Why Women Like Men in Suits

I recall that many years ago I discussed the issue of some women being very interested in men in suits with a client. My main argument was that there is most certainly also an undercurrent of fetishism involved. Certainly, all you womanizing suit wearers have met women who at one point asked you to suit up before you fuck them.

Now that I’ve turned into a cog in the machine, my view on suits is a bit more down to earth. I normally don’t wear a suit to work, but sometimes I have to suit up. What then invariably happens is that a lot more women smile at me. Sometimes random women in the building, working for different companies, greet me. This is not customary in my part of the world. Here, we only greet our colleagues.

As I thought a bit more about this issue, the conclusion became quite obvious. Sure, there may be some kind of fetishism at work, but there is a much simpler explanation, namely that women like men in suits primarily because it indicates that they are employed. Just consider a woman’s biological trajectory: when she’s young, slutty and horny, she only has to look at the guy to assess if he’s sexually attractive. You get laid if you’re a tall guy who is in shape. Back in the days I banged one chick after another, wearing clothes from a thrift store and barely scraping by financially. The women you fuck as a young alpha don’t want to marry you. They want to guzzle that hot, hot cum of yours. Your provider abilities are not even remotely on her mind.

Fast forward a few years, and your once young slut is a bit less young and a bit less hot. Chad no longer wants to put his dick in her, and neither does Aaron. Instead, you have Joseph and Benjamin hitting on her because they don’t dare to even approach a woman who is more than a borderline-Seven. At that point, the Stacies of the world normally notice the writing on the wall and start looking for a provider. Yet, how does she find one? Well, a guy can be hot even if his clothes aren’t expensive. She only has to look at him to assess how much of a stud he is. When looking for a beta provider, it’s not as easy. There are guys who have money but who dress like crap. Yet, if someone dresses reasonably well, your average aging party girl readily concludes that he can’t be poor. Some women don’t seem to know the difference between assets and debt, but if your interest in personal finance does not go beyond spending it, it does not really matter, at least in the short term.

Thus, it is no surprise that on the rare occasion where I put on a black suit and one of my nice Italian ties, I have women glance at me, flick their hair as I walk past, smile at me, or even dare to say hi. That’s only great if you like women long past their ‘best before’ date. I could certainly do without that kind of attention. Yet, it is easy to see why women who can no longer compete in the sexual marketplace focus their attention on (supposed) betas they can leech off. Not wearing a suit is a great way of getting rid of much of that crowd.

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29 thoughts on “Why Women Like Men in Suits

  1. Hm…. i like the attention, even if they are past their best years.
    Or maybe I just like getting first hand confirmation how desperate Stacy-I-just-hit-the-wall is.
    Or I just like to laugh inside when I think of how deluded she must be to think that her advances are appropriate. Like she, 35, has a chance of me, 28, fucking her.
    I think it’s a mix of all these 🙂

  2. In Asia it’s even more intense. And seems to attract more younger women also. It’s probably because they look for a provider at a earlier age. Or maybe it’s just because they don’t see much white dudes wearing a suit.

  3. Aaron,

    From my experience living in some big cities, every guy around you was wearing a suit or enough people were wearing one where you weren’t really standing out if you put one on.

    1. Fully agree. You’re not special if you wear suit on Bahnhofstrasse in Zürich, as you’ll just be one of the many finance guys.
      But I think Aaron is in a more relaxed environment, dress code wise, so he sticks out quite a bit.

  4. This is why I avoid dressing too fancy (plus I dont care too much about clothes). Forget about designer stuff, I dont think I have any piece of clothing from any recognizable top brand. Unless you count a pair of Ray-bans someone gave me as a gift once.

    I also tend to not disclose exactly what I do or how much I earn. Try to keep the leeches away…

  5. If you read a women’s romance novels, you’ll notice something interesting. At the start of any scene involving “romance” (sex, pre-sex, possibly-sex), the author will always describe what the hero and heroine are *wearing*. The outfit and accessories, the “look”, as Zoolander and any woman would put it. Neatly described with a characteristic, compact economy, sounding very much like a magazine paragraph describing what a model might be wearing. Or a doll.

    Oh, and another thing: shiny shoes. Especially in period romances. No matter what he might be doing, the hero’s shoes are always blindingly mirror-shiny. I don’t know why. Perhaps because it means that he can afford to have someone shine them.

    1. It may just be a symbol of wealth. Your shoes being always shiny implies that they are never dirty. Further, if they are never dirty, you aren’t anywhere where they could get dirty, which is likely to imply that the hero lives a life of luxury. It’s close to women parading their long nails around, implying that they don’t have to work, as their long nails would make any work impractical, with the exception of the kind of work women do lying on their back.

    1. I’m a bit concerned about that “clean shaven” reference, pal…
      Sleazy Gal does not like beards? 😛

    2. The length of my beard fluctuates, but it is more on the shorter side.

    3. On a side note, I found that women who don’t like beards are somehow screwed in their head are a bit on the control-freak side of things.
      Women who like beards and who like to scratch beards are much easier to get along with.

