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64 thoughts on “Open Thread #88

    1. Dan,

      I was in Sweden last October, I was hard pressed to find a lot of pretty women who look like that.

      Maybe it’s because what Aaron was saying re: refugees….

    1. Fun fact. Here in San Diego our major international airport is called Lindbergh Field. Unbeknownst to myself they officially changed the name back in 2012. They also took down a huge mural of Mr. Lindbergh at the airport (I haven’t flown in forever).

      Another fun fact………We still call it Lindbergh Field 🙂

    2. Shit…… Just found out that HBO has a miniseries about Lindbergh called “The plot Against America.”. Jesus, if there was any plot it was the war itself. I have HBO.

      I’ll watch whatever I can stomach.

  1. Leftist double standards / irrationality / incoherent world model

    If you talk to your typical leftist feminist (can be women and men as well, imagine the typical blue billed beta cuck) about dating & incels, they will argue:

    “it’s their fault! they need to improve themselves! everyone can find someone if they just try hard enough!”

    so in the realm of dating, they adopt a radical self ownership mindset.
    which would be ok…..

    but then you ask them about poor people:

    “you cannot blame these people! you need a lot of luck to get rich. and the rich are the most greedy people. the poor people don’t have access to quality education! blablabla”

    so in the realm of economics & work, they adopt a radical social-determinism mindset.
    there is also the wrong assumption that a big wellfare state is the best solution to those problems.

    This shows you the dishonesty (or just plain stupidity) of these people. Maybe most of them are not aware of the inconsistencies, because they are too low IQ, but I would guess most are just dishonest virtue signaling opportunists.

    I’m myself a hard determinist. But still against a wellfare state as I just doesn’t work in the long run.

    1. “I’m myself a hard determinist. But still against a wellfare state as I just doesn’t work in the long run.”

      Don’t want to make you feel down, but those who have a deterministic point of view about life is not going to achieve much besides what they can get from their predisposition.

      It takes away drive and ambition, two most important factors that drive someone from poverty to economic stability.

    2. Determinism is not fatalism.
      You can be a determist and still work on improving your life.
      Even in a completely deterministic universe people who work hard will get better results than lazy ones. Don’t know what’s so hard to understand about that.

    3. Actually, hard work makes more sense in a deterministic universe. It is the law of cause and effect which allows for long term planing.
      If everything was chaotic, you could not plan shit.

  2. Mr. Sleazy, you said this:

    Not smiling is actually not necessarily a problem. Again, imagine a guy like Lisbon. If he smiled, women would be a lot less sexually attracted to him because that would be incongruent with his killer look.

    So he i am smiling

    This is a turn off right.

    But even not smiling, its not working.

    Man, i’m fucked, thats why nobody likes me, i don’t have friends man, everybody is scared of me, they get nervous and hostile, i remember this in clubs too. Women ope their eyes too much, its like: you are very dangerous, lets get out of here this guy will kill us, oh my god, i don’t want to talk with this guy.

    You don’t imagine, even guys they don’t like, they don’t accept me in their groups, they get very serious and hostile. Im doomed. From inside im honest, nice guy, i don’t want to fight, i just want friendship and women.

    1. You better spend times learning boxing, brazilian jujitsu and other martial arts. That is your strength. You are an antisocial, give-no-fuck, mentally unstable killer. If you play that well, you will have more pussies than I can get in two lifetimes counting together.

    2. Just keep experimenting. You might find that preoccupation with smiling vs not smiling is fucking your interactions. Best to just be normal imo, relatively speaking. We all have genes and experiences that affect our behaviour of course

    3. If you have to think about smiling while doing it I would not be surprised if your smiles come off as fake. Smiling should come naturally as a result of being chill

    4. Is that really you?
      First impression I had – this guy is a ‘nice guy’.
      He looks a bit innocent and maybe a bit hopeful, but hes not really sure ..
      Imo your smile is too ‘open’..your eyebrows raise in the middle for example, its like you are waiting for an answer to a question .( ‘ do you like me’? ) 2 cents.

