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76 thoughts on “Open Thread #87

  1. Aaron,

    One thing that has been on my mind is that while it is more difficult for the average guy to get steady sex, life is a lot easier for our generation. Not having a family frees up a lot of time to do things for yourself and you don’t need as much money to survive. Do you think that most incels overlook this fact? They act like having a gf/wife all you do is bang her all day and it comes with no responsibilities. What do you think?

    1. Men can be voluntarily celibate. In countries in which prostitution is legal, I think it’s a lot easier for guys to abstain from relationships. The same is true for countries with a well-developed hook-up culture, but only a small minority can partake in that once they are in their 30s.

    2. You imply that having a lot of free time is good for your well being.
      I don’t really agree with this.
      I think most men would be happier if they had a job and a family.

      Our brains are wired in a way that without some purpose (which in the past was the family), we get depressed and feel useless

      For example:
      One year I was living like a minimalist, only did 10 hours of work each week.
      But I was getting depressed because I didn’t really found anything “fullfilling” to fill all of this free time.
      So I went back to 40 hours of work, and felt better.

      I don’t want to say that this is true for all men, there are men who are very happy bachelors.
      And also you can be very unhappy in a relationship. But I think most relationships suck these days because of feminism. Women behave like total bitches. If women were submissive and feminine, relationships would be great (or at least better than being alone)

    3. Some guys have fulfilling hobbies. The problem is if you don’t have anything to do you ascribe value to.

    4. I have actually thought about this a lot. When it comes to free time, incels have no idea of how good they have it, especially if they managed to have some kind of a social life. I have a family and constantly think about the days where I had all of the free time in the world to party, play videogames, and read books. Now all of my time is split between work, house maintenance, and family. If I want to have any kind of time for myself, then it means staying up super late waiting on the kids to go to bed, or waking up super early before everyone else. In turn, that means that I will have to sacrifice sleep if I want any kind of time to myself.

    5. I think this is correct. I ran into this phenomenon even when I started posting online. There were all those virgins who fantasized about banging a lot of women. Yet, as any buy with a modicum of experience can tell you, dealing with a string of women does take its toll. I have never met anyone who has done it for more than a few years.

    6. I think this is correct. I ran into this phenomenon even when I started posting online. There were all those virgins who fantasized about banging a lot of women. Yet, as any buy with a modicum of experience can tell you, dealing with a string of women does take its toll. I have never met anyone who has done it for more than a few years

      Exactly. “Free sex” is the most expensive.

      That’s why in the other thread, where the discussion was about banging young hotties in your 40s and 50s…

      My immediate reaction to that was “But why would you want to waste those years on bs?” Even if I could get 20-something chicks in my 40s and 50s for “free”, I don’t see any logic why I would want to do it. With every year that goes by I value my time more and more and more. “Free sex” is just too expensive. Even for chads.

      Even if I could get sex as “cheaply” as a Chad, the price still wouldn’t be worth the sex. With how I value my time today that is.

  2. @Ubermensch

    Women were much happier in traditional roles. It boggles my mind how they fell for feminism. Maybe it’s because women have difficulty making up their minds. Feminism is a farce foisted upon women which only supports corporatists/globalists. So “liberating.”. So “progressive.”. Something that only helped elitist white men. And women are more miserable than ever…….

    1. Agree with that.
      I think the rise of single mums is mostly responsible for that.
      You now have a lot of women who have full time jobs + children.
      No wonder they get unhappy and depressed.
      It’s quite amazing how feminist have managed to brainwash women into thinking that being a slave (= having a job) is the purpose of life.

    2. Oh, but at least they’re “not dependent on a MAN!” How stupid are these feminists? The best times in American history were the agricultural era and the 3 decades after the war. Because regular people owned land.

      Do they think that children were liberated during the Guilded Age because they had jobs? Much better to work for the homestead. Everyone is cool with children working on family farms or doing chores at home. But big no go working in coal mines and factories. Men bit the bullet by having jobs in the 50s and 60s. Women were getting exactly what they desired and still desire to this very day.

