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90 thoughts on “Open Thread #147

  1. @Aaron:

    It seems to me that you see everything, politics, the covid situation, culture, through the lens of an attack on the white race.
    Maybe you are right with this, and maybe you aren’t. That’s not my point here.

    My personal opinion about this is: If whites are really so dumb, so gullible, so self-hating, so easily subverted, then they deserve to get wiped from this planet.
    (I’m saying that as a white person)

    If you really think all of this, how can you still see white people as superior to other people? Evolution is fair, the strong survive, the weak perish.
    So if white people perish, you would have to come to the conclusion that they are inferior to other races.

    Your subversion argument does not buy you anything here. If you let yourself get subverted, you are weak.

    1. Actually, if white people are really as cucked as they seem to be, then I really have a hard time associating with them. And I don’t understand why you keep associating with them?
      Why do you want to be part of a group that is so inferior?

      Of course if they start putting whites into camps, that would be a different issue, you would have no other choice in that case. But we are still very far away from that.

      But I wonder if this is not causing you at least some cognitive dissonance?
      Wanting to be part of a group that is absolutely cucked? (if all of your arguments are true)

    2. So, as long as we don’t get rounded up and put into concentration camps everything is great? I’m not sure I agree with this point of view.

    3. I know you specifically asked Aaron, but Id like to chime in. I personally don’t think in terms of what we deserve. I get a fuckload of anxiety about whites going extinct, and so I do my small part to stop it. Superiority isn’t the issue here for me. The issue is that I’m white and I’m upset that we are on a trajectory to disappear. If you can intellectualize that anxiety way, then good for you I guess.

      I personally wouldn’t want to even if I could because if you don’t care, you won’t do any activism, and if I never did any activism, I’d miss out on some of the most thrilling experiences of my life. I can’t get into specifics, but man, facing off with Antifa with like-minded dudes is something I’ll never forget.

    4. Well, I’m probably too much of an individualist to understand this kind of thinking.

      I could not care less if the white race disappears in the next 1000 years, as long as it is not affecting me personally. I don’t believe in afterlife or anything like that. So basically everything that happens after my death does not matter to me.

      And if I ever wanted to be part of a group, I would certainly not make it based on race. Most white people are dumb morons, and so are the people of all the other races.

      Whites might have on average a higher IQ as blacks for example, I would still prefer to be friends with a high IQ black (those exist, just not as much as whites), than with the typical cucked white libtard.

      If you had to make a choice between 2 people as friends, would you choose the cucked white man over some high IQ black guy who also shared your beliefs?

    5. Maybe spend a few days or weeks thinking about why hold such beliefs. I used to have disdain for the white race as well, but then I realized that this was the result of incessant brainwashing in public schools. It took me a few years to unravel this ball of wool, and I don’t think I’ll be done with it anytime soon.

    6. This is top-grade victim blaming. It’s apparently OK if whites are the target, and it’s even worse that you have internalized that kind of view towards your own race.

    7. It’s not victim blaming Aaron.

      If there are 2 races on this planet. 1 goes extinct.

      We have to come to the conclusion, that this race was inferior, it’s almost a tautology if you define evolution as “whatever is more superior / strong / better, survives, and that is causing evolution to happen”

      The only laws at the moment that I see that hurt me as a white person, is the affirmative action bullshit. But we don’t have that in Austria.

      If they implement something like that here, maybe I will have to reconsider.

      “My group” of people are high IQ individuals who are capable of independent thinking and don’t have internalized a self-hating slave morality, like most white people have.

      Those are the people I associate with, if any.
      If your skin color is white but you are a completely brainwashed soy-boy who thinks that genders don’t exist, you are certainly not part of my group.
      (and this description probably is valid for the majority of whites)

    8. It’s not as if the races are fairly squaring off. We have coordinated assault on whites, with traitors in our midsts. This reminds me of some historical events, but I can’t quite put my finger on it. I’m probably imagining things here.

    9. This does not matter Aaron.

      If someone assaults you and they win. They are superior to you.

      If you let yourself get infiltrated by traitors who kill you, you are inferior.

      If you have internalized a cucked morality so that you see those actions as “unfair”. You are inferior. The other people don’t have this liability.

      If you are superior, you would do this to the other group.

      Unless you think, this would be “unfair”. But then again, you have internalized a cucked morality, and that’s why you die.

    10. This is also why some countries never rise above being third-world shitholes. Wait, wouldn’t this mean that the people who hold power in, say, South Africa, are superior? I’d argue that the power only shifted due to a concerted decade-long assault on the country, and now look what they got, they superior blacks who run it:

      You assume an even playing field, when in reality the game is rigged. Just like in South Africa, the supposedly superior race did not get their on their own, but by broad external support that was fueled by race-hatred. The same has been unfolding in the West, with a acceleration in the 1960s.

      Sure, you can have a coalition of the inferior gang up and usurp the holders of power, but in the end, everyone loses. You’ll probably find real-world examples. We have not seen that and of the “superior races” you are talking about has run a successful society, and I am not going to hold my breath.

    11. This all does not matter Aaron, nature does not care how you survive. And nature is fair, the playing field is level, we are all subject to the same laws of physics.

      Whatever survives, is superior. It does not matter why they survive.
      This is basically a tautology.

      You have to be able to see this simple logic.

