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47 thoughts on “Open Thread #112

  1. Here’s my theory on modern feminism. Like all political movements it is grounded in legitimate grievances. The grievance is exploited by political opportunists, which is also very common. The anger is real. Generation after generation women were having babies by the time the were 20 y/o. Due to corporatism and social Marxism this was stripped from women in the name of “liberation,” and the whole thing was thrown in reverse.

    College age women understand that something is amiss. They are pissed off that they don’t have a relationship and children but know it at a conscious level. This anger is misdirected by mass media and feminist academia at “patriarchy.” That these natural maternal desires are the fault of a long dead patriarchy. They are angry because a patriarchal society is TELLING them to they want a man. When society has done no such thing for half a century. The evil system feeds off its own lies. The legitimate anger is shifted away from the culprit and towards the one thing that these women actually desire desperately, and was taken from them by false prophets.

    1. The video is only in 360p so it’s hard to get a good look at her face. Yet, she’s undoubtedly in an excellent shape for her age.

  2. Has anyone seen these Tom Cruise deep fakes? They’re pretty concerning if you think about the implications. Imagine deep fake pornography via retinal adapted VR of your favorite e-thots and celebs, though. Of course, I’d never promote such degeneracy:

    1. They will probably use this as a justification for more censorship. When everything can be fake, we clearly need a government ministry of truth…

    2. This is pretty impressive work. Previously, viral deep fake videos would show you one actors face on the body of a different actor, for instance, often for comedic effect. Here we have an actor who copied Tom Cruise’s mannerisms and swapped his head with Cruise’s. The end result is very convincing and would arguably fool anybody who did not know that this is fake, with the possible exception of people who know Tom Cruise very well from private interactions.

  3. LOL @ the leftist insanity:

    So there are illegal people in Austria, some of them living from the taxpayers money for years, and the problem is, that those people now cannot sleep because they fear that the police is coming for them 😀

    Those poor criminals! They have to fear the police! Clearly these minorities deserve more protection. Defund the police, NOW!

    1. This is a perfect example of the inability of some people to think rationally. It is a completely emotional argument along the lines of:
      1) Illegal immigrants live in fear of being deported
      2) Fear is bad
      Thus, 3) We cannot deport illegal immigrants

      It is mindbogglingly stupid. Yet, this is how the world works nowadays. I’m reminded of a debate I watched with Swedish politicians on the immigration debate. This was a few years ago. One middle-aged female politician got really fed up at some point, stood up, and shouted, “But these are children!” You cannot make this up. Lunatics like her fuck up our societies beyond repair.

  4. lol:

    reddit is really cuckit

    One argument which is often used against paysex is that sex in LTRs is so much better because all of the emotions and that your wife will care to please you…. And then read this thread how this guy gets treated by his own wife. She is obviously not attracted to him in a primal way. She doesn’t even want to touch his dick.
    Even my bad experiences with prostitutes were better than what this guy describes.

    I really wonder how bad the sex life of most betabuxxers really is, but considering that a lot of escort customers are married men, this is probably the norm. (if they even still have sex)

  5. I wrote about Saints Row III about a week ago. It’s a decent game overall and I found it fun for the first 80% or so up to what would have been a very satisfying ending if the game had ended after that mission. Yet, at that point the developers apparently thought the game wasn’t long enough at only about 10 hours and added a bunch of bullshit at the end such as an atrocious mission in which you have to fight zombies. It was so bad that I dropped the game and watched the rest on YouTube. I would have loved to see Saints Row III being a power fantasy through and through. Instead, the game later thinks it is GTA and even repeats some of the design mistakes such as in GTA III where towards the end your “wanted level” is quite high as a default and you have police chase or shoot you. The same b.s. is in Saints Row III, which makes exploration and side activity not fun at all. The controls are also quite bad, which is not really a problem as long as you are fighting small amounts of enemies but if you are facing a zombie mob that rushes you, a single very fast enemy (there is one such enemy type later in the game), or a large number of enemies who may shoot you out of nowhere this game can get frustrating. Yet, this is nothing compared to the crappy controls when flying a helicopter. You really wonder what is going on in QA at Western studios as such mechanics should have been flagged.

    By the way, the remaster of Saints Row III for PS4 and PC shrinks the boobs of the women and uglifies them, so buyer beware! On PS3 you get worse graphics but objectively better looking virtual women to look at. Also HD does not do this game many favors in my opinion as it tends to highlight the sometimes rather basic texture work. If you get this game cheaply, it’s probably worth it for a few hours of mindless fun until the game falls apart.