    3. the real reason to push women into work was always to push down wages.
      they called it “liberation” and they fell for it

    4. Since the plandemic thing I have been working from home, and for a lot of my coworkers with children you can hear them screaming in the background. From what it seems they look stressed as hell, not to mention the cost of raising a kid these days. All I’m saying is that having a family doesn’t seem all that great… maybe if you have a lot of money and have the grandparents help out or whatever.

    5. Isn’t the Steinem confession that she has been a CIA operative part of a much longer interview?

    6. Radical feminism was always an elitist plot to fuck up America’s economic and social health.

      The CIA disrupts other nations, so why not here in the USA?

      Now the globalist bastards just use illegal immigrants.

    7. It’s so funny, working 40h+ a week to make a stranger rich, while your children and your own man are neglected at home is empowering?

    8. As a communist, you may only have a rudimentary understanding of the law of supply and demand. Opening the labor market to women led to downward pressure on wages. As a consequence, real wages have been stagnant for decades in the West. The single-income household used to be the norm. Today, it’s the exception.

    9. Life is definitely easier than it was 100 years ago. Having families is necessary for civilization to continue but for the individual not having one can be beneficial.

    10. Call me a communist? If I were one, I wouldn’t immigrate to the US.

      What I am saying is, if a woman also works, she contributes to your household income, thus alleviating the burden which fall solely on the shoulder of her man.

    11. A few decades ago this would not have been necessary as one income was sufficient for feeding a family. In fact, a man used to lose standing in his community if he had to send his wife to work as this indicated that he wasn’t a good breadwinner.

    12. So how much wage has benn pulled down by granting jobs to women? 50 percents for men?

      Time has changed anyway, it is men who decided to grant jobs to women during the 1960s. I am sure women aren’t happy to go to work either.

      While female professions were limited in the past, those who went to work did contribute to the family. Read “Inner Quarter: Marriage and Lives of Chinese women in Sung period” of Patricia Ebrey.

  3. I posted this on the previous open thread, but we hopped over to this one the next day I think, so idk if it got many eyeballs.

    How important is it to rise when the sun comes up? The sun comes up at roughly 530am where I live. I’m a bit of a night owl and have a habit of surfing the net on my phone at night, which makes me even more of a night owl.

    I always have this feeling of missing out though when I sleep in super late. The last time I remember waking up feeling refreshed and ready to face the day was around last October or November.

    Should I try to rise with the sun? Or would I be better off accepting my night owl status and taping up a shitload of aluminum foil on my window/investing in more effective curtains?

    1. Lol lesson learned. Don’t make the question too long. Any sleep suggestions welcome. Anybody who is satisfied with their sleep life that is willing to share their approach would be appreciated.

    2. I love getting up without an alarm clock and going to bed when I’m tired. This doesn’t work so well in winter but during the summer months I can easily pull this off.

    3. I experimented with various sleep cycles this many years ago. What I concluded is that there are only so many productive hours in a day and you’re not going to get more out of it. Figure out if you are an early or a late riser and also how many hours of sleep you need to be fully rested. It doesn’t really matter when you get them. However, if you force yourself to adhere to a sleep cycle that contradicts your circadian rhythm, you’ll be in for a bad time.

    1. LOL. Crime in China is incredibly rare. Speaking of cover-ups: Any news on those “mostly peaceful prostest” in the US, which you claim don’t really exist? I’m surely imagining that the total damage they caused is in the order of billions.

    2. Laowhy86 is an anti-China shill. He loved the country when he could run his illegal business but when the government put some heat on him, he went all “China bad!”

    3. “LOL. Crime in China is incredibly rare. Speaking of cover-ups: Any news on those “mostly peaceful prostest” in the US, which you claim don’t really exist? I’m surely imagining that the total damage they caused is in the order of billions.”

      Ever see a window setup in China. If crime is so rare, why criminals constantly harass the population?