      If whites perish, that means whatever combinations of traits they had, was inferior.
      They dominated in the past, but the conditions have changed. If you don’t adapt to the new conditions, you die.

      I’m also surprised by your apparent victim mentality here.

      If blacks made exactly the same arguments “oh the evil white man came and attacked our societies, it wasn’t a level playing field! Africa is still poor because white people subverted our corrupt governments!”, you would rightfully call them out on their bullshit.

    12. We are witnessing the destruction of civilization, my dude. All your “superior races” are mere pawns in this game. There is a good chance that humanity will not recover from the current shenanigans, though. For what it’s worth, we can rest assured that the people who have been having wet dreams about ruling over a docile mixed-breed race in perpetuity won’t enjoy their elysium either. There are no winners and losers here because everyone is going to lose in this game. How happy do you think Bill Gates’ children will be if they can only get IQ75 servants who may even gang up on them and just murder them? Oh, right, it meant that they were “inferior” by not adapting to the new reality. I’m not sure I agree with this interpretation, but at least it would be poetic justice.

    13. This might as well happen, Aaron.

      Maybe intelligence becomes maladaptive at a certain point?

      For example because of contraception, high IQ people don’t have children anymore (their fertility is reduced)

      The same reason I could argue that whites probably had traits that were an advantage in the past, but because of changes in the environment (technology mostly) are now maladaptive

      There is no reason to assume that intelligence must always be a benefit for survival. Many species thrive (e.g. insects) who barely have any intelligence.

      For me personally, I don’t see how it matters. I will be dead in less than 100 years, unless a miracle happens.

    14. I agree with this. In my view, a high-IQ is an evolutionary disadvantage. In that regard, schools are a good mirror of societies. In a random high school, I would argue that the smartest kid is at a much higher chance of getting bullied than the dumbest. Similarly, you can easily imagine, in class of predominantly dumb kids, the dumb bullying the few smart kids whereas in a class with predominantly smart kids, probably nobody would bully the dumb kids. You just don’t care about them. In contrast, dumb kids feel threatened by the presence of smart kids. In fact, they make them feel inferior whereas smart kids don’t feel superior in the presence of dumb kids. They are more likely to feel pity.

    15. The only way out of this would be an eugenics program in my opinion.
      The West is way too cucked for this, but I strongly believe the Chinese aren’t.
      Human cloning will soon become possible, and the Chinese might just clone all of their high performing people. (or use a mixture of bioengineering, cloning and eugenics)
      So, maybe civilization is not lost after all.

    16. That may be true. Still, when I think of the heights Western civilization has achieved, I’m not sure the Chinese will be able to achieve something of a comparable quality. Then again, why would it matter if there is nobody around who is able to appreciate it?

    17. I think caring about your race is intuitive and instinctive. Can anyone logically break down why they love their family? Yes, white people tend to lack in this area compared to other races. It is because of our evolutionary psychology of individualism that has been brilliantly used against us by the chosen.

      I see the current problems as hurdles for white males. We tamed nature, developed civilization, went to space. We always need a challenge in order to evolve further. Feminism and multiculturalism are the latest challenges hurled at the white man Now we need to get back to basics and get our houses in order. We are just seeing the beginnings of it on the internet.

    18. I perfectly understand where racism is coming from, it is just kin selection.

      I see people who just say that racism is wrong as morons, as it is clearly just an extension of nepotism (treating your own children better, which almost everyone does, to some degree), it is the same evolutionary principle at work (kin selection)

      It’s just that I’m not particularly driven by it, but I’m also not driven by nepotism a lot, I’m really a hardcore individualist.

      Edward Dutton made this argument, that whites now have too many people like me, who act against the group interests.
      In some way this is true, I don’t have any children (and I don’t plan to have them) and I would certainly not sacrifice my life to safe other white people.

      Basically, they have too many individualist genes now.

    19. If you research alternative history, which ain’t taught in schools, or Jsut open your eyes and see the western world you’d quickly realize that yes white people technically would be superior in general. Also the white man today vs 200 years ago is completely different.

      Our bodies today are poisoned from water, air, the food we eat, constant stresses to make money, etc etc these affect our hormone production aka less testosterone aka more docile aka going with the flow and not fighting back.

    20. You are not escaping my logic here. If you let your enemy poison your water, you are inferior.

    21. Baby steps. The enemy has been defined on a wide scale on the internet. And it ain’t Germany, Japan, Russia, China or Iran.

    22. @Ubermensch: it seems to me that you tried to do what Yarara sometimes does and bring down the conspiracy charge in the discussion with some common sense. But you went almost all the way to the extreme by blaming it all on sheer incompetence: there’s just too gigantic a level of manipulation in the media to be satisfied with that explanation.

      At least you didn’t go all the way and then some, like @CQV did. His shrugging off of vaccination activists beinf escorted by soldiers and the blatant symbolism of it was beyond pathetic. Let’s hope he goes back to his usual level of argumentation.

    23. @Uber, I say Aaron’s South Africa point holds. If your “if someone assaults you and they win, then they are superior” is valid, then it follows that the blacks in SA are superior to the whites. That is simply wrong.

      Also, you’re thinking is circular. If white people go extinct then we’re weak and deserve to die. Well guess what? We haven’t gone extinct yet. IF white people go extinct, then we deserve to die. Why would we go extinct? Partly, because as you said, we’re too weak, but what’s worse, going extinct because you’re too weak, or going extinct because you simply chose not to do anything?

