The feminist #metoo circle jerk

Did I just write circle jerk? Given that there are plenty of manginas involved, it’s probably more of a circle pegging. Anyway, as I was recently made aware of, there is a new feminist phenomenon on Twitter, Tumblr, and other SJW strongholds. It is the hashtag #metoo, which is a response to Harvey Weinstein’s alleged sexual assaults of women. By tagging posts with #metoo your garden-variety feminist hopes to achieve 15 seconds of Internet fame and shower in however much sympathy her echo chamber may be willing to disperse.

First, let’s talk about ol’ Harvey Weinstein for a moment. As a brief summary, after years or even decades, a bunch of women came out of the woodwork, accusing Harvey of sexual assault. When skimming those reports, however, I get a much different impression. It is called “quid pro quo”. Let’s say you’re a power-hungry Hollywood hotshot and you are used to waitresses offering to suck your dick. Now you need a female face for an upcoming movie. In front of you there is a cutie, and you tell her something along the lines of, “Would you be willing to suck my dick in exchange for a role in my movie?” At this point, it’s simply a deal. The girl can walk away. Yet, she does not do that but instead says, “It would be my pleasure, Mr. Weinstein! Do you want to cum on my face or shall I swallow?”, and proceeds to gobble down Harvey’s cock. What’s a bit of fellatio in exchange for a career, right?

What ticks me off, though, is that those women have been working for years or decades with their alleged abuser, and now it’s suddenly a problem — when it arguably was nothing more than the women trading their pussy (or mouth) for a lucrative gig. Isn’t this how showbiz works? On that note, I once read an article by a guy who claimed to run a strip bar. He wrote that when he interviews a stripper, they all have to suck and fuck him because he has to assess their quality. Is that sexual harassment? I don’t think it is. Hollywood is just a few rungs up on that ladder.

Harvey Weinstein is currently getting shat on in the media, though. Even his trophy wife has left him. I guess to her the pussy vs. money deal was no longer appealing enough as she figured out she can just use Harvey’s PR disaster as a convenient excuse to take him to the cleaners in divorce court.

But let’s move on from poor Harvey and return to your typical Tumblr feminist. Yes, she too, so she claims, has experienced sexual harassment. First of all, you uglos, did a man ever offer you money or power in exchange for sex? I’d say in 99.9% of cases no man ever did so. Thus, we are talking about regular sexual harassment, or simply flirting gone wrong, and not #metoo. We all know how it goes. It’s not sexual harassment if she’s into it. No, seriously! If you tell a chick who does not fancy you to suck your dick, it’s sexual harassment. Otherwise, it’s, “Anything you say, Aaron!” They are happy to please you, just the women Harvey Weinstein allegedly molested were happy to please him. In my case, though, I only got garden-variety sluts who were happy sexually pleasing a tall, dark stranger. Harvey is just a few thousand rungs up the ladder, and as I’m just a regular shmuck and don’t have millions in the bank, no woman who ever threw her pussy at me would accuse me of sexual harassment.

This was the conceptual side of #metoo, but let’s talk about the content of some of those posts in more detail. What you read is often just beyond belief. Oh, a guy was looking at you, missus! Off with his head, or at least his dick, right? I don’t want to downplay the problem of sexual harassment, but it really isn’t much of an issue. Ladies, if an ugly guy walks up to you, you tell him to fuck off, and he will fuck off. Exceptions prove the rule. If it’s your unlucky day, his name is Ahmed, and he may hit you on the back of your head, knocking you unconscious and rape you together with his ten brothers. But, hey, you bitches voted for leftism and open borders, so don’t complain!

My girlfriend sent me a few examples of #metoo. I don’t want to post them here as they may infringe on some people’s privacy. Yet, I want to briefly mention one example I found downright ludicrous. The damsel in distress is a highly unattractive doctor. She’s fat, short and ugly. She wrote that once a patient walked into the ER for a treatment he should not have gone to the ER for. She voiced her disapproval, and as a consequence the guy called her names. It is implied that he said something like bitch or cunt. That was supposed to constitute sexual harassment. Give me a break! If a bitch is being a bitch and a guy tells her that she’s a bitch, it’s not sexual harassment. It’s an insult. Heck, it may not even be an insult, but a factual statement.