  3. Aaron…

    We had our last conversation here,and I just wanted to follow up on it…I made the move,and without going into deeper detail,I eventually found myself in…a strange sexting session. I enjoyed it.

    I don’t know if its justified to call this a “success” (I don’t have much sexual experience,as you were probably already able to tell from our last convo. I only had just enough experience to know you and Alek are telling the truth and the PUA’s are bullshitters),but I definitely got an enjoyable,surreal-like experience out of this. and without me spending any money,nor too much of my time.

    The only thing I want to ask is…Do you consider sexting on the same level as making out or going on dates? What I mean to ask by this is…Would women engage in sexting with men they have no plans on ever meeting up with? (despite feeling some level of attraction)

    I can’t spare the dough to afford a consultation session at the moment,and I don’t want to freeload off of you on your dime so this is all I’m going to ask. To tell you the truth,I don’t have much confidence that this particular case will end in a meet-up for various reasons even when my country lifts the lockdown,so I won’t put too much stock into this. I expect this to not pan out.

    I do want to thank you though for pushing me to take action. I’ve largely confirmed now that my senses are correct,and I’m not delusional.

    1. As someone who has had too many episodes of sexting fizzle out to nothing more, I tell you man: the old “you’ve got to strike when the iron is hot” is as true as ever. Same with plain, standard texting. Frankly, even though Aaron acknowledged a while ago that he’d need to revise his old advice of keeping texts to a minimum before meet-up, serial testers like you and I should just stop for our own good. LOL

      If the girl is interested yet busy enough to still want to meet you after a lengthy period with minimal texting, that’s great. If you text a lot and still get something in the end, that’s also great. Both have happened to me, but when neither does, it feels like a huge waste of time and/or opportunity (you can do as much antigame om the phone as in person).

    2. A couple clarifications: when I wrote “sexting”, I was thinking of instances with raunchy pics included. I’d find it hard to believe that a girl who doesn’t find you attractive for intercourse would send you one. But with just words or standard pics (as in, bikini pics don’t count), it’s much less certain IMO.

      Moreover, when Aaron talked about revising his “minimal texting” advice, the reason was IIRC that times have changed and smartphones/dating apps have reduced women’s attention spans to historical lows. So if you forget to text some chick for a week, chances are some other guy will fill the void and steal her from you. Yet the advice is still sound because, as I said in the beginning, if your logistics and hers are totally unmatched, your chances are probably low in any case.

    3. There is a non-zero chance that the pictures aren’t hers. Also, do they show her face? I have a hunch they don’t. (A woman sending you nudes in which she is clearly identifiable is a whole ‘nother bag of worms, however.)

    4. Great! Now you know that in order to get some action, you need to take action. Sexting is very safe. It takes a lot less to send some thirsty dude a bunch of nudes than to make out etc. with him. Don’t read too much into it. Also, don’t waste your time and, most importantly, don’t send her any money.

    5. @Aaron: in the “non-zero chance” comment, were you addressing me or Maou? Anyway, most of the nudes I’ve been sent to are non-suspicious, but there were a couple of instances where it was obvious they were fake and I called them out on it. LOL

    6. I was referring to Maou. For some girls, sexting is LARPing. They pretend to be sexually liberated. It was the same before the iPhone when some girls would send you the raunchiest text messages just to tease you. Those who’d meet up with you normally had a hard time living up to the image they portrayed. I never engaged in sexting. If you get such a message, just tell them to come over. You’ll quickly learn if they’re full of shit.

    7. I myself are in such a sexting exchange right now, due to the quarantine this chick is a little too difficult to reach right now.

      Got a bunch of legit nudes from her (her face is briefly visible in one video), but I am genuinely worried about not losing the hot iron moment.

      Also, building up expectations that may or may not translate IRL. 🙁 damn lockdown

  4. Aaron, what is your opinion about Jonathan from Modern Life Dating, Donovan Sharpe, Troy Francis and other Rule Zero Guys.

    1. @ Lisbon. I’m obviously not Aaron but stay clear of Jon from Modern Life Dating.