      You, as an individualist, have chosen to do nothing and not care, thereby, you would be every bit as complicit as a weakling if we were to go extinct. Individualism is a part of how we got subverted in the first place.

    24. Man, this thread is getting long

      As Manuel brought me up, I will chime in only briefly. I broadly stand on the same side as Uber on the whole pandemic thing. I think some people, Aaron included, see many activity patterns and assume intentionality.

      Activity patterns are sometimes imaginary, they exist only in the eye of the beholder (like random star positions in the sky look to us like figures we call constellations). Astrology does this kind of bullshit a lot.

      On the other hand, activity patterns might be very real, but there may be no intentionality to them, they are the byproduct of (maybe) somewhat related processes. In public policy this happens a lot, intervening in complex systems like societies always causes unexpected and unwanted effects, even if done by intelligent and competent people with the best of intentions. There is a reason why the road to hell is paved with good intentions. But its not difficult to see why someone might look at it and think “aha! That was the real reason they did it! They meant to do this all along!”

      Lastly, some patterns emerge because different actors see a convergence of interests and act on it. Does not mean they were plotting from the start.

      I think one point we all agree here is that most people in the world are morons. That includes most of our elites as well. Given how difficult it is to solve collective action problems in the open, even among well informed rational actors, I find it astonishingly unlikely that something like a worldwide conspiracy involving at the very least several tens of thousends of people could work.

    25. I think discussing whether the oppressive Covid measures are due to collusion, “conspiracy”, or incompetence is a bit of a detraction. You can simply look at what is going on, and conclude that it is utter nonsense. Also, “government incompetence” seems to be used more and more as some kind of blanket justification these days. How about we redo the Nuremberg Trials and just conclude that it was all just “government incompetence” so nobody is to blame for anything. It’s kind of like forgetting to file your taxes on time, amirite?

      I noticed this strange shift in mainstream argumentation a few years ago in Germany. It used to be a big scandal if a politician broke laws or regulations. Today, you’re supposed to just ignore it. A great example are all those fraudulent PhD theses. Here, it is important to know that in the mainstream, having a PhD, no matter what subject, carries huge weight as this is basically proof that you are dealing with an expert. Some German ministers have, in the last few years, been caught plagiarizing others for their books and PhD theses, and whenever that happened, an army of mainstream media shills got activated to tell us that it’s not really a problem. The latest trend is that it’s enough to “apologize”, but still keep your position, pension, and privileges.

    26. You don’t need to coordinate thousands of people for a conspiracy. We have seen examples of entire disciplines getting held hostage. Think of the humanities and their descent into leftist insanity! Essentially, you need a bunch of “useful idiots”, you kick out the stalwarts, and you block access for everyone who does not toe the party line. Give it a generation or two and your takeover is complete. The same seems to have happened with government and the military. I don’t think this was inevitable. In fact, Marxists used to speak of their “march through the institutions”. But maybe I’m wrong and all of this is just one big coincidence.

    27. The thread is long, so I posted and reread some of it.

      @CQV sorry man, but Aaron is right here. Showing up with uniformed military personell at your doorstep, even if they have no legal power to do anything, clearly signals intimidation. It may be that they were meant to protect the vaccinators working in a rough neighborhood perhaps in the post-George Floyd era someone thinks it will be less risky than sending cops with them? But even in that case I dont see why they could not watch from afar, what need do they have to go up to the doorstep?

      Also, the average citizen rarely has an accurate idea of what rights they have and what government agents are allowed to do or not. Thats why rights get violated by cops with impunity every day, unless the incident goes viral (and even then!)

    28. To summarize what I have said elsewhere about the pandemic:

      Was the virus created in a Wuhan lab? Yes, I believe the evidence is pretty overwhelming by now. And China tried to cover it up, then lied about it. Thats the super smart & nonwoke master race at its finest.

      Is the virus a bioweapon? No, it is almost certainly viral research gone wrong. (See gain-of-function research, Ralph Baric, Obama moratorium, EcoHealth Alliance, Peter Daszak & Shi Zhengli). American and european scientists come along to share the blame, but they are all playing dumb now and trying to cover their asses.

      Was it released on purpose? No, chinese scientists were sloppy with biosecurity measures. Yay master race! (Google: wuhan lab scientists did work at BSL-2 level)

      Has the danger been overhyped? Yes, massively. Covid is not flu, but it is very similar. Spread is similar, risk factors are broadly similar (age, comorbidities), fatality rates are high but well within the range of a bad flu season. (See previous Hong Kong flu and Asian Flu)

      Also, sloppy testing and loose diagnostic criteria lead to massive case numbers inflation.

      Have media overhyped the threat? Yes, massively. Current media trends favor sensationalism, its a race to the bottom.

      Have governments and politicians overhyped the threat? Yes, bureaucracies in general and politicians in particular are very risk averse with anything that might lose them funds or votes. Once policy is implemented, bureaucratic inertia inhibits return to status quo ante, even if the implemented policies are useless or counterproductive. For earlier examples see: war on drugs, war on terrorism.

