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The Questionable Glorification of Roiding and Muscles

Now that “natural bodybuilding” has been exposed as a scam, with many figureheads exposed as juicers, it seems that Internet culture has moved on to fully embracing steroids. People nowadays even build audiences around their admitted use of steroids, like “Looks Maximus”. In one of his videos, he spends about 40 minutes telling you why you need to take steroids and that it will elevate your pleb existence as you will get the “harem experience” with the hookers you bang because their female nature cannot look past your roided up body, causing them to go all out during your whoring sessions with them.

Of course, I am not going to deny that women find men who are in good or great physical shape attractive. In some environments, I’d argue that you need to take steroids as a baseline to be competitive in the dating market. Somehow, I think that Miami Beach works like that but, having never been there, I cannot confirm that this is really the case. Nonetheless, I have been to clubs where the men and women conform to the Guido/Guidette stereotype. In those places, you are only going to waste your time if you look out of place. However, the same is true for ever other kind of club or sub-culture as well, so this is not a good argument.

I find it quite bizarre that guys like Looks Maximus shill steroids non-stop. Arguably, being toned is a lot more important than having big muscles. In fact, if you bulk up, you will simply appeal to a different kind of woman. This applies both to natural bodybuilders and roiders. By this I do not at all claim that you can be a soyboy and pick up chicks at Soy Club. This is not how it works. Just like with sports, you should find a stereotype that works with for physique. In my opinion, bulking up is a much better choice for guys who are not overly tall. Genuinely tall guys are severely disadvantages when it comes to building muscle. Yet, being tall, toned, and slender will get you chicks a-plenty.

Another aspect of roiding I find somewhat questionable is that it is hard to deny that guys do it solely for the purpose of picking up chicks. Thus, isn’t it an expression of the same pussy-whipped mentality we used to laugh at in the case of the old PUA scene? In contrast, being naturally toned due to a sport you play seems a lot manlier. The same is true if you enjoy lifting weights and don’t take steroids. I do not think that anybody seriously denies that steroids have negative long-term consequences for your health. Thus, is you take steroids with the goal of banging chicks is dubious at best, even more so if you are only banging hookers.

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18 thoughts on “The Questionable Glorification of Roiding and Muscles

  1. Good post. I find it almost congruent with mental illness to inject hormones into your body to match whatever ridiculous standard clown world thots are expecting – if you want to bang a bunch of chicks who are only attracted to you for your cycle, just spend the money on hookers. If I need to inject hormones to bang some slut it’s not worth it.

    This also related to your prior post of looksmaxing (to this extent) being a feminine feature. It’s one thing to take care of yourself, another to go to this extent.

    1. I agree. It is not worth it at all to inject hormones into your body because it disrupts the natural process.

      I know personally multiple guys that do this and the women they get with are the typical thots you can imagine.

  2. Also regarding short guys looking better bulked up while tall guys look better lean – wouldnt it be the opposite? It’s hard to look “big” if you’re tall, but you can also carry more fat without it being noticeable. Not the other hand, 15 lbs of extra muscle on a short guy is very noticeable, and it becomes easy for a little extra fat to look pudgy.

    See this video for the argument that taller guys looks better with a higher bodyfat % :https://youtu.be/w4QHaQu66rs

  3. Aaron,
    “In those places, you are only going to waste your time if you look out of place. However, the same is true for ever other kind of club or sub-culture as well, so this is not a good argument.”

    1. If a preppy Chad walks into a bar filled with thugs, does this mean Chad won’t be able to attract any of those females who are into thugs despite his good looks? So, those women rather stick to their own kind than to be seen with a preppy Chad who looks out of place even if those thugs are mediocre looking? This is the reason why you have emphasized the importance of niche selection? I figure that if a guy has good looks, he should be able to meet and hook up with women in any environment.

    “In fact, if you bulk up, you will simply appeal to a different kind of woman. This applies both to natural bodybuilders and roiders.”

    2. What kind of women will a natural body builder and one who’s on steroids attract? I apologise if it seems like a dumb question, but I’m clueless. My train of though is that if you’re good looking you’ll simply attract a good amount of women despite the sub-culture they might be in.

    1. 1) View it differently: if two Chads walk into a thug hangout, and one of the Chads looks as if he belongs there, he will do better than the other guy. I think it makes more sense to look at those factors in isolation. The question whether a less attractive guy could beat out a Chad just by virtue of fitting into the crowd is a bit more difficult to answer. I would argue that fitting into your scene has a relatively low upper bound with regard to its importance for hooking up, but it certainly does make a perceptible difference.

      2) The guy on steroids is a lot buffer than the natural bodybuilder. Here, you should keep in mind that most if not all supposedly natural bodybuilders on YT are juicing. Stereotypically, the roiders attract women who are heavily into working out themselves, and plenty of them may even take steroids themselves.

  4. Due to life experience I have actually known a number of guys who have taken and continue to take anabolic steroids. All of them without exception have massive insecurities and use steroids as a coping mechanism to cover for them. Several of them have in fact built quite impressive physiques also. What normally isn’t shown are the side effects of steroid usage which in a few cases I have seen which for each person tends to manifest in different ways such as really bad acne in two cases and one in which the entire back was covered with acne. Another actually had problems with using the bathroom properly…..extremely weak flow trying to take a piss to where he would stand for long periods of time to get the piss out.

    I know of two guys who tried to counter the effects of steroids by creating an oddball concotion of milk thistle and a few other things which they believed would help them avoid any negative side effects. It will be interesting to see the health effects that they may suffer from in the future. Regardless, I have listened to a number of pro-bodybuilders who took steroids for years who have admitted that they have to inject testosterone into their bodies forever now because after using steroids for years they are unable to naturally produce testosterone.