A related observation is that quite a few of those #metoo divas are really not all that hot. This reminds me of what Donald J. Trump said in response to some accusations that were brought up during his presidential campaign: “She would not have been my first choice.” That’s a surprisingly polite statement out of the mouth of Donald “The wall just got ten feet higher” Trump. Likewise, if I was a horndog, I’d hit on a particular intersection of two groups of girls. First, they have to be hot. Second, they should want me. Anything else would be a waste of time. Assuming I think like every other horndog, why on earth would we go after fat chicks with pink hair and a shitty attitude? But, sure, ladies, post your #metoo’s and pretend that guys are sexually attracted to you. Most definitely they are not. Yet, perhaps surprisingly, not being physically attractive does not prevent girls from developing narcissism. The ugliest, fattest girls in the club also think they deserve a high-quality man. That’s probably a thought they mentally tag with #metoo, too, while they are ogling the buff dudes who would have every right to feel sexually assaulted by fat chicks who leeringly look at them.

21 thoughts on “The feminist #metoo circle jerk

  1. It’s fascinating to me how hypocritical everyone is being. Especially the right wing media. They’re using the opportunity to attack leftists. So they’re obsessed with publishing stories from women if the man in question is a leftist.

    Some of the stories shared were actual harassment (if true). However many of these stories were just flirting attempts. No persistence, no pushing, no forcing. Just asking once. She says no. He says ok then. End of story.

    My favorite was about how traumatised some chicks was that a guy complimented her appearance.

    And then you see this conservative mob forming about yah those dirty lefties. And I’m like wtf. Did they even read the story?

    How did y’all get into a relationship if you never flirted? Or are all of you in arranged marriages?

    1. Yes, very true. If you don’t approach, don’t make a move, you get nothing. It is kind of fair when you reflect on it.

  2. The truth right here. The only girls posting this on my fb feed are trolls. One girl in particular had a rep for being predator in my extended social circle i.e. getting with guys when they were verge of passing out (the only time when she could get some) posted a page on me too. Fucking classic.

  3. I love how divorced Hollywood is so divorced from reality and the common woman/man.

    So these regular women are supposed to identify with these Hollywood women? Who as you nailed in your post, traded sexual favors for a shot at fame and fortune?

    My favorite line from all this is how actresses must not be silent and be strong. Right just like you were twenty or thirty years ago? Don’t say you didn’t have a choice. It’s not like you had a gun to your head.

    I’m pretty sure actual sexual abuse survivors would do the farthest thing from publishing their abuse online. So I am sure those publishing “me too” are anything but real sexual abuse victims.

    1. “I’m pretty sure actual sexual abuse survivors would do the farthest thing from publishing their abuse online.”

      I completely agree.
      This is for narcissistic bitches.

      One Highlight:
      “I consented to the man to have sex but I did not consent to a specific act. he did it anyway.”

      Should I also post a #metoo on how a girl used too many teeth for a blowjob?

  4. This give me the perfect reason to go into a theory on feminism I’ve wanted to share for a long time. If you look at most of these stories, most are nothing more that failed flirting attempts right? (sure, there’s a couple of actual harassments among the stories, but most aren’t).

    So if you actually confront the feminists, ok so asking for a date/kiss/sex is now harassment? Giving a compliment is harassment? DO YOU UNDERSTAND that you’re saying one of TWO things:

    A) Either you’re saying humans are telepathic and should only show interest if they telepathically know it will be reciprocated


    B) You’re saying that 100% of all humans are “rapists”

    That’s what the logical conclusion is… Are you saying either A or B?

    The thing they come up with (the ones who don’t just shout you down) is “NO ITS ABOUT THE CONTEXT, ITS ABOUT POWER”. “If a man holds power over a woman, she feels pressured”.