      Have governments engaged in a coordinated effort to supress our liberties? Yes, but not so much because they planned it, but because they panicked and imitated each other in following the pandemic control measures of the chinese communist party, with blessings of their WHO lapdogs. (The apparent master race is a gift that keeps on giving).

      What are the vaccines about? Big Pharma seeing an opportunity to cash in massively by exploiting the fear of both people and governments, unintended side effects be damned. (See: regulatory capture, google Peter Doshi + flu vaccinations for immediate precedent of Big Pharma behaving this way).

      Can the WHO be trusted? No. And its not the first time either. Again, see: regulatory capture, policy capture, lobbying, swine flu hysteria, and the changing definition of “pandemic” back then. Just like they meddled with the definition of pandemic a decade ago, they now do the same with the definition of “herd immunity”. Who benefits of both changes? Big Pharma, no shit Sherlock.

      Can the Science be trusted? Not blindly, and not after 2020. The pandemic was politicized, and most scientists lean left, so “Orange Man Bad”, and peer pressure leads to conformity.
      (not that science was very trustworthy before: See John Ioannidis + false research)

      Can mainstream media be trusted? Not much, same as above applies.

      Can factcheckers be trusted: same as above.

      In conclusion: I see plenty of activity patterns that are perfectly explainable by themselves, which converge in a manner that might look like a coordinated effort without actually being one. Occams razor applied, i see no need for convoluted conspiracy theories

    29. @Yarara, thanks a lot. Great summary.

      Would you care to opine on the massive wealth transfers happening all over the world, the Great Reset, and whether or not these things are related or separate to COVID?

    30. @Herker:

      “You, as an individualist, have chosen to do nothing and not care, thereby, you would be every bit as complicit as a weakling if we were to go extinct. Individualism is a part of how we got subverted in the first place.”

      I don’t care if I’m complicit in this or not.
      As I said, if the white race still exists in 1000 years, this does not matter to me.

      And I certainly don’t see myself as a member of a racial group.

      If we play the kin selection game, I might as well argue that you are also member of a bigger kin group, humanity. And this group identity is the one that actually matters. You share more than 99% of your genes with any other human, does not matter if white black or Asian.

      So which kin group should matter? Family? Extended family ? Race? Species?

      I’m an individualist, I decided the group that matters the most to me is myself. I share 100% of genes with myself.

      If they start a race war, I will have no choice but to fight, but this very likely won’t happen.

      I also think that within the next 100000 years or so, if humanity does not go extinct, the entire race thing will become totally irrelevant. Races will disappear because of globalism there will be more and more mixed people. Races only exist because of past isolation of groups, if groups interact a lot with each other, they will disappear over time.

      Also technology will make biological attributes less and less important.

      you are really playing an obsolete game here, in my opinion.

    31. From my time living in big, multicultural cities, I could observe that even in “melting pots”, the races stick together. But maybe they don’t and I have to blame my own lying eyes for that. There probably is not even a China Town, Little Italy, a borough for blacks etc. In all seriousness, the mixing of the races has been forced and even though this has been going on for well over 100 years, it’s not taking off. In the animal kingdom, members of different subspecies only mate in captivity. We would observe the same in humanity if we would leave countries to their own devices.

    32. Also, if you want to be a consistent kin selector (and racism is based on kin selection) you would also have to agree with me, that you would have to save 10 black people over 1 white, given the choice.
      Maybe even 2. (depends on the actual genetic similarity)

      But given what I know about you, I’m very certain that you would not make this choice, and so it is you who is more irrational than me.

    33. But maybe I’m wrong and all of this is just one big coincidence.

      It is… everything is a coincidence (or rather a series of 112329023 coincidences) that just happen to perfectly line up with what Sorons funded foundations have been drawing up as a plan for 30 years… complete coincidence.

      And those lefties taking over universities everywhere across the world and pushing the exact same anti-male, anti-family, anti-capitalism laws across the world (which they openly conspired to do)… all coincidences too.

      In fact they’re all a bunch of clumsy morons (they have barely 15% of the IQ that uber has, if that)…

      And so all of these clumsy morons are passing laws that are destroying familities, birth rates, and heterosexual sex is dropping everywhere, and men going to prison, and completely robbed by the state (just like the feminists said they would do, and is their goal).

      But the morons who did that in goverment, they’re just clumsy idiots (that they all were parts of soros-funded NGOs before coming to power and passing those laws, regulations is a complete coincidence).

      A bunch of low-iq idiots (who have less IQ in total than uber has in his toe) all coincidentally keep accomplishing goals that feminists set out in the 80s, that globalists set out in the 90s etc… Utter coincidence. All of it.

    34. Alek, calm down, you are hyperventilating now, no one is out there to get you.
      Maybe get a coffee

    35. Also, “government incompetence” seems to be used more and more as some kind of blanket justification these days.

      If this is directed at me, it is a strawman.

      I don’t think there is any justification for the amount of incompetence we have seen in the last years. Politicians should be removed from office, some of them probably would deserve jail time.

      The only problem I see: If we remove them, we will just get another batch of idiots.

      Politicians are not selected for intelligence and rationality, they are selected for rhetoric and willingness to play power game. That’s the real problem, but I don’t think it can easily be solved

  2. I just learned about an upcoming DLC for Ghost of Tsushima: Iki Island. While the original game is gorgeous, from what I can tell based on video footage, one flaw is that all the women in the game are ugly. In the DLC, this gets ramped up to eleven because your new enemy is a Mongolian hag who “conquers nations”. Nobody could have seen this strong, empowered wahmen angle coming. Nobody.