  5. Another thought: there is a lot of terrible advice out there for men concerning physique, health, and exercise.

    The overwhelming majority of fitness advertisers, bodybuilding mags, youtube advertising, etc. and all of the models that are used are juiced up and present a completely false image to men and women.

    Generally, there is a variety of different body types and they are going to respond differently to different types of training methods. A lot of shorter/stockier people are going to be able to obtain a muscled physique much easier than those who are taller/skinny build who can obtain a muscled physique but it will take a longer time and the training methods need to be tailored to their physique. Same thing goes for cardiovascular training where lighter/slimmer people tend to be more adept at running, cycling,etc.

    Quite frankly, a lot of the more natural physiques can be obtained simply by doing calisthenics exercises (pushups, pullups, planks, etc) with some basic weighted exercises (squats, lunges, etc.) You don’t even need to lift large amounts of weights but instead should start at a comfortable weight and work up over time and progress intelligently.

    Anecdotally, I will tell you that the most ripped I have gotten has been from doing calisthenics and yoga on a regular basis and I also feel the best I ever have. I am 6’1 185lbs currently. The heaviest I ever was, was 196lbs when I was exclusively lifting weights naturally.

  6. I’ve considered doing a cycle or two to boost my physique. Steroids (and SARMS) do have negative health consequences, but so do lots of things. Can they be taken sensibly, in moderation? Surely.

    It’s likely that the muscle building effects of steroids are semi-permanent, too, as the new myonuclei that are created persist even if the muscle atrophies, making it relatively easy to get back to where you were before. https://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2019/01/190125084106.htm

    It really does seem like, especially online, the very best looking men get all the interest, and the rest get next to nothing. I’m getting a bit sick of going on dates with girls who aren’t up to scratch. It seems rational to me that someone would want to get an edge on the competition in a world where online dating rules supreme.

    1. I knew two guys who got off their roids. It was as if their muscles were melting off their body. Within a few weeks then went from looking like The Incredible Hulk to one of the geeks on Big Bang Theory. In contrast, natural body builders are unable to gain as much muscle but they get to keep it for a lot longer.

    2. @darker-than… you do realize that with that level of effort you could build a highly-profitable business, become a highly-sought-out expert or other much productive things?

      Yes, if you become an expert on PCT you can somewhat keep some of your gains from being lost as fast… But you’re not getting how much more work you are putting for ever more diminishing returns?

    3. Those things don’t seem interchangeable with having an elite-level physique and the increased SMV it affords. Besides, I already am building a highly-profitable business – it takes a lot longer than a handful of gym sessions every week!

    4. I’m not talking about the gym sessions. You either lack reading comprehension or are playing dumb on purpose.

      I’m talking about all the added complexity of adding extra worry and stress and cycle design and periodization of drugs and PCT to it all. Don’t play fucking dumb with me. I’m not telling you not to work out if you want to achieve other things in life. You’re not that dumb, you’re strawmanning on purpose.

    5. Also, read some science. Cut out that gay “elite-level physique bullshit”. You’ll find that the ideal level of muscle to bang bitches is fully within the natural level. Above that level you need extra muscle to attract gay guys, not girls.

    6. You seem like a pretty unpleasant person, Alek. Given you’re not interested in having a civil discussion this will be my last comment here.

      To pick up on one thing – there are lots of valid criticisms of PED use, but “too time-consuming” really isn’t one of them. If a drug gives you two years’ results in the gym in four months, then if anything it’s the drug users who have made the sensible choice with their time. You also make the mistake of assuming that every steroid users wants to larger than their natural limit; this isn’t the case.

      All the best.

    7. You also make the mistake of assuming that every steroid users wants to larger than their natural limit; this isn’t the case.

      You’re the one making assumptions. For example assuming that I don’t know 100x more about PED and PCT than you do. I first studied cycles 25 years ago and spent like a decade in and around that community.

      1) Using roids to get to a naturally achievable level in order to bang bitches is for a lack of better word downright retarded. No I’m not being unpleasant on purpose. It actually is. It’s the equivalent to saying the moon is made out of cheese.

      2) You don’t save time, because you lose all those gains and deflate like a baloon. The reason you don’t know that the whole PCT-saves-ya-gains is a myth is because you haven’t been around this stuff long-enough. “Good PCT” just slows down the “baloon deflating” process, not eliminate it. You’re still a deflating baloon.

      Roids waste your time, they don’t save your time, because in the end you’re back at square one, and you have to start from where you were.

      And then if you’re dumb enough to do another cycle and try a different PCT regimen (because this time it’ll work and I won’t deflate like a baloon), you need to spend MORE TIME researching PCT, MORE TIME coming up with complicated stacks, cycles and you evetnually become a mini-fucking-scientist for ever decreasing returns.

      And what’s your return? Slowing down the baloon-deflating process.

      All to get pussy? You don’t understand how crazy simp that is?

  7. Arguably, being toned is a lot more important than having big muscles. In fact, if you bulk up, you will simply appeal to a different kind of woman.

    There were actually studies that confirmed this. You won’t be surprised at all by what they found.

    Basically, up to a certain moderate level of muscle, it was advantageous for guys (made them more sexually appealing to women), but beyond the moderate level, it actually made guys less attractive, and it appealed only to the lowest level of strata women.

    I don’t remember exactly how they measured it, was it socio-economic status or IQ, but let’s just say that they found that only the nastiest low-level skanks are turned on by big muscles, and all other girls are actually turned off by them.

    So roiding up might make you more attractive to those girls, but you probably need to also be in a gang and have murdered at least 5 people to be considered hot to these same girls.

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