      Where did I say that there are no protests in the US?

    4. “Laowhy86 is an anti-China shill. He loved the country when he could run his illegal business but when the government put some heat on him, he went all “China bad!””

      I only find this guy online a few days ago. Can you provide proofs that he established illegal business in China?

  4. Aaron,
    1. Is there an age where a man or Chad is no longer considered “eye-candy” to young Stacie’s since every man’s facial aesthetics will decline with age?

    2. Can young women (18-29) still “LUST” after older men or Chads in their 30’s-40’s plus? Or, would men and Chads have to use their resources to attract women at this point since there’s younger Chads running around.

    1. You have nothing to worry about even in your 40s if you take good care of yourself. In your mid-30s, you should still be able to have sex with women in their early 20s. I furthermore don’t quite see why a guy in his late 40s or even early 50s should not be able to have sex with a 29-year-old.

  5. Something I was thinking about lately is all the negativity American women get from most bloggers/youtubers especially with the “red pill bro-dude” crowd and I was wondering if there’s really any truth to it?

    I know divorce is higher in US and there’s a high % of obese women BUT….it would be silly to try and say the US doesn’t have some of the hottest women in the world. Take NYC, Miami, Austin, LA and even Boston, for example.

    It makes me wonder if the general “rebuke” from these guys is not so much that there’s no hot women in the US but rather the anger towards them is more for them having standards and not wanting to fuck men with low SMV’s?

    1. It’s obviously anger bc these women won’t fuck them… which is understandable if everyone is getting laid but yourself. It’s the same thing with people who want socialism in wealthy countries. It’s not that there are no economic opportunities but the people who fail to become successful are resentful.

    2. Are you sure you aren’t conflating “hotness” with “cosmetic surgery”? Also, the ratio of hot to not-hot women is really low and that is true everywhere in the West. I agree that those angry guys would probably be a lot more relaxed if they had access to attractive women.

    3. The percentage of hotties is pretty low. Media isn’t real life. Even women are chosen to represent “the average girl” in media are actually top 5% girls. And girls chosen to represent “your average hottie” are really top 0.1%

  6. What is with the influx of women pretending to be men commenting on this blog? If you’re a woman and want to make an argument, just fucking make it instead of pretending to be a man and making your argument in the form of stupid questions.

    1. It’s all about your looks and being her type. Soft skills only consist of at most 5% of your success.

    2. What really made me think about this was after skimming some of Rollo Tomasi’s videos.

      I had heard of him before but never watched anything until the past weekend. I saw a video where another Youtuber said, “Even Rollo would have struggled in this environment” and I thought I would see who he was.

      I personally don’t care for the “redpill/alpha” content so didn’t like his stuff but he has a large following and he seems likable.

      Many of his videos have others join in who are angry and talk about being alpha and how big of whores women are in the US. Although I don’t live in the US, I don’t see the real problem with a guy having a good dating life there. I was in the US 4 times in the last 2 years and I find there’s TONS of hot women and they’re not too hard to meet either. Just makes me scratch my head when guys bitch non-stop about US women.

    1. @OldAnon

      Sure but that disproves the whole thing… Or at least it should.

      The guys believe in things like game and such or that the kind of girl you get has to do with skill.

      By that logic this guy should be fucking madison ivy… Not this masculine average looking chick with tons of makeup and bleached hair.

    2. Sure, but to Blackdragon and his followers, she is their Madison Ivy. Put another way, this is a woman Lisbon would worship. Their standards are just that low.

      But yes, I agree that Blackdragon is a charlatan and his “wife” is in on the scam.

    3. Are u guys sure she’s a woman? I mean, a female rat I can see…. But a woman?Then he tries to say how feminin her hands are…… Her hands looked disgusting.

      This guy is proof positive that “skills” with women are bullshit. He’s a fucking dork anyway.