    {Note, very few feminists actually give this argument, most just tell you to kill yourself if you ask for a clarification on this illogical inconsistency}.

    so we arrive at a logically consistent point

    I’m not saying I agree with it. But their claim is at least logically consistent. There are no contradictions if the claim is “you can’t show interest in people who have less power than you”.

    But let’s discuss this for a second, why does a special interest group for unattractive people promote this theory and wants it established in law?

    Therein lies the key. I figured it out when I watched a video by lacey green summarizing everything that is “sexual assault” or “harassment”.

    So she was saying how:

    – If a celebrity has sex with a fan, this celebrity has commited rape, because the celebrity has “too much power” and the fan is unable to give consent. WTF? Apparently a raving fan is like a toddler in terms of mental ability when around a celebrity.

    But this is where the other important thing comes in

    A) Either you’re saying humans are telepathic and should only show interest if they telepathically know it will be reciprocated

    Feminists do in fact respond to this one as well. And they say something along the lines of “You will know if a woman is interested at all, because she’ll THROW HERSELF AT YOU”. Interested women are NEVER subtle, never hesitant. It’s like they throw themselves at you.

    Some of you guys might remember some feminist troll who came on here claiming to be a man and that “he” had sex with a gazillion women, because apparently as man you just leave the house and women throw themselves at you.

    Back to that youtube video detailing the feminist outline

    – So if you have high-status/power/authority and get intimate with a girl, that’s always “rape”. It doesn’t matter if she threw herself at you and begged for your cock. According to feminist logic “a person with less power” is like a little kid, incapable of giving consent.


    It doesn’t matter if she threw herself at you and begged for your cock.

    Remember that feminists insist a woman has to be throwing herself at you for it to be “consensual”. If you approach a woman and ask her out, it’s harassment, even if she says yes. Why? Because she didn’t eye-fuck you before you approached her. Because she didn’t say “OMFG I AM SO HAPPY you are talking to me, you’re the hottest guy ever” before you asked for the date. Because she was merely friendly during the conversation (and not super-giddy and horny and all over you).

    According to feminists any “hesitation” or “mixed signalling” (less than 1000% starstruck enthusiasm”) means that you’re harassing the girl. Even she says yes to the date, and you kiss, and you become an item, and marry and have kids… According to feminists, you harassed your wife into marriage.

    (less than 1000% starstruck enthusiasm”)

    Wait, so feminists are saying that unless a woman is throwing herself at you like as if she were a groupie – it’s harassment to show interest in her.

    But when actual groupies throw themselves at a celebrity, he’s harassing them by showing interest back in that groupie!?!?

    How does that make sense, doesn’t it make all of human mating illegal!??!?!

    And when I asked myself that question, I got the answer… Actually there is one scenario left 🙂 There is one scenario that feminism doesn’t outlaw. Think about it guys.

    – So wait, I’m only allowed to go for girls who throw themselves at me

    – But the only time I’ve had girls throw themselves at me was when I had power or status or authority

    – But if I go for a girl who pursued me due to my status, i’m a rapist

    So what the fuck is left then?!!?!

    Well there is one scenario left

    Think about the only other time in life when you’ve had a girl throw herself at you, even if you weren’t high-status or an authority. Think about this for a second.

    Aside from groupies (to men of power, status etc), what is THE ONE other group of girls who throw themselves at a guy.

    Again, remember, according to feminism:

    – You can only go for girls who throw themselves at you
    – But it can’t be due to status, power or authority

    The only thing left is unattractive (and-or masculine) girls who throw themselves at you and pursue you, because you’re more attractive. The only time when girls throw themselves at a guy without power or status – is if he’s in a much better league… and the girl in question is somewhat masculine.

    Feminism is nothing more than a cartel trying to make it so that guys are forced into dating feminists. Studies have shown feminists are less attractive and more masculine than the average population. These are the only types of girls who will pursue you without fame, status or authority.