  3. Yarara’s comment in the previous Open Thread got me thinking: is it possible that I already carried the virus at some point? Since this country, from what I can tell, must be one of the least subjected to the common worldwide overreaction (no lockdowns, mask-wearing only enforced in banks, supermarkets and the like, no forced vaccinations), we might as well have reached the almost proverbial herd immunity in a sufficient degree since, y’know, the immune system works better that way and not by trying to channel Howard Hughes.

    It’s hard to tell whether any of my sinusitis-induced super-mild colds was in reality a Covid infection, but I don’t think so. My most prevalent symptoms are sneezing and runny nose, but Covid is supposed to cause each and all of the possible symptoms of respiratory infection except for those.

    1. According to SCIENCE! the only way to prove that you have had Covid and recovered is if you got a positive PCR test and, some weeks later, get a negative test. Nevermind that those tests are extremely unreliable, with false positive rates in excess of 98% at the cycle counts that were originally used.

      Covid can apparently call any kind of symptoms. A running nose is one of them. It can feel like the flu, apparently, which is probably because it seems to be the flu. Also note that you can be an “asymptomatic carrier”, so following the talmudic reasoning that is de rigueur with the elites nowadays, you can be an asymptomatic carrier if there is a need to justify further repressive measures but on the other hand, if you want to prove that you have been recovered, then all your asymptomatic carrying surely will amount to nothing.

    2. “According to SCIENCE! the only way to prove that you have had Covid and recovered is if you got a positive PCR test and, some weeks later, get a negative test.”

      The way I see it, my Covid test was having worked in close proximity to at least two guys in their 60’s and neither of us getting dead or badly ill, although one of them claims to have been infected early into the plandemic last year. Either you really have to be a very unlucky son of a bitch to have your life threatened by this virus, or none of us carried the the bug as long as we were working next to each other.

    3. The other day I had to laugh out loud when I read a headline claiming that up to 200 symptoms have been linked to covid!

      Methinks that there are two things ar work here
      1) other diseases cause multiple secondary symptoms too, but we never cared that much to notice
      2) people are oversensitive to any symptoms when testing positive for covid (both real and false) so they pick up a lot of background noise

    4. “People can pass judgment and make assumptions as they be please.

      In this day and age there is a degree or license in almost every field etc. Therefore if you don’t carry a license or degree in politics, history etc then you also aren’t qualified to judge or make assumptions.”


      I am not talking about Humanities. You are diverting the topic, although to be able to write certain topics in Historyz you need specializing training.

      I am talking about being a qualified psychiatrist. Do you know what are paychiatrists? They are quite like doctors who go through rigorous scientific training in order to obtain their degrees. I have visited 2 of such people, 1 in the US, 1 in Vietnam. Both says I am not even mildly autistic.

      Why should I and Ubermensch take those asinine comments of a wanabe disabled “psychiatrist” like Alek Nowhere seriously?

  4. The elites are really unravelling. In the Gretchen Withmer plot, which was front-page news for weeks, it turned out that there were 12 FBI informations involved, at all levels of planning. It was essentially a false flag:
    Of course, had this gone through, you would be called a conspiracy theorist for even musing if there were agent provocateurs involved. The positive point of such stories is that they illustrate that we indeed are living in peak clown world, but at this point I don’t think we need much more evidence.

    1. As the government apologists on here seem to be fond of, they would have blamed this on incompetence too.

      Seems to be a trend among government apologists.

    2. How does the statement “the government is incompetent” make me a government apologist?

      They are of course responsible for their incompetence and should be jugded for it.

    3. We sentence children differently than adults (unless “tried as adult”). This has to do with assigning competence and moral agency.

      Governments aren’t full of malicious power-hungry sadists, no, they’re just like children. (Facepalm)

      Fun fact. Do you know which professions have the highest number of sociopaths and psychopaths? Politicians, bureaucrats, lawyers, journalists.

      But that’s a complete mother fucking coincidence!! You see the group with the highest psychopathy rates doing things that ruin lives in a way consistent with psychopathy are just doing it out of being clumsy. Oops.

    4. Again presenting a false dichotomy here.

      Them all being children removed from any responsibility, or all being power hungry psychopaths, are not the only 2 options.

      And you also mix up the moral and competence dimension here.

      Someone can have psychopathic traits and also be incompetent (at some topic) at the same time.

      According to my latest knowledge, 2-3% of people are psychopaths. Just from that we should conclude that some politicians are psychopaths.
      But so even if we assume that psychopaths are 10x overrepresented in government, that would still mean the majority of politicians aren’t psychopaths.

      And a politician being a psychopath also still is not enough evidence that they are involved in a conspiracy. He could just be a populist who just does whatever gets him the most votes, to gain power. I would argue that’s much more likely, as it does not require much competence, compared to most conspiracy theories.

    5. “No, I’m sorry, the entire world isn’t going to adjust to you and Uberaspie. If the entire commentariat reads it the same they would in real life, they’re not going to change their communication just to suit you guys. You are the minority and need to fit to and learn how normal humans communicate.

