On the other hand, do women also experience this with men? I’ve seen a fair share of sex workers that after so many years of dealing with men they still keep on going out with them. I figured after so many bad experiences with them they would just give up and focus on other aspects of their life.

    1. Ive been sugaring it up for the last 18 months. I prefer sugars to escorts generally, reason being its actually more cost effective less financial investment for more time together and higher chemistry. Well, like escorts you got to try them out to ensure the chemistry is there, but your more likely to get a gf experience and they are more likely to like you than just see you as just another client. I have had some sugar relationships that span over a year with meet ups twice a month. Its really ideal when you build up a roster of quality sugars. I have about 7 in my roster now, and im usually testing out new ones a couple times a month. If you are looking for marriage or something I wouldnt recommend this lifestyle. But if you want sexual variety with less headaches its ideal. You will need a decent bankroll to pull this off. Anyway, because of the financial componet your way more likely to get girls to go on dates with you, and you are also more likely to keep them in your rotation than a mere friends with benefit arrangement. If you do sugaring for a while, start to bang young hot chicks consistently your standards go up significantly. I basically cant go back to regular dating. The being spoiled also makes it hard to imagine waiting 3 dates to fuck again. With sugars its usually bang on first date, although some you need to wait til date number 2. Women who fuck sugars still are women so your looks matter, and if you are decent looking, tall not too old its easy to stand out in sugar dating sites. Compare this to tinder etc, where you are fighting for scraps. Again if you have the bankroll, its well worth it to give this lifestyle a shot. Sugar prices are very conditional on the local market. You will pay 2-3x in San Fransisco what you might pay in Phoenix for example. And exponentially less in developing countries. Its mainly based on the local male earning power, lack of hot young girls, access to escorts for men and general slutiness of said market.

    2. @bob – any tips on how to get into this? I’ve never done either escorts or sugarbabies, but I am looking to try sugarbabies. Just don’t know where to start and how.

      There are no sugarbaby websites where I live. Do you approach potential candidates irl, and how do you even breach the topic / make the offer?

    3. You bring up a very good point. I have discussed a similar issue in the context of pick-up, i.e. among the more successful men you find a lot who are really cynical about women. I even know a bunch of guys who did really well with women in the past and now only bang escorts because they do not want to deal with all the nonsense regular girls throw at you. It seems that you have reached this point as well.

      I believe that women need men much more than men need women to be happy. This also makes sense evolutionarily as, for the longest time in history, most men did not leave offspring, and I am sure there were cultural factors as well, i.e. men pursuing manly activities together, enjoying their time on earth, while some Alpha Chad knocked up all the Stacies. In contrast, women were never in that position so I would argue that a single woman feels rejected by men, and by this I men “all men”. Consequently, they develop a hatred of all men, which is expressed most strongly in radical feminists. Furthermore, how many women do you know who have hobbies that demand serious dedication?

  12. I was afraid the blog had been nuked after several days without email notifications. LOL. It’s a real fear. I hope Sleazy doesn’t disappear without a farewell, at the very least.

    1. Don’t worry. I’m still around. The last couple of weeks I have been very busy, however.

  13. Hey Guys, any tips/ advice for the below would be appreciated.

    I have a solid friend who gives good advice regardless if it would hurt my feelings or not.

    Recently we took a trip and had quite a bit of time to talk. He knows I’m going through mental issues/ trauma. I don’t know how else to describe it.

    He recently said that the way I handle myself at work it appears that I’m “alpha” for a lack of a better word but in my personal life around him and other people I act more childish and almost immature/boyish and not manly or mature. After reflecting I seem to agree that I feel as if I haven’t really evolved into a man and at time I act goofy, stupid and immature. I had a dad growing up my my mom ran the show and my dad was very passive.

    Are there any recommendations on how to get rid of this boyish attitude.

    Hope this makes sense.

    1. I relate to this. What I’m trying to do is think about how I should have handled certain situations in the past, and mentally prepare myself for when they happen again. It will take some time, but I definitely think it’s achievable.

    2. Engaging in any kind of competitive activity might help. I think that you would also benefit a lot from spending more time with yourself. Once you get to the point where you realize that you do not need the approval of others, you will probably act a lot differently.

  14. @AlekNovy I don’t visit this site so often so excuse the delay. How to get into Sugaring, Well, the best website is To get an idea of the potential sugar market in your city sign up there, its free, it does cost like $100 to send messages. But you can stick with Tinder, facebook dating etc to source Sugars. I leave in my byline on those platforms “SD”. If I use tinder etc I never specifically say im looking for a sugar baby. I just say Im very busy with work and don’t have a lot of free time, but I do well in my profession and like to help out girls with gifts, nice dinners, vacations who spend time with me. Then I transition a potential girl to whatsapp/telegram to pitch that Im looking for a sugar baby. I always sell them the dream… I state im just looking for a friends with benefits type of deal but in time if we both want it could be more serious (that wont happen lol) and I like to spoil my sugar with gifts, trips, and other forms of help. Anyway, we usually set up a first date where I state that chemistry is the most important thing and if we both have that we can transition to an intimate date. I usually say I prefer to pay for the intimate date, and if she asks how much, I tell her. I have a very high rate like 80% of going from 1st date at a bar/coffee shop/restuarant back to my place to bang. If we dont agree on the ammount of money, I just slide what I usually pay into their pocket or purse. I always leave a bit of money this makes the deal more smoothly I dont want some bitch to go crazy and show up upset she didnt get anything. If you use a sugar dating site, its a wide spectrum of girls from basically prostitutes to girls who want a rich boyfriend. So how direct you are with talking about money comes down to feeling them out. I still occasionally bang escorts, but honestly I have my plate full with sugars. I basically see a sugar 4-5 nights a week. So this is not cheap by any measure. That said its worth it to me. I don’t actually have the trappings of a rich person. I have a slightly nicer apartment for where I live, but no luxury car or expensive watches. A lot of girls dont seem to care about that, as long as you pay them and give them good sex. It helps if you are better looking than average guy on the sugar dating sites, I would say this is not hard as most are fat, ugly, short and/or very old. Added to that a lot of the good looking guys on sugar dating sites dont have any money, so they can’t really compete either. If you are already using escorts, I would strongly recommend this as in my opinion its superior. And Aaron the level of distrust I have with women has only grown since I started sugaring, so many of these girls have boyfriends that I am seeing. Last weekend I banged a girl who just got engaged.

    1. Those websites only have members in the USA. In most other countries it’s like 2 girls on there. I haven’t tried myself, but my friends have signed up, and there’s like 2 girls for a 2 million city, and they’re both ugly.

      Yet, tons of girls are sugar babies… it’s just that this is still done and arranged offline. So I was wondering if anyone has experience with the offline method. Arranging from girls you meet offline. Sugarbaby websites are non-existent.

  15. @alexnovy I concur not all countries have many sugar babies on those sites. So it can vary on geography a bit. Thailand has terribly low sugars on seeking, but there a local thai language sites specifically for this there. So you may need to navigate the local sites in country specific languages to get results.

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