      He’s the EXACT type of guy I’m talking when I talk about “red pill” losers. I’ve noticed him popping up a lot lately.

      Here he is

      If you watch around 43 min mark he’s just playing up old school PUA terms. LOL at the shades indoors, too (big red flag). He’s s a super butthurt and insecure dude. HUGE try-hard!

      I’ve skimmed some of his other videos and he always refers to women as whores, cunts, sluts and bitches. I find guys who do this are generally extremely sexually frustrated. Not to mention, he’s one of these dweebs who thinks “alpha game” can conquer all.

      Also, he says he’ll spend $300 on a first date because he can afford it. Great move lol. VERY economical approach to dating.

      Finally, he’s SUPER angry about US women and plays up the whole “No one is getting laid in the US anymore” card. Apparently he’s unstoppable now that he’s in some part in Asia.

      Just put this guy in the “no-fly zone”.

    2. I think he can’t get laid in America, so he goes to Asia (Japan). I was on his livestream when i was depressed and desperate, he offered me free coaching, but i didn’t accept, because nothing is free in this life.

    3. Exactly, Lisbon!

      If he claims to be a “professional” and can’t get laid in the US then he downright sucks with women.

      Guys who I think actually got hot women, Paul Janka, Chris from GLL, Aaron, Sonny and I bet Julien from RSD was good too, mainly did all their “work” in the US, (aside from Aaron who I’m sure would have been just as good in the US as Europe). I’ve never heard of any of the above guys bitch about how hard it is to get laid in the US. In fact, many of these guy talk about how great the US is for picking up women.

      Also, the above guys admit to all kinds of “defeats”, setbacks, flakes, and frustrations along the way. Paul, for example, admits to getting laid with 1 in 9 numbers he gets and all kinds of setbacks when he gets a girl over. John, on the other hand, claims to bat around 98-99% when he gets a girl back. This is quite funny when you match him up against Paul. I think John is well aware he has a low SMV in the US and is basically invisible to the women there which is why he plays “green card game.”

    4. This Jon guy who now appears on the Rollo Tomassi streams he always claims he was just with a women, and always brags, to me if a guy gets results he doesn’t need to be telling that. Screams to me to be a RSD 2.0 guy just pretending to be “Red Pill”.

    5. Yeah why is he going all ‘incognito’ with the cap and shades is he on the run… ?
      He looks like a little drug dealer or pimp with that funny jacket in the video Dude posted …

      Mitchel I remember reading Aarons post where he recommended Scott from GLL a while ago and thinking ‘yess a ‘lead’ to a legit pussy magnet..I will scour the net for pics of this guy.. soon and slapping my forehead saying …Duhhh OF COURSE he gets laid ff look at him haha.

      also I would add to your list this Evil Stifler Character Jeffy Allen used to always talk about ..have you seen him ? Hes legit I reckon.
      Hey Aaron have you ever encountered that Stifler guy on your travels?

  5. Remember this Australian bush fires? It was suspected that climate change activist committed arson and started those fires in order to blame global warming/climate change as the cause

    Now there’s take that ANTIFA or other demonstrators are starting wild fires in Portland (Maybe California too?)

    I wouldn’t have believed but Facebook is clamping down on any posts about how protestors are starting the fires so now I think the allegations are true!

    For example:

    1. You probably didn’t get the memo: Antifa is just an idea, not an organization. Even the FBI says so:
      (The US are screwed. You’d need to replace the entire Deep State to get the country back on track.)

      We are at a point where the mainstream is so untrustworthy that it is indeed a plausible default position to believe the opposite of whatever they are promoting. Also, be wary of not using the manipulated language the MSM pushes. Those people are not “protesters” but “rioters”. There is a distinction, even though one could be forgiven for thinking there is none, after months and months of stories about “mostly peaceful protests” that led to billions in damage. It’s a meme at this point:

  6. Aaron,
    Conventional wisdom has always maintained that first impression is everything from the workforce to dating. Many proponents argue that first impression is the only impression. However, I tend to disagree with this mainstream narrative as first impression can lead to bias and distorts reality. What has been your experience with first impression in your dating and professional life?