      Deus isn’t going to sit down and spend 30 minutes trying to figure out how you two can misintepret what he says by acting like autistic robots who can’t read human communication.”

      You are not a psychiatrist so your assumption about me is rubbish anyway. I won’t bother with your asinine comments.

      Besides, to add more humour, I remember reading comments of you admitting that you are also an aspie.

  5. Ok, so this is pretty fun. Some messages were leaked from what Boris Johnson said during the midst of the plandemic.

    This is a really nice one:

    I must say I have been slightly rocked by some of the data on COVID fatalities. The median age is 82 – 81 for men 85 for women. That is above life expectancy. So get COVID and live longer.

    Hardly anyone under 60 goes into hospital (4 per cent ) and of those virtually all survive. And I no longer buy all this NHS overwhelmed stuff. Folks I think we may need to recalibrate.

    Borison Johnson privately sounds a lot like what Aaron was writing at the time. So even nation leaders know this is bullshit but they were still forced to play along…

    1. This only shows that he is bad at statistics.

      Most people who die young die from accidents.

      Only people who make it to old age have the “luck” to then die from covid.

      So no, getting covid does not increase your life expectation.

      This kind of nonsense counts as evidence here now?

      And I thought the politicians are all evil and want to kill us?
      Or, as this except would rather indicate, are they just incompetent and don’t have a clue?

    2. This is like arguing that only people at very old age die from a certain kind of disease, and therefore getting the disease increases your life expectation.

      Like, seriously?

    3. So, I just don’t think that those people who struggle with elementary math, have it in them to organize this globe spanning conspiracy

    4. So no, getting covid does not increase your life expectation.

      Are you as autistic as cqv lol ? that might explain why you argue in the exact same way.

      The prolong life expectancy line is sarcasm hinting at something. It’s not possible to be as dense as you and cqv pretend to be. You can’t even function in society by being that dense.

    5. It is better to remove sarcasm and irony from text-based contents instead of accusing others of having autism.

      You are not a psychiatrist, thus, are not qualified to judge who is autistic, who is not.

    6. I’m just going to point this out:

      Ubermensch: “This only shows that he (Boris Johnson) is bad at statistics.”

      Also Ubermensch: “If your skin color is white but you are a completely brainwashed soy-boy who thinks that genders don’t exist, you are certainly not part of my group.
      (and this description probably is valid for the *MAJORITY* of whites)”

    7. @CQV

      People can pass judgment and make assumptions as they be please.

      In this day and age there is a degree or license in almost every field etc. Therefore if you don’t carry a license or degree in politics, history etc then you also aren’t qualified to judge or make assumptions.

      I feel life from reading your comments that if I met you in real life I wouldn’t have fun, I’m sure you’re a nice guy.

    8. Yeah, pretty sure that bit was sarcasm Uber. Shit gets lost in text format, but yeah, I think that’s a safe assumption.

    9. Yeah right Alek, now you assume he was sarcastic to save your argument.

      The only problem with that, if he was in fact sarcastic, then this quote does not prove anything, as then you also cannot assume if he wasn’t also sarcastic about the virus being harmless.

      So then why you posted it?

      What really happened here is: you are searching the internet for any evidence to support your already formed conclusion.

      The other explanation, that he is just a dumb politician who isn’t very good at math, and that he really meant what he said, no this cannot be true.
      He has to be part of some evil conspiracy.

    10. Let’s ignore the conspiracy talk for now. Maybe you want to chime in and explain to us why the government is so incredibly concerned about my health when it comes to a novel coronavirus, yet does not care in the least about other public health crises? Also, how come masks and vaxxes supposedly only work when everybody complies? No matter where you look, Covid reeks of bullshit. I saw this in March 2020 already:

    11. @Pickernanny:

      I said “this description is “probably” valid for the majority of whites”

      how would you assume from that that my statistics are bad?
      I didn’t give you any numbers so far.

      Maybe it’s just you getting offended because I made a statement about your group?

    12. Aaron, I already explained my position.

      Yes, I think the government overreacted a lot to this virus.

      Masks very likely don’t help, or they only help very little.

      But think about this: you are the government, and you are in a panic. You don’t know if masks help or not.
      In that case, would you still try to use masks? They could help.

      Also considering that masks do help with some viruses, to some degree, it wasn’t a totally bad assumption that they could also help with covid.

      That they didn’t remove the masks after they had the information that they probably don’t help, that’s a different issue, and of course they should be judged for it.

      And also of course, some companies tried to profit from this situation by producing and selling masks.

      Again, no conspiracy here. Just companies trying to make a profit, after the fact.
      This is not an abnormal behavior at all.

    13. The only problem with that, if he was in fact sarcastic, then this quote does not prove anything, as then you also cannot assume if he wasn’t also sarcastic about the virus being harmless.

      Autism confirmed ?‍♂️ Real question here, those of who are not autistic wonder. Do you genuinely believe that Boris LITERALLY meant “the virus prolongs life” with that line? Just like you thought Deus is saying you will die once out of every 100 times you enter a car.

      Are you that dense/autistic for real, or are you pretending to not know what people mean in order to impune stupidity on them to make yourself better?

    14. It is better to remove sarcasm and irony from text-based contents instead of accusing others of having autism.

      No, I’m sorry, the entire world isn’t going to adjust to you and Uberaspie. If the entire commentariat reads it the same they would in real life, they’re not going to change their communication just to suit you guys. You are the minority and need to fit to and learn how normal humans communicate.