    4. LOL. you can fuck way hotter whores for 50€ in germany/austria. but I guess that is “not real”

    5. He isn’t physically attractive and apparently doesn’t quite have as much money as he insinuates he does, so why should we expect his wife to be good-looking? I think she is a very good example of a Six who believes she’s a Ten just because she puts on an excessive amount of makeup. Yet, even with that, you notice her unattractive facial features.

    6. Yikes, even in the Youtube screen still, this wife looks like a plastic doll…and then the live version is more cvringe!

      It’s like that adage – ‘never meet your heroes in real life’
      (Not that this guy is my hero!)

      Just seeing this guy’s video is cringe and I wonder if some of his readers had an ‘a-ha’ moment

    7. He claims 500k a year and a height of 5’10”, also he boasts about him being a cheapskate and living a middle-class life financially speaking. Women don’t care how much money you make, they only care how much you spend on them. It was clear from the get-go that his women are not hot, he is a delusional egomaniac who just doesn’t know how to rate them properly. And I hope nobody teaches him how to do it, his world would shatter…

    8. 500,000 USD? You could visit the best brothels in Europe with that money. Why would you choose to provide for an out-od-dated girl?

    9. is that ..a tranny or what??
      Look like its wearing a wig..
      Bet he got her using Mystery’s ‘is that your real hair’ neg opener for sure…
      ‘ that your real hair? oh.. nevermind its still nice’
      ‘hey are those fingernails real??..oh.. nevermind theyre still nice’
      ‘hey are you a tranny with a dick???..oh nevermind etc

    10. Dude
      ‘Women don’t care how much money you make, they only care how much you spend on them’
      Can you clarify?

      I might be getting the wrong end of the stick but by all accounts a lot of hot strippers are in ‘relationships’ with waster /loafer type dudes that dont have money or even a job.
      Same goes for porn stars. Most times the women support them financially.
      The caveat are these guys are generally good looking dudes living off their looks and access to drugs or something else.

    11. I think he refers to providers or betas/orbiters who are used for their money. It boils down to the old lover/provider i.e. looks/money dichotomy. Of course, women would rather have a guy who is both hot and rich (and willing to spend the money on them). Another aspect of his comment is that women date financially well-off guys not because of the money they make but because of the money the spend. You can certainly see examples of that. Yet, particularly in Asian circles but also in some conservative corners in the West you will find women who are quite frugal because they focus on increasing the family’s wealth. In finance circles, there is even the Mrs. Watanabe stereotype:

  7. I was browsing youtube, and I saw a trailer for a new sherlock holmes with Henry Cavill (superman/witcher) who i enjoy watching. So I played it, and to my sad but not unexpected surprise, it’s all about his sister (girl from stranger things) and obvious marketing of being girl power and independence where sherlock looks like a minor character.

    So sad,

  8. I’ve noticed that more than a few girls have called me handsome, but I keep thinking that girls just throw it out there for various reasons, whether it’s to soften a rejection or just make you feel better.

    Yesterday I asked out this girl, and she let me down very lightly because she said she had a boyfriend, but added in a “you’re handsome though.” Do girls every just throw that out there to make a guy feel better after they reject them?

    Any ideas?

    1. My best guess is they do find you somewhat attractive but not attractive enough to date. However, even if you are good looking some girls just will not like you for whatever reason unless you’re a giga chad. If you were ugly though they would not say anything and just look at you in disgust LOL.

    2. I disagree here. Women don’t call you handsome without a reason. We’re excluding purely monetary ones in the case of strippers and hookers, though. That girl most likely did indeed have a boyfriend. You should ask other guys how they get rejected. She was nice to you because you’re handsome. Otherwise, she may just have turned around or hurled insults at you. In clubs, I’ve witnessed girls who were so fed up that a man they perceived to be subhuman approached them that they poured their drink on them. This is rare, but it does happen. One woman felt so insulted by a short guy approaching her that she emptied her beer over his head. Yes, he was shorter than her, which made it much more humiliating for him.