    1. And here’s a further point that corroborates this. Another “coincidence” if you will.

      Why is that former hotties sign up to this movement AFTER they hit the wall? Like those 45 year old actresses who didn’t mind the dynamic when they were 20 and using their looks to get role.

      After they can no longer use their looks to get roles, all of a sudden they discover the religion of feminism and how society is a harsh objectifier of women.

      IS IT A COINCIDENCE that the moment women stop getting pursued (and they have to do the chasing) that they start PROMOTING a school of though that says men SHOULD only date women who do the pursuing.

      I bet it’s a coincidence. When she was a 23 year old and she got pursued… she didn’t mind that men do the asking and she gets to hesitate and be picky and be like “hmmm let me think about it”.

      But after she hits the wall and she finds SHE has to pursue men, and be agressive and ask men out… she finds something peculiar. Being that 35 year old post-waller…

      – She throws herself at a guy (let’s say an accomplished yoga teacher)
      – But he would rather pursue the 24 year old yoga student

      ITS JUST A CONVENIENT COINCIDENCE that Mrs. Postwaller here starts promoting the idea that men should not be able to do that, by LAW. It’s just like corporations trying to legislate away competition.

    2. – She throws herself at a guy (let’s say an accomplished yoga teacher)
      – But he would rather pursue the 24 year old yoga student

      ITS JUST A CONVENIENT COINCIDENCE that Mrs. Postwaller here starts promoting the idea that men should not be able to do that, by LAW. It’s just like corporations trying to legislate away competition.

      Of course, when she was the 24 year old photography student and banging the famous photography teacher… she didn’t mind it back then.

    3. “Why is that former hotties sign up to this movement AFTER they hit the wall?”
      Yeah, noticed that too. All of them way beyond young and perky. And pretty much all of them never did a movie of notice in the last couple of years or are confined to very small parts.

      By the way: The only one standing up to Weinstein during his reign was… Seth MacFarlane. And he phrased it as the transactional deal it was (Women pretend to be attracted… he gives them roles…)

  5. The Weinstein stories sound a lot more like he was propositioning a lot of women in rather creepy ways, rather than flat out offering quid pro quo arrangements. He could either flatly laid it out, or just acted professionally and used a lot of hookers to get off. In all seriousness, inviting an actress to a hotel suite to talk about a script reads like the scenario for a porn scene.

    1. Well, an actress would have needed to be incredibly stupid to not deduce what that meant.

  6. Its sad that you guys are so myopic you cant see the biggest issue emerging from this scandal. Weinstein only abused white women.
    Then logic says that if parts are given for sexual favors, this totally explains the underrepresentation of minorities in hollywood and why white supremacy never seems to completely go away, no matter what is tried. After all hollywood is a big influence on culture and it probably exacerbates racism this way. How about a boycot of its sexist and racist ways?

    1. You can be a racist and refuse to have sex with black women. However, you can just as well not be a racist and still not be attracted to black women. On that note, you are certainly aware that black women are, in general, not considered attractive, even though there may be exceptions.

    2. Well Aaron, how do you suppose the problem of minorities earning less and having less opportunities? Its unfair!

      Should we enforce diversity quotas on hollywood movies?

      Holywood probably ingrains us with a white supremacist beauty standard. I see it in myself too. For some reason my type is exotic white women, but I dont know why, because I dont dislike exotic black women.

    3. How do we get men to want to fuck fat, ugly women? It’s easy: we won’t and never will.

    4. How do we get men to want to fuck fat, ugly women? It’s easy: we won’t and never will.

      or…. we could send feminists to go to male-centric blogs, adopt names like “john”, “bob”, “david” and pretend to be men… and convince men to adopt these views.

      Genius ain’t it.

  7. Another darling of the left was just accused of rape. Neil DeGrasse Tyson.

    What’s happening? Why is this avalanche hitting entirely men on the left. What does all of this mean?

    1. “What’s happening? Why is this avalanche hitting entirely men on the left. What does all of this mean?”

      –> no good deed goes unpunished???

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