    1. There is a big push against any kind of “biases” in contemporary society. People have even been looking for “unconscious biases”. The underlying issue is that people like people who are like them. Think about why this makes sense in evolutionary terms. Then, look up studies on trust or effectiveness, if such work hasn’t been memory-holed. Before the mainstream rallied behind diversity, nobody doubted that homogeneous groups are the most effective. In the end, humans are tribal and all the social engineering in the world is not going to change this. The current race riots in the United States and the social unrest in much of Europe provide ample evidence of this.

  7. Aaron,
    What has your experience been with women who have borderline personality disorder?

    Are you familiar with the following books? They are related to the subject matter of BPD.
    I Hate You– Don’t Leave Me by Hal Straus
    Stop Walking on Eggshells by Paul T. Mason

    1. I have not read any books on that but I’ve dated women with BPD. Probably all you need to know is that I started getting gray hair in my late 20s. It taught me a lot but I don’t think guys need to experience this. There is no cure for BPD.

  8. The perfect date. How to be frugal and make dating more economically feasible. I’m not sure if this show is scripted or real.

  9. Why do so many otherwise attractive women ruin their skin with tattoos when it’s evident that the vast majority of men don’t like them?

    Related:. They are bulking up too much in the gym as well.

    1. I wonder if the younger generation of women are learning from the mistakes of the previous generations in general. Putting off marriage until it’s too late, the partying, the whoring etc.

    2. This is an example of projection: they like buff men with tattoos, so they aim for that themselves in order to (seemingly) become more attractive to the opposite sex. It’s similar to guys who mistakingly believe that women want a nurturing, kind partner who is devoid of any masculinity.

  10. I remember AlekNovy has written here about how to exercise jaw so it looks more masculine. I can’t find it at this moment.

    Has anyone tried it?

    AlekNowy, will you be so kind to write about it again?

  11. What do you guys think about the conventional wisdom that once women reach a certain age they go for betas? Personally, I occasionally see that but I see a lot of women who can’t lock down a chad simply remain single. I think this is because there is less pressure in my generation (I’m 35) to marry or have kids so they would rather just remain on their own then get stuck with someone they don’t like. It sounds brutal but I think in the long run it’s better as they won’t put some guy through a marriage and subsequent divorce. Also, I can’t fault anyone for not settling with someone they don’t like.

    1. I’m going to paraphrase from what Aaron wrote in Club Game: Prince Charming stood them up. Their standards are not realistic. That’s why they end up single until their late 20s and they scramble for a provider. That and the wasted years of partying, and career climbing on a job they want to eventually leave to start a family anyway. Their priorities are all fucked up. Feminists gave them a losing game plan.

    2. Oh I forgot. They don’t work on themselves. They slack on working out and eating right. Most guys will fuck fat women gifted with a pretty face. So they think they are gorgeous when they are not. And they think they can be horrible human beings and get away with it.

      Good news: Cats are cheap, and Charles Shaw wine is only 3 dollars a bottle here in California.

    1. You did? Haha. How ironic. Was that guy actually you trolling? Seriously though, he had me fooled. I thought he was going to virtue signal so hard.

    2. Yeah, it’s in South Orange County, CA. Its heavily conservative. Real Trump country. Very defiant of the lockdown. Even there commies dominate the college hunanities departments.

    3. I got my BA from SDSU. The “Aztecs”. That was a source of controversy too. We never changed our name, but the mascot, who used to blow fire balls was gotten rid of years ago.

    4. He had too much in there. Instead, had he toned down this troll attempt, it would have had a much higher chance of passing as genuine. The best trolls are indeed indistinguishable from genuine SJW-wokeism. Think of the 4-chan “milk is racist” campaign, which made it into the mainstream and was taken completely seriously, or the more recent rebranding of the OK sign as a shorthand for “white power”.

    5. Fair enough, I’ll have to look up the milk is racist troll. I took it as less trying to pass as genuine and more as giving a big middle finger to the woke crowd.

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