      Ah… maybe it’s just because their Dads had beards, who knows…

      Anyways, a beard and chest hair is sexy.

    1. This seems like an interesting link to stay in touch with the misguided beliefs of the normies. In the future, please don’t just post links in a comment. That was the reason this comment got caught up in the spam folder and with the large amount of spam nowadays, I almost would have missed it.

    2. Like anyone cares about his views?
      Infact all those people bashing MGTOW and linking it to alt right or whatever are only helping it grow. The same with infowars etc. Thanks to them people are actually searching MGTOW. Many men would never have heard about MGTOW if they didn’t try to bash it. And most people can see right true the bullshit. As right after they are done bashing MGTOW they try to sell their own products and alternatives. Yea? Feminism is a impossible sell to men at this moment. And i really dont think that many guys will believe that buying infowars vitamins and screaming about lizard people will get them laid. So good luck to them trying to debunk the idea that marriage isn’t actually benefiting men. Every fool with half a brain can understand that divorce is a real problem. And the white male or lizard people oppression isn’t.

    3. The writer of that post…normally one should not connect looks (or obesity) when critiquing…but he’s your typical mangina who has a following of feminists.
      Here’s a write up and photo of him:


      (note: preferably you won’t be eating or drinking coffee when viewing the image)

    4. Oops, i should clarify – I mean, the writer of the article (linked by @Nick) is your typical mangina writer.

  6. “You get laid if you’re a tall guy who is in shape.”

    Sleazy, in your opinion, as a 5’7 guy, should I just take a defeatist approach to life and accept the fact that the most being in my best shape and finance will do to me is to have a well used Stacies past their prime, looking to settle down with a low sex quality beta?

    Is my biology rigged against me, and I am just scrwed this time, and should wait to be born as a chad in my next life?

    1. There are plenty of short, petite girls around. I’d say it’s preferable to stay celibate than take some used-up woman close to wall-hitting age, but I don’t think you necessarily need to give up on women altogether. Just look for shorter ones.

    2. I agree with what @Sleazy said, namely, find the petite ones (i.e. 5’0 or 5’1), preferably slim. 🙂
      I’ve seen guys 5’6 or 5’7 with those petite 5’0 or 5’1 ones. To her, you’d still be tall even if she wears heels.

    3. You know, if it’s really bad, and if it’s hindering you so much, you can do an operation.
      They cut your bones and let them grow together, keeping away the two ends a bit for a long enough time until you have your desired length.
      Women cheat all the time with their fucking make up, you can cheat, too.

      5’7 is 173 cm. This ain’t that bad. There’s plenty of chicks with 160 cm, so you’re good I’d say.

    4. I’ve had the opposite experience from looking at shorter girls. They tend to be more obsessed with getting a tall guy than not-short girls. From what I’ve seen the really short girls tend to be the most bitchy to non-tall guys and seem to almost have an unhealthy fetish for tall guys.

      It’s almost like they want to genetically compensate for her shortness. Which makes sense. If she’s short and she dates a shorter dude, that will doom her sons to shortness. It makes sense as well. She wants a tall guy even more than the average chicks, because she gains a lot more from it evolutionary speaking. Her snatching a tall guy means her offspring will break the cycle of shortness.

    5. I can confirm what Alek says. A fuck-buddy of mine who is 5’2 told me that she never fucked guys below 6′ because in her own words “those below that height are invisible to me”.

    6. Here’s some positive news for average height guys though. If you’re 5’10, you can appear 6’0 to people. It’s simple and nobody does it.

      It’s called posture and no I’m not kidding. I’m 5’10 and no girl ever believes me… not even my 6’1 friends who claim I can’t possibly be shorter than them.

      About 99% of the population has horrible posture and that makes them look shorter. No, posture won’t make you taller. But it makes them look shorter.

      When a woman thinks of a 6’0 guy, about 99% of the ones she’s met had bad posture. That’s her idea of how tall 6’0 is. A 5’10 with good posture is just as tall standing in the same room as the 6’10 guy who has bad posture.

  7. Hi, Thanks for the reply!

    1. Do you think that in my height, I have higher risk of being cheated on by girls I am LTRing?
    2. Do you think that when it comes to attraction, as long as I am aiming for shorter girls, I can induce the same level of attraction like taller guys.

    I guess my questions are boiling down to Hypergamy and my inconfidence. When I am in a setting where there are taller guys around. I feel like it is a lost game with the girls there. Also, even when datings a girl that I know is very into me, I know that there are hotter, taller guys around that will give her more tingles, she’d be more happy to F.

    As for “stay celibate than take some used-up woman close to wall-hitting age” – I am totally with you on that.


    I am a Caucasian in South East Asia, my height is the average height in most countries I visit around here. And my non-scientific observation is that 80-90% of girls are shorter than me, so not really an issue with girls height.

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