      Deus isn’t going to sit down and spend 30 minutes trying to figure out how you two can misintepret what he says by acting like autistic robots who can’t read human communication.

    15. Yes Alek, I think many people are complete and utter morons. This includes politicians.
      I don’t have a hard time at all to think that he really believed what he said. I experience people believing total utter nonsense every day of my life.

      For you, this does not seem to be an option at all.

      And the reason is, you have already formed your conclusion, and you are now searching for more evidence. Backwards reasoning.

      If he was in fact sarcastic, then what exactly does this quote you posted prove? Yes it is mostly old people who die from Covid. Almost everyone knows that. So what is special about this quote?

    16. I don’t think you are familiar with British humor. What Johnson said was clearly sarcastic. This is typical dry British humor.

    17. I asked you a yes-or-no question.

      You went into a rant, diversions, then “it wouldn’t even matter”. One step at a time.

      Do you honestly believe:

      – Deus is saying you will die 1 out of a 100 times you enter a car? (yes or no?)
      – Boris Johnson is saying getting the virus will prolong your life (yes or no?)

    18. Very smart of you Alek, to present a false dichotomy so that I have to give the answer that you want.

      Let’s say I answer yes and yes.

      What I think about Deus: He is a person who don’t think that nuances are important, that’s why he just posted the 1% number. This is the exact type of person who I would also assume falls for conspiracy theories.

      It’s a common bias that people treat everything below 1% as “the same”, as “unlikely”. That’s why they fall for lottery scams. And that’s why they also might think that Covid is no threat at all.

      About the other question: Yes, I would assume, if I present people with this argument:

      The median age of people who died from Covid is higher than the median age of all people who died from anything.

      The first conclusion the would jump to, is that covid increases life expectation.

      I have seen people make much worse thinking errors than this one.

      You are projecting your own statistical skills, onto the average moron Alek.
      You cannot imagine that someone is that stupid. And that’s why you assume it has to be sarcasm 100% when someone makes a statement like that.

    19. I made the observation in real life that there are a lot of people out there who, once they have gotten the injection, need to tell you about it. They are suddenly little Big Pharma evangelists. I think something similar is going on with you, Ubermensch. There are now more Covid deaths among the vaxxed, so the injection is working, according to The Guardian:
      It’s indeed working as planned.

    20. Have you maybe considered that the reason you find “moronism” everywhere is due to your lack of friendships and sex in real life? Perhaps the reason you find the most uncharitable “proof everyone is a moron” reading of everything is because it’s the only reason to salvage your self-esteem hanging by a thread? Just like CQV?

      Might you guys consider working on yourselves to the point where you can get actual friends in real life so you don’t have to spend all your time typing away here to boost your bottomed-out self-esteem?

    21. Great Alek, now resorting to ad hominem.

      If nothing else works, just say that your opponent does not get laid. JFL.

      You are really someone I would trust to be completely honest and unbiased talking about this whole issue 🙂

      This and your initial “bla bla bla” response really shows me that I’m arguing here with someone, who is totally unemotional and unbiased. 🙂

    22. ” There are now more Covid deaths among the vaxxed, so the injection is working, according to The”

      I didn’t read the article, but that an effect like that exists is not surprising.

      If the vaccine reduces the chance that you die from Covid to 10%, and you vaccinate the majority of the population, it is very likely that many people will die who actually got the vaccine.

      Actually I think in this case, the number would be 90% to make it so that every 2nd death would be someone who got the vaccine (just some quick mental math I did, don’t fixate me on the actual number)

      If I vaccinate 100%, 100% who will die will have been vaccinated.

      So I don’t know what do you want to say with this article?

    23. We don’t have 100% vaxx rates. Deaths among the vaxxed are disproportional. I guess to properly evaluate this, we would need to include all deaths among the unvaxxed and only vaxx deaths among the vaxxed. (I can’t even tell if I’m joking.)

    24. “I made the observation in real life that there are a lot of people out there who, once they have gotten the injection, need to tell you about it. ”

      Well, Aaron.

      Obviously the group of people who got the vaccine will be people are are not critical of it, and the group who are critical of it, will be the group who did not get it. Like, duh?

      But there is a different group: people who are critical of it, but not super critical.

      I can argue that it makes sense for some people to get the vaccine.

      And I did not try to convince you to take the vaccine. I don’t care if you take it.

      That you are interpreting my arguments like that, just shows me how big your bias is on this topic.

    25. “Deaths among the vaxxed are disproportional.”

      again, easily explained. If you mostly vaccinate the group who is at risk from actually dying.
      It will lead exactly to this pattern in the data.

      let’s say 1% is at risk of dying from covid, 99% aren’t.

      If I vaccinate that 1%, suddenly 100% of deaths will be vaccinated people.

      And in most countries, they started to vaccinate the elderly.

    26. So they are dying despite the vaxx? Why get the vaxx then? Oh, wait, Boris Johnson alluded to this already and we have been through it before.

    27. Aaron, you are arguing like a child now.

      If the vaccine reduces your risk of dying to 10%, and you vaccinate all people, YES, some people will still die.

    28. The risk of dying of Covid is effectively zero, if you are not an octogenarian with preexisting conditions. Tell me again why I should get vaxxed to death, please!