    1. I really prefer linear games these days. Most open world games are ~20 hours of content with a lot of filler added on top.
      The only open world game which was really fun was spider man (PS4), because the moving through the world as Spider Man itself was quite fun, I never used the fast travel option in that game. This is a game I would recommend, the combat was also very fun.
      Nier Automata is also a game I highly recommend if. It is open world but the world is not very big and most of the side quests are actually fun, and the story touches on a lot of philosophic & existential topics.
      And of course, 2B the hottest virtual woman ever created.

  6. I was thinking back to my childhood/puberty, about my first sexual fantasies.

    One of my first ones was the Leia slave thing from star wars III.

    Honestly I think she was very hot in this outfit:

    Wouldn’t it be nice to come back from a hard day of work, finding your obedient slave princess chained to the bed ready to be used for all your desires?

    I fapped to this a lot… (this was before I had an internet connection)

    Na! As modern feministic men, we would never want to use women as objects like that. We could never enjoy sex without the women consenting to it and validating us!
    If you have such fantasies, you really are a mysoginist pig!

    Ok, be real again:

    Just imagine what a shitstorm this would cause in a movie today, displaying a woman like that.

    There was also an interesting discussion in a forum about fantasies in general:

    The user made the statement, that whenever you have a fantasy, you actually want to live it, but you just can’t. While I don’t agree with it 100%, there is much truth to this, in my opinion.

    I certainly would lie to myself, if I told myself that I would not take advantage of the situation (if I had a Leia slave in real life), if it was in my power.

    1. Lol my friend from back in the day revealed to me that the first time he whacked off was to this scene.

      I feel like a simp. Honestly my fantasy is to fuck a 9 and she loved it every bit as much as myself. The sex would seem more enjoyable to me. Well, they are fantasies for a reason…….

    2. And I’ve always considered myself to be a masculine man. Many others, male and female, confirm this. But I’m a fucking softy. I think this is indeed a personality type. Like firemen. Tough, but heavily empathetic.

    3. I don’t think having a fantasy like yours make you a simp. I have them as well, but I also have the slave/harem fantasies.
      It is nice if women lust for you. But it is also nice to have an obedient slave 🙂

      I think to qualify as a simp you have to:

      – waste resources (time / money / anything else) on women without getting sex for it (e. G. Only fans)

      And / or

      – define your self worth only by how much women like you

      And it is not binary. No one is probably completely independent of the opinion of others, we are too social for that.

      I think you enter simp territory when you start to revolve your entire life around the validation (or lack of) by women. (for example you would not even have sex with a super hot prostitute for a low price)

    1. I honestly didn’t expect that, but I’m also not surprised. He should go on and make a based Indie game. I’ve played quite a few good ones for the Switch. I can actually say I’ve generally had the most enjoyment from playing small team titles. It might be one of the few things that keeps me going in terms of future gaming. So long as Nintendo doesn’t go woke and start pulling games from their e-store.

  7. The Chinese are apparently saving vidya. Here are two clips of a recently announced game I came across today. The game is called “Project DT” (deep thrust?). Like in Nier: Automata, you get to look at a super hot chick. The aesthetic seems to take cues from Metal Gear and the gameplay reminds me of a slower Devil May Cry.
    There is also a trailer of “Project Awakening” floating around as well as Black Myth: Wukong. Those three look more interesting than anything Western developers are working on. (The only recent Western game I intend to play is Ghost of Tsushima.)

    1. I know a young guy in his early 20s that was balding and had great results from using it on his scalp. He went from having to shave his head to a full head of hair. Wish I had before and afters.

    2. women seem to dig beards, generally, but i do know some girls who prefer stubble or clean shaven. with all the hipsters with beards, beards now almost seem to be an accoutrement of faggotry. i have thought about doing this as my ish is patchy, but part of me thinks i’m fine with a bit of stubble

  8. I go to clubs every week now that they are starting to open where I live. I have read Aaron’s club game already and in it, he suggests that I ask women the basic question “having a fun night?” with an innocuous smile. I did it a few times and the responses from women were mostly positive. Even though, I was only approaching women I am interested in as recommended by Aaron, (kind of obvious) one interaction went very harsh and I am still trying to recover. Any encouraging words is welcome.

    The girl wasn’t harsh at all. However, her supposed boyfriend was. Barring any details, can anyone more experienced explain how you deal with boyfriends or other types of cock blocks when following the above approach.