    3. As if being short isn’t bad enough she POURED A DRINK ON HIM??? Wow that’s brutal, I’ve never seen that before.

    4. I’ve seen situations like this only a few times. I don’t know if it was even her drink. She could well just have taken any glass on the counter. Another outlandish reaction consisted of a woman reaching into an ice bucket and throwing ice cubes at some guy. Granted, I know nothing of the context, which, of course, does not mean that those actions should be excused, but put yourself in her shoes and try to understand what could have happened. Maybe she got dumped by Chad just hours ago and now she’s going out, hoping to find a guy who is at least as good. Let’s say her previous guy was a solid 9: tall, good-looking, good income potential. In contrast, the dude who just approached her is merely average. She’s had a few beers too many, still feels hurt because she got dumped, and now this undesirable guy approaches her! I can’t see how this could end well, even if we are ignoring extremes such as the ones I mentioned.

    5. What you say makes sense and aligns with my personal experience. I’ve had teachers call me cute. One time I entered a Chinese restaurant and started talking to a waitress there in Chinese. She was then astonished by my Chinese and proceeded to tell all the other waitresses that I could speak. I then saw them look over at me and heard a cacophony of the word “handsome” in Chinese, but I chalked it up to them just being nice to me so that I would become a repeat customer.

      My ex slept with me on the first date, and would not stop calling me handsome in the beginning of the relationship. She kept staring at my face in public when we went out, and I had to tell her to cut it out because it felt really weird. After I told her I thought I was ugly for the longest time, she seemed genuinely confused as to why. The girl I lost my virginity to (whom I met on a dating app) seemed very confused about why I was a virgin so late (age 20 at the time).

      I think the key realization I’m having is that being social, putting yourself out there, and escalating is way more important than being attractive. You can slowly improve on your attractiveness, but being asocial/not escalating is a death sentence for your love life and will lead to low self-esteem.

    6. If more than a few girls have said it..youre probably handsome.
      Did they ever say’ you look like X celebrity ‘ or something like that? thats a better indicator..oh you look like George Clooney would be a good scenario 😀

      Aaron -Talk about rejection stories, beer over the head etc..
      A friend of mine once got ketchup (or mustard) squirted in his eye chatting to girls at a music festival at the Hot Dog stand. He was not pleased. bad form the girls didnt even apologize for quite a while saying ‘ it was an accident honest’ etc
      They got a good laugh out of it thats for sure.
      I once got punched in the head (pretty hard) by a chick in a niteclub..for requesting her and her friend give me the simulataneous ‘Sandwich ‘ hug (or something like that) man I was seeing stars and got pretty angry I tells ya!

    1. Apparently it exposes the barbarism of WWII as well as the peace movements from all sides. The peace movements are almost unreported in history books.

    2. There may be no peace demonstration in the USSR though. That would be unthinkable especially under Stalin.

    3. Apparently, from reviews I read, the author only writes about the Western Front. Yeah, kinda huge thing to leave out.

  9. Aaron,
    “Women don’t call you handsome without a reason.”

    1. Do women perceive handsome/good-looking men different than Chads?

    2. Is there a difference between a guy being called handsome/good-looking vs Eye Candy (Chad)? I know in my case, I’m not a Chad (male model looks) but I have been called handsome/good-looking.

    “We’re excluding purely monetary ones in the case of strippers and hookers, though.”

    1. Are guys that gullible in general to believe that they are handsome/good-looking when a stripper/hooker tells them? It seems very common sense that its a manipulative tactic by strippers/hookers to get their male patrons to spend more money.

    1. 1) This seems to be a false dichotomy. To be a Chad you need to be pretty good-looking. However, there are good-looking guys around who don’t have much success because they don’t take any actions. They are “chadcels”, as Alek Novy so fittingly calls them.

      2) Dude, you’re very good-looking, as I told you in a consultation session. You have one of the best jaw lines I have ever seen.

      3) Strippers wouldn’t lie to guys if it didn’t work. I’m sure the average guy likes being called “good-looking” by an attractive, half-naked woman and in exchange, he happily slides a few dollar bills into her bra.

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