    29. Aaron, you are arguing like a child now.

      Remember, I said that you infantilize and diminish other people to feel better about yourself. It’s not an ad-hominem, it’s well-intended advice.

      You basically reduced Deus to an amoeba to make yourself feel better, and now you’re calling Aaron a “child”.

      I’m not telling you why you’re doing this kind of stuff as part of a debate, I have no intention of debating you after what you did with Deus. It is well-intentioned advice. Get some friends, work on those parts of your life that suck and are making you have this low-self-esteem which is forcing you to go around “moronizing” people for short-term self-esteem boosts.

      Your future self will thank me, and thank you. Please, get a life. You’re doing this because your life sucks, so you go around projecting “moronism” on people.

      Yes, it feels good at the moment you do it. Yes, it gives you a short-term jolt of good-feel chemicals to declare people morons. Long-term though you’re destroying yourself. Well-intended advice.

    30. “You’re doing this because your life sucks” again, projecting much, Alek?

      How much did you suffer because of the covid situation?

      We can play the personal attack game all day long.

      His argument was not very well thought out. It boils down to “Why vaccinate someone if it only reduces the risk to 10%” ?

      In any other context, you would see this.

    31. And your argument easily falls apart.

      – You accuse me of saying that most people are morons. So you argue that the majority of people aren’t morons

      – The majority of people support vaccines and lockdowns (at least more than 50%) (unless you argue now, those numbers are only fake, and no one supports this)

      – You say, everyone who support the vaccines/other measures is a moron

      You argued yourself into a corner

    32. Basically, if the majority of people were smart people like you, who came to the conclusion that lockdowns are bullshit and so on, do you really think the government could still get away with it?

      What about the police forces and military? Don’t they have to support the government?

      The government can decide whatever they want, if the police force is not willing to support those decisions, their decision means jack shit.

      But they go along with it. So, they must be morons, from your POV

    33. “Tell me again why I should get vaxxed to death, please!”

      Aaron, I did not tell you to get vaccinated. I don’t care if you take the vaccine or not. If you are a young and healthy, there is not really a big reason for you to take it.

      That you use the term “get vaxxed to death” shows me again, you left the space of rational thinking, and entered the space of emotions and paranoia.

      This vaccine was not designed as a bioweapon with the intent to genocide the white race. This seems to be stuck in your head.

    34. “No, I’m sorry, the entire world isn’t going to adjust to you and Uberaspie. If the entire commentariat reads it the same they would in real life, they’re not going to change their communication just to suit you guys. You are the minority and need to fit to and learn how normal humans communicate.

      Deus isn’t going to sit down and spend 30 minutes trying to figure out how you two can misintepret what he says by acting like autistic robots who can’t read human communication.”

      You are not a psychiatrist, so your comments are worthless or rubbish. I won’t bother with your asinine assumption anyway.

      To add more humour, I have read elsewhere that you acknowledged that you are also an aspie when learning musical instruments, and that you need to be more “mellow” to attract chicks.

      I am sorry but communication-wise, text based conversation is different from real life exchanges. In real life, you can visually observe your interlocutors. It is a world too wide a difference.

  6. It is well established that the CIA helped developed LSD. It is also well known that the 1960s counter culture embraced the drug. For fans of halucinagens I am NOT saying they are always bad. But in the wrong hands they can be horrible. Think Charles Manson.

    What I’m wondering is if the CIA facilitated the 1960s counter culture movement with the drug to divide the country much like their support for bra burners.

    1. Interesting take. Perhaps it’s why Nixon was exposed and forced to step down. Wasn’t LSD created by a Swiss chemist by the name of Albert Hofmann by mistake during the late 30s? I think what you mean is that the drug was later utilized and distributed by the CIA to help fuel the counterculture movement of the 60s.

    2. Btw, I recall an Alan Watts lecture on psychedelics where he talks about the dangers of using such drugs without some other form of spiritual practice. This lecture was probably recorded in the 60s, and he was warning that users of LSD were replacing a spiritual practice with the use of the drug itself and making a sort of religion out of drug use. He also spoke out against habitual drug use saying something along the lines of once you’ve had a particular experience, it’s best to step away from it and use it to live your life. He said the same thing about powerful meditative experiences as well.

      Also interesting, whenever Alan Watts criticized Western philosophy, he usually made it clear to include the part of Western thought that had been passed down to it by Judeo-Christian philosophy. I can recall where he would stop to inform any Jews or Christians in the audience that he didn’t mean to insult or steer them away from their religion. I wonder if sometimes whites would have been better off remaining Pagans.

    3. The term “Judeo-Christian” would require some further discussion. It seems rather forced. I recall someone joking online that if the U.S. had lost WWII against the Japanese, we would now hear of “Shinto-Christian” values. (I’m not sure what all of this means, though. It probably has to do something with GTA or Minecraft.)

    4. @Pickernanny

      Yes, that’s what I meant. About Nixon, he always had the goods on JFK using the CIA to attempt to assassinate Fidel Castro. At a time when the American people were completely in the dark about it. When the Watergate scandal blew up he was going to threaten Democratic senators with the information. Saying that he used the same Cuban spooks that Kennedy used to try to off Castro. But then he was ordered to release his tapes related to Watergate.

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