    Thanks bros.

    1. Winter,

      You walk away.

      Alternatively you can make three 360 counterclockwise circles, then try again – but I’d advise the former. 🙂

    2. This is a good question. Hot chicks usually seem to have some dude lingering around them. Sometimes it’s difficult to say what their relationship status is. Either way they are going to make things difficult for you. Some girls even think these guys are trying to “protect” them. Such bullshit. These clowns claim that their female friends are “like my sister.” I believe the PUA community refers to them as “beta orbiters.” One of the very few things they get right.

    3. That’s one of the reasons I hate wedding receptions. Some people feel obligated to bring a “date.” Then it becomes difficult to tell who’s available and who isn’t. I’ve gotten strong signals from girls who were “with” somebody, but didn’t know wtf to do.

    4. Anthony,

      I am a proud man. Doesn’t walking away seem like putting your proverbial tail between your legs?

      I stayed around and argued (politely of course) and I had my friend group to fight if needed. But that harsh reaction stings at my confidence.

      Besides, everybody seems rude at clubs now.

    5. Why the eff would you get into a physical altercation over a random chick?

    6. I wouldn’t worry about something silly like your ‘pride’ in this situation. Is it worth your pride to potentially loose some teeth or get hauled off to prison? Besides, who knows, maybe she was legitimately taken by this man and he just didn’t want you hitting on his chick. Although, if it were me, I wouldn’t take my girlfriend or wife to one of these venues but sometimes they drag their boyfriends to these places just so something like this will happen and they can feel all good about themselves. If he was just a cockblock, then oh well, sour grapes.

      And yes, our society is generally lower trust than it was 10 years ago, so I’m not surprised if people act more rude. There was that incident in the PA in the US where a guy got fed up with his neighbors bullshits and murder suicided them. My advice is to leave your pride at the door because it could get you shot.

    7. Yeah, I think guys should just stick dinner and a movie when they have a gf. One time I was checking out this chick from across the bar, and her meat head bf yelled at me and said he would kick my ass. I tried to actually make peace with him and he told me to suck his dick. There are some real insecure dudes out there.

    8. Yeah I guess so that you are all right. There is no way around this problem anyway than to walk away when needed. Thanks.

    9. One more thing. Don’t expect the bouncers to control the situation. In the experience I described I shook my head, walked back to my friends (males and females) and we all just danced. The pussy ass bouncer came up to me and suggested that I leave, explaining that this POS had already tried to start a fight with HIM. Nice work…..

    1. They must all have a death wish, as we all know the US is by far the most racist and oppressive country in the world.

    2. Surely, it is White Supremacy that makes them leave their home countries and take the arduous journey (in a bus) to the border. If raycis, supremacis Whites did not make other countries uninhabitable, third-worlders would not have to flee to Western countries. I mean, you’d have to be a total bigot to not follow this logic!

  9. I have a question regarding fitness.

    If you don’t have a V-taper or look buff does having that increases your chances with women? Reason I ask, last times I went out approaching interactions were “meh”, not really interested or into me, which lead me to the following.
    I’m 6’1″ approx 81kg. Just went to a nutritionist and my body fat percentage is almost 20% and with 3kg of body fat to which I should aim to get rid off. I do mostly cycling and a little of weight lifting on home.

    I’m seriously considering joining a gym and following the diet from the nutritionist. So I’m thinking of jacking first to a decent level and then expect to get results with women?
    I’m 6 months after having discovered my ex cheated on me, and it has been painful to get the confidence I once had. Seems I’m lacking physical presence by having a meh body composition.

    1. Do you even have wide clavicles? If not, you won’t get a proper V-taper anyway. Thus, you would spend an incredible amount of energy on something you cannot ever achieve, similar to how some guys chase an “eight-pack”, not knowing that the number of visible divisions of your abdominal muscles is genetically determined. Having eight is extremely rare. Of course, getting a proper six-pack is very difficult to achieve and comes with a slew of other problems.

    2. Thanks for replying back Aaron.
      I think I have normal length clavicles, here’s a pic of me from August last year
      I’m looking toward getting more mass on the shoulders/arms and get leaner so that I look more esthetically pleasing.

    3. Has any woman ever told you that you have “wide shoulders”? My guess is that this has never happened to you.

  10. You’re correct Aaron, I’ve never got a comment regarding “wide shoulders”, so no point in trying to get “V-taper”?

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